Friday, December 30, 2005

24 hours to go...

Crap!  Where does the time go???  

A little late for the Christmas wrap up, but better late than pregnant....  

A little inside humor :)    (Not me!)  

So, the Christmas Eve open house was as it always is~ a blast!  I think I made it to bed sometime around 4am.  And that, folks, is without alcohol involved (on my part, anyway)  

It is strange how the party has evolved over the years.  When it was started, way back in the day, my brother and I would be sent to bed around 9 or 10pm, while the adults laughed and exchanged the stories of their youths.... and guffawed some more.  So loud, it would keep us awake.  

These days, it is my brother and I, and our friends, staying up to the wee hours of the morning, laughing over the stupid shit we did when we were kids....  It's amazing that we turned out so well, and out of prison ;)  

What's even funnier (funny in the OMFG, I am so freaking old now type ofway) is that one of our friends now has a 10 year old son, who got to mingle among the adults this year.  I knew the look on his face well.  It was the same one my brother and I had once we were of age to listen ;)  

Guess things have come full circle.  Well, until Grace and her friends take our places at the adult table, anyway :)  

Christmas morning, we changed things up a bit.  Normally, we wouldn't open our immediate family gifts until after we'd come back from breakfast at my Aunt's.  This year, with Grace being well aware of presents and what was inside the wrapped boxes and bags, we couldn't hold it off.   

She woke up later than she has in her entire short life~ 8am!  She ran through the bedroom yelling "Wake up, Mama!  It's Christmas!"  Then she woke up everyone else :)  

I wasn't feeling too well at all.  Mom asked if Gracie could open some presents, so I told her to let her open her Santa gifts until I got my bearings.  Actually, I think I yelled "I don't care what she opens right now, just not ours."  I really felt nauseous.... but it went away pretty quickly.  That happens to me all the time if I don't sleep at least 7 hours straight.  Messed up metabolism of mine....  

She liked her Santa gifts well enough.  Those are little stocking stuffer type gifts.  Things we pick up here and there at sales.  Once I made it downstairs, she opened her real presents.  She picked the Noddy doll gift first ~ some kind of instincts that one has.  She just squealed, hugged him, and was jumping up and down :)  He made her day!    

Noddy was actually a gift from my brother.  I did bid on him to win, but it was on his account.  He had no idea what to get her and I already bought my gifts.  Grace didn't care who he was from, she was happy to have this little guy and some of his stuff :)  I have Noddy stickers everywhere.  

She got a Leapfrog desk from her Dad.  She runs to it while yelling "I gotta go to work!"  She got five new outfits from her grandparents (his parents) and $50.00.  His brother, Robert, got her a Neopet tiger, that she has not put down.  He's become Noddy's new 'ride' :)  

Wayne's sister, Helen, got Gracie some outfits, too.  And they met on Thursday.  (I had never met his sister, either :)  Wayne was working, so Grace and I went alone. Kind of uncomfortable, but I keep reminding myself its not about me....  I still have issues with that concept ;)  

My friend, Johnny, got Grace her first Breyer horse :)  She has a couple of mine from my childhood, but I won't get all the old stuff down because some of it is way too complicated for her right now....  

The rest is the usual little kid stuff like art supplies, under clothes, etc...  Overall, I'd say my girl raked it in :)   

My holiday hasn't been too bad, either.  Seems that it took a lot longer for me to prepare for the time that went by so very quickly.  I didn't end my candy making until four hours before the party began.  Well worth it though :)   

I mostly get gifts of money, since I can never decide on stores for gift cards.  I go through store phases where I hit the same one for awhile, then move on to my next conquest/fetish/obsession.  Like, two weeks ago, it was Michael's.  This week it's Meijer.  Next week may be Menard's or Lowe's.... then there's Starbuck's ;)  I always go there....  

Told Shelley, who works there, to find out why their coffee is so addicting.  She said it was the water filtration system.  Bull.  I think its all in the beans.  Even the grocery store bought stuff isn't the same.... and that was with bottle water, too.   So, money goes anywhere I do.  It is convenient  :)  

Mom loved her re-lined drawers.  My brother followed suit and gave her a certificate entitling her to 5 unconditional favors she may ask of him.  She loved that, too.  Think Mom had the best Christmas she has had in a long time.....  

(My parents will not ask my brother to help with anything around the house because they feel like he works all the time at Johnny's, fixing his place up.  In his 'spare' time he also works on restoring his 63 Ford Falcon, so they feel like they burden him.... which is so untrue.)  

Anyway, after presents, we went to my Aunt's for our annual breakfast of lox, bagels, cream cheese, oyster casserole, scrambled eggs, red onions and tomatoes (for the bagels).  My Aunt's ex boyfriend started this breakfast over 20 years ago.  He's gone and we're still eating it :)  We call it our Christmas Jewish breakfast :)   (The ex was Jewish, we are not) It is yummy though.   

Get this, after 20 years of me eating only the eggs and the bagels sans the lox and oysters... blehhh... my Aunt makes a big deal of it and they gave me, and only me, a slice of ham.  Now, I knew my uncle, Tom, did not eat the oysters or the lox.  He never has!  But my Aunt learned this year that he doesn't either~ now, I think they'll be two pieces of ham next year.   

I felt bad because I liked eating what we had at our breakfast and I don't make it a big deal.  It isn't.  I was happy.  I didn't have the heart to tell them I don't care for ham much.  I ate some of it and, luckily for me, Gracie wanted in on that action ;)   

We also draw names for our family since there are only eight adults and one child.  We used to write down three things, and the person buying picked one of them.  Nowadays, we just put what we want.  No surprises for us.    

All in all, my Christmas was a good one.  Everyone is healthy and in good spirits.  Old friends are still old friends, and the new ones are blending right in.... passing to the next generation :)    

Drifting towards a new year.  New beginnings.  Fresh starts.  And.... as a few people have reminded me lately, this time isn't only for the monumental decisions one starts or stops.  It is also remembering not to take the little things in life for granted....  

It's been another great year knowing many of you.  Some of us have only just begun....  

Welcoming 2006 and all it has to offer  :)  


Friday, December 23, 2005

The battle against time...

Well, folks, IT is almost here.     

Welcome to Christmas Eve Eve.  The day that finds most out and about trying to tie up those loose ends, while those who had their holiday shopping done in July, laugh.    

There are a few brave souls who do not even begin shopping until today and some even tomorrow!  I am not one of them.  Nope, all my gifts have been purchased.  They are still scattered throughout my already overstuffed bedroom, unwrapped, price tags intact...  etc, etc, etc.... but they are here.    

Last week, I volunteered to work today.  9-6.  Being Christmas Eve Eve, one would think parents would be dismissed from their daily doldrums of duty.  And they were.  We had 9 kids, lost one by 12:30.  I was down to 2 kids at 4:30....  The last one left at 5:55.  Merry f'in Christmas to the glorified baby-sitter, huh.    

Now, part of me expected this, don't get me wrong.  But I was one of two asst teachers who left last.  And she was yapping away on her cell phone....  Some rooms only had 4 kids all day and they all left early.  I still had a lot to do at home.  Make that still DO!    

I can't afford to buy everyone gifts where I work, so I had to make extra candies.  I gave 8 boxes away and still have enough for our open house tomorrow night.  (Open house is where anyone who has no place to go can show up.  We don't make plans, we just have a lot of food and spirits ;)  Oh yeah, and candies and cookies, too....    

I still have to decorate the sugar and the shortbread cookies.  And roll the truffles.  This year, I only made two flavors.  One is made with a Raspberry liquor and the other is Bailey's Irish Creme.  I was out of Kahluha (my favorite!) and Gran Marnier, so I ran with what I had.  I pour the alcohol in after the ganache has been heated, so it has its full effects ;)    

I dip the Bailey's in powdered (confectioners) sugar and the Raspberry is dipped into unsweetened cocoa powder.  Believe me, it needs to be~it is sweet.  Typically, I would dip Kahluha in an instant espresso powder mixed with a little powdered sugar and the Gran Marnier in white chocolate shavings.    

You're mouths are watering, I know ;)    

I made almond brickle, Grams' toffee, and pretzels dipped in melted white chocolate, peanut butter chips, and chocolate chips (separately of, course)  Then I roll those in various toppings like chopped almonds or pecans, jimmies (or sprinkles), colored sugars, mini chips, and even one with mini chips and marshmallows (have you ever tried to cut a marshmallow?)    

Now, you're hooked!    

I have been a busy confectionary cat. Never know, next year I may be able to afford to ship some out to my bestest buddies.  Get enough people addicted to my stuff, and I could be in business :)    

Almost forgot, I had to make some plain ganache truffles because Grace said "That's not fair.  I can't have alcohol yet."  Can't deny a 4-year-olds logic.... hope she still says that at 15!    

I'm closing with my mother's gift from me this year.  You see, she cannot stand for us to buy things for her.  She doesn't work like that.  The woman has not bought new clothes since I was Grace's age.  I am not kidding.  She hits yard sales, church sales, Goodwill....    

So, anyway, I had this brainstorm.  Since she prefers things we do to things we buy.  I relined all the drawers in our upstairs bathroom :) 

The stuff we had in there was brown and white and old.  Very old.  Mom had the bathroom redone in a peachy color last summer.  I bought contact paper to match from the hardware store (I adore hardware stores :)  I did that tonight already.    

I believe I finally will make my mother happy with her gift this year.  That, my friends, is a grand accomplishment ;)    

For those traveling, be safe. 

For those gathering, enjoy. 

Forthose hosting, relax. 

For everyone:  Merry Christmas!    


Sunday, December 18, 2005

I'm too slow...

Colleen tagged me, so here:  

10 things that make Kitty purr, in no particular order....  

1.  Chocolate, the darker the better :)  

2.  Grace, on a good day.  The days when the 'public' G is on at home, she is polite, well behaved, soft spoken.... unlike the 'private' girl, who is loud, demanding, and enjoys pushing her mother's every last button.

3.  Being home alone, whether with Grace or not.... read that My parents are gone!  ;)  

4.  Sex.  When I had sex, that is....   

5.  Work.  Despite the issues we have, I love my job.  I'm there for the kids, that's it :)  

6.  Finishing my list of things to do early!  I hardly ever finish one, so actually doing it early is a miracle in itself.....

7.  A good movie.  I haven't seen a movie that drew me in since LOTR.  Not even Star Wars, that is sad.  I'm a huge space/sci fi junkie.  

8.  Naptime!  No explanation necessary ;)  

9.  Hearing "I love you, Mommy" for no reason, spontaneously.  

10.  Getting comments!  From old friends and new ones, alike...  I love reading what you have to say :)

Pretty sure everyone has done this, so consider my not tagging anyone, a Christmas gift  :)  


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Follow the leader...

I had an epiphany.  An a-ha moment.   

But first, an explanation of why I haven't updated my Cat House Journal... 

Basically after AOL yanked it, I didn't want to lose my work again.  And yeah, it was my fault for not saving it elsewhere... I never thought a private journal was held to the same accountability as public ones... I thought it was safe   :::cough-bullisht-cough:::   

So, I obviously cannot write what I write without being obscene <picture Christian porn> (My apologies to Christians, but that's funny right there ;)  

Here comes the bright idea....  

Why not move it to Blogspot?!  There are no rules on the other side.  I can go even harder than before ;)   I'll even be safe for graphics!  Don't have to worry about people I offend because I won't be politically correct.... or quiet.   

Anyway, the real question is will you follow?  I wouldn't be able to leave the link here because of the material it leads to.  So those who don't subscribe to some other feed or blog watch service might add it to their favorite places.  I usually say when I update it in here, though.  I like to keep you informed :)  

Gimme your opinions on relocating, please....  

Update on work is not good.  I was off today, but Molly worked.  She comes in at 2 every day.  She called me at 3:30 saying that #2, the one who made the shedding Christmas trees from yesterdays fun fare, was taking the reindeer down again!  #2 told her they wanted the parents to have them for Christmas and Molly responded that we're still open next week.  So, Molly put them back up in another location. 

At this point Molly stayed quiet, but it got to her.    Then, she called me back at 6 and said Mrs. lead yelled at her for doing artwork with the kids today.  Saying that Molly needed to clear any artwork with her first and that they had already done some artwork today.  She said this to her at 4:30 on her way out the door.  Molly did the artwork at 3:30, why couldn't Mrs. Lead have stopped her if she didn't want her to do it?   

Molly had had enough, so she went down and gave her two weeks notice to the office.  The upside is they wouldn't let her.  Well, they talked her out of it because she'll be a floater as of next month and won't have to put up with it.  These people are so petty and Mrs. Lead just doesn't do her job very well.  

Tomorrow, I am asking the Director for the credentials to be qualified for the position.  Mrs Lead said nothing while #2 and Molly had words.. in the room... in front of the kids.  How's that for mediating?  

She should have had them go out of the room, or to the staff room and deal with it.  Or, she could've just intervened because I really don't understand why they had to come down so soon (they were up for 3 days!)  We leave crap up for weeks....  

I foresee a meeting for our room with the Director coming.  Spread the holiday cheer ;)  

Molly has to work at noon tomorrow with Mrs. Lead and #2.  Maybe they'll move her to a different room....  she may request it.  I would.  

Well, kiddies, its bedtime for me :)  

Let me know!  


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

One way or another....

I don't like Jim Carrey too much... but I'm stealing his line.  "Somebody stop me!"  Actually, I have stopped myself.  Didn't know I  could actually do that ;)  

Yes, I am officially done with Ebay.  For now, anyway....  I did quite well, too.  Let's see, I got:  

1.  2 pairs of name brand jeans for $22.59 (I know! A steal for my size ;)

2.  A sapphire in 14kt yellow gold ring for $26.75

3.  A sapphire in sterling for $11.95  

And of course the child's items consisting of:  

1.  The Noddy doll for $21.95 (OMG! The only purchase where I exceeded my limit)  

2. 4 Noddy books (the big ones with lots of stories) for $19.69  

3.  Noddy stickers $3.24.   

Prices include shipping, too :)  Kitty did do well!  

But I am back to not being an ebayer now.  I could easily get caught up in all that with my never ending collection of junk addiction.  If I showed you my bedroom, you would understand.  It has been in clutter overload longer than I care to mention.  That is probably why I only go in there to sleep.  I can't really stand clutter, it just follows me around.  

Here's a pointless, drawn out story for you that tells the kind of crap I deal with at work....  

You know I mentioned my favorite coworker, who just also happens to be great at artwork with the kids.  She did these reindeer by tracing the kids' shoe and hands, using the feet as the face and the hands as the antlers.  Sounds neat, doesn't it?  They look awesome and she hung them outside our room, where we usually display the nice artwork.  

Yesterday, I guess someone took them down and put up 'My Christmas list' collages the kids did using cut out magazine pictures.  Not nearly as nice, but whatever....  

Whoever took the reindeer down, put them in the kid's cubbies to go home.  My coworker did not want them to go home yet, so she took them out and put them above the bulletin board inside our room, in front of the person who took them down.  She did not say anything to anyone about taking them down from outside.  

Fast forward to today, when the Christmas trees the kids made with another coworker (a paper tree with sequins and such glued on) started shedding their fake snow all over the floor, after some of our boys started throwing the balls at them.  Which then prompted one of our girls to sit there and eat anything that fell to the floor.   

So, I said to Molly (my fave) I think we should move those to the outside and bring the collages in here.  Make sense to you?  Did to me, too.  

I have no idea what Mrs. Lead thought I said, but she all of a sudden got mad and said that SHE put those up there and to just leave them.  Then she mumbled some other isht about "us not being there to worry about art projects and where they were, we're supposed to worry about the kids" and walked out the door to get a buggy.  That's what she does when she gets mad, she leaves.  Oh f'in well....  

So I said to Molly and the sub we had in there that we needed to vacuum that stuff up before the girl chowing down crapped a sequin at home.  Who needs that drama?  We swept it up.   

When Mrs. Lead came back, I said "I am sorry if I made you mad, but it is the kids I am worried about.  The kid is eating the stuff, so yeah I am concerned.  I could really care less about artwork and where it is or is not, but if a kid on my watch is affected by it, then yes, I am going to change that!" 

She took them down and put them on the table.  I asked if I should switch them with the collages and she said yeah, whatever.  

I left them on the table.  I don't respond to attitude.  Especially when given with no idea of what in the hell I was talking about in the first place.  She thought I was moving them because someone moved Molly's work.  Molly is quite capable of fighting her own battles, too.  That is why I like her so well, ya know :)  Once Molly took her stuff out of the cubbies and put them on the wall, Molly was over it.  

I was completely caught off guard by Mrs. Lead's attack.  I handled it and also emailed my other two coworkers, so they would know why the trees are on the table.  Andknow that I did it, and not Molly.  They like to blame Molly for everything.... they're still mad she instigated the cleaning of our room!  The funny thing is Molly is only 19 and is more mature than 3 of our other 4 coworkers!  

Maybe I'll vie even harder for Mrs. Lead's job now ;)  Keep pushing Kitty, woman.....  

In other news, Gracie had her class Christmas party today.  She also has another cold.  She wanted to go to school because it is their last day until after the holidays and the party, of course.  My girl ain't stupid ;)   

I went for the party in the last hour of class and all that child did was scream how she hated everyone and every thing!  I know she didn't feel well, but I will not tolerate the word hate from a child.  She can 'not like' what ever she wants to, but she does not know the strength of the word hate.  (I say the same thing for words like stupid and dumb, from kids).  Told you all I am a militant mom....  

Anyway, after I heard her say it more than I would ever let her get away with at home, that was exactly where we went.  Home.  I gave her some medicine, lunch, and put her butt to bed.  She should be happy she was sick or she would've had some 'Dawn' in her mouth as well....  

I went to work after that and Dad said she just laid on the couch most of the day.  I should've kept her home.  Now I know :)  

Well, that's all for me.  I wish I could go back in time where all I had to do all day is this:

                       Picture from Hometown  

Now, that is laid-back!  

Yes, she is biting her fingernails, too.  Where in heck do kids pick these things up?  I haven't bitten my nails since I wiped elderly people's butts for a living and Grace has never seen me do that....  She doesn't seem like a nervous kid to me... never has been.  I want to know why!  

That's Sammy the horse.  He arrived for her birthday :)  

Have a great one....  


Monday, December 12, 2005

Future, present, and past tenses rolled into one....

Hello journal family :)  How you all doing?  

Figured I'd better get an entry in before another week goes by.  Is it me, or is time zooming by faster every day?  Wasn't it just Halloween a month ago?  And Thanksgiving just a week ago?  I personally think there is something wrong with solar system.  Time is advancing faster and we don't even notice....  

And no, I am not stoned.  

I'm just vastly aware that I'm behind in my plans and I cannot possibly take the blame ;)  It couldn't be my newly found Ebay addiction.  Or my ability to continually play online games for hours.  Or the fact that I can sit here staring at a computer screen with nothing on it.  Nope, that's not it.  

It has to be some flaw in the space-time continuum.  Has to be.  

I'm really dreading the new year for many reasons.  One is that I need to get off my lazy ass and get it in gear.  At some point, I have to realize I am not 20 anymore (physically, that is) and that my health is seriously in jeopardy if I stay this course.  

Second is my most favorite-ist coworker's college schedule changes, and I will not be working with her anymore :(    Kitty's crying crocodile tears on that one.  She is the only one I really, REALLY, get along with... we're on the same page on everything :)  That is hard to come by.. I'm sure you understand that.  

Third is I will be working more hours.  Okay, I'm not really upset about that... actually looking forward to being out of the house more than twice a week.  And of course, making more moo-lah.  That is always a good thing where I'm concerned.  I am money driven.  I'm Scrooge, like that ;)  

I won't be able to pick up too many more hours until April, when Mom goes on part time at work.  I have already talked to the Director, and she seems hopeful she'll be able to use me there more often.  My star coworker and I are trying to devise a schedule we'll both be able to work in the same room... but it may prove to be impossible  <sigh>  

Well, that's all I can think of for now.  But it's enough to start.  

Hey!  You remember the bat I caught a few months back?  Sometime in the summer, as that's when they come into the house.  I said then that they come in twos and I was on alert for bat #2 to come dive-flying over my head. 

Well, guess what?   

I was putting the girl to bed tonight and came into my room for something.  I happened to look at the door connecting my room to the guest/computer room, on the top moulding of the door frame...  I have a smoke alarm up there.  Tonight, I also had a half-hibernating bat, hanging from one arm, on my smoke alarm.  

The poor guy.  I certainly cannot keep a bat in the house with a very curious one year old kitty.  She had obviously seen the little sucker flying around at night and was very interested in getting her first bat toy... or meal, whichever.  

I grabbed my trusty bat catcher (an empty storage tub) and used the lid to scrape the bat, smoke detector and all, into the tub.  The bat barely moved.  My options are limited to killing it or putting it outside.  Since I only kill mosquitos, ticks, fleas, and flies, I put it outside.  He wouldn't even try to fly.  It is very cold out tonight, so I laid (or scooted) him on the chair on the porch.   

He is so 'asleep', I wonder if it will be there in the morning.  I really hope not.  I don't even want to think about it dying because I didn't take it to the barn.  That was just lazy on my part.  Well, that and it's f'in freezing outside and I didn't want to trek my fat ass down there.   

Crap, now I'm going to have to go look and move it if he's still there.  

I have so much to do tomorrow.  With time moving as it is, next week will be over in two days, thought I'd get a jump start on my candies... just hope we don't eat it all before Christmas Eve!   

But, next week is the last week of work until after New Year's (we're closed the week between Christmas and New Year), so I have to get enough made for all my coworkers and other staff for presents by the end of the week.  

Okay, that whole paragraph is confusing as hell.  

Grace has dance class tomorrow.  I cannot believe the difference in her between last year and this year.  She is so much the star student now.  Unbelievable!  There are a couple of girls, one in particular, who do the same crap she did last year.  I've talked to both their Mom's, hoping they don't get discouraged from enrolling them for next year.  (I detect the same confusion in that paragraph ;)  

I'm past my bedtime, so I'm off of here.  I'll leave you with last weekend's picture :)  

Picture from Hometown  

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.....  


PS~   Yea!  The bat is gone!     :)  :)  :)

PSS~ Don't know why my pictures get blurry, either.... damn it.

Friday, December 9, 2005

Make way for Noddy....

That title is what Noddy's show is called.  I knew many of you would not know Noddy... so here he is, the cute little guy :)                                      Picture from Hometown  

Okay, I'll admit it... I think he's cute, too ;)  It's one kids show I don't mind watching.  I did win the doll and 4 books, so Gracie is set for her little heart to be contented on Christmas morning.  

Think I'll be smiling too.  I bought myself some jeans and working on a sapphire ring, as that's Grace's birth month gemstone.  Yes, I buy myself Christmas presents.  I get one from Grace and one from Santa :)   And I get what I want ;)  

We got a little under 8" of snow yesterday.  Of course, Grace still had school this morning and I contemplated keeping her home, but she's out for Winter Break as of next Friday, so I took her.  I did keep her home from Speech Therapy though.  It's only a 1/2 hour class and the bus ride is 45 minutes long... just not worth it today.  

I had to go out and finish shoveling the driveway.  Grace wanted to go play in it but it was only 11 degrees(F), without the wind chill.  I let her outside for a few minutes to burn some energy off.... she needed that in a bad way today :)  

Tomorrow she is going with Mom for breakfast with Santa :)  Its at the hospital Mom works for, so hopefully it'll be quiet enough to sleep in for awhile.  I hate that my digi cam is down.  Waiting for pictures to be developed takes too long.... and I never remember to scan them once I get them.  Oh well, I'll do my best to get some in here....  

Well, back to bidding... someone put Noddy stickers for sale  :)  

Have a good night!  


Monday, December 5, 2005

How long?

Time flies.   Especially when searching frantically for something.  Or bidding like a mad woman on Ebay ;)   You see, I have a problem.  

My 4 year old daughter is in love.   Yes, people, my girl has been bitten by the love bug.  Gracie has a boyfriend. 

Unfortunately, he resides mostly in the UK.  He is an elf and his name is 'Noddy'.   She loves him so much, she wants him.... and only him... for Christmas.  The problem is I can't find him in the States, except for Ebay... and even there, he is hard to come by.  I have been in bidding wars all week.... okay, for two weeks now ;)   I have been outbid each and every item. 

So, I wander across the pond and I cannot afford to buy and ship it here.  I looked at and wow, what a selection of elven delight.  Not gonna happen.    There were a few Canadian items... outbid.  I have under an hour on an 11" Noddy plush doll on Ebay... I may go as high $20.00 just to have something Noddy under the tree. 

No retail stores know who I am talking about... they all want to sell me the Breyer horse 'Noddy'.  Why they can't tell the difference between an elf and a horse, I don't know...   

Had I known it would be this difficult to obtain, I would have had our friend, Jackie, get something from England when she went home to visit last summer!  I didn't know Noddy was so unknown here...  He's been around since the mid to late 50's.  I love the books (by Enid Blyton) and she has so many stories for older kids too.  Anyway, he's a cute little guy, as Gracie would say ;)  

So, that is what I've been doing with my computer time lately.   

Work is going okay.  We have a total of 14 kids in our room, but only on Wednesdays do we have them all.  I have made it through a complete rotation of children now.  All the ones who were there when I started, are now in the 2's room.  My favorite little blue eyes was the last to move.  She was speaking in complete sentences and could say any word you said to her.  Her favorite was cappacino  ;)  

There are a few kids in the newbies who are growing on me fast.  Others, not so much so...  Funny thing is, all the ones who I think are cute, turn out to be brats.  We have some very spoiled, undisciplined tots.  Ones who are not used to being told 'No' and who get their way everytime they cry at home.  I'm not saying we are hard on them, but when you have 10 or more toddlers, you have to say no.   

A couple have complete meltdowns if you say no or take a toy away that they have taken from one of their 'friends'.  They don't get the concept of sharing when they first come into our room.  By the time they turn 2, they get it.  

But, with the bad always comes the good... and they make up for the ones who drive us up the wall.  The majority of the kids are pretty good. 

My coworkers are well.  #2 still drives us nuts, always leaving early and having to be right all the time.  It's Christmas time, so I'm on good behavior ;)  

Tomorrow is dance class for the child.  Her main recital for this year will be 'Alice in Wonderland'.  I love that story, so this should be a blast :)  Her class is going to be the Oysters.  That's their ballet routine. 

The tap routine will be performed in the other recital, 'The Big Top' and they will be cotton candy :)  Some will wear pink and some will wear blue.  Being this is her second year, it ought to be interesting :)  

Okay, well gotta go check out Ebay, again.....  

Hope all is well with everyone!  

Thanks to Bernie for my Christmas lights on my no ad signs ;)