Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Here's your answer....

Well, Nae, the tragic fire in Waco at the Branch Davidian compound started around noon.....   But, on April 19, 1993.....

Today marks the 12th year of that historical incident where 74 people died, including 21 children under age 16:  

Lisa Martin   13           Sheila Martin, Jr.   15      

Rachel Sylvia   12    Hollywood Sylvia   1   

Joseph Martinez   8      Abigail Martinez   11 

Crystal Martinez   3     Isaiah Martinez   4      

Audrey Martinez   13    Melissa Morrison   6   

Chanel Andrade   1       Cyrus Koresh  8       

Star Koresh   6         Bobbie Lane Koresh   2   

Dayland Gent   3        Page Gent   1       

Mayanah Schneider   2   Startle Summers   1 

Serenity Jones   4     Chica Jones   2                

Little One Jones   2     

We have a lot to think about.......  



grooviernoodles said...

And if I remember right, tomorrow (4/20) is the anniversary of Columbine.  I'm not sure how many years though, or what time that happened.  Sad, sad few days.

Ya know, from what I heard, the OK City guys almost bombed the Denver Fed Building that day instead.  My daughter went to school right across the street from that Fed Building at the time.  Pretty scary!

Also, I'm from Littleton and if I'd lived a block further west, I would've gone to Columbine.  I was well out of high school by the time the shootings happened, but I was there many times for high school sporting events.  And remember the shopping mall that the kids ran to for safety?  I worked in that mall about a year (I think??) before the shootings.  All this kinda gives me the creeps.

vernae69 said...

Dang.  I had no idea it was today, this entry was meant to be!

~Witchy Nae~

redbaranjj said...

VERY interesting...Sure is something to think about!

mum24boyz said...

So truly sad...breaks my heart to see the names and ages of those little ones..

delela1 said...

Columbine, 1997.  I remember because I was just coming out of surgery for a hysterectomy.  In my groggy haze, laying on my bed in my room, I heard the news reports.  It's been eight years...

quartrlyfecrysis said...

April is always the worst.  my worst day of the year is in april...always a bad day that day is. damn..and it's coming.  i'm hiding.