Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saturday Six...

1. What do you tend to focus on the most?
   A.  The past.
   B.  The present.
   C.  The future as you think it will be.
   D.  The future as you are afraid it will be.

I will say mostly B, but some on C. 

2. Name three famous people (living or dead) whose blogs you would like to be able to read.   Leonardo DaVinci, Abraham Lincoln, and Samuel Clemens.  I might choose Albert Einstein, but thinking I'd be lost in a conversation with him  :)

3. How long have you lived in your current residence?  How much longer do you intend to live in the same place?   This time around~ 4 years now, total of 27... Don't know how much longer I'll be here.  

4. Take the pointless quiz:  What color is your heart?   

Blue info
Your Heart is Blue

What Color is Your Heart?
brought to you by Quizilla

5. How many of AOL's journalershave you met in person?  How many have you spoken with by telephone?   None in person, yet..... One by phone (Hey Stacy :) I'm not a big phone person anymore....

6. RAPID FIRE Question #2:  Who or what is the most annoying:
   a) Politician~Bush, of course!  How can a man in that position, screw up the language so bad?
   b) Late Night Talk Show Host~Jimmy Kimmel, though he's on my tv 
   c) Color~Orange!  Kitty does not do orange.
   d) Habit~Smoking... or food.  No, smoking... or food.  Definitely smoking.... or food....
   e) Female Celebrity~ Paris 'Puke' Hilton.
   f) Male Celebrity~Gotta agree with Bernie and go with Michael Jackson
   g) Television Show~American Idol at the moment... still...
   h) Commercial~The one where the 2 guys are cutting down a bee's nest into a garbage can.... idiots....
   i) Fashion Statement~pants hanging off the ass!  Pull them up or I'll pull them down... in a crowded store.. lol.
   j) Word~Whatever!   I'll whatever your boo-tay.... again in a crowded store  :)


redbaranjj said...

LOL @ the pants hanging off the ass!!  I would have to agree with ya on that one!!  LOL!!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Okay, I almost put Samuel Clemons down..then I thought about Virginia Woolf.  I like how you think girl!