Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saturday Six...

1. What do you tend to focus on the most?
   A.  The past.
   B.  The present.
   C.  The future as you think it will be.
   D.  The future as you are afraid it will be.

I will say mostly B, but some on C. 

2. Name three famous people (living or dead) whose blogs you would like to be able to read.   Leonardo DaVinci, Abraham Lincoln, and Samuel Clemens.  I might choose Albert Einstein, but thinking I'd be lost in a conversation with him  :)

3. How long have you lived in your current residence?  How much longer do you intend to live in the same place?   This time around~ 4 years now, total of 27... Don't know how much longer I'll be here.  

4. Take the pointless quiz:  What color is your heart?   

Blue info
Your Heart is Blue

What Color is Your Heart?
brought to you by Quizilla

5. How many of AOL's journalershave you met in person?  How many have you spoken with by telephone?   None in person, yet..... One by phone (Hey Stacy :) I'm not a big phone person anymore....

6. RAPID FIRE Question #2:  Who or what is the most annoying:
   a) Politician~Bush, of course!  How can a man in that position, screw up the language so bad?
   b) Late Night Talk Show Host~Jimmy Kimmel, though he's on my tv 
   c) Color~Orange!  Kitty does not do orange.
   d) Habit~Smoking... or food.  No, smoking... or food.  Definitely smoking.... or food....
   e) Female Celebrity~ Paris 'Puke' Hilton.
   f) Male Celebrity~Gotta agree with Bernie and go with Michael Jackson
   g) Television Show~American Idol at the moment... still...
   h) Commercial~The one where the 2 guys are cutting down a bee's nest into a garbage can.... idiots....
   i) Fashion Statement~pants hanging off the ass!  Pull them up or I'll pull them down... in a crowded store.. lol.
   j) Word~Whatever!   I'll whatever your boo-tay.... again in a crowded store  :)

So far, Saturday stinks...

I'm reading the story of the woman now dubbed 'The Runaway Bride'.   

The woman, Jennifer Wilbanks, who vanished days before her wedding, and who phoned her fiance on Friday and told him she'd been kidnapped while jogging.   

Who was picked up by the police in New Mexico at a 7-11 and questioned for hours before she finally came clean and said she just had cold feet.  I've read that no charges will be filed against her, too.   

I have a problem with this.   

Instead of stepping up to the plate and being HONEST with her fiance, family and friends.... she pulls a hoax like this.  All the manpower hours spent searching for her, not to mention the police's time and efforts, and the worry her loved ones went through~and she will serve no time?!  Pay no fines?!   


What kind of lesson are we teaching?  This is not a child were talking about, she is a 32-year-old woman who didn't have the guts to be HONEST!   

Are we raising our girl children to be such wimps?  Too afraid to tell the truth... too afraid to hurt another person's feelings that we will go to such lengths?  Oh.. and don't think I'm only going off because of this one chick.  No, there are many stories like this (the worst of which was Susan Smith).   

Why do we (women) believe it is easier to tell people what they want to hear rather than what we feel?  Now, some will say that she will have to live with the guilt (as in Ms. Smith's case above), but I say that is bullshit.   

I am a woman, I only feel guilt over what I let myself feel.  Granted, I never drove my kids into a lake to watch them drown, or called my man and said I'd been kidnapped.... but I've been conniving and deceitful before.  I was around 17 years old, too.....  Guilt is an emotion that can be controlled, even non existent if one wants.  

Ms. Wilbanks caused unnecessary panic, intentionally.  I know it is easier to run away than to stay in an relationship one is not sure about.  (I also believe the 'easy' way is never the right way)   

Instead of talking to her family or a friend about how to get out of this situation, she chose not to embarrass herself in front of them and admitting she was scared.... oh no... she said somebody took her.  Wonder if saying she was kidnapped and finding that to be a lie~is any less embarrassing?  

She did not even think of her family and how this would scare the living daylights out of them.  It was a selfishly motivated thing to do, something a teenager would do-not a 32-year-old woman. 

Hell, even a man who had cold feet wouldn't make up a story-he just wouldn't show or he'd call it off...   

My point is this, we must tell our daughters while they are young that these things will happen.  That they will be rejected.  That they also need to know how (and when) to reject someone themselves.  Inform them that life is not happily ever after.... and not usually with the first person you feel love for.   

We need to empower them with the words and feelingsnow, before it happens--so they know BEFORE the first boyfriend comes along.  Our girls need to know its okay to say 'You are not the one for me' and have the criteria which to base that on, other than 'because I love him'.   

I know there are women out there who already do this and hopefully teaching other girls the same.  I also know there are women who are the complete opposite, and if they are happy in their choices in life~great.  

I saying this to the people who would go to such lengths to get out of something, just so they won't lose or look like an idiot, or thinking more of what people think of her than what she does of herself....  

Maybe there are men who do this, but the ones I know tell the truth, even if it is brutal.  Call it harsh, I call it respect.  

Yeah, my girl is gonna have some balls.....  

Think I'm done now.....


Friday, April 29, 2005

Can I rewind and start again....

It's been one of those days.  The type of days where there are a lot of 'almosts', but not a lot of 'got dones'.  

Mom and Dad left before 6am to arrive at the surgery center on time for her leg vein operation.  She was under general anesthesia, so that got to her to stomach, other than that, she is okay.  No pain as of yet.  

The girl woke up at the ungodly hour of 6am insisting she was 'Hungary' and chanting for oatmeal all the way down the stairs and into the kitchen.  When I cooked it (yes, really cooked~not instant), she ate 2 or 3 bites and wanted candy.   

Seems she forgot who I was for a moment  :)  So when I denied her request and she began to show inklings of a tantrum, I quickly reminded her just who she was dealing with and what the consequences might be should she continue down that road.  She still didn't eat the oatmeal....  

She did that all day, too.  Only taking a few bites of things, but it goes in phases.  Some days she'll eat like she's a starving child all day.  Then she goes into today's mode.  At least its not junk food....  

We watched some movies, read books, played games, and made things all before 10am, and I was ready for a nap.  She was not.  So, I tuned into Disney Channel and dozed in the recliner, keeping my ears alert for little feet treading where they shouldn't.  

Finally, at 11:30, I'd had it and needed sleep in a bad way, so I announced nap time.  I laid down on Grace's floor and slept for an hour.  I can't seem to sleep longer than that in there.  I got up and gathered her laundry to do later.  

Once she was awake, I started the washer and made lunch.  Again with the 3 bite thing and the candy demand after.  Again with the request denied and an added drink your milk, and no tantrum this time~think she got it?  :)  

There were many things on my to do list today, however I didn't have the energy or mind set to accomplish any of it.... well, I did laundry and dishes, but they weren't on my list.  I also had an accident prone day, so I considered myself on vacation before something or someone got hurt.  

Maybe accident prone is too harsh, more like a bad omen day because, as I stated, there were many 'almosts', but nothing happened that was bad.    

Tomorrow will be better, though I imagine the girl will still be up at the crack of dawn.....  

Hope you guys had a great day  :)  


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Today things....

Work today was okay.  It seems as though we called the same 3 kid's names over and over and over... all day.  The other kids are picking up some of these bad habits, too.  My sweet 'Ziggy-girl' is starting to lay on top of the other kids, thanks to one of the boys.  Good thing she only weighs about 10 pounds.  

Of course, these new kids are barely over a year old and mixed in with kids who are close enough to 2.  One boy is moving next week to the 2's class and we are getting a girl to replace him.  We will have two of each, then-Ava, Emily, and Caroline (we call them by their last names, too in this situation).  

These new kids can't speak yet... so they scream instead, which makes Mrs. Lead, and the Assts. go crazy.  And yeah, I admit it got on my nerves, too.  But I just tell them to stop screaming and try to get them to talk instead.  Don't get me wrong, my coworkers do that, too-it just seems to get on their nerves faster.  

And they're passing around a nasty cough and lovely thick green stuff slowly dripping from their adorable little noses...  oh yeah, and low-grade fevers. 

I'll give a few parents credit that keep their sick children home (or make other arrangements), but for the ones that bring them in on scheduled doses of Tylenol, hacking like they all have the croup ... I'd like to thank them-- for contaminating the other kids, their families, us and our families~bunch of inconsiderate 'stuck-ficks' (use your imagination ;)  

And get this~one of the sick on scheduled doses of Tylenol kid's mother came in twice today to take the older sister to the freaking eye doctor!  Then didn't show up to get her little one until 5:30~ and asked me how she was today... hee hee hee...  

I told her, not this bluntly mind you~ she coughing something horrible, so bad she wakes herself up after 45 minutes of nap time almost puking.  Her nose bled.  (She asked me how much)  The baby didn't pick it, or touch it, or anything~and big drop slowly made its way down her upper lip.  It stopped with a little pressure, but still...  it bled, unprovoked.  She is on inhalers for asthma, too... guess she's heading to the doc tomorrow.  

I'm happy I've perfected biting my tongue.... or at least waiting to rant to you guys about it ;)  I'd lose my job, if not....  

Okay, I'm done now.  

Dad said the girl did very well in dance class today  :)  Except for scooting around on the floor in front of the other girls, she stood there and followed her dance teacher... Cool! 

I've been struggling with re- enrolling her for next year there or not.  I want her to be involved in something... but they've suggested a morning class and they have one on Tuesdays, so I could take her again.  I have to check the deadline on the registration form.  

I didn't watch American Idol tonight~because I watch LOST instead~ but I'm glad I didn't see it!  What the hell is wrong with people?  That's all I have to say about that....  

Then I watched 'Revelations'.... you don't even have to speak Bible to understand it.  It is so good! And it explains everything as it goes.  My guess is most people, even non-religious ones, have read the Revelations Chapter of the Bible.  It's one of the most interesting, for sure :)  

Mom is having surgery on her leg Friday.  She has varicose veins pretty bad and is getting them closed off <shiver>  Post-op instructions say to stay off of it for a little while and only do light walking after 4 days. 

Think we're going to have to keep her medicated in order to accomplish that task.  She was talking about mowing the lawn this weekend!  I said you can't cut the grass, you'll be in bed. She loves to mow the yard... something I did not inherit  :)  

I don't know how I'm going to keep Grace from begging Mom to do stuff.  She loves it when her Nana takes her to the park and stuff like that.  Hope the rain keeps up until Mom can get around, because she hates telling her grand-baby no.  I'll find a way to keep her busy, though.  

Well, I think that's all from me tonight.... time to grab a Dove dark chocolate covered cherry royale ice cream nugget  ;)  

Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow~  


Go to your TV...





Tuesday, April 26, 2005

On Social Security...

Just to keep you informed......    


April 25, 2005

Ms. Catherine Hildebrand

The debate is about to begin . . .

. . on the President's proposal to privatize Social Security. On
Tuesday, April 26, the Senate Finance Committee will hold its first
hearing on privatization. The start of these hearings culminates a
major 60-day push by the Administration to shore-up public
support for their plan.

Those who advocate privatizing Social Security have put a great
deal of emphasis on the importance of this hearing. It represents
the first legislative step in their plan to funnel vast sums of money
out of the Social Security system. If privatization plans are
enacted, huge benefit cuts would have a devastating impact on
Michigan families.

Because this is so important, I will be joining concerned citizens
from around the country in a rally at the Capitol to support Social
Security, and to express my opposition to any legislation that
includes privatization. This rally is an opportunity to show, once
again, that the vast majority of Americans are opposed to risky
privatization schemes that would drastically increase the national
debt and end the guaranteed benefit for retirees, survivors, and the

Over 30,000 people have joined you in signing the Online Petition
to Keep the Security in Social Security, and I thank you for your
commitment to this issue. As the Senate begins debating this issue,
it is more important than ever to show that the majority of
Americans disagree with these privatization schemes. Please let
your friends and family know that they can register their opinion
by visiting my website at and signing the
online petition.

We need to strengthen Social Security and make sensible changes
for the long term, not dismantle this great program with risky
schemes. As this debate continues, I will keep you informed on our
efforts to stop these privatization schemes from becoming law.

Debbie Stabenow
United States Senator

I know something needs to be done.  I know there will not be enough working people to pay for the soon-to-retire baby boomer generation.  But my problem with privatization of Social Security is all the people who do not have a clue of how the stock market works.   

How are those people going to save or build up a retirement fund?  What happens to them if they have no income?  How many more senior citizens are going to be living under the poverty rate?   Maybe we should look deeper into how other countries care for their elderly. 

As in Japan, where the elders still are the major authority in the house and live with their children and their families.  The same goes for the Middle Eastern countries.   

I'm sure England, Germany, Australia, and Canada have systems in place-I'm not sure what they are, but I'm sure their retired people are not poor and having to choose between medication, a roof over their heads, or food.   

Let's not stay silent on this issue, as it will affect us all and our children, too. 

Talk to your Senator before its too late....  


Monday, April 25, 2005

It is today...

Today was picture day for the girl's dance class.  You know, the company I posted an entry on being so outrageous in price.  I don't know, maybe there is something wrong with me, but I don't get excited over this kind of stuff.  

One mother has two girls in class, 3 and 5 yrs old, who are totally adorable.  She had both their costumes in garment bags, the costumes neatly laid out with all the accessories set in just perfectly.  I show up with G's costumes in the plastic bag one gets from the grocery.  Do I care?  Maybe for a second, until I realize I'm not that anal, either...  

Their outfits are not made of wrinkling material~I mean they are body suits with sequins sewn on, that's all... no frilly lace or tulle, that may not handle being tossed into a bag, so I did.  They looked just as cute on my baby as they did on hers and the other girls.  

The other thing was- the place was so unorganized!  When Gracie and I arrived, the sisters were getting their individual pictures taken in their 'Island' costumes.  I was getting Grace's individual shot done in the 'Crocodile' outfit, because the group photo was going to be in the 'Island' costumes~and I had no intention of buying an individual in the 'Island' one.  

So instead of taking all the individual 'Island' pictures first, they kept changing the sets to accommodate whoever was next.  I can't tell you how many times the scenery was changed back and forth, but it made little time-saving sense to me....  

We arrived at 10:45 and did not get out of there until 12:45!  Two hours to take pictures.... needless to say, the girl was tired and uncooperative by the time the group shot rolled around.  The poor photographer took umpteen shots of the group, but there was always a kid moving at the wrong time.  She got one good picture after 15-20 attempts.  But she was so awesome at her job!  

She still couldn't get my girl to smile.  A real one.  Grace is great at the fake smile when you tell her to do so.  But, I got a great picture of her in her Croc outfit, playing a sleeping crocodile on a log!  She was the only one who would do it, too.  The other little girly-girls cried when they were asked to sleep on the log.  Not my baby~she's a nature freak like her Momma  :)   

She kept talking the whole time she was getting her picture taken about how the crocodile needed to go get her babies because they are about to hatch  :)  And how we needed to keep the 'Poppy' Crocodile away because he doesn't like babies and he'd eat them!   

Her dance instructors (who were in the room) and the photographer were laughing so hard, I'm surprised we got any shots taken.  They loved her imagination and Ms. Ashley (G's teacher) said that Gracie is always telling them stories in class while they're dancing.  I guess it's good that she's imaginative... just wish she could turn some of that into learning and paying attention, but all in due time....  

She has her preschool class pictures tomorrow and I hope she will behave since I won't be there for those.  I bought her a cute outfit last week, when it was 75-80F outside.  The high was 60 today and maybe rain tomorrow, so that outfit is out of the question  :(   Yeah, I live in the Midwest, so you know I was dreaming... lol.  

Means scrambling to find something 'decent' for her to wear.  I would dress her up, but she plays on the ground so much~it would destroy a dress, not to mention stockings and her knees!  But I'll come up with something before its time.  

I had to go to work after the pictures were done today.  When I got there, all the kids were still on their cots, some not sleeping, but made to lie there anyway.  Not sure how I feel about that.  I mean some of the kids are awake, why not put them at the tables and do something rather than make them stay on their cots?  Its not like they are going to go back to sleep!  

When they finally allowed them to get up, it was almost afternoon snack time (anywhere from 2:45-3:00) and the kids are all on their cots before 11:45.  So that is at least 1 1/2 hours of lying there since most of them only sleep 1-1 1/2 hours.  I'm so happy I never had to put my girl in daycare.....  The structured part, I like and think kids get a lot out of it.  But when kids are singled out by their caregivers, it bugs me.  It has its ups and downs, I reckon....  

We only had 14 kids today, so it was pretty calm.  We have two kids now that do nothing but absolutely test you and their limits, one boy and one girl.  You can say their names 100 times and they will not respond.  They will not even look at you some the time (so we know they can hear).   

The boy does nothing but push kids down and lays on top of them, or he bonks them in head with toys~intentionally!  His mom just had a baby girl 2 weeks ago Sunday by emergent C-section.  One of my coworkers asked why is he here if his mom is at home?  I said because she had a baby by section!  No way she can lift him or chase him around.  {This is why I can't stand working around women sometimes~the gossip is horrendous}. She said 'oh, yeah...'   Grrrr~   

It shouldn't matter when or why the kids are there.  They are there.  Period. 

The girl, her mom is a smoker, and she was hacking something horrible today.  So I said it sounded like she had caught what the other kids had last week.  And my coworker responded 'No, that's smoky's kid'...  I wanted to slap the bitch silly.   

But instead I said "I've smoked since my kid was 6 months old and she has never sounded like that and neither has this child before, so that is not the reason.  I'll be sure and talk to her mom when she comes in tonight."  That shut her up.  I'm more concerned about whooping cough and its comeback.  But she takes toys away from other kids all day.  Like she can't think to go get one herself or she just wants what they have.  

This is a Christian Daycare, too..... I've never met more judgmental people in my life.  I've made my position very clear there.  I am there for the kids and to make some cash,  not to be friends, or make buddies, or to be saved.  I believe how I believe and I like it that way.  I know what I think to be true and how to live my life accordingly.  I don't need help or someone to tell me weekly or more.  I know.  

So, I keep my mouth shut (for now) and observe, because that is what I do best.  I am a watcher.  Of people, of climates, of knowledge, and of history.... my eyes are aware and my mind takes notes.  But they don't need to know that yet  ; )  

And I've gone rambling, again.  

On a final note, do you all have you Cat House alerts set?  It's about to be updated soon  ; )  Be sure to load the main page and check out it's theme song.....  

Have a great night, my friends :)  


Friday, April 22, 2005

I love playing poker....


In light of recent comments such as these....... let's play cards....  

"<putting shirt back on>  oops.  
yeah, I guess I'm still interested ;)~
Comment from
quartrlyfecrysis - 4/21/05 5:36 PM"      

"Laughs, Bernie.  I felt the same way, what a party pooper Cat is, afraid to get TOS'ed over some nudity ugh!
Comment from
vernae69 - 4/22/05 12:07 PM"    

Okay, Nae & Bernie..... I'll call your bluff and I'll host a version over at my brothel, too... just for you guys and those who dare  ;)  

Come on, say it with me......   ~Who's yo Kitty now?~  

I guess I'll have to let Sam in to play the doctor  ;)  If he's interested in that sort of stuff :)  .... all decent Cat Houses have a doc  ;)  

Time to put your assets on point....  and shake your tail feathers  :)  

I'm All in~  


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wednesday is my Friday ;)

So, my boy, Griffin, moved to the 2's class today.....  and Dawson turned 2 today..... it's a sad day in the neighborhood.  

At least he gets picked up late, so Ms. Angie brought him to see me.  Grace (Doll Baby) gets picked up late, too, so I got to see them both :)  I asked her what they put in the water in their room because once the kids move there~they seem oblivious to our existence.  Really!  

 If you see them in the hall, they stare like they've never seen you.  If you go to their room, they don't come running over like they miss you, not even a 'hi'....  Most of these kids have been in our room for over 9 months and most attend daily (I'd say 12 of 16 are FT), they could care less.  

We, on the other hand, keep trying... and keep getting rejected.  But we try again and again... imagine we'll always stay connected to them.  That part makes me wish I'd work more.  Then the screaming, testing, whining reality smacks me upside my head  ;)  

~Moving on~

I've been toying with the idea of some weekly theme thing here.... and I don't want to infringe on those who already doing themes with pictures.  Or have you guys overwhelmed with needing to take a lot of them.....

My first thought was 'I'll show you mine, if you show me yours' :)  

Now, now, kiddies.... remember, this is not 'Cat House', it won't be that type of thing..... so keep your clothes on :)  Sorry to disappoint, but with recent events with TOS, I'm playing on the safe side... as much as I can...  

Anyway, I'd like to know who would be interested in participating, not that anyone has to, of course....    And I have no idea when I'll actually start it... but I'll keep ya posted :)  

With that, I'm outtie..... need some zzzzzz's  


PS~Anyone (other than me) watching 'Revelations'?  What do you think?  I'm fascinated, so far.  Right after 'Lost'...  It's still not 'The West Wing'...  I'm just sayin....  


Got this from Julie... who got it from Tracie... and so on, and so forth.......

Mark what you have done with an 'X'......

(x) smoked a cigarette  (more than one)

(x) smoked a cigar    (same as above)

() made out with a member of the same sex

(x) been in love   

(x) been dumped

(x) stolen

(x) been fired

(x) been in a fight

(x) snuck out of my parent's house

(x) had feelings for someone who didnt have them back

() been arrested

(x) made out with a stranger

() gone on a blind date

(x) lied to a friend

(x)had a crush on a teacher

(x) skipped school

(x) slept with a co-worker

(x) seen someone die(Too many to count~6 years in geriatrics)

() had a crush on one of your journal friends

(x) been to Canada

(x) been to Mexico (I'll need a new passport to go again to both)

(x) been on a plane (jets and single engine planes)

() thrown up in a bar 

() purposely set a part of myself on fire

() eaten Sushi

() been snowboarding

() met someone in person from journals/online

() been hxc dancing at a show 

() been in an abusive relationship

(x) taken painkillers

(x) love someone or miss someone right now                                  

(x) laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by                 

(x) made a snow angel

(x) had a tea party

(x) flown a kite     

(x) built a sand castle

(x) gone puddle jumping

(x) played dress up

(x) jumped into a pile of leaves

(x) gone sledding

(x) cheated while playing a game

(x) been lonely

(x) fallen asleep at work/school

(x) used a fake id

(x) watched the sun set

(x) felt an earthquake (Indiana has earthquakes)

(x) touched a snake 

(x) slept beneath the stars

(x) been tickled

() been robbed

(x) been misunderstood

(x) pet a reindeer/goat

(x) won a contest

(x) run a red light  

(x) been suspended from school

(x) been in a car accident

() had braces

(x) felt like an outcast

(x) eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night                           

(x) had deja vu (all the freaking time)

(x) danced in the moonlight

(x) hated the way you look

() witnessed a crime                                                                     

() pole danced

(x) questioned your heart

(x) been obsessed with post-it notes (still am ; )

(x) squished barefootthrough the mud 

(x) been lost (still am... lol)

(x) been to the opposite side of the country 

(x) swam in the ocean (I miss being in an ocean so much)

(x) felt like dying

() cried yourself to sleep

(x) played cops and robbers

(x) recently colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers

(x) sung karaoke

(x) paid for something with only coins

(x) done something you told yourself you wouldn't

(x) made prank phone calls

() laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose        

(x) caught a snowflake on your tongue

(x) danced in the rain

(x) written a letter to Santa Claus

(x) been kissed under a mistletoe

(x) watched the sun set with someone you care about

(x) blown bubbles 

(x) made a bonfire

() crashed a party

(x) gone rollerskating

(x) had a wish come true

() humped a monkey 

(x) worn pearls

(x) jumped off a bridge

() screamed penis in class

() ate dog/cat food                                                                         

(x) told a complete stranger you loved them (I'm a bad, bad girl)       

(x) kissed a mirror

(x) sang in the shower

(x) have a little black dress

(x) had a dream that you married someone

(x) glued your hand to something

(x) got your tongue stuck to a flag pole (It was a dare, I was 8)       

() kissed a fish

(x) worn the opposite sexes clothes  (Gotta love boxers ; )

() been a cheerleader

(x) sat on a roof top                                                                       

(x) screamed at the top of your lungs

() done a one-handed cartwheel

(x) talked on the phone for more than 6 hours

(x) stayed up all night

() didn't take a shower for a week

(x)pick and ate an apple right off the tree

(x) climbed a tree

(x) had a tree house

(x) are scared to watch scary movies alone

(x) believe in ghosts

(x)have more then 30 pairs of shoes

()worn a really ugly outfit to school just to see what others say

() gone streaking

() played ding-dong-ditch 

(x) played chicken 

(x) been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on

(x) been told you're hot by a complete stranger (He got a kiss for it)      

() broken a bone (seems like I keep trying to though ; )    

(x) been easily amused

() caught a fish then ate it

(x) made porn

(x) caught a butterfly

(x) laughed so hard you cried

(x) cried so hard you laughed

(x) mooned/flashed someone

(x) had someone moon/flash you

(x) cheated on a test

() have a Britney Spears CD (Gag, puke, spew, and vomit)

(x) forgotten someone's name

(x) slept naked

(x)French braided someone's hair

(x)gone skinny dippin in a pool

(x)been kicked out of your house

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Here's your answer....

Well, Nae, the tragic fire in Waco at the Branch Davidian compound started around noon.....   But, on April 19, 1993.....

Today marks the 12th year of that historical incident where 74 people died, including 21 children under age 16:  

Lisa Martin   13           Sheila Martin, Jr.   15      

Rachel Sylvia   12    Hollywood Sylvia   1   

Joseph Martinez   8      Abigail Martinez   11 

Crystal Martinez   3     Isaiah Martinez   4      

Audrey Martinez   13    Melissa Morrison   6   

Chanel Andrade   1       Cyrus Koresh  8       

Star Koresh   6         Bobbie Lane Koresh   2   

Dayland Gent   3        Page Gent   1       

Mayanah Schneider   2   Startle Summers   1 

Serenity Jones   4     Chica Jones   2                

Little One Jones   2     

We have a lot to think about.......  


Monday, April 18, 2005

It has been that long....

The Bombing

On April 19, 1995, around 9:03 a.m., just after parents dropped their children off at day care at the Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, the unthinkable happened.

the Murrah building after 

A massive bomb inside a rental truck exploded, blowing half of the nine-story building into oblivion.

A stunned nation watched as the bodies of men, women, and children were pulled from the rubble for nearly two weeks.

                                  Oklahoma City National Memorial

When the smoke cleared and the exhausted rescue workers packed up and left, 168 people were dead in the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. (Until September 11, 2001) 

                               Oklahoma City National Memorial

It's been 10 years ago, tomorrow, since we were shocked by this tragedy.... can you believe it's been that long?  I suppose if you lost a loved one here-it feels much, much longer.

Of course, the two people responsible were caught, one (McVeigh) executed, the other (Nichols) serving a life sentence.

Doesn't make it any easier.

I just can't help thinking those babies who died that day would be pre-teens today..... 


PS~Did you guys notice that around 9:00 am seems to be a really bad time for our country when it comes to attacks? 


Images from here.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

You guys rock my world :)

Okay, I get it.... thanks guys!  

Thanks for sharing your stories so I know it's not just her....   

Personally, I don't care if she goes on all fours and barks at them on stage.  I really don't.   

I'm overly concerned of what the other parents are thinking..... Why?  Who knows... I'm still kind of new at this having a kid thing.   

Maybe she'll be the star and steal the show~'Peter Pan: The Comedy'  :)  


What to do....

Grace had her first formal recital practice tonight for her tap routine.  Frankly, I'm at my wit's end with her in this class.  

She was the only one who would not sit still and wait her turn.  There were girls there younger than she is and none of them did what she was doing either.  I'm sure she was overwhelmed because they practiced all the parts in 'Peter Pan', so the whole school was there.   

But she does the same thing in class.  While all the other girls are sitting by the wall, waiting to practice their turns, Gracie is going around the room, on all fours, in her own little world.  

I'm not sure if she is just too young to get it (though as I stated, no one else does this but her) or if she has a low attention span, or maybe she has ADHD or ADD, or just plain hyper!  She never stops and can go to 5 different things in a matter of seconds....  

I got so frustrated at practice, I told another mother I may not even bring her to the recital and she sure didn't try to change my mind.... I think I may have noted a little smile, too. 

After all the cash I've spent, I wanted her to at least finish the year out.... but how can I be comfortable putting her on a stage with other dancers if she is going to act like this?!  

I certainly don't want to ruin the recital for them, they are very good and worked hard.  Mom tells me I'm just embarrassed, and well... yeah, I am... but I still don't want all the people at the show pointing and tsk-tsking my kid....  

When we went to the Children's Museum, a mother of a boy in a different class knew who Grace was, so I got paranoid about her actions in school.  I wonder if she does the same thing at preschool--notsit still, listen,follow directions, or pay attention.  

I already think she has that reputation--you know the kid that all the parents know because their kid comes home and says 'Grace did this today'.   

I think she just wants everyone to watch her all the time.  Whenever we have company here, she always wants all their attention.  She yells over conversations, so someone will talk to her.... again.  Of course, it doesn't help that I'm the only one who stops her.  

I am just frustrated and needed to vent.  I'll talk to her dance instructor and maybe I can get some reassurance from her.... or at least an escape plan for chaotic behavior at show time   :)  

Hope you guys had a great weekend~  


A new museum!

I can't wait.   I must go.  

Planning a trip to Springfield, IL for sometime this summer.  It was on CBS Sunday Morning.                                        

               ~Bringing Lincoln Alive~
  "What we're trying to do here is…make…history accessible. You don't dumb anything down. You have…rigorous intellectual standards, but you then make it accessible to a (wide) audience."  Museum Director Richard Norton Smith


The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, its Web site asserts, "will not only preserve history – it will make history, by enabling millions of visitors from around the world to experience the Lincoln story in its entirety, as nowhere else."

The museum portion of the 200,000 square foot complex in downtown Springfield, Ill. contains 46,000 square feet of permanent exhibits – double the size of those at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, until now the nation's largest, the Web site continues.

The library opened in mid-October. The museum welcomed visitors for the first time this weekend, and will be officially dedicated Tuesday. 
The facility's goal, simply put, is to bring history alive.

"Combining impeccable scholarship with brilliant showmanship," the Web site continues, "the new museum's permanent exhibit galleries carry visitors on twin journeys from a crude, overcrowded Indiana cabin to Ford's Theater and a reproduction of the House Chamber in the Old State Capitol, where Lincoln's flag-draped casket lies in state.

"Along the way, (visitors are) treated to a 250 seat multi-stage and screen presentation, "Lincoln's Eyes"; a stunning holographic theater, "Ghosts of the Library," bringing Lincoln documents and artifacts, literally, to life; a Treasures Gallery housing icons like the Gettysburg Address; and a separate children's area called "Mrs. Lincoln's Attic."
In one exhibit, a voice from a bygone era can be heard saying, "Mr. Lincoln, signing that emancipation proclamation will dishonor our founding fathers and violate the constitution that you swore to uphold."

"Lincoln may be 6 foot 4, but he's a dwarf in mind," another voice says.

"Right when we need a smart one, we get this apple-knocker Lincoln," yet another voice chimes in.

And the $115 facility is "emphatically not your typical museum," reports Bowers.

She says it's "pulling out all the stops" – even including simulated television coverage, complete with commercials, of the presidential campaign of 1860.

Says one simulated ad: "Union: The founding fathers created it, our forefathers shed their blood to defend, and now one man, and only one man can preserve it -- Abraham Lincoln."

A multimedia presentation in a holographic theater with a live actor introduces Lincoln's story to visitors.

Behind all of the gee-whiz special effects is a very significant story, says Richard Norton Smith, the museum's director, who wants to excite people about Lincoln's amazing story.

"We live in a historically illiterate culture," he laments.

So the museum takes us on the journey through Lincoln's life -- from his hard, early days as a self-taught frontiersman in an Indiana log cabin, and grocery store clerk in New Salem, Ill., to later when, as a candidate for the U.S. Senate, he engaged in the tough national debate over slavery that ripped the country apart.
  "What we're trying to do here is to make that history accessible," Smith explains. "You don't dumb anything down. You have intellectual -- rigorous intellectual standards, but you then make it accessible to a (wide) audience."

For instance, one presentation on slavery focuses not on the physical brutality, but the psychological torture of ripping slave families apart.

Says Smith: "It's a kind of 'in your face' history. I mean, it's fascinating to watch people walk around that corner and be confronted with full horror of -- the institution of slavery, just as Lincoln was way back in 1828.

"History should affect people. History should affect people not only intellectually, but emotionally. It should get them in the gut as well as the cranium."

Bowers shows that there's a softer side, too, with Lincoln seen courting his future wife Mary, and then later, wonder at his babysitting skills.

"This is the 1850s," Smith says in one exhibit. "We're in the Lincoln-Herndon law office in downtown Springfield. …The Lincolns were very indulgent. Quite frankly, most people in Springfield thought they spoiled their kids rotten.

"On Sunday mornings, Mary would go to church -- Lincoln would come to work -- if you'd call that work -- and he would bring the boys. And the boys would raise hell."

And Lincoln would read the paper.

"This is so typical of a man babysitting, let me tell you," Bowers laughed.

"Well, see, it's timeless," Smith agreed.
  Of course, Bowers observes, Lincoln's timeless words are on display too, such as one of the original handwritten copies of the Gettysburg Address.

"Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal," is its famous beginning.

"People weep when they read this. It's one of those seminal documents in the history of our nation. …Everyone continues to still be moved by the words," says Tom Schwartz, the Illinois state historian making sure the history presented in the facility is accurate.

"We've had top scholars involved in this to keep us honest, to provide the most up to date information."

It may be hard to believe, but Springfield, Lincoln's home for so many years, never had a museum dedicated to his story.

Sure, there's his actual home, his law office, even his tomb.

Why now? Why did this take so long, Bowers wondered.

"Well, about 25 years ago, the question was raised, 'Why is all this stuff locked away in a vault?' " Smith responded.

The Lincoln presidential museum started with a collection in the basement of the
Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.

And now, donations of new artifacts have been coming into the museum's archives from people who feel a personal connection to Lincoln.

"They understand the importance of their family connection to the Lincoln story," Schwartz points out.

From a house in Connecticut, Alice Colonna has sent in objects that were handed down through her family: "My great-grandfather was Robert Lincoln's law partner."

Colonna got a pendant from Lincoln's only great-granddaughter, Mary Lincoln Beckwith.

"She told me," Colonna remarks, "that Abraham Lincoln put it around his wife's neck, the chain, and said, 'With this heart, I give you my heart.' "

Colonna also got other family mementoes, including "a locket that belonged to Mary Todd Lincoln. She had a picture of Abraham Lincoln (in it), and her younger son, Willie.
  Willie's death is, Bowers says, one of the most moving sights in the museum.

"You're standing in the second floor bedroom of Willie Lincoln," Smith explains. "It's February 5th, 1862, and through the doors you can hear music coming from the East Room downstairs.And, this should be a night of unmitigated triumph, particularly for Mary Lincoln…and sadly, at that very moment -- their 11 year old son, Willie -- who has been ill for several days, takes a turn for the worse. It is a heartbreaking scene."

Willie's death unhinged Mary Lincoln, who ultimately would lose three of her four sons in her lifetime.

But it's Lincoln's political legacy that the museum really tries to capture.

"One thing about Lincoln," Smith says, "is that he's the greatest politician who ever lived in the White House."

This is the president who finally ended slavery in America, and preserved the union through the nation's bloodiest war ever.

"And in the end," Smith stresses, "a man for whom politics wasn't about personal advancement -- it became personal sacrifice."

The pain etched in Lincoln's face is plain in displayed photographs taken over the years of the Civil War, as each new casualty report clearly took a personal toll.

"You can see literally aging before your eyes," Bowers says.

"You can," Smith agrees. "We talk about the Civil War in terms of the toll of hundreds of thousands. This is the toll that war took on one face from 1860 to 1865."

Almost the only smile you see is this image of Mary Todd Lincoln enjoying a rare moment with her husband at Ford's Theater, as assassin John Wilkes Booth lurks in the background.
  "Lincoln's death touched off an extraordinary pageant of grief," Smith says.

For him, the whole point is to feel history. Smith continues: "He is at the centerpiece of the American passion play. This is -- this country literally made war upon itself -- for transcendent moral reasons -- the meaning of democracy -- the meaning of self-government, and ultimately the worth of every individual."

"And we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth," Lincoln is seen saying in one exhibit – more famous words from the Gettysburg Address.

And for those who think the museum's presentations are over the top: "That's the age-old battle, I suppose, between the snobs and the people," Smith chuckles.

"And, this is a museum for the people, which is what Lincoln would've wanted, don't you think? Bowers asks.

"Of the people, by the people, and for the people," Smith reminds her.

"Touché!" Bowers laughed.

"When you walk out of here, you not only know Abraham Lincoln a whole lot better but, if we've done our job right, you may know yourself a little bit better," Smith concluded.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

My friend, indeed....

This is my friend, Salih (or 'Chris' as he is known by his military counterparts). 

An interesting story of how I met Salih, I may tell or not.   What I will tell you is that he has had a rough life.  When we met, he was in Jordan. 

But he was born in Kuwait, a bedoun (or Bedouin as we know the term).    After the Gulf War in 91, Kuwait turned its back on its citizens and forced them to flee the country. 

Salih and his parents and siblings fled to Iraq.  He left there, alone, before we went to war with Iraq, for Jordan.  

Well, Salih finally returned to Iraq, to his family, and he has found a new career it seems.  He is well educated and speaks (and writes) English better than most Americans I know.  

He is my friend and this is his story......      

AL ASAD, Iraq (April 14, 2005) – Serving as translator for the Marine and civilian law enforcement instructors at the Regional Iraqi Police and Border Patrol Academy here, Chris, as his coworkers call him, has overcome years of trials and tribulations to be at the point he is today. Fleeing the persecution of his homeland, he then struggled under the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein for a decade before seeking refuge in Jordan. Now he has returned to help ensure the freedom of the Iraqi people. Photo by: Cpl. Rocco DeFilippisFreedom is found in translation
Submitted by: 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing
Story Identification #: 2005414122728
Story by Cpl. Rocco DeFilippis

AL ASAD, Iraq (April 14, 2005) -- When the American led coalition force liberated the country of Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, Salih Farhan Rhem found himself between a rock and hard place.

As a Bedoun, a race of people from Kuwait, but not Kuwaiti citizens, Rhem found his own country turn its back on his people. Forced to leave the country of his birth, he and his family took refuge in southern Iraq.

Enduring a lifetime of hardship and oppression under the regime of Saddam Hussein, Rhem has become one of the millions of people in Iraq to taste the precious treasure that is freedom.

Today he is fulfilling his lifelong goal to be a translator. Working with Marines and American law enforcement specialists here, he is helping train Iraqi policemen and border patrolmen to defend their newfound freedom.

“I began interpreting in the refuge camp after the liberation of Kuwait,” he said. “The United Nations tent was in-between our tents, and I began to interact with some Americans and civilian media.”

His interaction with the media nearly cost him his life. After pleading the case of Bedouns to international news outlets, he was chased from the camp by Kuwaiti security forces.

Fleeing the persecution of a government that considered his people to be traitors, Chris, as he is referred to, faced a new obstacle as he began to settle in the Iraqi city of Basra.

Coming to their country from Kuwait, the Iraqis wouldn’t accept him for citizenship. Determined to finish his education, he worked for six months to purchase an identification card that would allow him to take classes.

“As a Bedoun in Kuwait I was not allowed to attend university,” he recalled. “It was depressing, but these types of things were a way of life for the Bedouns.”

In an ironic twist, the Iraqi teachers didn’t consider him either Iraqi or Bedoun, but Kuwaiti. They placed him under the stereotype that all Kuwaitis were rich and could afford to engage in ‘extracurricular activities’ to earn passing grades.

“I kept failing my classes, and I couldn’t understand why,” he said. “I would watch as the students I helped study and tutor would earn high marks, while I was struggling to pass.”

By his second year, Chris figured out that he, as a ‘rich Kuwaiti,’ was to pay for his grades.

“This is against my principles and the principals of Islam,” he explained. “I can not do this, it is corruption. I won’t pay a dime,” he told the Baath Party teachers.

Chris said he saw this period of his life as a test. He stayed true to his morals and in seven years finished with a degree in English, a degree that should have only taken four.

“I never yielded to their corruption,” he said. “Without the prayer I made to my God, I think I would have gone mad and lost my mind.”

After his schooling, he was again pressured by the corruption of the Baath Party. He could not find employment because he was not a member. He spent the next several years moving from town to town, working hard labor for less than 50 cents a day, forced to pick up and flee when the local Baath Party heard about his non-member status.

“For years I had to yield my destiny and remain patient with my God,” he explained. “But I would never yield my beliefs and convictions to the evil of the Baath Party.”

Although he never became a member, he couldn’t escape the oppression of the Baath Party’s heavy monthly tax. He fled to Jordan in May of 2002.

“In Jordan I was able to continue in my love of translation,” he said. “I still, however, felt the effects of living and working in a foreign country.”

His work as a legal translator gave him a good background in the literal and specific translation of Arabic to English, skills he would soon put to a noble cause.

Watching from Jordan as another American-led coalition began the effort to liberate Iraq, Chris knew his years of patience and long suffering would begin to see fruitful return.

As Saddam’s army was destroyed along with his repressive and corrupt regime, he knew his dream was not far from becoming a reality. When he found out there was a great need for Arabic translators he left Jordan to return to a new Iraq.

“I remember thinking to myself, ‘it’s a miracle, Saddam is no more,’” he recalled. “This change, this new democracy, has again allowed me to work with the Americans and now the Marine Corps. It’s like my dreams are coming true.”

Language is, by far, the most fundamental component of communication.  Breaking the language barrier is vital to the American effort to train Iraqi Security Forces to defend their new freedoms.

“With the Marines I am helping my country defeat the terrorists who, in the name of Islam, are murdering innocent people,” he said. “We are training the Iraqi Police and Border Patrol to fight the terrorists.”

Each day Chris works to mirror the intensity and professionalism of the Marine instructors.

“When I am out there I give the same high spirit as the Marines, because it conveys the importance of the training and knowledge,” he explained. “I give a literal translation and specific details of the training so that nothing is lost in translation.”

With each graduating class, Chris said he knows he is contributing to the security and stability of Iraq.

“We are moving forward together,” he said. “We are moving away from the burden of oppression and toward peace and democracy.”

As he continues to work with the Marines and law enforcement specialists each day, Chris said he is moving closer to accomplishing the goals he has been working toward for many years.

He is currently applying for a scholarship to continue his education in America, and hopes to earn a degree in law one day. He attributes his hard work and dedication to his father, and sees his achievements as an extension of what he couldn’t have.

“I’m not isolated from my father,” he said. “I’m a continuation of him, only in a better atmosphere. I thank God that I am able to achieve the things he wanted for me.”

Until that day comes, he said he is going to focus on his task at hand and continue his part in helping make a brighter Iraq.

“When we see what is happening in our country, with the new freedoms and democratic elections, it gives us hope and a renewed optimism,” he said. “We can lift our heads toward the future, something we did not do in the past. We are giving hope to the generation to come.”

AL ASAD, Iraq (April 14, 2005) – Chris, as he is called by his Marine coworkers, helps an Iraqi Border Patrol student learn the fundamentals of the rear leg kick. Chris is serving as a translator for the Marine instructors at the Regional Iraqi Police and Border Patrol Academy here. Prior to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1991, Chris was a member of the Kuwaiti National Karate Team.  Photo by: Cpl. Rocco DeFilippis AL ASAD, Iraq (April 14, 2005) – Chris, as he is called by his Marine coworkers, helps an Iraqi Border Patrol student learn the fundamentals of the rear leg kick. Chris is serving as a translator for the Marine instructors at the Regional Iraqi Police and Border Patrol Academy here. Prior to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1991, Chris was a member of the Kuwaiti National Karate Team. Photo by: Cpl. Rocco DeFilippis


AL ASAD, Iraq (April 14, 2005) – Serving as translator for the Marine and civilian law enforcement instructors at the Regional Iraqi Police and Border Patrol Academy here, Chris, as his coworkers call him, has overcome years of trials and tribulations to be at the point he is today. Fleeing the persecution of his homeland, he then struggled under the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein for a decade before seeking refuge in Jordan. Now he has returned to help ensure the freedom of the Iraqi people. Photo by: Cpl. Rocco DeFilippis AL ASAD, Iraq (April 14, 2005) – Serving as translator for the Marine and civilian law enforcement instructors at the Regional Iraqi Police and Border Patrol Academy here, Chris, as his coworkers call him, has overcome years of trials and tribulations to be at the point he is today. Fleeing the persecution of his homeland, he then struggled under the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein for a decade before seeking refuge in Jordan. Now he has returned to help ensure the freedom of the Iraqi people. Photo by: Cpl. Rocco DeFilippis


AL ASAD, Iraq (April 14, 2005) – Chris shouts instruction to an Iraqi border patrol student during a training session on pressure points. Chris serves an interpreter for the Marine and civilian law enforcement instructors at the Regional Iraqi Police and Border Patrol Academy here. Photo by: Cpl. Rocco DeFilippis AL ASAD, Iraq (April 14, 2005) – Chris shouts instruction to an Iraqi border patrol student during a training session on pressure points. Chris serves an interpreter for the Marine and civilian law enforcement instructors at the Regional Iraqi Police and Border Patrol Academy here. Photo by: Cpl. Rocco DeFilippis


I am glad you made it safely back home, my friend.....

Love Always~