Sunday, November 28, 2004

Another Sunday night....

Not much to write about tonight.  Went to go watch my Steelers play and they won.... wooohooo..... and now move to 10-1 for the season.   The Pack plays tomorrow night at home.  And the Colts, well, they just kicked the dog snot out of Detroit on turkey day.  It has been a great football week so far....  

I want to take Gracie to see 'Polar Express', given her love of trains--I think she'll sit through the whole thing :)  She wants anything that has a train on it, including saving all the toy ads with train sets (she really won't let me throw them away).  All she wants for Christmas are trains and trains with animals in it.  Here's our chat about presents....  

Me:  What do you want Santa to bring you, Grace?

Her:  I wanna train and a station.

Me:  Yes, honey, I am buying you a train for Christmas, but what would you like Santa to bring you?

Her:  He can bring me another train with some animals and some train tracks.

Me:  Grace, I don't think you need to ask for two trains, why don't you ask Santa for something else you want?

Her:  But I do want two trains.

Me:  I know you like trains, but I think Santa would rather get you something different, like a new doll or some doll clothes for your other dolls.

Her:  Ok, mommy, Santa can get me a train for my dolls.  

Reasoning went out the window there....  

Is it possible my kid can outwit me at three years old?  I thinkshe just did, too.   

On another Gracie funny--she's taken to calling her dad 'the ringmaster' from the Dumbo movie (where her love of trains started).  So, today he called, we talked, and then he asked about her since he heard her in the background.... I put her on the phone.  He must have said 'this is the ringmaster' because I heard her say 'you are not the ringmaster today, you're a duck'.   

Yes, she said dUck, not what I'd like to call him sometimes.. lol.  She dropped the phone and I picked it up and told him he'd been demoted, I guess.  I have no idea why she called him a duck though, unless she was reading my mind and got the vowels mixed up..heehee.  

I really don't talk bad about him, especially when she's around.  There's no reason for it.  I never bring him up when she's around.  And vice versa.  They're going to have to figure their own relationship out.   

My opinion of him isn't high anymore and I've come to realize he'll always rely on me for helping out his business, when its convenient for him (which is using me, basically).  I won't let that happen to her.    If he wants to be fatherly, fine.  But no using my kid like he does everyone else.  He can give her money when she needs it, advice when she asks, and opinion if she wants it... but there will be no other-way-around, I won't allow her to 'help' him.  

Gosh, I so didn't want to write a down entry because I'm not.  So, before I get all PO'd, I'm turning in for the night.  Hopeeveryone had a great weekend.  Monday here is supposed to be cold and rainy........ ewwww.  



djzgirl71 said...

Well you know how I feel about her dad and "duck" is just too nice of a word!!! LOL  Glad your teams are kicking!!!  Hope you have a great week!


visionarydiva1 said...

Well I think it is really cool of you to not talk bad about him in front of her (especially considering how you feel) I try to do the same but it can get hard as you know what!!!


thelovetrain said...

There's that magic relationship word, "use" that, everyone wants to candy-coat or, call something else. How many loving couples would readily admit to that though?

You know, Cat... In reality, that's what happens in the very BEST of companionships. People use each other. They get something that they want and offer something that the other person wants in return.

People don't regularly associate themselves with anyone who offers them nothing that they want or, need. And peoples wants & needs are as many as the people themselves. It can be something as blatant as money or, inconspicuous as the self gratification of feeling better because they help someone in need or, perhaps for the need of their child... Not a bad thing, mind you. Simply, the way that it is and how relationships work.

Romeo & Juliet were co-users too... Puuuuure romanticalness.

~Forever philosophizing 'B'

ldebbiedeb7 said...


valphish said...

That is too funny...a train for her doll!  She is witty and smart!  I never, ever said anything bad about my kid's dad to them.  They are beginning to figure everything out for themselve's and they have very, very much appreciated my not bashing him.  They also appreciate my honesty.  When they ask a question I tell them the truth.  When it is not time for the answer, I tell them that or tell them they must ask their father if it should not come from me.  You are doing a great job, Cat!

sarajanesmiles said...

Definately doing a great job :o)
There was alot of bitterness between my parents - who split when I was 8, us kids staying with Dad.  That's tough on kids.  Your daughter will thank you for not 'Daddy bashing', and she will make up her own mind in her own time.  She obviously already made up her mind what she wants from Santa this year though ;o)  lol!!
Sara   x

shewolfdancing said...

Hi Cat, I found your journal link on Connies, I thought that was great advice for her.  Aww your little girl sounds sooooooooo cute.   We are the same age, but I don't have any kids, I just love working with them.  I noticed you were looking for jobs at Petsmart and Borders...  LOL  I am also considering those places to to work.  Did you get the job?  Well I hope things work out for you, and I think you are doign right by your daughter!  Good luck and I will stop in again.  Have fun shopping for her!

redbaranjj said...

Awww Gracie is adorable!!  Josh loved trains when he was that age too!!
Have a great night!!

sieblonde said...

I think it's great you don't influence her opinion of her dad.  It's so tough to do, too.  ... trains for her dolls, that is one determined little girl there!  too cute. lol  ~Sie

viviansullinwank said...

Your Gracie is adorable!  I love how she loves trains. I want to take my son to see Polar Express too.....I want very much to see it myself  :)

Thanks for visiting my journal today.