Sunday, April 3, 2005

This is a test, only a test....

Yep.... I'm following again....   

So, answer my questions and I'll post the answers later this week....  

True or False  


1.   I was Grand Champion in a 4-H barrel racing competition. 

2.   I've met Bill France, Jr. (son of the founder of NASCAR).

3.   I quit high school 2 months before graduation.

4.   I've had sex on a firetruck and on an Army base.

5.   I met Grace's Dad while working as an exotic dancer.

6.   I live in my great grandparents house with my parents.

7.   I have attended services in every type religion, including Synagogues, Kingdom Halls, Buddhists Temples, and Mosques.

8.   I desperately want to get married.

9.   My Grandfather pitched for the Yankees.

10. I love white chocolate.

11. I have a degree in culinary arts.

12. My favorite hobby is baking. 

13. I make bracelets and anklets for kids. 

14. I'm related to Abraham Lincoln, Pope Gregory VII, and Ernest Hemingway.

15. I questioned who Grace's father was.    


Ok, there you have it.  Most of the answers can be found in my journal, if you've been reading me that long..... some, of course can't be :)  

Good luck~  



redbaranjj said...

Okay...lets see how I do...  :)

1 True
2 True
3 False
4 True
5 False
6 True
7 Hmmm....True?
8 False
9 Hmmm....True?
10 False
11 True
12 True
13 True
14 False?
15 False

I did bad right?  LOL

quartrlyfecrysis said...

i think yours are the toughest yet... :)~
1. True
2. True
3. False
4. bad girl ;)
5. hmmm, true?
6. True
7. True?
8. False ;)
9. False?
10. True
11. hmm, True?
12. True
13. True
14. True? that's wicked cool if it's true ;)
15. False?

k, don't hold anything against memory recall sucks!

thelovetrain said...

1. False - Unless you were on a fucking Clydesdale (Don't whine about my, fat jokes. I'm just going by what 'YOU' tell me).

2. True - You probably poked him too.

3. False - You're a book-smart Kitty.

4. True - Ms. Hose Lover

5. See answer #1.

6. True - But you're going to grow up by the age of forty, and move out on your own.

7. True - Ass-backwards, for a non-religious chick.

8. False - But it's bull-shit.

9. False

10. True - And, dark chocolate, too (see, 'Wayne').

11. False

12. True - See answer #1.

13. True - It's how you save-sanity, around all of those rug-rats.

14. False - But you tagged ALL of their male descendents.

15. True - Of course you did.

... I don't believe in "luck".

Feel free to crack asshole, perpetual masterbator, or emotional, little, love struck rain-bitch jokes, at my place anytime. [:P]

~Love you, honey... Brian  @---->---

vernae69 said...

1. False

2. True

3. False

4. True...and I'm still jealous...although I  did fuck a fireman, and I married a      Marine.

5. False

6. True

7. True

8. False, I hope. Haven't you learned anything from me?  Enjoy being alone! I crave it!

9. False

10. False

11. False?  Do you want one?

12. True

13. True

14. Sure why not?  I'm related to Cleopatra and Pochahontas!

15. True, only because I just got done watching Maury Povich ;)~

Yeah, so what, I hardly fucking know ya, never claimed to anyway! SO HA!

Nae luvs her no-allergy invoking Kitty!