Monday, November 29, 2004

Must see, must do........

First, and foremost~~ GO PACK!!!!  

Second~~ you MUST go see 'Polar Express'!  It is incredible.  I think I enjoyed it more than Grace did.  And she sat through all 100 minutes mesmorized :)  This new technology is amazing--it makes Pixar look old hat.  That is an accomplishment.  


If you haven't read the book, its good too, but what they did with the movie is simply spectacular!  I think we may go see it again while its still on big screen.  It is that good.   

I haven't ventured out to a theater since LOTR: ROTK came out (those were all must-see-on-big-screen flicks!) being unemployed doesn't allow for it often.  Thanks to Mom for lending me money to take Grace :)   

I felt guilty asking her for money because my bank account got overdrawn (long story and not my fault) and I was worried all day about the bank finding it was my mistake (don't know how considering I write one check a month).  But I worried myself into panic and needed to get the heck away for a minute or two, so when she called on her lunch hour, I asked if Grace and I could go to the movies.  She said sure without me even having to tell her why I needed to get out of reality...  

Grace ate her weight in popcorn and stretched out across two seats (they have flip-up armrests).  She covered her eyes a couple times and even yelled once to 'hold on'.  Luckily there were only about 6 of us in the place ;) and we were in the back row, so it wasn't too disruptive.   

When we got back home, she ran to my dad and told him he has to take her back to see it again.  The bank manager called and said all th charges were reversed and she wasn't sure what happened, but she'll check my account again in the morning and the next day to make sure nothing else goes screwy.  Whew..... that's a relief!   

There's nothing that scares a person more than owing money with no way of paying it.  Not to mention feeling guilty about my mom paying for me (and Gracie) all the time.  I do the housework and all, but it never feels equal to me.  So, I owe her big time!   Thanks Mom, for being you.    And for the show... it was well worth it!  

'Night All~~



djzgirl71 said...

Sounds like you two had a marvelous day!!!  I want to go see that so bad!!!!!


quartrlyfecrysis said...

I'd say Go Rams, but they already lost :(  Yea! for you, you little Packers fan ;)
I thought I might want to see it, but now you've convinced me!

sarajanesmiles said...

Never heard of it!!  We get everything months after you though, so will keep a beady eye on the cinema schedule :o)
May have to wait for it on DVD though, Jason would FREAK at the cinema, lol, he would, I just know it!
Nice of your Mum to help you out, Mum's like doing that, don't feel too bad.
Sara   x

redbaranjj said...

I am so glad you had a good time with Gracie at the movies!!  I want to see that movie so bad!!!  
So glad all worked out the right way with your checkbook too!!  :)
Have a great day!!!

visionarydiva1 said...

Thanks for the info. My sister and I are sitting here right now trying to decide what movie to take the kids to. I guess that will be it.

luckyshammrock18 said...


Gracie sounds so cute :0) I wanted to see Polar Express and was supposed to last week at the IMAX theatre but it was sold out :( It looks good and now I really want to see it thanks to your review :0)

ps thanks for sending me the link via tag lounge! ;0)