Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Today things....

Work today was okay.  It seems as though we called the same 3 kid's names over and over and over... all day.  The other kids are picking up some of these bad habits, too.  My sweet 'Ziggy-girl' is starting to lay on top of the other kids, thanks to one of the boys.  Good thing she only weighs about 10 pounds.  

Of course, these new kids are barely over a year old and mixed in with kids who are close enough to 2.  One boy is moving next week to the 2's class and we are getting a girl to replace him.  We will have two of each, then-Ava, Emily, and Caroline (we call them by their last names, too in this situation).  

These new kids can't speak yet... so they scream instead, which makes Mrs. Lead, and the Assts. go crazy.  And yeah, I admit it got on my nerves, too.  But I just tell them to stop screaming and try to get them to talk instead.  Don't get me wrong, my coworkers do that, too-it just seems to get on their nerves faster.  

And they're passing around a nasty cough and lovely thick green stuff slowly dripping from their adorable little noses...  oh yeah, and low-grade fevers. 

I'll give a few parents credit that keep their sick children home (or make other arrangements), but for the ones that bring them in on scheduled doses of Tylenol, hacking like they all have the croup ... I'd like to thank them-- for contaminating the other kids, their families, us and our families~bunch of inconsiderate 'stuck-ficks' (use your imagination ;)  

And get this~one of the sick on scheduled doses of Tylenol kid's mother came in twice today to take the older sister to the freaking eye doctor!  Then didn't show up to get her little one until 5:30~ and asked me how she was today... hee hee hee...  

I told her, not this bluntly mind you~ she coughing something horrible, so bad she wakes herself up after 45 minutes of nap time almost puking.  Her nose bled.  (She asked me how much)  The baby didn't pick it, or touch it, or anything~and big drop slowly made its way down her upper lip.  It stopped with a little pressure, but still...  it bled, unprovoked.  She is on inhalers for asthma, too... guess she's heading to the doc tomorrow.  

I'm happy I've perfected biting my tongue.... or at least waiting to rant to you guys about it ;)  I'd lose my job, if not....  

Okay, I'm done now.  

Dad said the girl did very well in dance class today  :)  Except for scooting around on the floor in front of the other girls, she stood there and followed her dance teacher... Cool! 

I've been struggling with re- enrolling her for next year there or not.  I want her to be involved in something... but they've suggested a morning class and they have one on Tuesdays, so I could take her again.  I have to check the deadline on the registration form.  

I didn't watch American Idol tonight~because I watch LOST instead~ but I'm glad I didn't see it!  What the hell is wrong with people?  That's all I have to say about that....  

Then I watched 'Revelations'.... you don't even have to speak Bible to understand it.  It is so good! And it explains everything as it goes.  My guess is most people, even non-religious ones, have read the Revelations Chapter of the Bible.  It's one of the most interesting, for sure :)  

Mom is having surgery on her leg Friday.  She has varicose veins pretty bad and is getting them closed off <shiver>  Post-op instructions say to stay off of it for a little while and only do light walking after 4 days. 

Think we're going to have to keep her medicated in order to accomplish that task.  She was talking about mowing the lawn this weekend!  I said you can't cut the grass, you'll be in bed. She loves to mow the yard... something I did not inherit  :)  

I don't know how I'm going to keep Grace from begging Mom to do stuff.  She loves it when her Nana takes her to the park and stuff like that.  Hope the rain keeps up until Mom can get around, because she hates telling her grand-baby no.  I'll find a way to keep her busy, though.  

Well, I think that's all from me tonight.... time to grab a Dove dark chocolate covered cherry royale ice cream nugget  ;)  

Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow~  



redbaranjj said...

OMG!!  What was that mother thinking???  I mean if you can't make other arrangements it's one thing...but man...the poor little thing!!  She needed to be home in loving arms!!  :::shaking my head:::  Don't get me started...I mean come on...Josh didn't just pick up Strep from no where...some kid at school has it and is passing it around now.  
Glad to hear Gracie had a great day in dance class!!  WTG Gracie!!
Good luck to your Mom...let me know how it goes...they say I will need that done in a few years!!  UGH!!
Umm... are you sharing that lovely sounding Dove nugget?  

vernae69 said...

Kids suck, American Idol sucks, everything sucks!!!

mum24boyz said...

I have one word for you:! It's the single most effective way to reduce the spread of germs. A simple runny nose/cough is not the end of the world for your classroom...but if the child has a fever, they should be at home.  might I suggest you add some extra handwashing time, and throw open some windows in your classroom to offset the one or two kids sneezing/coughing in the class??

Robyn :)

judithheartsong said...

you have got a lot going on! So nice to "see" you!!!!! judi

otto9613944 said...

i think it is amazing when i read about you and these kids. i freak out way too much to be around kids. i would try to start a miniture ultimate fighting championships or something. i am probably going to hell just for saying that. hope you don't get sick....have a great day and good luck with the tiny ones. read ya soon, dave....

cneinhorn said...

yes, chocolate will fix anything, LOL...well almost anything :-)


quartrlyfecrysis said...

Thank those parents for me too!  I just love paying the doctor and Kleenex all that freaking money ;)
I hope all goes well with your mom's surgery, hell I'd come mow the grass for her, I love it too for some reason.  It's soothing to me, yeah I'm odd.