Thursday, November 25, 2004

And all who came, feasted.....

Ahhhh.... what a day!  If I could only sleep.... lol.  It has been awhile since I had an interview, I always remember getting jittery the night before...... like the night before school starts.  I could live without it.   

Just downed some NyQuil about a half hour ago, to sleep and get rid of this cough and sore throat.  I need this job and I certainly don't want to be coughing (I'll spare you from the details on that) all over the Manager!  

The Duty  

We went to serve food this morning at a shelter.  It seemed like there were less people there this year, which I'd like to think is good.  But it was a cool, sunny day... so maybe they didn't come until later.   They let Grace stand on a chair next to me and put the rolls on the plates.  I thought that was cool of them, she likes to help.  Some of the folks she entertained for a spell with some dance class moves.   

I saw 3 of my favorite guys there.  I am always happy to see them return, I know they're still alive and as healthy as possible.  Not saying I'm happy that they are there at all.....well, you know what I mean.  

Some, I've found, choose to live this way, being very intelligent and surprisingly up-to-date (and in touch) with what's going on in society--maybe that's why they like it?!    Others, you can tell their life has been awfully rough and they've just given up and going on until they die one day.  No one knows who they are, where they come from, or if they even have a family or a friend.  Not even a name.  They won't look you in the eye.  They feel like they are worth nothing.  Are nothing.  That's why I go.  Maybe they'll see me and my baby serving them and it'll spark something. Children make them smile.   

The Feast at Home  

Every year it takes me until I've eaten my fill to remember why I never eat turkey much through the year.  It is because we cook one turkey person.  No, I'm serious!  Well, maybe not each... but we definitely look at them more like chickens-- 2-3 people per bird.  

This year we've hit an all time high of 4.  If we had 20 people, I could see that number easily.  We have 10.  We have 2 turkeys left to eat for the next umpteen weeks or until it goes bad..... I imagine it'll be turned into hash before that point, after we've eaten turkey sandwiches as many ways as they can be prepared,  

Talking Turkey, Dad baked two in the traditional way--stuffed to the brim with his oyster stuffing, and oyster dressing in its own pan, too.  He also made Corn Souffle (or corn pudding), and yams with raisins, walnuts, and marshmallows, of course.  We also made our family's  cranberry horseradish sauce, along with the usual jellied type, asparagus, rolls, and Lauri (my aunt) brought real mashed potatoes.  My brother deep fried two turkeys, one was cajun hot (mmmmmm, cajun) and the other was italian.  Both were too succulent to describe in words.....  He'd injected them on Tuesday, soooo..... yummmmm!  My favorite is still cajun, but it was all good.  

To top it all off...... PIES!  Pecan and Pumpkin, and a pumpkin pudding (British version of pudding).  Oh....yeah.....and..... 'French Vanilla Cool Whip' should be outlawed from Earth.... period.  That's just not right.  I suggest selling yogurt sized containers of it for personal consumption :)   Everyone got goody bags for later and we still have enough to munch for a long, long time.   

So, all is happy and stuffed in my corner of cornfield, USA.  NyQuil's kicked in and I've quit coughing... for now......  

Hope all yours were just as spectacular!  



sarajanesmiles said...

Excuse me while I drool into my keyboard ;o)
That sounds amazing, US food - so many things I've never eaten, or even seen over here - sounds sooo yummy!!  
Best of luck for the job interview, have all my fingers and toes crossed - sure is hard to type like this!!
Sara   x

valphish said...

Your feat sounded soooo yummy!  So great that you and Gracie fed the homeless!  I think that is great that she was exposed to that.  Prayers were said for your interview..

djzgirl71 said...



redbaranjj said...

I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!!  good luck on those interviews!!

sieblonde said...

It all sounds Yummie..  Let us know about those interviews!  ~Sie