Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh whatever....

Today was the day from hell! 
It started out rough as all get out, with Grace throwing a fit about going to swim lessons.  She was yelling, my Dad was yelling at her, and my Mom was yelling at them both.  I was getting out of the shower for work when I heard all the commotion.  It made me crazy.
I am pissed that Grace doesn't want to go back.  Nothing happened to her in the water to make her fearful.  Her swim instructor told them they were going into the deep pool, and my girl freaked on them.  Now she doesn't want to go at all.
She is not afraid of water.  She played at a park pool for 2 hours on Monday and was all set to go to swim class that night at bedtime, but this morning came... and the hysterics started.  So, I'm done.  She will not go anymore (this is the last of the two week program), and we'll try again next year.  There went $40 down the drain, literally.
I went back to work today.  As soon as I walked in, we were out the door to the bus... heading for the zoo.  It was 9 am.  I'm PMSing, its my first day back from vacation, and with all the craziness that went down at home this morning, I wasn't in the mood at all.  I was bringing some seriously downward vibes on our field trip.
The morning at the zoo went well though.  The weather was cooperating nicely... until after we had lunch.  It got hot.  I got really whiny and bitchy.  I out did the kids.
My afternoon Assistant came in early to go with us, and she and I kept our groups together the whole day.  I love that girl.  We had five kids between us, so we managed to see alot.  We had 17 kids total, 4 teachers, 2 parents, and 1 grandparent all split into groups.  Organized chaos :)
We all had to meet for the dolphin show at 10:25, until then we all wandered off in different directions.  Our group checked out the tigers (sleeping/hiding), the hippos (laying in the mud, keeping themselves cool), the lemurs, monkeys, and babboons (sleeping, sleeping, sleeping), and then the ponies and petting zoo (sleeping in stalls, sleeping in pens).
The only active animals were the Kodiak bears.  Brothers, who, when one go into their huge, made of stone, pool made the other come up for air... LOL... were grooming each other, sweetly, in the water.  The kids loved it!
The dolphin show was good.  I love dolphins... and I know their handlers and trainers love their animals... but I really hate animals in captivity.  Put on display in a fenced area, recreated habitat or ocean for our entertainment... I get that for some, their life is maybe better because of it.  Its just not natural... to me. 
I take Grace because she wants to go.  Today was all about the J-O-B.  But, it's not a place I have frequented on my own. 
After the dolphin show, it was lunch time.  Once that was over, we all went our separate ways again for the next 90 minutes.  Our group went to see the plains animals... elephants, giraffe, elks and the like.  They were more active than the previous animals, so the kids had a good time.   They were go-go-go and tonight my knee is aching from all that walking without a break longer than two minutes.
The teacher who drives the daycare bus has my back in spasms from all the jerking.  Damn near causes whiplash with her stopping and starting techniques.  She slams on the breaks and leadfoots the acceleration.  At all railroad crossings, stop signs, and red lights.
The morning sucked.  But at lunch time, I came home, took 3 advil and an ativan.  The afternoon was much better :)  Despite a call from my doc's office, where I have an appt on Friday, informing me that my 'consultation' is actually a procedure.  A colonoscopy to be exact.  Yea for me....
Ativan  :)
Not much more to tell you. 
Have a good night and take care guys....

Monday, June 26, 2006

Back in black....

Damn, where does the time go?
Sorry I never made it back to give the rundown on the recital.  It went pretty smoothly, so there wasn't much to tell other than the humdrum of the routine...
I've been on vacation since last Tuesday.  I took the time off to head to the East coast, but the money wasn't there, so I spent the last five days cleaning my room.
Yes, it took all five days, too :)  I had accumulated so much crap that I just kept piling on top of piles. 
Three huge boxes of shoes that no longer fit my feet, two 30 gallon garbage bags full of clothes that don't fit, and two bags of trash later, it is cleaner than it has been in five years.  I cannot believe I have been back here five years....
I have five costumes of Grace's that I'm not sure what to do with.  She'll most likely never wear them again.  Three I'm sure would not even fit her as they are from last year...  Thinking of selling them on Ebay, but thought maybe someone here with a little girl (wearing under a size 6) might want them ... so, if anyone is interested in seeing them, email me and I'll send pictures.
Actually, they've all been in here at some point. 
Her Halloween costume from two years ago~the real renaissance dress, that cost me $90.  Her two recital costumes from last year~the crocodile, and the Hawaiian 'pearly shells' costume.  Then the two from this year~the cotton candy one, and the curious oysters costume.  Those all cost around $50.  But I'm not asking for what I paid, just to recoup some of it.... I'm fair :)
In other news....
Since I'm now covered by real insurance, I went to see my old family doctor.  Being on Medicaid for the last four years, I have had nothing in the way of tests that should've been done, other than for my thyroid.  No CBC, lipid panel, mammogram, etc....  See, the state doesn't like to go looking for problems ... and not so interested in preventative care, other than for babies.
I've had paps, and manual breast exams, but not in the last two years.  Yeah, my lazy ass fault, too. 
So, while I'm getting my pap and breast exam done, the nurse practitioner feels what she refers to as a cystic mass in my right breast.  It moves, so she's not too worried about cancer, but she did order me for a baseline mammogram, which will happen on July 14th. 
My Mom has cystic breasts, so I'm sure it's nothing to worry about... and I'm not... until something different is confirmed.
I also have to go see a doc about the other end.  My back end, which I believe are hemorrhoids (yeah, too much info, I know), but to be thorough, I'm going to get them checked out this Friday.  How much fun will that be?!
Tomorrow, when I return to work, we head to the zoo with the 4-year-olds.  What a nice way to welcome me back.  The weather hasn't been too humid, or hot (thank God!) and I'm hoping that it stays cool, at least through tomorrow.  Kitty still doesn't like it hot ;)
I'm still sorry I didn't make the trip with the rest of my JLand crew :(  I knew they'd all have a great time together... and I really wanted to be a part of the action.  It will happen, though.  I'll meet my friends here in JLand someday....
Ya'll have a great week....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Prayers for a little one...

Hi guys..
A quickie here, for a friend.
If you've been around JLand awhile, then you may know Groovy. 
If you've followed her to her new blog, then you know of her niece's medical issues.
Well, that poor little three month old baby needs our help.  Our prayers.
Please do whatever is you do to wish someone to get better.  This little babe cannot have too many people in her corner...
Go here.
Go now.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

One little, two little, three little...

Today's recital went well :)  Grace had so much fun (isn't that the real point?) and we actually made it until the Grand Finale! 
Picture from Hometown
The Program
After the finale, all the kids got medallions with dance shoes and a hat on the front, and Alice in Wonderland 2006 engraved on the back from the school...  Very nice :)
Picture from Hometown
Grace~ 'Cotton Candy' costume
I loved all the other mothers in our group and all the girls got awesome gift bags for all their hard work.  We contributed cotton candy, of course!
Picture from Hometown
Grace~Cotton Candy  
I'm beat, so this is gonna be short... Hopefully I'll get back to write about the day soon. 
But, in the meantime, here are some pictures... including the ones we got professionally done. 
The one I don't like is here, too, but doesn't look that bad to me now... the one up there, before this, where she's laying down, cotton candy on the floor next to her... I think her head looks huge!  Can we say photoshop?!
Picture from Hometown
The Curious Oysters and Alice
The next ones are just a few of the other costumes before Grace's cotton candy dance.  I never got a chance to go back for pictures of any of the ones from Alice... but there were so many more.  All beautiful and unique!
Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown
To 'Ribbons in the Sky' by Stevie Wonder
Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown
To 'Isn't she lovely' also SW
Picture from Hometown
At the end, their Dads came out and danced with them~Awww!
They had tuxedos on at the recital :)
Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown
You'd think because its blurry, that they were really fast, but no.  Rather slow, in fact... I just liked their costumes ;)
Picture from Hometown
These kids kicked it!
Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown
This one had all 4 of the 10-year dancers in it.  They each had a solo part and did okay...
Picture from Hometown
As you can see, I had some performers in front of me, too.. LOL
This group was very good though
Picture from Hometown
These girls had it goin on :)
Picture from Hometown
Hey, hey... we're the monkeys.  Literally...
The Mom on the end there had to go on stage because her kid wouldn't let her go... Don't know how she did today.  The DVD will tell ;)
Have a good evening...

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Is it Friday yet?

Here I am again...
I'm watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee Championship.  I've always loved spelling, words, etymology and all that jazz...
But I have a question. 
How is it that there are two Canadians in the NATIONAL spelling bee?  Its not the INTERNATIONAL spelling bee, so how can they qualify and other students from other countries can't compete? 
I also have an observation.
Most students are from Asian or Indian descent.  I'm not shocked.  Thinking I'm gonna have to find out how these kid's parents did it to prepare Grace.  I get word origins and all, but I've never made it to the level these kids are... the 6 finalists are all 8th graders!  8th grade, people....
Grace's rehearsal went well.  It was very long and we left before the finale, but we got there at 5:30 and we left at 9, so I thought long enough and the girl was hungry.  Sunday will be a long day...
I took pictures of some other costumes... they are so cool.  But my batteries died, so the pics will have to wait for the batteries...
I got her pictures from the studio.  I am happy with the group shot, and one of her individual shot... but the other one.  No.  Not gonna cut it.  Tomorrow, I go back to bitch.
They'd better fix it or replace it.  I'm not gonna tell you what is wrong with it unless I can't get it scanned in here, but let's just say they've photo-shopped one body part on that is huge compared with the rest of her....  and not nearly normal appearing.
So, you know what that means, don'tcha?
I'll be back with another entry soon!
(Oh, they just said the spelling bee is open to English speaking countries around the world... so it should be called an International one)