Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Sugar fits.......

Just a quick note to the bakers who read here......   If you're a Splenda user and thinking of trying the Splenda-Sugar blend.... I'm warning you now, it is extremely sweet.  A 1/2 cup of this stuff equals 1 cup of sugar-- make note.  They mean it.                                     I made some chocolate chip cookies tonight to try it and could only eat one.  Now, if something is too sweet for me--the average person will put themselves into a diabetic coma using this stuff.  Really!  

Just a warning.   

So, now I'm experimenting with using lesser quantity of the blend (adding extra flour to keep the consistency)--I've already cut back to 1/3 cup instead of 3/4 and its still sweeter than I'd like.   But the cookies sure looked good :)  

Back to the drawing board.....  


Monday, November 29, 2004

To an Angel.....

To the person who helped my bestest buddy, Stacy (private journal, sorry and thanks, B.)..... Thank you.  For your kindness, your generosity, your Christmas spirit, and your willingness to share it, thank you.  

God made very few people like you and its good to know some still exist in our world today!   

I hate to see her hurt so much.  She sacrifices everything for her kids to have...... and now you've made sure her babies get Christmas. 

There aren't words to describe that type of act.    Your soul is truly blessed.  

From the bottom of my heart~~ Thank You!  


What's your blogging type?

From Amy's place to Danielle's place and now here:  What type of blogger are you?

You Are a Pundit Blogger!
You Are a Pundit Blogger!
Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.

Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few.

Find out what blogger type you are......   Cat

Must see, must do........

First, and foremost~~ GO PACK!!!!  

Second~~ you MUST go see 'Polar Express'!  It is incredible.  I think I enjoyed it more than Grace did.  And she sat through all 100 minutes mesmorized :)  This new technology is amazing--it makes Pixar look old hat.  That is an accomplishment.  


If you haven't read the book, its good too, but what they did with the movie is simply spectacular!  I think we may go see it again while its still on big screen.  It is that good.   

I haven't ventured out to a theater since LOTR: ROTK came out (those were all must-see-on-big-screen flicks!) being unemployed doesn't allow for it often.  Thanks to Mom for lending me money to take Grace :)   

I felt guilty asking her for money because my bank account got overdrawn (long story and not my fault) and I was worried all day about the bank finding it was my mistake (don't know how considering I write one check a month).  But I worried myself into panic and needed to get the heck away for a minute or two, so when she called on her lunch hour, I asked if Grace and I could go to the movies.  She said sure without me even having to tell her why I needed to get out of reality...  

Grace ate her weight in popcorn and stretched out across two seats (they have flip-up armrests).  She covered her eyes a couple times and even yelled once to 'hold on'.  Luckily there were only about 6 of us in the place ;) and we were in the back row, so it wasn't too disruptive.   

When we got back home, she ran to my dad and told him he has to take her back to see it again.  The bank manager called and said all th charges were reversed and she wasn't sure what happened, but she'll check my account again in the morning and the next day to make sure nothing else goes screwy.  Whew..... that's a relief!   

There's nothing that scares a person more than owing money with no way of paying it.  Not to mention feeling guilty about my mom paying for me (and Gracie) all the time.  I do the housework and all, but it never feels equal to me.  So, I owe her big time!   Thanks Mom, for being you.    And for the show... it was well worth it!  

'Night All~~


Sunday, November 28, 2004

Another Sunday night....

Not much to write about tonight.  Went to go watch my Steelers play and they won.... wooohooo..... and now move to 10-1 for the season.   The Pack plays tomorrow night at home.  And the Colts, well, they just kicked the dog snot out of Detroit on turkey day.  It has been a great football week so far....  

I want to take Gracie to see 'Polar Express', given her love of trains--I think she'll sit through the whole thing :)  She wants anything that has a train on it, including saving all the toy ads with train sets (she really won't let me throw them away).  All she wants for Christmas are trains and trains with animals in it.  Here's our chat about presents....  

Me:  What do you want Santa to bring you, Grace?

Her:  I wanna train and a station.

Me:  Yes, honey, I am buying you a train for Christmas, but what would you like Santa to bring you?

Her:  He can bring me another train with some animals and some train tracks.

Me:  Grace, I don't think you need to ask for two trains, why don't you ask Santa for something else you want?

Her:  But I do want two trains.

Me:  I know you like trains, but I think Santa would rather get you something different, like a new doll or some doll clothes for your other dolls.

Her:  Ok, mommy, Santa can get me a train for my dolls.  

Reasoning went out the window there....  

Is it possible my kid can outwit me at three years old?  I thinkshe just did, too.   

On another Gracie funny--she's taken to calling her dad 'the ringmaster' from the Dumbo movie (where her love of trains started).  So, today he called, we talked, and then he asked about her since he heard her in the background.... I put her on the phone.  He must have said 'this is the ringmaster' because I heard her say 'you are not the ringmaster today, you're a duck'.   

Yes, she said dUck, not what I'd like to call him sometimes.. lol.  She dropped the phone and I picked it up and told him he'd been demoted, I guess.  I have no idea why she called him a duck though, unless she was reading my mind and got the vowels mixed up..heehee.  

I really don't talk bad about him, especially when she's around.  There's no reason for it.  I never bring him up when she's around.  And vice versa.  They're going to have to figure their own relationship out.   

My opinion of him isn't high anymore and I've come to realize he'll always rely on me for helping out his business, when its convenient for him (which is using me, basically).  I won't let that happen to her.    If he wants to be fatherly, fine.  But no using my kid like he does everyone else.  He can give her money when she needs it, advice when she asks, and opinion if she wants it... but there will be no other-way-around, I won't allow her to 'help' him.  

Gosh, I so didn't want to write a down entry because I'm not.  So, before I get all PO'd, I'm turning in for the night.  Hopeeveryone had a great weekend.  Monday here is supposed to be cold and rainy........ ewwww.  


Saturday, November 27, 2004

Saturday Six

Saturday Six - Episode 33 Picture from Hometown

1. How long do your Thanksgiving leftovers usually last, and at what's the first non-Thanksgiving item you begin to crave when you tire of turkey?          2 weeks and I want a big juicy hunk of red meat or Mexican food.

2. Of the following, which would you most prefer to be located:
a) Interstate highway traffic jam
b) Slow-moving checkout line
c) Dentist's chair
        B) Slow moving check out line (car would stall in traffic and I'm  sedated for the Dentist)

3. What is at the top of your personal Christmas gift wish list this year?         As bad as it sounds, Money tops my list.   

4. What improvement would you most like to see added to AOL's Journal software?  Hmmm, how about NOT changing  or upgrading it for awhile.....

5. What seasonal movies do you most look forward to this time of year?     I'm a kid at heart, so all my childhood favs like Rudolph, Peanuts  Christmas, etc.    

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #33 from Tara:  What is your favorite classic 80's video game?   Most fav is Galaga--I love that game!  Close second would be Tempestt or Tron. 

Thursday, November 25, 2004

And all who came, feasted.....

Ahhhh.... what a day!  If I could only sleep.... lol.  It has been awhile since I had an interview, I always remember getting jittery the night before...... like the night before school starts.  I could live without it.   

Just downed some NyQuil about a half hour ago, to sleep and get rid of this cough and sore throat.  I need this job and I certainly don't want to be coughing (I'll spare you from the details on that) all over the Manager!  

The Duty  

We went to serve food this morning at a shelter.  It seemed like there were less people there this year, which I'd like to think is good.  But it was a cool, sunny day... so maybe they didn't come until later.   They let Grace stand on a chair next to me and put the rolls on the plates.  I thought that was cool of them, she likes to help.  Some of the folks she entertained for a spell with some dance class moves.   

I saw 3 of my favorite guys there.  I am always happy to see them return, I know they're still alive and as healthy as possible.  Not saying I'm happy that they are there at all.....well, you know what I mean.  

Some, I've found, choose to live this way, being very intelligent and surprisingly up-to-date (and in touch) with what's going on in society--maybe that's why they like it?!    Others, you can tell their life has been awfully rough and they've just given up and going on until they die one day.  No one knows who they are, where they come from, or if they even have a family or a friend.  Not even a name.  They won't look you in the eye.  They feel like they are worth nothing.  Are nothing.  That's why I go.  Maybe they'll see me and my baby serving them and it'll spark something. Children make them smile.   

The Feast at Home  

Every year it takes me until I've eaten my fill to remember why I never eat turkey much through the year.  It is because we cook one turkey person.  No, I'm serious!  Well, maybe not each... but we definitely look at them more like chickens-- 2-3 people per bird.  

This year we've hit an all time high of 4.  If we had 20 people, I could see that number easily.  We have 10.  We have 2 turkeys left to eat for the next umpteen weeks or until it goes bad..... I imagine it'll be turned into hash before that point, after we've eaten turkey sandwiches as many ways as they can be prepared,  

Talking Turkey, Dad baked two in the traditional way--stuffed to the brim with his oyster stuffing, and oyster dressing in its own pan, too.  He also made Corn Souffle (or corn pudding), and yams with raisins, walnuts, and marshmallows, of course.  We also made our family's  cranberry horseradish sauce, along with the usual jellied type, asparagus, rolls, and Lauri (my aunt) brought real mashed potatoes.  My brother deep fried two turkeys, one was cajun hot (mmmmmm, cajun) and the other was italian.  Both were too succulent to describe in words.....  He'd injected them on Tuesday, soooo..... yummmmm!  My favorite is still cajun, but it was all good.  

To top it all off...... PIES!  Pecan and Pumpkin, and a pumpkin pudding (British version of pudding).  Oh....yeah.....and..... 'French Vanilla Cool Whip' should be outlawed from Earth.... period.  That's just not right.  I suggest selling yogurt sized containers of it for personal consumption :)   Everyone got goody bags for later and we still have enough to munch for a long, long time.   

So, all is happy and stuffed in my corner of cornfield, USA.  NyQuil's kicked in and I've quit coughing... for now......  

Hope all yours were just as spectacular!  


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

On my way....

Just a quickie for now.    First, I have two (count them, people... two!) interviews, one is Friday at Border's (YEA!) and one is next Thursday at PetSmart.  Border's is a temp position, so I'll need to see what the duration is and if its possible to get on a permanent status.  I'm offered that one, I'm all over it!  Working with, what PetSmart refers to as, animal parents would be cool, too.  But I need to start soon!   Second, I'm not sure if I'll get time to write tomorrow so I want to wish everyone a Great Thanksgiving--try to enjoy your families, quirks and all.  Be Safe if you're traveling... the weather doesn't look so good in most parts of the country.  Hug each other when you say goodbye and remember to thank the Pilgrims and Native Americans in your prayers--if not for them, we wouldn't be doing this......   Get Stuffed :)   Cat

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

And the Pilgrims came.....

Grace had her Thanksgiving Feast today at school~I would've had pictures, but batteries were dead, and Grace won't tell me where she took the other set to.... so I'll have to wait until I get a copy (not to mention, figure out FTP--have I mentioned I have a new acronym for FTP?  The last two words are The Pictures, can you guess what the F is for?)  Explains why I don't put a lot on here--just can't get it figured out--must be an ongoing blonde moment for me... lol.  

I took a family friend, Karen, with me so she could get a taste of preschool life ;)  Though she loves looking into Grace's world..... So, she had a great time singing along with the kids and watching them run their sugar-highs off after they feasted.   

Let me tell you of the almost fiasco.  Parents receive a monthly calender with all the festivities noted on each day they attend.  I thought I had read hers completely and often, but apparently not.    When I arrived to drop Gracie off at 12:30p, one of the teachers asked if I had brought her favorite food.  Hmmm, well no I didn't, I wasn't aware I was supposed to.  She tells me it's on the calender. 

Ok, no problem-- I have to come back at 1:30 anyway for the meal, so I'll bring something in then.   Pretty simple, huh?!  I thought so, too.  I go back home and start to cook one of Gracie's favorite veggies~broccoli.  Now, being this is my only kid, and my first time dealing with a preschool--I assumed (my mistake for doing that) that we would be celebrating in Grace's school room as we have for all the other parties, so I make only enough for the 8 kids in her class.   

Well, such was not the case and they had combined both 3's classes into the huge recreation area.  When Karen and I arrived, I went over to the food table and set down my dish.  I apologized to the teacher who asked about the food earlier, telling her I thought it would just be Gracie's class and I wasn't sure if there'd be enough for everyone. (I was totally embarassed, too).  But I was thinking to myself--it IS broccoli with butter, salt, and pepper, and most kids are not going to eat it anyway but mine (actually, she and another boy ate most of it).  

I go sit down when I notice another teacher waddled up to the food table and pointed to the bright green delicasies and made a comment.  I saw the other teacher mention something about heating it up in the microwave, which was never done.  

I'm not sure what the problem was other than not being enough for a pile on every plate.  I really don't care what they were thinking.  The calender said to bring my kid's favorite food and I did.  Only she prefers to eat it plain and raw, but she ate it this way, too.  And asked for more from the turned-up-noses teachers, which made them just look at each other and shrug their shoulders.   

HA!  That's right, Gracie Baby--show your Momma up to them                                       :::snicker, snicker:::  

So, one of them asks Grace, "wouldn't you like some cheese on that broccoli, Grace?"  She looked up at that teacher and wrinkled her nose "Ewwwww, cheese on broccoli?  YUCK-that makes it bad"  

I have been redeemed by a 3-year-old :)  

Go Baby!  Go Baby!   Go Baby!  

I have exposed her to everything I possibly can where food is concerned.  She tries everything by herself, too.  I am a picky eater and I didn't want another me, by any means.  Thankfully, I've not dealt with her having an affinity for anything bad for her.  Her favorite candy is Smarties or Pez, and they're not so bad in the grand scheme of things offensive to health.   

But this wasn't the first time I've been given strange looks about broccoli.  Whenever we have a big grocery trip to make, I get a baggie of broccoli florets (or blueberries, another fav :) from home and that's what she munches on in the cart while we're shopping.  I actually get dirty looks!  What's wrong with Grace eating broccoli?  It sure is better than cookies or chips.   

I have only had one person, an old woman--who voiced she was happy to see some healthy eating habits and that her grandkids didn't have any, and what was my secret?!  I told her I simply let her try anything she wants.  Plain, no seasonings or flavor added.  She would eat a whole can of asparagus if I'd let her.  But then she gets too constipated.  The only vegetable she won't eat cooked are carrots, those she likes right out of the fridge.  

Eat, Drink, and be Merry....  


Saturday, November 20, 2004

i Dirty, rotten, scoundrels......

I am not a huge basketball fan.  I know --I'm from Indiana and that's a sin here, but its never been my  favorite sport. 

What happened between the Pistons and the Pacers was just outrageously unacceptable.    

From AOL Sports:  (edited) Ben Wallace, Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson and Jermaine O'Neal won't be on the court for some time. The NBA hands out indefinite suspensions to the four major players in Friday's melee.  

NEW YORK (Nov. 20) -- Indiana's Ron Artest, Jermaine O'Neal and Stephen Jackson, and Detroit's Ben Wallace were suspended indefinitely by the NBA on Saturday for taking part in one of the ugliest brawls in U.S. sports history, a fight with fans that commissioner David Stern called "shocking, repulsive and inexcusable."

League officials and police were examining videotapes of Friday night's melee and interviewing witnesses. The NBA issued a statement saying it was reviewing rules and security procedures "so that fans can continue to attend our games unthreatened by events such as the ones that occurred last night."

Artest, O'Neal and Jackson -- who all threw punches at spectators in the stands or on the court at the end of the nationally televised Pacers-Pistons game -- were to begin serving their suspensions Saturday night, when Indiana hosted Orlando.

The brawl was particularly violent, with Artest and Jackson bolting into the stands near center court and throwing punches at fans after debris was tossed at the players.

I think indefinite suspension is good for now.  I believe Artest and Jackson, and other players who went into the stands need to be banned from the game.  Extreme?  I think not.  

These people are paid huge dollar amounts to entertain us.  It is that simple.  They work for us.  It takes fans in the seats to pay salaries, administration costs, etc. 

Yes, it was wrong for the fans to throw things at the players, but that is what they pay SECURITY to do--get rid of unruly fans.  It is not the players place-when drinks started flying, the pacers should've hit the locker room.  Plain and simple.  

But retaliating against the fans?  A message needs to be sent to entertainers that feel like they can do anything they want just because they got pissed off.  It doesn't work like that.  

Here's my reasoning:  If a police officer had just been on a 125 mph chase for 45 minutes, got his suspect on the ground and happens to use a little excessive force, we want to string him up and crucify him.  But this officer chose to risk his life doing a job to protect us.  And he just put his life on the line, again.  

These guys play basketball!!!  There is no threat or danger, not even by drinks flying at you in paper cups (thats why they outlawed cans and bottles at games).  I wish the police (all service fields) made the NBA kinda money....they do alot more for us!!)

I have no doubt whatsoever that Artest and Jackson will be arrested on assault charges and sued (most likely in civil court) for their actions.  Their immature, uncontrollable behavior warrants that.  I am hoping the NBA decides they don't need to come back.    Talent doesn't disqualify temperance.  Ever.  

::::shaking head in disgust::::  



The Saturday Six

Saturday Six - Episode 32 Picture from Hometown

This week, there's a new rule that I'm implementing after last week's controversial first responses.  To be recognized as the "first to play," you must be the first respondent to either actually post their answers in a comment here, or to post the complete link to the specific entry in your journal where you answer the questions.  In other words, it won't be enough to just give your journal's generic address.

Now, on to this week's questions.  To play you can either answer the questions in a comment here, or put the answers in an entry on your journal...but either way, leave a link to your journal so that everyone else can visit!  (And if you're playing for the first time, please be sure to say so in the comment!)  Enjoy!

1. Other than news, sports, editorials and weather, which specific features or columns of the newspaper do you always read?  I read Vital Statistics (births, marriages, etc) and the Obituaries, and comics.

2.  When do you normally do your Christmas shopping?  Have you started this year's, yet?  Do you intend to spend more, less or the same this year versus last year?  I start on Christmas Eve (my tradition for a long time) unless I find a 'perfect' gift beforehand.  Will spend the same, most likely.

3. You're having a true "TV Dinner," made by a classic character:  who would you rather have in the kitchen:
A) Aunt Bee from "The Andy Griffith Show"
B) Alice from "The Brady Bunch"
C) June from "Leave it to Beaver"
D) Edith from "All in the Family"
E) Claire from "The Cosby Show"

A) Aunt Bee--just love down home country cooking....yum!

4. What topic are you most sick of hearing about in J-Land?

From my own-sick kid, from others--well, nothing I can think of now--seems the election woes are finally settling down.

5. What company is annoying you most with junk mail? Some damn survey site, I've removed myself several times and they kept coming back--til I blocked them..heehee

Chantal:  What cheesy sitcom (from any era) most describes how you grew up? Your family, location, dynamics, details...  My family is "All in the Family" meets "Soap".  I got real crazy relatives on both sides.  Mom's side is 'Soap', Dad's is Archie Bunker-like, for sure!  Mom's side disagrees with everything Dad's side does. 

Mom is from Maryland-staunch family oriented group of people and everyone knows everyone else's business. 

Dad is a born and bred midwest (almost southern) boy, whole family keeps to themselves (even though we, my Aunt Lauri, and my uncle Jim live on the same street-we see each other on holidays only).

Talk about complete opposites....


PS-this year marked their 41st Wedding Anniversary!



Friday, November 19, 2004

Sounding like a broken record....or a skipping cd.....

I'm thinking Borders bookstore is a good shot for a job, not to mention its my favorite place for Christmas shopping.  The clerk said they were hiring Seasonal cashiers--I fit that title. 

Filled out the application online (first the app, then 37 pages of personality questions..gees), but its done.  Also, PetSmart, Petco, Value City (again), Dad's Ice Cream Shop, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels are done now.  Someone best call soon!  

On to homefront news-- Aunt Nancy is still here and leaving Sunday, its been great having her here.  Mom is off to Columbus, OH tomorrow to watch her friend dance in a ballroom dance competition.  Dad is still in his throne (Haha).   

Gracie has a cough now that I don't know if its still the same cold or she's got something new.  She was completely well for two days, and started coughing last night-a hacking, dry cough.  I'm starting to get real worried about her immune system.  It doesn't seem to be fighting any of these things off.  She has had three different illnesses in four weeks.   

I feel partially to blame as I never took Grace out in public crowded places until she was about 9 months old, then it was only to the grocery and back home.  She went to her doc appts, outside for walks,  and that was it.  I didn't want to deal with a sick baby ever--it just seems unfair to subject a tiny baby to a cold or worse.   

I know, I know-it probably wasn't the thing to do keeping her away from germs, but I felt like it was right.  And her doc had no problems with it.  I told him when she's old enough to talk and tell me what hurts her, then I'll take her out into the world.   

Of course, I was teaching her sign language tocommunicate things like that to me...and it worked for the most part.  She could sign for 'hurt', 'sleep', 'eat', 'drink', 'mom', 'dad', 'grandma', grandpa', 'more', 'please', and 'thank you'.  She still does sometimes, mostly when she's sick or sleepy. (I'm trying to keep signing instilled in her-wouldn't hurt to know other languages and its easier for kids to learn before three).  

So, I'm sure my oversheltering her as a baby didn't allow her to be exposed to germs, which is what she's reacting to now.  Building her immunities.  But I'm still thinking blood test to make sure she has no immune deficiencies.   

I know I was sick from birth until about 4 or 5.  I remember.  Ear tubes, sinus washings, tonsillitis umpteen times until they finally removed the scoundrels when I was 2.  But my sinus problems didn't clear up (not until my late 20's actually).  I was also in daycare full time before my 2nd birthday (when all the ENT stuff really got bad), so I always attributed my being so sick to being in daycare.   

Grace had never been sick until school (including dance) this year.  Oh sure, she spiked a temp of unknown origins a couple times, but it always resolved itself in 24 hours, without intervention other than Tylenol..... but never so many colds, never diarhea or vomiting, never sore throats until she got out in public. 

Now it seems to just snowball, one thing on top of another.  Her body hadn't the chance to recover from the intestinal thing, before the cold set in, that cleared up one day before she started coughing.   

She has to go in for a well-checkup soon, so I'll discuss it with her doc and see his point of view.  I'm starting to think her classes aren't the best option if she's going to be sick every week through winter.  But she loves going and I hate to stop them.  What a conundrum.  

Oh well, looking on the bright side....  


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Play it again, Sam......

Hello All~~  

I really miss being here, reading your journals, writing some, and chatting with my buds.....  

Went to four other places today to put in more apps-- something will work out, even if I have to work late evening (I simply refuse to work nights...nope, no way, not gonna happen).  But I'm giving in to the working evenings idea-though not my first choice.  

I would prefer to work days now that I have Grace.  I have usually worked evening shift--at the hospital, that meant less work (patient care-wise~no therapies, more visitors who'd take care of said patient while visiting, only one meal, etc), less hectic, and my most favorite part of all----LESS BOSSES :)  

Of course, I have done my time on day shift.  For a year or so at the hospital, while I was between college careers (I changed majors 3 times after taking a few years in each major...lol).  Then, after I finally graduated with my (non) coveted Accounting degree, I got a 'real job' at United States Auto Club (USAC).   

For those of you who just went  'huh?', USAC sanctions open-wheeled races like midgets, sprint cars, and silver crown cars. 

Some very famous drivers have traveled through the Club such as Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, The Foyts, The Unsers and more.  Stewart and Newman were running with USAC while I was employed with them.  Stewart was (he's toning it down a little) a total ass then, cocky as all get out.  Newman is still the same sweet, funny guy he was then :::ahhhh, to dream:::  

There are only 10 employees, it was a sweet job--12 (yes, 12!) paid holidays, 3 weeks vacationtime, 1 week sick time, paid medical, dental, and optical, M-F, 9-5--and I was in charge of payables and receivables, entering race points, reconciliations (which I completely sucked at), with the occasional shot at payroll.  It was brown sugar- inside -caramel- inside -chocolate- with honey- and whipped cream on top- sweet.  Big mistake leaving that job, but that's another entry someday.  

Anyway, to the point of this-with Grace's 45 minute dance class on Wednesday, and 2 hours of school on Tues and Thurs., plus nap time--she's busy during the day.  I'd much rather be gone then, so I can be here with her at night.  I love putting her to bed still~though she doesn't like to rock very long anymore  :::sigh:::  I love the alone time we get then-we are never alone unless we're out of the house. 

My Dad is always here, in his chair downstairs, dictating things to be done and that are being done wrong.   We got into it today, to the point he told me I had 30 days to get out.  This is what happened-- I had 'Kitty' (brother's cat) inside my fleece vest-hey, she likes it in there.  Grace (who has been warned Lord knows how many times to be nice to the kitty) starts pushing down on the cat's head hard-the cat was clawing me.  So I bopped, smacked, however you want to visualize it, Grace on the head and told her to stop it (again).   

She, being the drama queen she is when her Poppy is in his throne (no, not the toilet either) looks at me and smiles before opening up the water works in an all out effort to have Poppy yell at me.  Uh, do I have to tell you it worked?!  Dad starts yelling at me 'What did you do that for?'  'Don't you ever smack her in the face!'   I said 'I didn't smack her in the face, I smacked her on her head.'  'She knows better than to be mean to the cat.'    

Well, it got into an all out battle overwho exactly is the parent of this child.  With me saying she's mine and I'll do what I think is necessary to get through to Grace.  And him saying that I am the problem here, that I cause all the hostility in this house.  It couldn't possibly be him.  No way.   

My Dad moves from his chair to go to the bathroom, go to whichever Dr. appt, or run out to friends or errands maybe once a week.  Its like being watched all the time!  It sucks.  I love both my parents and appreciate all they continue to do for me, but living here is harder than it would be living on my own with Grace.   

There are too many adults here and we all cancel each other out where she is concerned.  And Grace takes after her mother in being a master manipulator (a trait I buried in my mid 20s), so she works it, people.  I'm waiting for the day when she fakes the fall and everything, like football and basketball players do--pretending injury.   

My brother and I have talked about us moving in with him, but that's a ways off yet. (His job is going well, so far :)  One day, when Grace is in school full time-I'll get a career job and she and I can have a more normal life.  Til then, Dad and I said our apologies and explained each other's points-and have conceded this round.   

He is kind of right that I have been in a mood lately.  True enough, I'm getting pretty discouraged as more days go by without hearing anything, but I have things to fall back on if I have to--just didn't want to go there quite yet.  So, I didn't think I was that bad..but maybe I am being mean lately.  

I think its just because I miss my J~land friends!  More foot work tomorrow...  


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I'm off, again......

Here it is--Tuesday, again.  I've done all my housework.  Mom, Aunt Nancy, and 'Aunt' Karen took Grace to our Children's Museum--so, at least it was peaceful during chores.  

I'm off to the store and to get some more applications.  I think I'm about to start re-cycling to stores I've already applied to....... couldn't hurt, right?! To seem desperate...  

Something has to pan out here soon... clock is ticking.  I guess if not, I could always rely on the oldest trade in the world.... lol.  I'd definitely belong in the 'fetish' section though (no, really).   

Thanks to those who've wished me consistent luck on this..... Lord knows I need it.   

::::putting on happy, fake smile::::  

Have a great day, guys....  


Monday, November 15, 2004

My inner dragon.....

Got this from Muse's place.


Celestial Dragon

In the war between good and evil, Celestial Dragons take the side of the noble and good.

When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon is a risk taker and answers to no one.

As far as magical tendancies, Magical spells come as natural to the Celestial Dragon as breathe from it's body.

During combat situations, whether by spells or by claw, your inner dragon will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Dragon Description:

The Celestial Dragon is a large dragon species, and is covered with perfectly mirrored scales. It roams the skies and has been seen both during the day and at nighttime. This dragon does not speak, but communicates by thought alone.

Celestial Dragon's are solitary in nature. Often these dragons seem to act without rhyme or reason. The are very benevolent in nature, but at the same time they are totally unpredictable.

The dragons are kind and merciful, and will often offer their aid to mortals when they can see that they are needed.Celestial Dragon's earn their name from their visual appearance. When lading at night or in the daytime, it appears as if part of the sky has materialized into the form of a dragon.

This Dragons favorite elements are: Calcite and Good Fortune

Dragons Rock! 



Its in the Stars.......

I don't put these in here very often, but at times feel compelled.  The last couple of them I have put off.  Horoscopes aren't actually meant to take place the day one receives it.  Its more of a predictor of what may have recently happened or what might be....  

I, in no way, live by them or believe that what they say is absolute.  We can change our paths to fate or destiny.  

This was the first from yesterday:   

Here is your love horoscope for Sunday, November 14:

Your intellect and your emotions have an interesting rendezvous ahead -- perhaps they should be better acquainted in general? You're all about balance, so balance your head and your heart.  (heart, meet head.  head, meet heart)

Then this one:    Here is your horoscope for Sunday, November 14:

Here's one more day of your thoughts, feelings and most especially your words being amusingly blunt. Don't fight it. Enjoy it. Next week you can explain that you took a dose of truth serum. (Next week?!  How about everyday?!  Think I've been OD'd on the stuff)

And finally, today's:   Here is your horoscope for Monday, November 15:

Stop dwelling on the past. It won't get you anywhere, and it may interfere with a wonderful surprise the universe has lined up. Come on. What good will it do you to wallow?  (Oh, wicked, wicked wallowing...... get the f**k outta my way!)

I suppose those of us who read our horoscopes daily may laugh at these (like I do!) on a daily basis.  But where my mind has beenhere lately versus where my heart is, well..... the horoscopes said it best.   

As for the truth serum, I think telling it like it is gets someone further than sugar-coating or being PC (politically correct).  So, I'm blunt..... at least people know where I stand......  

Going to tend to recovering child   :

:::Huge kudos to NyQuil for kids :) ::::   


Sunday, November 14, 2004

Uh-oh, now they've done it.....

It seems the people at Target decided against allowing the Salvation Army's Christmas Bellringers to solicit us for donations this year!  They claim that if they allow the Salvation Army to do it, they will open the flood gates for every other charity out there.  

Shall we boycott Target?   

The Salvation Army states they will lose 10% of their take-in without Target Stores.  Officials are trying to seek other options (Marsh Supermarkets have allowed the Bellringers to start 3 weeks early...Marsh Rocks!).   

If I was a head honcho at Wally World (Walmart), I'd personally hand deliver a check to the charity doubling Target's would-be take-in ;)  (It's the devil in me...heehee).  Who knows.... this move may wipe Tar-ghe'  out, seeing as how all the Christian-like folks are all fired up over the election and all....   

Turning away a charity like the Salvation Army??  Are they just insane people running that place?!  And at Christmas?  Sheesh...talk about shooting one in one's own foot......  

Did you know: The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 in the United Kingdom as The Christian Mission. It took on its current name in 1878.  

I wrote in a previous entry (which I'm too lazy to go look for right now) about my volunteer work--to teach my kid there are always people in the world worse off than you--I deliver blankets on cold nights to homelesspeople on the streets, most of whom I see again on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at the Salvation Army.  

Most are Veterans.  

Real smooth move, Target.  


Its Sunday all around.......

Well, its Sunday again.  So far, it has been a great football day for my teams (Colts, Steelers, and Packers for a refresher).  Went with my brother and Johnny to go watch the early games at a nice little pub.  I drank three beers and now I've got a headache from hell.  (I hate being such a lightweight, but hey...I make for a very cheap date.....heehee).  

For the Colts.....that Peyton Manning is something else!!!  So, so worth the money he is making (in my book).  Archie Manning (the Dad) refers to his youngest 3 (oldest brother Colin(?) had a career-ending injury) sons as his retirement fund....lol.... well Peyton can fund his whole families retirement, including grandchildren.  But, again, he is well worth the money.  He's on course for smashing every QB record on the books!  My hero :)  

The Steelers--what can I say about Roethlisberger?  He's about as perfect as I've seen from a QB.  But I am well aware of the Steelers QB curse--Starting QB gets hurt, bring in the backup, backup does an awesome job for the rest of that season gets moved to starter, beginning of next season-QB sucks again...so we'll see.  In the meantime-I'll enjoy the rest of this season and hoping Benny-boy goes undefeated for his career start.  

The Pack--as I write this, the Vikes just tied it up with 1:20 left in regular time.  Hopefully, Green Bay will score in that time (they have 2 timeouts left) and end this.  I hate to see my baby (Farve) get beat up so bad....but God I love to watch that man play!  He's such a big kid on the field....all heart, that one!  So, we'll see how this one turns out.  

Side note that if GB pulls this off...it will be the first time this season all 3 teams won in the same week :)  

Now that I've bored all my non-football lovin' readers to sleep....   On to other stuff.   

Gracie is sick (AGAIN)!  I'm investing in stock for AIRBORNE, because my kid is about to become a lifetime user.  I know it is somewhat healthy for a kid's immunities to build up....but for the love of Pete, the girl has been sick every other week!  I am not having that.  I spent my childhood between ENT docs and ear tubes, sinus washings, tonsils yanked.......no way am I putting my kid through that.  I can make her a recluse at 3, right?!  

Speaking of docs ....I have my bi-annual girlie checkup tomorrow...yea--rah.  My doc is a woman....I haven't had a man in that position in so long....the thought of anyone being down there kinda turns me on.  Ok, sorry.... a little sick humor there.  I was just kidding, people!  Though there is seriousness in the first part of that ;)    ::::Straining back, pulling mind out of gutter::::  

For my readers from the great state of PA....my aunt Nancy is here from Rays Town.  She's my favorite aunt on Mom's side.  Her husband, Emory, is off bow hunting in Illinois so Nance is staying here til Sunday (or until he gets one).  With Grace being sick that cuts into their plans with her until she's well again.   

Nancy and Em have the coolest house... it is built into the side of a hill and goes underground.  I think I was around 8 or 9 when they built it and I fell in love with the idea immediately.  The beauty of an underground house you ask?  Why, its warm in the winter and cool in the summer inside without a/c or central air, heaters... nothing.   

Me being the Scrooge I am with money going out to bills, I mean.  When I work, I work hard and I don't want to work to pay it all out for bills.. so I pay me first...everyone else gets theirs second.    An example if I make $150 on a job, I divide that by the # of hours it took to complete.  So, if it takes 4 hours to complete the job:  150/4 is $37.50.  I take the first hour of the job for 'me' money, the second hour goes to savings (a little less usually), last two are for bills-mostly student loans now.    Now, of course, that isn't precise by any means.  Some weeks, months go real slow... taxes are seasonal for individuals, and I don't have a lot of business clients anymore.  Which is why I am out looking for a steadier paycheck.  And so, the cycle begins again on Monday.   

 On some personal notes to some people I've neglected, again.  Stacy (hope you had a great time this weekend :)!!), Vernae (honey...you just make everything a good time ;), B (ya know who ya are, you've sparked a curiosity....lol), Julie (can't wait to see pictures of the room(s) when done :), Lin (you crack me up, I love you guys), Amy (visionary, soon as I get a job, I'm running to the bookstore so I can catch up), Connie (gets some rest, girl, wish I knew how, too), Val (I think the photo guessing game is a great idea!), Krissy (I've neglected you the most..I promise I will get in the scavenger hunt soon!!), Swebb (wow, where do I begin... I envy you, don't stop being it), Storm (I love the bet your ass game), Star (I still want to see the beads...lol) , Muse (hope the new job is all you wanted it to be :)....gees, like an Oscar speech.. I'm forgetting people I adore.....all you guys, really..... I am reading, I promise I am!  You'll stumble across some comment I left, most likely short and sweet, but truly heartfelt.   

Hopefully this job-junk will settle soon...like before Thanksgiving soon!  



The Pack Won!!!

'What a Wonderful World'

Saturday, November 13, 2004

It must be me.....

I don't know why I am writing this.  The people who mostly read me here seem to agree with things I say.  So this is falling on deaf ears... at least they're deaf ears that care about me.  

I have been searching for a part time job for about 3 weeks.  I know the economy is bad, but people say they're hiring.  I fill the application and return it.  I never hear from them.... or haven't yet.  But these aren't what I call 'real' jobs.  Not career choices I mean.  Just something part time to get me the heck out of the house and back into the working class (not to mention Christmas present money).  

So, I am applying for jobs people would consider beneath me or beneath my talents...yeah, beneath my talents.  Dad says they think I'm over-qualified for the jobs, so they'd rather give them to people they think will stay around...blah, blah, blah...  

I say that's crap.  Dr. M.L. King, Jr. said it best "If you're gonna be a street cleaner, be the best street cleaner they've seen."  I share the philosophy... I make the choice to be good in anything I do.  I commit 100% or not at all.   

I learn everything I can at a job, from as many perspectives as possible.  It can only help in the future, when people call in sick.  When that happens, I make the move of covering for the 'sick' one, and the upper-levels are usually impressed that I could jump right in and take over their job... it usually leads to something better... at least for me.  

But I'm getting no calls!!!  None, nada, zilch.  What is the deal?  Because I'm 35?  I still have an outstanding record of employment.  Because I'm a fat chick?  All the more reason to give me a job...exercise!  LOL.... I even had to fill out a pre-application (which I still think aren't legitimate, got to check with the BBB on that). 

Those folks wanted to know not only how many kids, ages, the usual... but also my height, weight, if I smoked and how much a day!!  Here's how that went on paper:  

 Height:Tall_                       Weight: Over_

Smoker: Yep                     #/day:_depends on the day__    

I get why I didn't hear from those folks...lol.  Maybe I'm kidding myself... that these jobs are reserved for teenagers and retired people and I'm going to wind up looking for temp agencies and such.  Ahhhhh, it's discouraging but it's not stopping me.  

On a lighter, much happier note.... My brother got a job!!!!  :::Happy Dance:::  Not just any old job either, but an entry-level management job :)   A nice, 10-6, M-F, regular-paycheck-distributing type job!  I know it is a huge relief off his back (and mind).  Parents and I included in that, too.  He's actually putting his Mechanical Engineering degree to use on paper.  Hooray for him.  

Hmmm.... I wonder if he needs a part-time secretary/ assistant?! ;)  

Looking ahead...  


Thursday, November 11, 2004

Papa was a rollin' stone....

My dad was a MarineU.S. Marines   He was in Cuba during the Bay of Pigs.  To him, and all the other soldiers who stood up and fought for our country.... Thank You. 

Dad's favorite saying: "Marines don't die, we go to hell to regroup."

It suits him fine.

May God keep your bodies whole and your souls pure.....

In Honor and Admiration always~





Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Pimpin'~~Santa Style....

Ok, everyone, head on over to Mike's Place and read his entry on being Santa.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  It will get you in the Christmas Spirit for sure!   Cat

Way to go Colts!!

Colts running back Edgerrin James breaks away from Vikings defender Brian Williams on his way to a first down in the fourth quarter.

NFL.com wire reports    

INDIANAPOLIS (Nov. 8, 2004) -- Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison broke the NFL record for most completions by a quarterback-receiver tandem during the Indianapolis Colts' game against Minnesota.

When Manning connected with Harrison for an 8-yard pass with 13:28 left in the third quarter, it was the 664th completion for the duo. Buffalo's Jim Kelly and Andre Reed set the previous record from 1986-96. 

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning throws a pass against the Vikings during the fourth quarter. The Colts won 31-28 and Manning had 268 yards passing and four touchdowns.

Manning and Harrison needed just 6½ seasons to set the mark.

For Harrison, it was his second milestone of the night.

With 2:11 left in the first quarter, Harrison hauled in his 800th career catch -- a 12-yard reception in his 131st NFL game. Harrison, the 11th player with 800 catches, got there in fewer games than any receiver. Jerry Rice had the previous record, needing only 154 games.

Harrison finished with six receptions for 81 yards in a 31-28 win, giving him 804 receptions for his career and 668 catches from Manning.

Don't get me wrong here, I am so happy they won.  After three consecutive losses..... they needed one.  They had to win.  But for as much talent as we have on offense, our defense still needs work. 

Not everyone~ Dwight Freeney (#93) is awesome and one of the few playmakers facing opponents offensive lines.  Speaking of offensive lines... ours needs to buy Manning a little more time (Culpepper had lots of daylight at times..... watch Pittsburgh's line--they give 'ole Roethlisberger a very wide open hole to see the field). 

And we need some big honkin' dudes!!  We're more the size of ponies than Colts, even, compared to the other players in the League.  We're like the miniature NFL team.  Yeah, smaller may be quicker and if you're going to tackle correctly (go for the lower body--legs, ankles) and not try to arm tackle when one is 5' 8" , 185 lbs vs. 6' 0", 250 lbs, then size really doesn't matter!  But I still think we need some beef.

Colts Rock!

A Loyal fan since they moved to Indy....



Photos Courtesy of NFL.com


Saturday, November 6, 2004

Results are in.....

***************** The Polling Station ********************  
Nov. 4, 2004                         218,329 Subscribers  

         Results You Will Not See Anywhere Else...  

Greetings citizen:  

Well, we think the methodology employed by the Polling  
Station was proven out. Zogby International predicted a 311  
electoral win for Kerry. We missed PA, no doubt about it,  
but we nailed the popular vote.  

This experiment started out just to prove a polling  
methodology. That was successful, but some point the  
experiment changed. The polling actually took second place  
to building a community of diverse political opinions. Think  
about this real hard.  

We had MoveOn.org, the left-leaning organization, advertise  
with us. We had RightMarch.com, an ultra-conservative  
organization, advertise inside issues. We have EVERY  
political stripe reading this publication.  

There are few organizations that can satisfy both  
conservative and progressive constituencies. But we bridged  
the gap with the Polling Station. We did this with keeping  
the numbers pure and separate from our editorial comments.  

When we decided to create this community, we let different  
analysts from Henry, Sean and Jane express themselves  
openly. Certainly this is not what conventional pollsters  
do. Most HIDE BEHIND their biases. Here, we kept the numbers  
UNBIASED and let the biases of our people flower. Readers  
often misunderstood what we were doing.  

90,000 people unsubscribed over the past 6 moths. That is an  
astounding number. They couldn't take the purity of the  
numbers and the impurity of the comments. We did not fit.  
reader comments with traditional pollsters either, yet this  
is just one thing that made this special.  

We are continuing this community and hope you stick around  
as we move forward. We have had an extraordinary journey  
together and we have places yet to travel. Thank you all  
for making this a successful experiment that will certainly  
change the way things are done in the future.  

Warmest regards,  
From the entire Polling Station team  


                   How Did We Do?  

Polling Station ...... Reality ......... Zogby  

Bush ...... 51%  ........ 51%  .........  49%  
Kerry ..... 47%  ........ 48%  .........  49%  
Nader et al  2%  ........  1%  .........   2%  


Polling Station ...... Reality ......... Marist  

Bush ...... 51%  ........ 51%  .........  49%  
Kerry ..... 47%  ........ 48%  .........  50%  
Nader et al  2%  ........  1%  .........   1%  


Polling Station ...... Reality ......... Harris  

Bush ...... 51%  ........ 51%  .........  49%  
Kerry ..... 47%  ........ 48%  .........  48%  
Nader et al  2%  ........  1%  .........   3%  


Polling Station ...... Reality ......... CNN  

Bush ...... 51%  ........ 51%  .........  49%  
Kerry ..... 47%  ........ 48%  .........  50%  
Nader et al  2%  ........  1%  .........   1%  


Polling Station ...... Reality ......... Fox  

Bush ...... 51%  ........ 51%  .........  46%  
Kerry ..... 47%  ........ 48%  .........  48%  
Nader et al  2%  ........  1%  .........   6%  


Our question of the week was rephrased. We're now asking:  

    Do you believe that EMBRYONIC stem cell research  
    should continue?  

To register your opinion on the national opinion poll,  
Visit: http://rd.gophercentral.com/al/a?aid=6802&ent=1954  


                   Reader Comments  

I'm furious at myself for even letting myself read  
this junk. -NES  

[We are like chocolate, a guilty pleasure. -Jane]  


What is this poll? Something the Bush campaign thought up  
to influence voters? I don't think it's a coincidence that  
you guys predict a landslide win for bush THE NIGHT BEFORE  
the election, when every other critical poll and source has  
it deadlocked or Kerry winning by a small margin, its  
bullshit and you guys know it, get out of Bush's pocket.  

[If we were in Bush's pocket, we wouldn't have to sell  
light pens to subsidize this. -Henry]  


I have a suggestion for your activities for the future. Use  
the base that you have created with this poll to help  
change the election system to eliminate the all-or-nothing  
Electoral College voting system. I would prefer results  
based on popular vote results, but we should at least get  
to a proportional Electoral College result. - T. Cincotta  


I've read your comments this week, and it amazes me again  
how finely drawn are party lines.  People are angry at YOU  
because the polls say Bush is leading. Irrational! -Mary  


I really enjoyed participating in your poll and bantering  
occasionally with the staff concerning the "nature of a  
conservative."  I think that internet polling is the wave  
of the future because all studies have shown that internet  
communication is the most honest. -PID  


I want to tell you BEFORE the results are known that you  
have indeed created a community and I enjoy being part of  
it!  It is great to be heard!  I look forward to coming  
events! -Pat  


I think that the results will not be accurate because I  
know that I myself stopped reading the mail and responding  
because it felt to me like it was just a bunch of pro bush  
propaganda...And I'm sure others felt the same way. So I  
can see why you feel the #s are pro bush...as probably a  
lot of anti bush folks stopped responding to the polls. HM  


But in the end, you've collected thousands or tens of  
thousands of email addresses and huckstered pens and flags  
and coin purses (OK, so I bought a couple of coin purses  
and they ARE pretty nice.), regardless of WHO wins.  

[We honestly do not care who has won this election. This  
experiment has taken on a whole new meaning as the community  
has shared their passions. We are continuing this community  
and will give you plenty of opportunity to express your  
views and share them with the group. Thanks.]  


Of course you don't care who wins; You don't have a dog in  
this fight.  But you don't have a legitimate cross-section  
of the electorate, either. So, sometime late this week I'll  
get an email from you admitting that you were wrong, with  
some mumbo-jumbo reference to The New Voters, and offering  
to sell me glow-in-the-dark sneakers or something like that.  

[Where can I get those shoes???]  


You people are a bunch of liars and hogwash, you lied about  
taking this poll,your website is definitely to the far  
right, you are not fair and non-partisan, you have no right  
to claim a winner yet, it just goes to show how bias and  
hypocritical your site is, you are trying to intimidate and  
influence voters. You should be ashamed. Delete my darn  
e-mail address from your listing, YOU IDIOTS!  

[We either are getting these kinds of emails or those  
blessing us for doing the Lord's work. Neither is correct.  
We are just predicting and not advocating. -Steve]  


I sure  hope you are right!  I just got back from voting and  
the lines are quite long for my area. It was fun filling out  
the polls on this site, and again I hope and pray you are  
correct. -Ceil  


Fortunately you morons will be proven decisively wrong  
tonight. Immediately remove me from your e-mail list. I  
will no longer subscribe or support a right wing biased  
Karl Rove designed polling group. You should be ashamed of  
yourselves. - Conover  


I don't appreciate your blatantly partisan polling and  
biased results. You claim to be neutral but your comments  
prove otherwise. -Kevin  


Thank you for sticking to your guns in spite of all the  
naysayers that continually criticize your methods. Good job  
well done. -G. Ferracone  


Excellent job. Your prediction regarding popular vote was  
right on the money. You missed on Pennsylvania but it was  
much closer than the networks thought after faulty exit  
polls. Continue your experiment, you were as good as any  
other poll. Just get off the judgment statements, saying  
you are "anti-war" makes you look slanted (I'm a  
conservative) but it didn't appear in your numbers, if you  
can leave out the personal comments, you're better than all  
existing polls. Great job and congratulations on a  
successful experiment. -Mac  

[The overwhelming truth is that OUR opinions did not affect  
the numbers. We have opinions and voiced them in the  
community, but we NEVER let them affect the numbers.]  


Just a word of congratulations on a very interesting  
"experiment". I have been watching and participating in  
this poll for months now with fascination and you have  
proved your approach to be true and reliable. Great work.  


Since Bush won, we may as well be bombed off the face of  
the earth.  It would be better than being stuck in another  
four year regime under that idiot.  The worst thing is that  
if something happens to Bush, we'll have that moron DICK  
ruining the country. I'm very disappointed in this country  
and will not ever vote again! -B Whiteblack  


Opinions have no place in a revealing the results. We are  
smart enough to interpret the results for ourselves and  
come to our own conclusions. The email is full of opinions  
that make me concerned that your OPINIONS WILL CHANGE  
PEOPLES VOTE! -Stephen  

             End of Readers Comments  

This was only a representative sampling. Until next week,  
have a great week.  


Comments, Questions? VISIT US AT:  

Copyright 2004. All rights reserved.  
Feel free to forward this, in its entirety, to others.  

21st Century Campaigns  
77 West Wacker Drive #4800  
Chicago, Illinois 60601  

Onto business.....

I am not sure how I feel about our country seeming to view gay marriage so dividedly.  Well, I know how I feel..... I am confused.  We seem to mostly accept the fact the are such things as gay relationships.   Homosexuals can adopt children.  They attend church (es), some are Christians, Catholics (as we all know), Baptists, Methodists.... I could go on.  Point being.... there are gay people in our society.  

Do you know when blacks were still enslaved, their marriages were not legal?  They had to perform secret ceremonies in their shacks that made their marriage (in their eyes) legal and binding in God's eyes.  This ritual was ended with jumping over a broom.   

Now the issue is about gay marriages be consitutionally forbidden.  As I said before.... history repeats itself.  The slavery issue caused (one of the reasons, anyway) a Civil War.  Are we ready to go there again?   

I get the Bible says it is wrong.  Most all religions believe that.  But isn't that between them and God?  Why is it ok to have sex before we're married?  The same books say that is wrong.  Could it be those acts were barred in religion because they could produce no children, therefore they could not help in the expansion of religious followers? Hmmmmmmm.  Wonder what Billy Graham thinks about that?!   

Remember, folks, that in times of 'yore', dominions were ruled by religion righteousness.  The more procreating, the more the populations grew... the more people a ruler had control over and spread his interpretation over the lands.  It is obvious all over the world today.   

There are so many different factions in the world...who all believe they are right; their ways are right; and they are the ones chosen by God to be saved.....   Have we thought maybe we are all wrong? 

If religious texts all basically read the same and share the same stories of morals and values... are we that different?    So, why can't gay people be legally married?  It was less than 100 years ago (really only about 50 some) that black and whites couldn't be together.  If I was born in the south before 1960, my kid and I might be dead.    The people of America saw the wrongs then, why not now?  The Bible (depending on one's interpretation again) states to , in laymans terms, stick to your own kind.  So how did we come to see through that as not going against God?  

I want to know what you guys here really think.  The truth.  Email me if you want to keep your opinion quiet.  Comment here if you want.  But I want to know reasons, more than because the Bible says so.    Send friends here... the more people who answer--the better I can grasp what the hangup is.  

Last night on "Real Time" with Bill Maher on HBO (did I mention I love this man's brain?!), 

Real Time with Bill Maher he closed with his usual 'New Rules' one of which was "To the South, upon further consideration.....Goodbye!  Go on, leave.  You know what they say, if at first you don't secede, try, try again."   He was referring to the Christian Right who turned out in droves to vote on banning gay marriage constitutionally only  (I truly enjoy the southern states myself).    

These are last weeks 'new rules' :  

 "All right. I've got to move on. It is time for New Rules, ladies and gentlemen!

All right. New Rule: If you were surprised that Ashlee Simpson was lip synching, you aren't allowed to vote. Not knowing that mechanically-generated tween-agers lip synch is like believing your stripper's real name is Cherry Bomb.

New Rule: This election day in Florida, to make up for Republican dirty tricks in 2000, black Floridians must go into white districts and hang around the polling places and scare white people away. Just like at the ATM, the far end of the subway and theaters showing kung fu movies. So say hello to your new Palm Beach County Election Commissioner, Willie Horton.

New Rule: You can't call it a treat if everyone hates it. We toppled Saddam Hussein. Why can't we get rid of candy corn? Anyone who hands this stuff out on Halloween hates your children and wants them to die. They just don't have the guts to stick a razorblade in an apple.

New Rule: Scientology makes you fat. Kirstie Alley, Lisa Marie Presley, John Travolta: fat, fat, fat! L. Ron Hubbard went to the cupboard to fetch his old dog a bone. But it was gone because his followers scarfed it! Let's be honest. It's not a religion. It's just an excuse for a bake sale.

Speaking of food, New Rule: No McDonald's in hospitals. I'm not kidding! They are putting McDonald's in hospitals. Hello? You're doctors. You're not supposed to be in the repeat-business business. This is like if John Edwards covered the floor outside his trial law office with banana peels. Sorry, Fast Food Nation, but we already figured out a way to screw patients. They're called HMO's.

And finally, New Rule: If you don't want to be called a fear monger, don't make an ad that says America is being attacked by wolves. Yes, it's true, the only thing that stands between us and packs of carnivores eating us alive is a retarded cowboy, his heart-diseased sidekick and their lesbian daughter, Butch. Now, this advertisement is an insult to wolves everywhere. And if wolves could respond, here's what they'd say:

[Bill puts on wolf's head] With apologies. Now, as a member of the Wolf Political Action Committee, or Wolf PAC, I'm outraged at this vicious slur against lupine Americans. Let me say this as plainly as I can: the only thing I have in common with Osama bin Laden is that we're both running free. Also, I happen to know that three of the wolves in that ad are backing Kerry. They just needed the work. Wolf actors have to take any part that comes along. We're like midgets that way.

But the thing that really has my teats in a wringer – is that George Bush's propaganda machine has done more harm to the image of wolves than anything since that bitch, Little Red Riding Hood. And this from a president who spends every free moment on his "ranch" clearing brush. You call it brush, I call it my habitat. The man's hobby is deforestation.

And by the way, if there's not livestock on the property - and believe me, I've checked – it's not a ranch. What I'm saying is that President Bush has quietly built up the worst environmental record of any president since Andrew Jackson stopped killing Indians by hand!

Look at the air we breathe. I mean, look at it! I wanted to howl at the moon last night. I just couldn't see it! This wolf has been working the mountains. Of course, he's a wolf. The terrorists I worry about work for the Department of the Interior. President Bush, or as our Indian friends call him, "Dances Around the Facts," President Bush speaks constantly about how he's the guy to protect us. But what about protecting us from what's actually killing people right here, right now?

I don't know how the environment got to be the lost issue of the 2004 election, but may I suggest on Tuesday, instead of voting your pocketbooks, vote your lungs; vote your kidneys. Vote your gall bladder. Vote for the organs that are going to have to process all the toxic shit that is in the sky, the ground water, the food supply and the pharmacy. Vote your grandkids' DNA. Vote for a president who won't hand the job of protecting the environment over to former oil and lumber executives because when you get right down to it, that would be like asking me to keep an eye on your sheep.

All right, that's our show. I want to thank Thomas Friedman, Ann Coulter, Richard Belzer, General Wesley Clark and Kevin Costner. Thank you, folks. We'll see you next week!"

 I like people who make me think.  He does.  Rush Limbaugh does.  Dr. Laura does (though on personal issues).   

So, J-Land... it is your turn to make me think!