Sunday, April 17, 2005

What to do....

Grace had her first formal recital practice tonight for her tap routine.  Frankly, I'm at my wit's end with her in this class.  

She was the only one who would not sit still and wait her turn.  There were girls there younger than she is and none of them did what she was doing either.  I'm sure she was overwhelmed because they practiced all the parts in 'Peter Pan', so the whole school was there.   

But she does the same thing in class.  While all the other girls are sitting by the wall, waiting to practice their turns, Gracie is going around the room, on all fours, in her own little world.  

I'm not sure if she is just too young to get it (though as I stated, no one else does this but her) or if she has a low attention span, or maybe she has ADHD or ADD, or just plain hyper!  She never stops and can go to 5 different things in a matter of seconds....  

I got so frustrated at practice, I told another mother I may not even bring her to the recital and she sure didn't try to change my mind.... I think I may have noted a little smile, too. 

After all the cash I've spent, I wanted her to at least finish the year out.... but how can I be comfortable putting her on a stage with other dancers if she is going to act like this?!  

I certainly don't want to ruin the recital for them, they are very good and worked hard.  Mom tells me I'm just embarrassed, and well... yeah, I am... but I still don't want all the people at the show pointing and tsk-tsking my kid....  

When we went to the Children's Museum, a mother of a boy in a different class knew who Grace was, so I got paranoid about her actions in school.  I wonder if she does the same thing at preschool--notsit still, listen,follow directions, or pay attention.  

I already think she has that reputation--you know the kid that all the parents know because their kid comes home and says 'Grace did this today'.   

I think she just wants everyone to watch her all the time.  Whenever we have company here, she always wants all their attention.  She yells over conversations, so someone will talk to her.... again.  Of course, it doesn't help that I'm the only one who stops her.  

I am just frustrated and needed to vent.  I'll talk to her dance instructor and maybe I can get some reassurance from her.... or at least an escape plan for chaotic behavior at show time   :)  

Hope you guys had a great weekend~  



djzgirl71 said...

Don't feel bad my youngest two do the same thing and they are 2 1/2 and 5.  She is still young and will most likely outgrow this phase.  In the meantime, vent away!!!!!!!!


delela1 said...

I have to agree with the previous post Cat.  I'm having a sense of deja vu after reading this entry.  Grace will grow out of it.  My niece Chelsea was exactly the same...exactly.   I fully understand the wit's end you're at, but take heart.  All the children knew who Chelsea was, but that was more because Chelsea is a bi-racial child and therefore looked different than the majority of the kids in her class. Chelsea is now a lovely, quiet 15 year old and at times I can't believe the amazing transformation.  And her mother, Lana, is not a quiet, laid back person.  She's very hyper, still.  Chelsea's the one who mellowed out.  :)


redbaranjj said...

A lot of what Grace is going thru is her age.  Josh still hasn't learned that he can't talk when someone is having a conversation...and if the room doesn't revolve around him he will just get I think that is pretty normal on Grace's part too.  I would talk to the dance teacher and see what she the mean time...hang in there, and vent away...

happysunshien said...

Grace will grow out of it!  My Kadie did the same thing and guess what she did on Friday?  Tried out for drill team officer.

AFter 100 a month, $45 each for 4 costumes.... and endless hours of practice?  Kadie Dawn stood on the stage at age 4 and played with the fringe on her video tape to prove it AND I also have tons of video tape to prove she knew all the wasnt in a dancing mood the day of recital! patient ...she will come out of it...And as for those other parents?  Their daughters will be wanting to quit cause Mom put too much pressure on them at an early age whereas Grace will enjoy it and do it longer....You cannot expect perfect performances from girls that young..period!



sarajanesmiles said...

I agree with all the other comments on this Cat.  Maybe all the kids know Grace because she is popular, maybe the other Mum smiled because she understood.  Try not to worry too much my dear.
Sara   x

vernae69 said...

Well, she's too young to be tested, but you already knew that, so sit tight Kitty, it gets worse before it gets better.  I aint sugar coating got your hands full and you know it, at least you can admit it and are aware of it...some people just go about their business like their kid is just hyper and don't do a damn thing about it.  I'd be embarrased as well..which is why I prolonged Julie's dance school start date.  She's gonna be the one who gets all pissy because no one else is listening or doing something wrong...she's just like me!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Definitely talk to the teacher about it, don't go on the notion of what the other mom acted like.  
Pey's always been hyper and has a hard time focusing on things and finishing something she starts.  I think they'll grow out of it, but it helps to get support from her teachers and such.  Pey's teacher told me that Pey needs more confidence in herself, that she doesn't answer soemthing if she thinks' she may be wrong...helped me figure out some ways to help Pey.  
good stuff, pey's been doing better...just takes time and patience.  but a book sure would help!