Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Food for thought.......

Regardless of who wins the election, I am so impressed with the number of people who participated in voting this year!     

This year marks my 18th Voting Anniversary and I have never seen anything like this at the polls.  My first election was 1986.  My first Presidential was 1988-I voted for GHWB.  I voted for Clinton in '92 and '96.  Bush in 2000.  Kerry today.    

I'm not sure if it is actually the issues at stake which caused this record turnout or the number of celebrities (Cameron Diaz, Sean 'Puff Daddy' Combs, Drew Barrymore, etc) who have influenced their followers.....    

Or maybe people are assuming there will be another Florida-type issue and they want to be in on it.  Might be voters who didn't vote last time just don't want to have another president appointed to office.    

We'll see by the number of votes (popular, that is).  My money is on the celebrities.......    

Is it worse for uninformed voters to cast their ballot?     

 If some fresh, gung-ho, red-blooded, America lovin' patriotic 18-yr-old voted just because he can~ but doesn't get that the economy sucks to high heaven, that the public education system is just awful, that jobs are being given to workers overseas because they can live off $100 per month, that Supreme Court Justices are going to be choosen and some of our granted rights will be constricted or denied. 

Is that fair to those of us who spend way too much time researching and reviewing whats at stake?    

Don't get me wrong... I am happy at the number of teens and twenty-somethings out here today... I really am!  I am proud that they can hear something and respond.  It gives me hope for my kid's generation.    

My point is simply that it seems they may not know why they're actually doing it...... other than 'because Cameron Diaz or Puff Daddy told me to'.     

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.  



valphish said...

I heard that the 18-20-somethings were leaning to Kerry.  Could be wrong.  It is morning for me right now and no President is declared yet.  I was wondering the same question.  I am soooo impressed by the turn-out.  How many of these were uninformed voters, "ignorant" (not-knowing the facts) voters.  And will that go 50-50 or do they lean toward one candidate or the other.  Hmmm..There is probably a survey out there for this as there are surveys for everything.

swebb1989 said...

Yes I was impressed with how many people went out and registered here in California it was great!