Friday, September 30, 2005

"Cat is".....

See what happens when I get bored...... 

This was at Kell's place  Google your name in quotes such as I did in the above title...   

I should know better with my name ;)  

Cat is Safer Indoors  

Cat Is Dead  

Cat is cool  

Cat is pregnant (yeah, right!)  

Cat is learning  

Cat is different  

Cat is a directory  

Cat is part Maine Coon  

Cat Is Better Than a Man  (Hmmmm)  

Cat is asleep  

Cat Is On Drugs  

Cat Is Trying to Tell You  

Cat is out of the bag  

Cat is punishing us for our sins 

Cat is far wiser than any hurricane-flinging god  

Cat is in Heat (always!)  

Cat is bulimic (umm, have they seen 'me'?)  

Cat Is On Acid  

Cat is so cute  

Cat is indifferent to this sort of thing  

Cat is neurotic  

Cat is wild  

Cat is penned up in a steel chamber  

Cat is a simple and elegant  

Cat is hard  

Cat is a "red herring"  

Cat is a famous illustration of quantum theory s principle of superposition (huh?)  

Cat is pretty much the same color all over  (snicker)  

Cat is a 30-watt Class A amplifier  

Cat is the best  

Cat is finally approved  

Cat is rarely found in areas above 8000 feet  

Cat is most active at night  

Cat is an individual  

Cat is a creature of habit  

Cat is trained to use a cardboard box  

Cat is always the boss of the house  

Cat is easy to identify  

Cat is behaving the way she is  

Cat is not naturally friendly  

Cat is unique among animals  

Cat is a good example of a "thought experiment" (hee hee hee)  

Cat is locally presentable  

Cat is properly vaccinated

For my sister, Melody...

Don't Mess With Mom
My son came home from school one day,
with a smirk upon his face.
He decided he was smart enough,
to put me in my place.
"Guess what I learned in Civics Two,
that's taught by Mr. Wright?
It's all about the laws today,
The 'Children's Bill of Rights.'
It says I need not clean my room,
don't have to cut my hair
No one can tell me what to think,
or speak, or what to wear.
I have freedom from religion,
and regardless what you say,
I don't have to bow my head,
and I sure don't have to pray.
I can wear earrings if I want,
and pierce my tongue & nose.
I can read & watch just what I like,
get tattoos from head to toe.
And if you ever spank me,
I'll charge you with a crime.
I'll back up all my charges,
with the marks on my behind.
Don't you ever touch me,
my body's only for my use,
not for your hugs and kisses,
that's just more child abuse.
Don't preach about your morals,
like your Mama did to you.
That's nothing more than mind control,
And it's illegal too!
Mom, I have these children's rights,
so you can't influence me,
or I'll call Children's Services Division,
better known as C.S.D." 
Of course my first instinct was
to toss him out the door.
But the chance to teach him a lesson
made me think a little more.
I mulled it over carefully,
I couldn't let this go.
A smile crept upon my face,
he's messing with a pro.
Next day I took him shopping
at the local Goodwill Store.
I told him, "Pick out all you want,
there's shirts & pants galore.
I've called and checked with C.S.D.
who said they didn't care
if I bought you K-Mart shoes
instead of those Nike Airs.
I've canceled that appointment
to take your driver's test.
The C.S.D. is unconcerned
so I'll decide what's best."
I said "No time to stop and eat,
or pick up stuff to munch.
Start to learn to get up early
to make your own sack lunch.
Just save the raging appetite,
and wait till dinner time.
We're having liver and onions,
a favorite dish of mine."
He asked "Can I please rent a movie,
to watch on my VCR?"
"Sorry, but I sold your TV,
for new tires on my car.
I also rented out your room,
you'll take the couch instead.
The C.S.D. requires
just a roof over your head.
Your clothing won't be trendy now,
I'll choose what we eat.
That allowance that you used to get,
will buy me something neat.
I'm selling off your jet ski,
dirt-bike & roller blades.
Check out the 'Parents Bill of Rights',
It's in effect today!
Hey hot shot, are you crying,
Why are you on your knees?
Are you asking God to help you out,
instead of C.S.D...?"
from a M.O.M.
(Mean Old Mother)

Got this in an email.... sorry, Mel.


Thursday, September 29, 2005

Happy, happy birthday, Baby... (edited)

Four years ago today, it was a Saturday.  I woke up around 7:30 am, feeling a little crampy.  Tried my best to go back to sleep, but just wasn't happening.  I got up, used the facilities, and ventured downstairs to grab some coffee before gluing myself to Food TV.  Still felt crampy....  

Mom asked me how I was doing and I said okay, just uncomfortable.  Told her I was going to watch some tele to wake up, then jump in the shower.  I had no plans that day, which ended up being a very good thing.   I came back upstairs and parked my 39 week pregnant butt in my recliner, sipping on decaf.  I immersed myself in the tube, waiting for Paula Deen to come on.  Cramps getting a little worse.  Still has not hit me yet....  

I was not hungry, which was really unusual because I woke up starving every day of this pregnancy.  Mom made me eat a banana.  I told her I thought I was in labor.  Mom had been anticipating Grace's arrival... probably more than I. 

She was excited it was happening on the weekend, while she was off work (have I mentioned Mom is a workaholic?)   I knew I had a lot of time.  Maybe I was a first time mother, but it was not my first time around a first labor and delivery by any means.  So, I was not in a rush. 

I was getting into the shower around noon, when my water broke.  Crap!  Now, I knew at least I had to stay at the hospital.  They won't send me home if my water has broken.  Too late to turn back now...   I arrived at the hospital at 1:30pm, admitted, and taken to the labor room.  When the docs came in to examineme, it was determined I was going to need a Cesarian section. At the time I was 3 cm, 0 station, and +2, never even made it to 2nd stage of labor. 

I was taken to the OR at 6:00pm, given the block, prepped, and Grace Camille was born at 6:36 pm on September 29, 2001.   Since I was morphined up, Mom stayed as long as she could to help me out.  I stayed in the hospital 2 days~then I was begging to go home.  My roommate was a pain and I wanted out.  So, on Monday Oct 1, we came home.  

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!  The last four years have flown by.  

Love you tons....  

Mom :)

Monday, September 26, 2005

As promised.....

Ok, people keep tagging me so here is my play....  

The Assignment:  

Go to archives.  Go to the 23rd entry.  Copy/Paste the 5th sentence of that entry here.  

Mine is:  "You never barge through the door first, take the last piece of turkey on the plate or forget to write thank-you notes promptly."  

An entry talking about character traits of Libras :)  

This assignment calls for naming 5 others to do this, but I'm not doing that.  Most of you have done this.  Those who want to, can... Same goes for those who don't :)  

In Who's your Daddy News....   (don't hate me now ;)  


Your Daddy Is Johnny Depp What You Call Him: Daddy-o

Why You Love Him: He takes you to Disneyland
Who's Your Daddy?

Work was busy.  Three teachers to 10 kids....  We had 3 bites and 1 fall to report, so it was a bad day for that.  These kids are quick to chomp!  They'll be playing nicely, then one gets mad....  BAM!  Act is over.   

We cannot punish them other than sitting them down with a book.  We were told that 'time out' is not suitable at this age.  That they do not understand it.  Bull Hockey!  I'm in a room full of master manipulators in the making.  

Let's not even talk about the first time parents who do not want their child dirty and believe she can do no wrong.  We have one set who absolutely get outraged if their daughter gets anything on her clothes.  They even went as far as accusing my coworkers (I was off that day) of getting dog poop on her shoe.  DOG POOP!  They're nuts...  

Her mom got ticked one day because the kid was bitten by a 'friend'.  The girl who works the shift I do told her that her kid bites too, so it's not like she isn't dishing it out...   

Here's your sign:  If you want to make sure that your child never gets bitten by another child~stay home and take care of her yourself. 

As far as the dog poop goes, well... I don't advise telling her to walk on the street to avoid getting it on her shoe ever again.  {No way she got dog poop on her~our kids never walk on grass outside.  Our outdoor play area is fenced in and the gateskept closed at all times, even when we're out there.}  

Anyway, they're neurotic.  Some are... but not most :)  

Grace has to bring snacks for the week at preschool.  It's B week, so today she took bananas and blueberries, both her suggestions.  Dad said the teachers raved about the blueberries and Grace said all the kids loved them :)  She was happy about that.   

Wednesday we are bringing bones.  As in those scooby doo bone-shaped graham crackers.  Friday will be birthday something-or-rathers...  She hasn't decided yet. 

Tomorrow is dance class and the fund-raiser for her preschool at Burger King from 4-8 :)  I need an excuse to eat out!  Kitty's going on a healthy kick right before the holidays ;)  

So, that is it from my midwestern piece of our world....   


Sunday, September 25, 2005

Updates and stuff...

So, how's J~Land?  

I've been reading... just not writing.  I did do an entry on Tuesday, but left it on here without saving it and AOL froze.... End of story.   

We had Grace's birthday party today, though her birthday isn't until Thursday.  Her friend, Bailey, came over and they played for a long time.  Bailey is 6 and Grace is a follower around her.  Whatever Bailey does, Grace does.    She got all kinds of things, too. 

Uncle Charlie got her modeling clay that she loves.  She got a Baby Bratz doll from my buddy, JC and his wife.  A 'shoe box' craft kit full of things to put together and make, some books, and another craft tub that I got her.   

She has some new winter jammies and sweat suits.  I also got her another cowboy hat, a white one, and a burgundy western shirt with horses on it.  Dad and I got her the big horse that she's wanted every time she goes to Sam's Club.  Her other grandparents took her to eat at Bob Evans last Thursday and gave her $20.   I'd say she made out pretty well. 

I'm sure we'll do a small family thing Thursday, and she's taking special treats to school on Friday.  Face it, kid's birthdays last for a week....  

Work's been the same.  No need to go there.  Though last week did go fast for me.  Went to the doc on Monday for this cough that keeps hanging around.  He gave me Cipro and said if it didn't get better, he'd test me for asthma.   

He said nothing about my smoking.  He did not say to stop.  I'm not even sure he heard me.  I think he was asking his next question before I answered the others....  Glad he isn't my regular doctor!  I'd find a new one, quickly. 

I'm taking the antibiotics, but don't think it is helping.  I'm gonna be pissy if I have asthma at 36!     I just need to lose weight and stop smoking, that's all.  It would solve many issues and my mental state is just about where it needs to be to work on these things.  

Been watching the season premieres all week.  'Lost' was great!  I am so into that show.  Tried watching 'Invasion' and 'Surface' and can't really say I like either.  'Survivor' is always good, but the same.  'West Wing' was on tonight and awesome as ever.  'Amazing Race: Family version' starts this week.  Watched 'Desperate Housewives' and still thinking about it....  

I've been caught by Julie and Nae, so I owe them an entry tomorrow.  As well as the 'Who's your Daddy' quiz I took....  I'll do those tomorrow.  You'll also have to wait for birthday party pictures~digi cam is still out of commission.  

Hope everyone is well and happy that Rita didn't hurt too much....  


Friday, September 16, 2005

What is she thinking?

The show is just starting...  

And I already want to jump through my tv screen to beat the living daylights (or at least some sense) into this woman's head.  

I'm mad at the preview of this woman for Dr. Phil....  

Jesus lady, get a freaking grip!

Wonder is she has a clue of what makes serial killers?  Of how it is possible for children to murder to their own parents?  If she does not stop~she may very well find out....

For those who are not watching this show, short synopsis:

One mom, two daughters.  One daughter is her little 'princess'.  The other is chubby, has a skin disease, and her mother treats her like dirt.  The mother says "I never wanted ugly kids"  This child~her Daughter!~ is only 7 years old....

I'm gonna go puke now.....

Knowledge is a good thing...

Had to follow along  :)  

Try your luck and see how well you know your Kitty   ;)

Good luck....  


Monday, September 12, 2005

Journey's End....

I met my brother at his house and we drove to meet his boss and a few coworkers at the airport.  I had taken a valium earlier and was still apprehensive about boarding.  But I did.   

It wasn't the worst plane trip I've taken.  That would be the single engine flight.  But small jets are still rougher than the big suckers.  At least it didn't sound and feel like it was coming apart midair.  It actually was very smooth and quiet.  So, I made it through.  Roundtrip.  

Coming back on the jet was not part of this woman's plan.  Nope, not at all.  I believe once is enough, usually.  But it seems in my haste to collect and dash, I forgot one small detail.   My bestest biker buddy, JC, was tying the knot on Saturday at 2:30 pm.  A big oops, huh?!!  

I had to be there for him.  We have been through a lot together in his previous relationship with a selfish controlling psycho chick.  No, really!  I give people the benefit of the doubt, but she wore through any glimmer of hope on that tip.   So, anyway, I did make it back and I'll write about his wedding later.  It'll give you a good laugh ;)  

We were originally going to go to Houston first as I was told to go to one of the sites there to help.  But Mr. Moore (bro's boss) had made other arrangements.  Man's got clout, apparently.  I ended up staying with them in Baton Rouge.  I called here to find out who to contact there and started getting flack for not going to Texas.  Boss man took the phone, asked Mr. so-and-so and told him-TOLD HIM- I was going and who I should check in with.  Dang!  

To Baton Rouge I went.  We got a few hours sleep before I headed to one of the 'hospitals'.  I spent all the time I was there taking vital signs, checking people in,  trying to comfort people.  Because they took so many women and children most families had been separated.    The biggest struggle was trying to locate relatives. 

Members of so many organizations, including the Salvation Army, were taking names and pictures to send around to every other evacuation site.  It is going to take a long time, but that is what most of the victims were doing, besides worrying.  

I got to see plenty even though I never left the place.  I never want to see any of it again.  Not anywhere.  I feel like two days wasn't enough of my time.  I did see the flood waters receding a bit in places it was being pumped out.  It's leaving a sticky, slimy layer of filth wherever the water was.   

I also met people who wanted to get medical help (like prescriptions) then go back home.  I don't think anyone was allowed to leave, but I don't know for sure.  There were a lot of people compared to the number of volunteers and security, so I don't know how anyone would know if they left or not.  

So, I pretty much ventured out between River Rd and France St.  I did everything else by phone while at one of those places (the hospital and the hotel).  Our U-Hauls got through on Friday night and my friend driving the semi got in Saturday morning.   

Apparently there were many, many semis waiting in line to drop off shipments.  I heard the city only expected 60 trucks?!  There were hundreds!  My friend told me the drivers were pulled off the highway for miles waiting to unload.  I just hoped there were no perishable goods in that line.  It took days to clear them out.  

Anyway, I wish I could've stayed longer.  Anyone reading here who has any free time should contact your local charity of choice and ask about volunteering.  They're going to need them for a long time to come.  (I did overhear it may be close to livable in 2 months, which is surprising if that is true)  

I didn't take any pictures.  I really don't want the pictures I have in my head.  But I personally do not feel right taking pictures of people downtrodden.  I never have.  Maybe why I dropped Journalism as my major... I dunno....  

But if you really want to or need to, there are some great sites for seeing the damage.  NOLA, for one.  There is a journal (not Scalzi's though) here in J~Land that has user photos submitted.  I, unfortunately do not have the link at the moment, but I'll hook ya up when I get it.   

Gracie had a cold while I was gone and I guess she cried every night that I wasn't home.  Usually she wouldn't care if I was home or not, but being sick... I'm sure she wanted her Momma.  She wanted to have a sleepover (I sleep in her room) with me on Saturday night.  So that made up for it.  And the fact that now I have a cold....  She is satisfied that I'll not leave her behind again :)  

I can't breathe from my nose.  That sucks.  I'm much less whiny with a chestcold.  What can I say, I'm not a good mouth breather....  But I am all over 'Cold-Eeze' and hope it's gone by Wednesday.  Working with a bunch of tots with a cold is not fun.  I sound like 'Chuckie' from Rugrats.   

I felt it coming on Saturday, but I was bound and determined to make it to JC's wedding!  (Kitty fact:  This is the first wedding I've been to in my adult life~most friends ran off or JP'd it)  He and his bride, Kathy, just bought a new house.  They held the ceremony and the reception there.  It is such a beautiful place, too.  Everything got off without a hitch, with the exception of the groom's parents being late!  

They cooked everything themselves and hired a baker for the cake.  It was all so fab!  I told him if I ever get married, I want it at his house :)   My parents attented and took the girl home when she started getting a bit out of hand.  I stayed behind to party a little more. 

I had plans on meeting up with Johnny and some other friends at another bar, but that didn't work out.  As I got in my car to leave, I sat down and my pants ripped out in the rear.  My martini glass laden panties were highly visible now.  Good thing it was dark outside.  Better thing that I even had panties on!  Best thing that it didn't happen in the middle of all those people :)  

So, there is your laugh for the evening (or morning).  I am laughing with you...  

On the bright side~football has started!!  My Colts and Steelers are off to a magnificent looking start!  Wish my Pack better luck for next week.  Gotta root for Favre ;)  

Also, Nascar is down to the count for Nextel Cup Championship and Mr RyanNewman made it in.  Barely, but still :)  As Grace says The Crybaby (Jeff Gordon) didn't make it in.  First time in 12 years.  Neither did Junior.  Then again, the two up and coming retirees, Rusty Wallace and Mark Martin, both made it in.  Good for them!  

Work today was typical.  I walked in, #2 went home.  We only had 10 kids so it was quiet.  We have new biters in the newcomers.  One bites others.  One bites herself.  Great.  The last of the older kids are getting very bored.  I think they move this month.  Not sure if we have any more coming over anytime soon.  None of the young toddlers are walking yet.  Can we say Oh Darn?!   

That about wraps things up from me.  Tomorrow we have dance class in the morning and that is all!  Love days I don't have to run around everywhere  :)  

Have a good night.....  


Sunday, September 11, 2005

Another day in infamy

Hey...   Just a quickie to let you know I'm back home.  Have had a busy last few days and I will get you all up to speed in another entry.  I am too tired to mentally account for it all right now.  

I have been reading lots of entries today.  Being September 11, I knew it would be a day of reflection around J~Land and it was.  I am not going to say to remember this date because I am sure none of us will ever forget it.  

What I am going to write about is teaching our kids... or any kids about why it happened.  Teach them the history of it. Get it through to our children (specifically American children) because we do not really teach our kids about why things happen.  We just tell them not to forget...  

I am a firm believer that history repeats itself.  If you do not believe that, all I can say to you is go check it out for yourselves.  Read.  Study.  Because things happen in cycles...  

The hurricane that ravaged the southern states proves that, too.  

Seeing the damage caused because no one wanted to pay the $13-14 billion dollars it would have cost (at the time) to prevent this much flooding from occurring has proven to me, once again, that we are a nation of talk first, pay later.   Seriously.  

Even every day ordinary citizens, living paycheck to paycheck choose to pay the least amount now.  I have no idea why we do this to ourselves.  And we DO do it to ourselves.   

What happened on this date four years ago was not foreseen.  It was thought of, but no one really ever saw it coming.  Not anything like it did.  

We knew about Katrina.   

Days, weeks, I'll even say years, beforehand.  The states of Louisiana and Mississippi knew the (strong) possibility of levees breaking and flooding the cities could arise.  It was all too real and they have known about it for decades.  Yet, did nothing to prevent it.  

I know they are now.  

But, it seems to me that procrastination got the best of them.  So instead of paying $14 billion, it will be somewhere in the range of $100 billion.    And we think we are so smart.  

I was 18 days from having Grace when the planes were hijacked and used as weapons of mass destruction.  Yeah, I used those words because that is what they were.    I could do nothing but sit and stare at the TV.  And cry. 

I had to take care of my grandma that day and being senile, she had no clue as to what was happening.  But she felt sad for the people she saw running and those in the buildings.  

I'm tired of playing the blame game.  I'm tired of the wrong messages getting out.   

The terrorists did not do what they did because they don't like our freedom!  Wake up, people!  

They did it because of our foreign policies.  Period.   

Now we can go blindly back to being naive and believing that we are the best nation on the face of the Earth.    Or we can get real about the political issues involved and go humbly along, carrying our (proverbial) big stick.  

As far as progress goes:  It has been four years and we still do not have the man responsible for the crime against our country.  Sure, we have Saddam but he is not the one we are after.  He was the scapegoat.... and that seemed to have worked because I don't hear anyone protesting about not finding Osama yet.....  

After the last few days I've had, the only solace have been the citizens of our country. 

We are still and will always be a nation of the people, by the people, for the people....  


Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Wasting time...

I have until1 am.  So, I'm killing some time... and trying not to fall asleep :)  

Jennifer, the exasperated one, got $50.00 worth of comments!  Go check out her entry :)  And many others matched her donation to various charities (Including Noah's Wish, Julie!)  Donations totaled $450.00!    J~Land rocks!  

Stacy  is offering up any one of many magnicifent shots at the Road less taken on Ebay or here.  All profits going to the victims of Katrina.  

My brother persuaded his boss to let them use his plane, because we got more donations today and had no way of getting them there :)  So that will mean arriving in a lot less time and some sleep before diving in when our other stuff arrives tomorrow.   

The down side is is flying in a small jet plane, but I am assured this is nothing like the ride in the single engine I dared take.  Ummm, never again unless someone's life depending on it, either!  His boss has a Cessna Mustang, similar to this one....    Citation Mustang  

We'll see.  I'm not a huge fan of flying in the first place.  Kitten prefers land, even water~ over air  ;)  

Mom is helping me out with some Valium just in case.  Thanks, Mom!  I plan on taking one anyway and go from there.  It's only 2mg, so not enough to knock this girl out.  Just take the edge off.  Hope he has a mini bar on board.  (please, you people know I cannot drink by now ;)  

I mentioned to Stacy that I was going to donate a bag of what Grace and I collected in her name.  Then I felt that pang of guilt that I didn't include all of you here (in my piece of J~Land).  So I am.  You will all have your name on something I give out.   

I printed address labels of the people I know who read here.  They say 'Because we care about you.  The Journal Community of AOL'.  And your first names.  (Umm... hope that is okay with you guys!  I have less than two hours to know.. lol)  

The girl and I collected a lot from the neighborhood and a little beyond.  I'd say half a U-Haul full.  The church bus is from my workplace and the stuff collected there.  Every business donated.  Every last one of them!  I do love the people of our country.  On average the businesses donated $500.00.  Long's Bakery (hey Heather!) gave one day's profits.  I thought that was cool!  Take that Mickey D ;)  

I am excited about going.  And I feel guilty about that.  There is no happy reason why I am going.  I always feel good about being able to help, don't get me wrong.    This is just the biggest thing I have ever been involved in and I should take no pride about why I have to do this. I do take pride of what I have accomplished in a short time.... its just hard to explain 

{I couldn't do anything, but phone calls, after 9/11 because I was 9 months pregnant, born 9/29}  

Speaking of 9/11, that is quickly approaching.  Tragedies came in threes for me close to that date.  A tornado tore through several cities, missing our house by less than 1/2 mile on Sept 21 that year.  That was off season, too.  My grandmother passed away Sept 10 the following year.  But I have Grace's birthday at the end of the month, so it always ends well :)  Okay, maybe I'm reaching with the threes thing...  

It's 11:40.  Guess I'll talk about work :)  

I go in today.  We have 12 kids due in.  10 are there.  I was there all of 15 minutes when the debate between #s 1 & 2 on who is going to leave.  #1 (the dictator)won. 

After #2 (the informant) left for the day, I told Mrs. Lead and #4 that we can never be overstaffed in this room.  We can never have extra people.  And no one from the office needs bother asking if anyone wants to leave, the two of them will always volunteer themselves.  Yet, they want all the control in the room....  

Also, #1 is so pissed about the cleaning, rearranging, and organizing (not to mention trashing the crap she had stashed and forgotten about, so it all got ruined) that she has not worked with either #4 or myself since I mentioned we cleaned!  Does that tell you the type of person we are dealing with here? 

But all coworkers (including the Director) and parents have said nothing but good things (obviously!).  The room looks so much better....  

The new kids are growing on me.  I knew they would.  The last of the original 4 when I started, leave this month.  I gave my Ziggy girl some mini M&Ms today when I saw her going back to the 2's room.  I actually gave them to her Dad for after dinner.  She's so precious.  She has a new baby sister I call baby Ziggy :)  She is so cute and starts daycare full time in a few weeks.  (Sad, I know... but it'll be nice to see my big Ziggy when her sissy comes to our room)   

Okay, I have to stop now.  I'll talk to you guys soon.  I will read email while I'm gone, including alerts.  Can't stand to not stay informed by you guys!  I think I'll get some time anyway....  

See ya'll later :)  


Tuesday, September 6, 2005

More from moi....

Ms. Gracie had her first dance class of the year this morning.  I must say I am much more relaxed this time around.  Grace is the only one with previous experience in this class, so that helps her to behave.   Most of the other girls are 2-3, so my girl is a bit older but she takes on the leader role with younger kids.  That will do her so much good!  With last years class, she was one of the youngest and would act out trying to get their attention.   

This year, Ms Dance Teacher (same one) is having Grace do things first to show the younger girls.  Which also means sitting down and patiently waiting your turn.  A feat she had not accomplished last year.  She had a few moments of her old ways, but she was much more easily put back into proper place.  

So, I am looking forward to taking her and not having to deal with uppity mothers this time :)  Most seemed very nice, and a bit nervous since their little ones had not been in dance before.  

Went to the store and saw that the rising gas prices had trickled on down to upping the cost of my bacon.... and everything else.  I'm sure Katrina's wrath will not help matters.  

My plans have somewhat changed as far as going down to help.  I didn't make the Salvation Army's timeline for departure, so I'll be joining a team of mechanical engineers and architects from my brother's company he works for.  They're heading to the lake (and the Gulf) to help work on new levees and new ideas for a next time.  Yes, they are anticipating a next time.  Best to be prepared in advance.  

I will be dropped off somewhere along the way.  I have yet to find out where exactly, but it won't be too hard to do.  We have two 26' long U-Hauls, 1 semi (a friend), and one church bus full of food, water, clothes, blankets, toys, shoes, bottles, formula... and I could go on.  I have lined up local business donations, most of which is cash, and received $5,387.00.  (Get receipts for your donations!!  Charitable deductions on taxes!)  

I saw a commercial for McDonald's saying they are collecting donations at their restaurants.  They also say A PORTION of your donations will go to the hurricane victims.  A Portion??  Why not all of it, 'Mr. McDonald'?  Like you guys need more money!  It makes me sick that 'charities' need to keep a portion of donations for 'Administrative costs'.  Pee pee on them!  

The money I have collected is going directly to people I meet.  No middle man, no waiting for time.  $500.00 will keep a family of four in a shelter for months.  I imagine I'll be sent to a city receiving victims instead of New Orleans or in Gulfport.  Right now, the goal is to get everyone out of these cities.  The only people to be left are dead....  

I really don't want to see it live, anyway.  I'd like to remember my Mardi Gras days with a smile.  I hope for more to come, too!!  I will be back by Saturday, I believe.  That is my plan.  I will have online access while I'm gone to keep in touch.   The down side of going is I'll miss Gracie's first 2 days of school (W & F).  I hope she has good days! 

I hate not being able to take her with me.  She always goes with me to help, but this is too big, too much, and too chaotic for her right now.  I hope there is never another reason for her to go!   I'll leave late tomorrow night and we should be there by mid morning on Thursday.  My brother is still used to driving all night from his days working with his former business partner, so he's in charge of that :)  

Tomorrow is back to work time for me.  I'm looking forward to it.  Or to just getting out of the house  ;)  Dad is taking Grace to school because she has to be there at 9:00 and I have to be at work at 9:00.  At least I'll get to hear how the first day went.   I'm writing a letter to her new teacher because I didn't really get a chance to tell about Grace's speech.... and her choice of words when she gets mad or overly emotional  :)  I hope it will help her know my girl a bit better.  Best to be forewarned, anyway....  

So, with that I am off of here.  I'll check in tomorrow evening and as much as possible until I am back home.  

Take care of each other.  In recent days, we've learned all we have is each other......  


I'm so slow, I got tagged twice...

I cannot run so, Julie and Nae tagged me....  

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die     

1.  Trail blaze through the Andes mountains for a month.  

2.  Teach Gracie everything I know.

3.  Live in a foreign country for five years.

4.  Get another college degree.

5.  Take another cross country train trip, this time with Grace.

6.  Hold my own grandbaby.

7.  Seek political office.  


7 Things I Can Do   

1.  Bake.

2.  Teach.

3.  Touch the floor without bending my knees ;)

4.  Settle disagreements.

5.  Be unbiased and honest.

6.  Help or try to.

7.  Be mean.  


7 Things I Can't Do  

1.  Pee standing up.  I tried ;)

2.  Forget.  It takes awhile...

3.  Anger easily.

4.  Leave Grace with people I do not know.

5.  Ride on a motorcycle.

6.  Relax in public places.

7.  Drink more than two beers.  


7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex  

1.  Eyes.

2.  Demeanor.

3.  A man who likes to cook.

4.  Height!

5.  Complexion  ;)

6.  Paycheck.  lmao  :)  Kitty likes being comfy...

7.  Muscles  


7 Things I Say Most Often  

1.  STOP IT!

2.  No!

3.  Listen!

4.  Do not......

5.  Love you, Baby

6.  Why don't you....

7.  Here's your sign.  


7 Celebrity Crushes  (in no order)    

1.  Will Smith

2.  Bradley.  (no last name needed, there is only one)

3.  (Still love) Harrison Ford

4.  Josh Calloway (Sawyer from LOST~think that's his name)

5.  LL Cool J

6.  Viggo Mortenson

7.  Shalimar Moore  


7 People I Want To Do This    

1.  One who has not done it before.

2.  One who may want to do it again. 

3.  I think everyone who reads here, has done it already....

4.  Any person who is just bored.

5.  Trying to find something to write about.

6.  Anyone?

7.  Someone!  

Saturday, September 3, 2005

Even more loss (edited)...

My deepest sympathy to the family of Chief Justice William Rehnquist.  He died tonight at his home.  He was 80 years old.  

Let us not be bothered by the distraction of another opening on the Supreme Court interfere with the tragic trail left by Katrina....


Please, not again....

Now the race card is being played down South.  (Do we really want to go there again?)  Personally, I do not believe this has anything to do with race.    

It has to do with economic status.  

These are the poor, elderly, and sick stuck in the mess in Louisiana and Mississippi.  They had no way out.  No money.  No transportation.  Nowhere to go.  

The first fault lies with the States for not having an evacuation plan in place after Camille hit in 1969.  

The ultimate fault lies with the Federal Government for not stepping in much sooner when it was realized the States could not handle the situation.  

I do not want to believe that no help was given because the majority of the people stranded are black.  I really don't want to believe that.  

We should be so far beyond that issue by now.  I said should be.  

I know racial issues still exist.  They may always exist.  I just don't want evidence from the President, FEMA, or any other governmental agency that this is the case.  

Because if it is found to be true for this disaster, it could set our country back 200 years.....  

And this time, I'd be fighting for the South.  


Friday, September 2, 2005

Also of current interest....

An email:  


Why didn't George W. think of this? {I'm sure he did, but he's real goods friends with the Bin Laden family (except for that 'ellusive' Osama ;) who are from SaudiArabia}.  And I am sure it would cut into his personal profits.  

Gas rationing in the 70's worked even though we grumbled about it.  It might even be good for us!

The Saudis are boycotting American goods.  We should return the favor.  An interesting thought is to boycott their GAS. 

Every time you fill up the car, you can avoid putting more  money into the coffers of Saudi Arabia. 

Just buy from gas companies that don't import their oil from the Saudis.  

Nothing is more frustrating than the feeling that every time I fill-up the tank, I am sending my money to people who are trying to kill me, my family, and my friends. 

I thought it might be interesting for you to know which oil companies are the best to buy gas from and which major companies import  Middle Eastern oil. 

These companies import Middle Eastern oil:

Shell............................... 205,742,000 barrels
Chevron/Texaco......... 144,332,000 barrels          Exxon /Mobil...............130,082,000 barrels
Marathon/Speedway...117,740,000 barrels
Amoco................................62,231,000 barrels

If you do the math at $30/barrel, these imports amount to over
$18 BILLION!    (oil is now $55-$60 a barrel)   

Here are some large companies that do not import Middle  Eastern oil:   

Citgo.......................0 barrels
Sunoco...................0 barrels
Conoco..................0 barrels
Sinclair..................0 barrels
BP/Phillips...........0 barrels
Hess.......................0 barrels
ARC0.....................0 barrels

All of this information is available from the Department of Energy
and each is required to state where they get their oil and how much
they are importing.

But to have an impact, we need to reach literally millions of gas buyers. 

He should wipe that smug @$$ grin off his face....

106 hours.  

4 1/2 days.  

It took that long before those stranded by the floods of Katrina got any type of help from our government.  

That is pathetic.  

There should have been a plan in place for evacuation of the sick, elderly, and poor.  This should have been anticipated.  Even so, the Federal Government should have been there sooner.  A lot sooner.  

They better have an evacuation plan for the future now!  

Now there are reports of denying assistance from strangers offering food and water.  Strangers?  In times of crisis, with the exception of the Civil War of course, Americans pull together.  We offer what we can.  

The Superdome had people starving.  There were starving people all over.  And those offering to help were denied because they were not affiliated with the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or military.  

It is shameful.  

Another self righteous act by the powers that be.  Bush even said people stealing (looting) food or water would be stopped.  WTF?  

Bet he'd steal if his daughters were knee deep in funk.  Yeah, I blame him ultimately.  He is the Commander in Chief.  Leader of this country.  I'd blame any... lemme repeat that~ ANY~ 'president' that did this.  

The Director of FEMA said last night on Nightline that things were just confirmed yesterday that conditions were indeed that bad.  JUST CONFIRMED!  Ted Koppel, God love him, said "Don't you people watch TV?"   He crax me up!  (new word ;)  

Here's another question he asked preceeding that one:  "How is it that news cameras and reporters got there, but you guys (FEMA), the charities, and the military couldn't get in?"   Isn't he just great?!  

I am proud to be American.  Americans have donated over two hundred million dollars since Katrina hit.  We will take care of our own, even without the government's help. 

But this is another black mark on our country's (collective) soul.  From the same man.  

It is unexcusable.  


PS~If you can watch Nightline tonight.  It is being questioned if no help was sent because the people were mostly poor and black.  That ought to be real good ;)

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Kitty-isms: Confessions...

Here's one for you, play along if you feel like it :)  

1.  I procrastinate something fierce.  I will do 20 other things in order to avoid the 1 task I don't want to do or deal with.  I make a list of things every day and cross off things accomplished.  It is the only way I can get anything done.  

2.  I like to mediate.  No, no, not meditate~the sitting and quietly reflecting your innards.  But mediate~helping settle disagreements.  I blame that on being a Libra.  

3.  I am becoming agoraphobic (fear of being outside comfort zones) especially in public places.  Causing panic attacks.   Just from thoughts in my head...  

4.  I like control.  But I am willing to relinquish it to another.  I believe it is hard to find an equality factor in control.  It is hardly ever 50/50.  

5.  I believe the only way to live is to live.  Stop learning and growing, and you essentially become stagnant.  That leads to unhappiness in one's self.   

6.  Nobody else can fix my issues but me.  If I put it out there, I have to be open to the input.  Good and bad.  Being able to take criticism for the message behind it is an ability beyond no other.  Being able to control your temper is the ultimate.  

7.  Nobody will help me if I get defensive.  Attacking a person for giving me their advice will get me no where.  Retorting wastes my time.  

8.  I have an intense need to correct spelling errors.  Even with other people's writing.  Of course, I can refrain from doing so... but it is distracting to me.  (Blaming this on years of working with Wayne ;)  

9.  I sometimes like children a whole lot more than adults.  Their honesty is intense.  I wish I could make it last forever.  Kids always know more than their parents give them credit for, even the bad stuff.  

10.  I can forgive.  It is harder for me to forget.  I return more cautiously.  Sometimes it is just right to walk away.  Even with nothing.  But the easiest thing to do in any given situation is, almost always, not the right thing to do.   The easy way is not the right road to take....