Saturday, July 22, 2006

Killing time and the occasional dog...

In case you are bored.  Like me...
This one is for dog lovers. 
Bored ones. 
Nae will find it dear to her, sort of  ;)

Bewitched, Bothered, and Belated...

I forgot again....
Happy Birthday, dear journal!
2 years old, July 11th....  You'd think I'd remember 7-11  ;P

Monday, July 17, 2006


In an effort to cut down the amount of JLand entry alerts I receive, I think I messed up.
I went through and deleted all the alerts I don't really read... but in doing so, I also deleted the duplicate alerts (these were alerts with the AIM symbol by them)
So, what I need is for you guys to email me (or leave them here if you wish) your journal links, so I won't miss anything.
I am getting alerted for Julie's journals, and Danielle's... but have not received an alert from my other buddies~you know who you are ;)
So, if you have posted an entry over the weekend, and did not get a comment from me~I have probably deleted you (sorry!)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

You can't handle the truth...

Green.  The color of Islam.
If you believe what the media here tells us, then I have the place for you...
Go read River's blog.  Her 'Atrocities' entry.
It is the truth that we do not want to believe.  She isn't the only one who writes and the rest read the same way.  I love her writing.  I have come to admire her courage and her love of country. 
I feel the same about my own country... just not liking the choices being made... and those that have been made.
We are being lied to.
And yet we still believe we are right...
Hate to see the consequences of our actions in years to come.
PS~Do not take this as not supporting our troops.  I do!  I know most sign up for money to go to college, or the chance at faster citizenship, or just because they believe it is the right thing to do.  Most are only following orders... doing their jobs.  I get that.
I do not, however, support this administration and the poor choices they have made.  Not to mention the lies that have fueled this fire. 

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Paying up....

About a month ago, I commented at Nettie's place about her choice of new color for her house.  That prompted a mini conversation about houses, colors, especially old house colors...
I told her I'd get some shots of my home, which I did.  I said I'd put them up when I got my camera back from my brother, which I did yesterday.
So, Nettie here ya go, Honey...
Picture from Hometown
 From our driveway.  You can see the original square design typical of the mid-1800's (built in 1848)  The part on the back was added on after my great grandfather sold it. 
This is the West side.  Not really enough room on the East side due to the apartment building next door, but I'll try and get some...  
Picture from Hometown
Detail of the top level scroll work.  The gutters, eaves, and all that stuff were all re-done two years ago.  They're copper, as is the rest of it
Detail of scroll work on first level.  This is the front foyer window.
Picture from Hometown
Detail of front porch gingerbread and posts.  All these were hand painted
Also, while I was out one morning, I had my camera handy (a rarity for me), so on our way back home, I snapped some of our street....
Over the railroad tracks.  The brick building with the green awning is a Gerdt Furniture Store.  This is a new location, a new building as they used to be down the street and across it too... LOL
The red brick with white shutters on the other side of the tracks is a ballroom dance lessons place.  Where the white door is on the 2nd level, there's a wrought iron spiral staircase.
This one is for that Ruby Red shoe woman~she loves Long's as much as I do  ;P
This building is empty.  When I was a kid, these were apartments.  But the place needs so much work...  I love it, though  :)
Up the hill...
The Historical Graveyard, part of the old Baptist Church and the only reason the State cannot touch our private property on our side of the street  ;)  Yes, there is so much traffic, our city council would love to expand it to two lanes on each side.  If the mole problem in there wasn't horrendus, I'd take some pictures of all the old gravestones...
The old Baptist church.  Its now Bethel Memorial Church... okay....
To home  :)
Oh, and since it is not uncommon for there to be strong winds here in the Midwest, here's some shots of the 30ft Maple we lost.... 
It was the girl's favorite climbing tree while standing.  The same can be said while it was laying half on the ground....
She got very upset when the tree removal guy was there pronto the next morning to cut the rest down  :(  She had a whole day on it, she'd have preferred it lay there permanently.... 
Takes care of that....  Have a good night!

Saturday, July 8, 2006

Needed: Ear Plugs...

I know I wanted him to win. 
I voted for him. 
He wasn't the best looking or have the most character.
There was just something I loved about him....
Maybe it was his voice?  Yeah, yeah... that's what it was!
But now?
I swear if that Ford commercial with Taylor Hicks stays on the air much longer, I'm gonna hurt my tv. 
Seriously.  I cannot stand it.
It is annoying....
Share my thought?