Friday, April 8, 2005

Answers to my test....

Ok, so Nae and Brian only missed 3, which raised the grading curve.  Of course, they both get A's, Julie gets a B, and Bernie.... well... we have a date for summer classes  :)    

1.   I was Grand Champion in a 4-H barrel racing competition.  F~2nd place for horses, Grand Champion with my cats.  

2.   I've met Bill France, Jr. (son of the founder of NASCAR). T~met him when I worked for USAC (and Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman{yum!}, Tony George, Sarah Fisher, and Mario Andretti)  

3.   I quit high school 2 months before graduation.  T~I finished my 2 needed classes for graduation in summer school (You all missed this one.. lol)  

4.   I've had sex on a fire truck and on an Army base. T  heeheehee (you all got this one right... lol)  

5.   I met Grace's Dad while working as an exotic dancer. F~met him working at a hospital.  

6.   I live in my great grandparents house with my parents. T, my great grandfather built the house in 1848.  Grandma and her brothers were born here.  Great grandma and grandma both died in this house.  

7.   I have attended services in every type religion, including Synagogues, Kingdom Halls, Buddhists Temples, and Mosques. T~ my parents sent us to Bible school as grade-schoolers, after that-it was 'go your own way'.  

8.   I desperately want to get married. F!!!  Anyone who thinks True-do you read my journal?!  I'm not against it or for it, if it happens~it happens~ lmao  

9.   My Grandfather pitched for the Yankees. T, he was a relief pitcher on the same team with the Babe and Lou Gehrig, and knew Joe DiMaggio.  I'll dig up a picture for you guys....  

10. I love white chocolate.  F~yuck!  I love dark chocolate~the darker the better... which isn't necessarily true for my men, Bri ;)  

11. I have a degree in culinary arts. F~degree in Accounting, I want to go to school for Cul. Arts~you guys do pay attention!  :)  

12. My favorite hobby is baking.  T  

13. I make bracelets and anklets for kids.  T~want one, send me measurements, address, and correct name spelling... oh and yeah $4.00 + s&h  :)  

14. I'm related to Abraham Lincoln, Pope Gregory VII, and Ernest Hemingway.  F~I am related to Abe and Pope Greg, but not to Ernest, but that's okay because Abe was one hell of a writer, too :)  

15. I questioned who Grace's father was.  T~there was a two week period in December when my edc (estimated date of confinement)  made me wonder if she was Mo's or Wayne's (I knew she was Wayne's, but you know docs start throwing dates around and....)  


Thanks for playing along.  I may do this again sometime.....  

To other things~I think I broke my little toe tonight, damn it.    

I tripped over the vacuum cleaner cord ONE YEAR AGO and it still isn't right.  I 'crushed' all the tissue in my lower right leg (from the knee to my ankle) because I fell with my leg bent under me and we know I'm not a lightweight ;) 

My whole lower leg was a bruise that summer....  My knee, which x-rayed normal~ha!~ has been feeling weak for a few days...  

So now, my right knee feels like its about to go and my left baby toe is bruised and swollen.  

I walk like a duck...... or a penguin.... take your pick :)  


PS to Bernie~~Did Janis ever sing 'Leaving on a jet plane'?  I downloaded a song that says its her.... its acoustic, and if it is her-she can't be older than 18 when she sings it because her voice isn't the deep raspy one she had when she sang most of her songs..... Just curious :)  I'll send it, if you want to have a listen....


redbaranjj said...

only four wrong...I don't think that's too bad!!  ;)  

OH NO!!!  I sure hope you feel better soon and rest that little toe!!!  Yikes...that smarts!!!


vernae69 said...

Oh no!  Not a toe!!!!  I'm having falshbacks about my little ones, snapping!  Two in less than a's not something that heals quickly's been over a year since the second one broke, and I still have problems....tape that bad boy to the toe next to it, it's a must!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

dang, i got quite a few wrong!  I'll take summer classes while pey's at camp ;)~
I definitely believed the 4-H champ was true!

I've never heard her sing Leaving on a Jet Plane before...but I love that song.  I'm a big Peter, Paul & Mary fan...yeah, cheese, I grew up on the stuff!  send me the song when you get a chance, I'd love to hear it.  I'll look for it on my music program too.

sarajanesmiles said...

Hee hee, I'd have guessed true for No.4 too ;o)
Sara   x