Sunday, September 25, 2005

Updates and stuff...

So, how's J~Land?  

I've been reading... just not writing.  I did do an entry on Tuesday, but left it on here without saving it and AOL froze.... End of story.   

We had Grace's birthday party today, though her birthday isn't until Thursday.  Her friend, Bailey, came over and they played for a long time.  Bailey is 6 and Grace is a follower around her.  Whatever Bailey does, Grace does.    She got all kinds of things, too. 

Uncle Charlie got her modeling clay that she loves.  She got a Baby Bratz doll from my buddy, JC and his wife.  A 'shoe box' craft kit full of things to put together and make, some books, and another craft tub that I got her.   

She has some new winter jammies and sweat suits.  I also got her another cowboy hat, a white one, and a burgundy western shirt with horses on it.  Dad and I got her the big horse that she's wanted every time she goes to Sam's Club.  Her other grandparents took her to eat at Bob Evans last Thursday and gave her $20.   I'd say she made out pretty well. 

I'm sure we'll do a small family thing Thursday, and she's taking special treats to school on Friday.  Face it, kid's birthdays last for a week....  

Work's been the same.  No need to go there.  Though last week did go fast for me.  Went to the doc on Monday for this cough that keeps hanging around.  He gave me Cipro and said if it didn't get better, he'd test me for asthma.   

He said nothing about my smoking.  He did not say to stop.  I'm not even sure he heard me.  I think he was asking his next question before I answered the others....  Glad he isn't my regular doctor!  I'd find a new one, quickly. 

I'm taking the antibiotics, but don't think it is helping.  I'm gonna be pissy if I have asthma at 36!     I just need to lose weight and stop smoking, that's all.  It would solve many issues and my mental state is just about where it needs to be to work on these things.  

Been watching the season premieres all week.  'Lost' was great!  I am so into that show.  Tried watching 'Invasion' and 'Surface' and can't really say I like either.  'Survivor' is always good, but the same.  'West Wing' was on tonight and awesome as ever.  'Amazing Race: Family version' starts this week.  Watched 'Desperate Housewives' and still thinking about it....  

I've been caught by Julie and Nae, so I owe them an entry tomorrow.  As well as the 'Who's your Daddy' quiz I took....  I'll do those tomorrow.  You'll also have to wait for birthday party pictures~digi cam is still out of commission.  

Hope everyone is well and happy that Rita didn't hurt too much....  



djzgirl71 said...


Nice to see an entry from ya sweets!


pixiedustnme said...

sorry you're still feeling crappy!  sounds like the bday party was a hit though, i'm still at a loss for what to do for my grace for her bday......gee i still have a week why rush?  rofl!

sieblonde said...

Happy belated birthday to Grace.  Sounds like it was a wonderful week for her.  I hope you're feeling better soon.  ~Sie

quartrlyfecrysis said...

aw :)  Happy Birthday Gracie!! :)

I've got to quit smoking, it's kicking my butt in the morning with the allergies.  I'm still sniffling 2 hours after taking meds.  Boooooo allergies ;)

I haven't been able to get into the 'new' shows much either.  I wasn't impressed with Invasion at all.  I'm so confused about LOST now....I just want answers!!!!  Next week ;)  oooh, this week!!
Have a great week Kitty :)


redbaranjj said...

Happy Birhtday Gracie!!!  And your right...their birthday's do last a week....or longer....LOL.    She got some great presents!!!  :)
Hope you feel better soon!!!


missboogerhead said...

Glad to hear the status quo is tollerable, even if Gracie broke you guys!  :-)  LOL  Hanah's is the 19th of Oct so we did window shopping at Walmart...  she has expensive taste -- even for Walmart!
~Miss O

onecrazymomto5 said...

I'm glad you are back girl!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACIE!!!!  I know it's a little early but just put that in the books as a first for Colleen!  Hell Jeffs birthday and my step daughters 18th birthday went by with no entry from me!!  Nobody has said anything though!!  It's coming up on a bunch of them so I might do 1 big Happy Birthday entry!!
Desperate left me thinking a lot last night!!  Who is that in the basement??  I NEED to know!  So many surprises!!

stupidsheetguy said...

Always good to see you here. J-Land is better now.


billandnae said...

Oh another Fall Birthday girl!  Man, alot of people were getting down over the winter holidays ;)~

I had the same thing, the neverending cough.  I ended up on an inhaler for 3 weeks, helped alot.  

Lost was you think they are in limbo?  I just thought it was weird that the guy down in the hole was the guy from the stadium where Jack was running and he said to him, "See you in another life."  WEIRD!!!

Fuck Survivor...spend a week at my house, you'll suffer just as bad.

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