Monday, April 25, 2005

It is today...

Today was picture day for the girl's dance class.  You know, the company I posted an entry on being so outrageous in price.  I don't know, maybe there is something wrong with me, but I don't get excited over this kind of stuff.  

One mother has two girls in class, 3 and 5 yrs old, who are totally adorable.  She had both their costumes in garment bags, the costumes neatly laid out with all the accessories set in just perfectly.  I show up with G's costumes in the plastic bag one gets from the grocery.  Do I care?  Maybe for a second, until I realize I'm not that anal, either...  

Their outfits are not made of wrinkling material~I mean they are body suits with sequins sewn on, that's all... no frilly lace or tulle, that may not handle being tossed into a bag, so I did.  They looked just as cute on my baby as they did on hers and the other girls.  

The other thing was- the place was so unorganized!  When Gracie and I arrived, the sisters were getting their individual pictures taken in their 'Island' costumes.  I was getting Grace's individual shot done in the 'Crocodile' outfit, because the group photo was going to be in the 'Island' costumes~and I had no intention of buying an individual in the 'Island' one.  

So instead of taking all the individual 'Island' pictures first, they kept changing the sets to accommodate whoever was next.  I can't tell you how many times the scenery was changed back and forth, but it made little time-saving sense to me....  

We arrived at 10:45 and did not get out of there until 12:45!  Two hours to take pictures.... needless to say, the girl was tired and uncooperative by the time the group shot rolled around.  The poor photographer took umpteen shots of the group, but there was always a kid moving at the wrong time.  She got one good picture after 15-20 attempts.  But she was so awesome at her job!  

She still couldn't get my girl to smile.  A real one.  Grace is great at the fake smile when you tell her to do so.  But, I got a great picture of her in her Croc outfit, playing a sleeping crocodile on a log!  She was the only one who would do it, too.  The other little girly-girls cried when they were asked to sleep on the log.  Not my baby~she's a nature freak like her Momma  :)   

She kept talking the whole time she was getting her picture taken about how the crocodile needed to go get her babies because they are about to hatch  :)  And how we needed to keep the 'Poppy' Crocodile away because he doesn't like babies and he'd eat them!   

Her dance instructors (who were in the room) and the photographer were laughing so hard, I'm surprised we got any shots taken.  They loved her imagination and Ms. Ashley (G's teacher) said that Gracie is always telling them stories in class while they're dancing.  I guess it's good that she's imaginative... just wish she could turn some of that into learning and paying attention, but all in due time....  

She has her preschool class pictures tomorrow and I hope she will behave since I won't be there for those.  I bought her a cute outfit last week, when it was 75-80F outside.  The high was 60 today and maybe rain tomorrow, so that outfit is out of the question  :(   Yeah, I live in the Midwest, so you know I was dreaming... lol.  

Means scrambling to find something 'decent' for her to wear.  I would dress her up, but she plays on the ground so much~it would destroy a dress, not to mention stockings and her knees!  But I'll come up with something before its time.  

I had to go to work after the pictures were done today.  When I got there, all the kids were still on their cots, some not sleeping, but made to lie there anyway.  Not sure how I feel about that.  I mean some of the kids are awake, why not put them at the tables and do something rather than make them stay on their cots?  Its not like they are going to go back to sleep!  

When they finally allowed them to get up, it was almost afternoon snack time (anywhere from 2:45-3:00) and the kids are all on their cots before 11:45.  So that is at least 1 1/2 hours of lying there since most of them only sleep 1-1 1/2 hours.  I'm so happy I never had to put my girl in daycare.....  The structured part, I like and think kids get a lot out of it.  But when kids are singled out by their caregivers, it bugs me.  It has its ups and downs, I reckon....  

We only had 14 kids today, so it was pretty calm.  We have two kids now that do nothing but absolutely test you and their limits, one boy and one girl.  You can say their names 100 times and they will not respond.  They will not even look at you some the time (so we know they can hear).   

The boy does nothing but push kids down and lays on top of them, or he bonks them in head with toys~intentionally!  His mom just had a baby girl 2 weeks ago Sunday by emergent C-section.  One of my coworkers asked why is he here if his mom is at home?  I said because she had a baby by section!  No way she can lift him or chase him around.  {This is why I can't stand working around women sometimes~the gossip is horrendous}. She said 'oh, yeah...'   Grrrr~   

It shouldn't matter when or why the kids are there.  They are there.  Period. 

The girl, her mom is a smoker, and she was hacking something horrible today.  So I said it sounded like she had caught what the other kids had last week.  And my coworker responded 'No, that's smoky's kid'...  I wanted to slap the bitch silly.   

But instead I said "I've smoked since my kid was 6 months old and she has never sounded like that and neither has this child before, so that is not the reason.  I'll be sure and talk to her mom when she comes in tonight."  That shut her up.  I'm more concerned about whooping cough and its comeback.  But she takes toys away from other kids all day.  Like she can't think to go get one herself or she just wants what they have.  

This is a Christian Daycare, too..... I've never met more judgmental people in my life.  I've made my position very clear there.  I am there for the kids and to make some cash,  not to be friends, or make buddies, or to be saved.  I believe how I believe and I like it that way.  I know what I think to be true and how to live my life accordingly.  I don't need help or someone to tell me weekly or more.  I know.  

So, I keep my mouth shut (for now) and observe, because that is what I do best.  I am a watcher.  Of people, of climates, of knowledge, and of history.... my eyes are aware and my mind takes notes.  But they don't need to know that yet  ; )  

And I've gone rambling, again.  

On a final note, do you all have you Cat House alerts set?  It's about to be updated soon  ; )  Be sure to load the main page and check out it's theme song.....  

Have a great night, my friends :)  



louie0768 said...

Hi again.

Wow, you and I have a lot in common actually. I am from the Midwest also so can relate to your weather conundrum. I run my own daycare out of my home but once worked in a facility and felt like I worked at a cattle ranch so returned to my home to run my own. At least there I knew the kids were being well taken care of and no one would yell at me for holding them or hugging them. I hated working at a center. I worked in the toddler room with 14-15 kids a day. I loved the kids but hated the way the adults treated them.

And last but not least, I had 3 daughters in dance at one time. It was VERY expensive, and picture day, I won't even go was horrible. I think my least favorite part was sitting through 3 1/2 hours of dance recitals 3 nights in a row. I loved to watch the first night but two shows a day the other 2 days, well, lets just say by the end of the dance season, I was ready for a break.

We kept one of our daughters in dance until she was able to join the school dance team which was MUCH cheaper and she was able to express herself more in her dance but ultimately she ended up quitting. I do miss 'dolling' up my little girls but they aren't so little anymore. Just glad to have the memories, whether they are bad or good.

I love your attitude about children. I may not always agree with the parent who drops their kids off so they can go home and eat bonbons all day but ultimately, I love having the wee ones around. They brighten up any day.

I hope you don't mind if I link you on my journal. I may not have a very non conservative outlook on things either but I am open minded and patient. If you disagree with something, well, I'll just disagree right back. ;)

thanks for the link.

sarajanesmiles said...

Lol, I always stuff things in plastic bags from the grocery store!  They are perfect for that kind of thing aren't they.  Grace sounds so cute, being a sleeping crocodile, and I love her imagination :o)  Will we get to see the pics?
Can't stand gossipy judgemental people, sadly they usually are women aren't they!
Sara   x

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Woman, this is what I love about you.  That you won't give in to the gossip, that you'll stand up and say, 'quit being pretentious bitch' ;)~  I'm the same way, when people start talking around me, I shut up..I listen and I remember.  I hate when all people can do is pick on or put down other people, especially when that's all they have to say.
Oh yeah, and I'm that anal mom with the freaking ironed pants, neatly hung on color coordinated hangers, lined up from order of weather appropriate!  go ahead, kick me in the forehead, I need it!  I swear it, I'm going to go take a picture of Pey's closet.  I am that anal ;)~

djzgirl71 said...

I agree with Bernie>>>>> OoOoOOOoooo...the Cat House?  I can't wait!


redbaranjj said...

OMG!!  I would go nuts working with those women!!  UGH!!  You have the patience of a saint Cat!!  
I bet Gracie's pictures will be the cutests ones of all!!  I hope you post them in you journal!!  :)

vernae69 said...

I've been on both sides...why is this kid here if he's sick and his Mom is home?  Oh dump your kid here and go shopping?  Yes, I have said those things, but we all know women can blame such ignorant words on hormones...and I gots lots of em!

cneinhorn said...

that would drive me crazy! LOL

the link didn't work for me, am I missing something, out of the loop (as usual)?