Monday, July 16, 2007

It's me again...

Two entries in a month, don't fall over... lol
Well, how's everybody been?  I'll be catching up on journals in a little while, I know I've missed some serious stuff from my friends, and I apologize for that...
I've also recently discovered a few of my fav journalers are back here now and I'll be resetting my alerts to stay on top of them now that they're relocated and writing again. 
I owed you this, so here my girl is in her uniform.  The picture didn't scan very well, after several attempts, this is as good as it gets.  Doesn't do her cuteness justice though  ;) 
As you can see, she played for the Reds.  Yes, I sucked it up being that I'm part of a family of Yankee & Cub fans... lol.  To recap the season, she whined every practice and game time.  Refused to get dressed most of the time.  Laid on the ground and played with the grass when she played outfield.  Loved hitting the ball (and is a heavy hitter!!) AND~ She wants to play again next season....
All the hell this child put me through and she liked it?!  What am I gonna do when she really doesn't like something? 
LOL.  Kids.
So, this summer at work, we were supposed to have all this extra staff... and we don't.  I did, however, get a person in my room in the afternoon who actually wants to work!  WOW.  Do you have any idea how long I've been carrying the PMs by myself?  Probably since the last time I was writing here. (Another part of why I haven't written~it would all be complaints.  Haha)
My new assistant is 18, going into her senior year.. but she's a Godsend.  She's excellent with the kids.  She doesn't baby them or play favorites like ALOT of my other help did.  She's like a younger me, so I can't gripe.. lol.  She's fluent in sign language and plans to major in that in college. 
My boss is crazy.  She doesn't remember conversations anymore.  She's currently off after having her knee replaced (last Tues, 10th) and she's saying she'll be back on Monday!  Now, I've rehabbed many knee patients, and I don't see how she'll even be weight bearing enough to go back to work...  I don't know about you guys, but this Kitty doesn't return to normal activity til the good doc says so.  We'll see.
What else? What else?
I finally got a new car, er, new to me anyway.  A 2000 Taurus wagon that takes E85.  Even having a car payment, I'm saving $1.50 a gal in gas... somehow I'd like to believe it equals out ;)  I love it, though.  I still like my old Lincoln and she's currently parked, undercover, getting some well deserved rest.  But this car is lovely :)
The family's well.  Dad's foot healed fine, though itswelled up a couple days after.. just enough to make us worry for a day.  Gracie starts all day Kindergarten Aug 14th.  I took off of work for the first two days of school, just in case.  Not for Grace.. for me!  Her first day of preschool, I was throwing up and panicky (sorry about the graphic details, but no nice way of telling you that).
Other than that, things remain the same with me.  We're heading on vacation Sunday, going to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari, in Santa Claus, IN.  First time to a water park for the girl, who has become a fish (who is still afraid of swimming lessons) in the past two summers.  I'm sure she'll have a great time... thinking I'll be worn out .. lol
Anyone ever use the disposable cameras that are waterproof  Was planning on taking one with me, but not if they don't take decent pictures.
That's a wrap for me for now.  Hopefully, I'll be back sooner rather than later!
Love ya'll...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Helloooooo, and Happy 4th....

Hello my friends  :)
Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Independence Day!  We just got back from my brother's, where we essentially had a block party. 
It was a very good time, despite a firework gone crazy... while it was shooting sparks in the air, it somehow fell over and shot a couple rounds out into the crowd, one hitting a neighbor in the chin (leaving an instant swollen bruise and very distinct impression of itself) and then it ricocheted into my Dad's moccasin, leaving a nicely self cauterized hole in the first layer and half of skin.  Being that Dad is diabetic, well... we'll keep an eye on it.
Other than that (which did happen right before we were leaving), it was a really good time.  I hope (and pray) that you all have as good of a time, minus the accident.
So, some have asked where I have been and, well, I've been here... lol.  Just don't have the time to write right now.  Hopefully, by month's end, I won't be so busy.... But here's some pictures showing part of why I haven't been around often these days.... She also played T-ball this year, but my scanner isn't cooperating at the moment~so I owe ya that one ;)
      Ballet routine~ 'I will go sailing no more'  from Toy Story  :)        
Take care, Loveys...