Thursday, September 30, 2004

Short and Sweet

On the Presidential Debate  

Point one:  Mr. Bush remarked that the terrorists know a free Iraq and a free Afghanistan will mean the terrorists will lose their fight.  Is his plan to exterminate all the extremists who refuse to follow the democratic system?  How is that democracy?  Isn't the point of democracy to be able to agree to disagree and live together anyway? Then what, again, is his plan for those in this country who chose to go against our democratic system?  We only went after the militia, the KKK, the Mafia, and the Cults when they got too much control.  There are people who do not pay taxes because they say it is unconstitutional.  Are they being hunted down?  No.  We don't act on those factions until they are out of hand.  So, why Saddam Hussein?  Why Iraq when there were other obvious threats simultaneously?  The world is safer without Hussein, no doubt.  But what about all the genocides in Africa?  Where is our army fighting those terrorists?   What about North Korea and their boldness with test firing nukes?  What about Iran gaining more nuclear capability?  Who is to say that changing them will be better?  And better for who?  The Iraqi's do not want the same freedoms we have, especially the sex part.  Why can't we respect a culture that follows religious rule?  Is that wrong?  Seems like when families were more whole than blended, more church-going on Sunday than sport-watching, sat at the dinner table without the tv on (not to mention home-cooked meals) our country was stronger.  Maybe it's just me.

For those who haven't read me before, again I will say that I am an Independent.  I will vote for the person I feel will lead my country in a positive direction with the world.  I have voted both Republican and Democrat.  I also voted for Bush in 2000.  I was wrong. 

Weekend Assignment #27

I have to do this now because I don't know if I'll get time later, so here it is:

Weekend Assignment #27: There are 12 months in the year. Which is your favorite? Give us one good reason why.

Extra Credit: Which month comes in second?

October is my favorite month because it is officially birthday season!  First my "nephew's" (friend's son) birthday is on the 5th, my birthday (6th), my mom's (8th), my aunt Lauri's (16th), my dad's (23rd), and my best friend Johnny's (30th).  My poor brother, the only one not an Oct. baby (May).  Then there is Halloween... and yes, I still dress up to walk with 'my kids' through the neighborhood.  Finally, I am a winter baby so October's arrival just means my time of year has come.

Extra Credit:  Second favorite month is December.  I just adore walking outside on a snowy evening and seeing all the houses lit up with Holiday Cheer.


Today's Heated Discussion

My friend, Kelly, and I got into a rather heated discussion about immunizations and Autism.  Kelly has a 3 1/2 year-old, Katie, who she choose not to immunize because she heard there may be a connection between getting your kid immunized and them developing autism.    I, in fact, think this is totally wrong.  Symptoms of autism tend to appear after kids are about a year old.  The measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) shot is given between 12-15 months old.  So, parents of children who had received the MMR vaccine and then diagnosed as autistic, around the same time assumed the MMR vaccine was the cause.  (This was the reason I was at WebMd this morning).  Here's what they say: 
Vaccines and Autism

The following information is being provided to help address concerns recently expressed in press reports about a possible association between developmental disorders such as autism and vaccines.

1. What is autism?

Autism is a chronic developmental disorder. The main characteristics of autism are problems in social interaction, communication, and restrictive and repetitive interests and activities.

Autism may be initially noted in infancy as impaired attachment, but it is most often first identified in toddlers, mostly boys, from 18 to 30 months of age. Boys are 3 to 4 times more likely to be afflicted with autism than girls. Girls as a group, however, may be more severely affected. Correct diagnosis of autism depends on an accurate developmental history focused on types of behaviors typical of autism and on evaluation of current functional skills. Approximately 75 percent of persons with autism are mentally retarded. Less than 5 percent of children with autistic traits have fragile X or some other, known chromosomal abnormality.

Although there is no cure, autism is treatable. Symptoms associated with autism often improve, as children start to acquire language and learn how to communicate their needs.

2. What are the known causes of autism?

The causes of autism are unknown in most cases. In a few cases, biologic causes have been identified, although none are unique to autism. Some prenatal factors include intrauterine rubella; tuberous sclerosis; chromosomal abnormalities, such as Down's syndrome; as well as brain abnormalities, such as hydrocephalus. Frequently cited postnatal conditions associated with autism are untreated phenylketonuria, infantile spasms, and herpes simplex encephalitis. In the majority of cases, however, no underlying cause can be identified.

The current theory favored by many experts is that autism is a genetically-based disorder that occurs before birth (Piven 1997). Studies of persons with autism are finding abnormalities in brain structures that develop in the first few weeks of gestation (that is, while the fetus is in the womb) (Rodier 1998). Evidence that genetics is an important, but not exclusive, cause of autism includes a three to 8 percent risk of recurrence in families with one affected child. A working group convened by the National Institutes of Health in 1995 reached a consensus that autism is a genetic condition. An issue unresolved by the group was the role of immune factors in autism spectrum disorders; it was suggested that studies to clarify the situation are needed.

3. Is there any scientific evidence that provides a link between autism and vaccines?

To date there is no convincing evidence that any vaccine can cause autism or any kind of behavioral disorder. A suspected link between measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism has been suggested by some parents of children with autism. Typically, symptoms of autism are first noted by parents as their child begins to have difficulty with delays in speaking after age one. MMR vaccine is first given to children at 12 to 15 months of age. Therefore autism cases with an apparent onset within a few weeks after MMR vaccination may simply be an expected but unrelated chance occurrence.

The only evidence that has been presented to suggest that MMR vaccine may be associated with autism has been published by the Lancet (Wakefield et al 1998 ). An editorial published in the same issue, however, discussed concerns about the validity of the study (Chen and DeStefano 1998). Based on data from 12 patients, Wakefield and colleagues speculated that MMR vaccine may have been the possible cause of bowel problems which led to a decreased absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients which resulted in developmental disorders like autism. No scientific analyses were reported, however, to substantiate the theory. Whether this series of 12 cases represent an unusual or unique clinical syndrome is difficult to judge without knowing the size of the patient population and time period over which the cases were identified. If there happened to be selective referral of patients with autism to the researchers' practice, the reported case series may simply reflect such referral bias. Moreover, the theory that autism may be caused by poor-absorption of nutrients due to bowel inflammation is not supported by the clinical data. In at least 4 of the 12 reported cases, behavioral problems appeared before the onset of symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (that is, the effect preceded the cause). Furthermore, since publication of their original report in February of 1998, Wakefield and colleagues have published another study in which highly specific laboratory assays in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, the posited mechanism for autism after MMR vaccination, were negative for measles virus (Chadwick 1998, Duclos 1998).

Other recent investigations also do not support a causal association between MMR (or other measles-containing vaccines) and autism or inflammatory bowel disease. In one investigation, a Working Party on MMR Vaccine of the United Kingdom's Committee on Safety of Medicines (1999) was charged with the evaluation of several hundred reports, collected by a firm of lawyers, of autism, Crohn's disease, or similar disorders developing after receipt of MMR or MR vaccines. The Working Party conducted a systematic, standardized review of parental and physician information. Although acknowledging that it is impossible to prove or refute the suggested associations (because of variable data quality, biased selection of cases, and lack of a control group), the Working Party concluded that the information available "... did not support the suggested causal associations or give cause for concern about the safety of MMR or MR vaccines."

A study by Taylor and colleagues provides population-based evidence that overcomes many of the limitations faced by the Working Party and by Wakefield and colleagues (Taylor 1999; DeStefano and Chen 1999). The authors identified all 498 known cases of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in certain districts of London born in 1979 or later and linked them to an independent regional vaccination registry. ASD includes classical autism, atypical autism, and Asperger's syndrome, but the results were similar when cases of classical autism were analyzed separately. The authors first showed that the known number of ASD cases has been increasing since 1979 and there was no jump after the introduction of MMR vaccine in 1988. Second, they found that cases vaccinated before 18 months of age had similar ages at diagnosis as did cases who had been vaccinated after 18 months or not vaccinated, indicating that vaccination does not result in earlier expression of autistic characteristics. Third, they showed that at age two years the MMR vaccination coverage among the ASD cases was nearly identical to coverage in children in the same birth cohorts in the whole region, providing evidence of an overall lack of association with vaccination. Finally, Taylor and colleagues showed that the first diagnosis of autism or initial signs of behavioral regression were not more likely to occur within time periods following vaccination than during other time periods. A weak statistical association was found between MMR vaccination and initial parental concern, but this appears to have been due to parents' difficulty in recalling precise age at onset and a preference for approximating the age as 18 months.

A study of the population of children in two communities in Sweden also found no evidence of an association between MMR vaccination and autism (Gillberg and Heijbel 1998). That study found no difference in the prevalence of autism in children born after the introduction of MMR vaccination in Sweden compared with children born before.

4. Is there a theoretical possibility that there is a connection between autism and MMR vaccine or any other vaccine?

If measles vaccine, or any other vaccine, causes autism then it would have to be a very rare occurrence since millions have children have received vaccines without ill health effects.

In January 1990, an Institute of Medicine committee examining possible health effects associated with DPT vaccine concluded that there was no evidence to indicate a causal relation between DPT vaccine or the pertussis component of DPT vaccine and autism. Also, data obtained from CDC's Monitoring System for Adverse Events Following Immunization (MASAEFI) system, showed no reports of autism occurring within 28 days of DPT immunization from 1978-1990, a period in which approximately 80.1 million doses of DPT vaccine were administered in the United States.

From January 1990 through February 1998, only 15 cases of autism behavior disorder after immunization were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). Because of the small number of reports over an 8 year period, the cases reported are likely to represent unrelated chance occurrences that happened around the time of vaccination. The most frequent vaccines cited in the reports were diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (DPT), oral polio vaccine (OPV), and MMR. Other vaccines reported as having a possible association with autism were Haemophilus influenzae type B and Hepatitis B.

Recently, the National Childhood Encephalopathy Study (NCES) was examined to see if there was any link between measles vaccine and neurological events. Researchers in England found no indication that measles vaccine contributes to the development of long term neurological damage, including educational and behavioral deficits (Miller et al 1997).

With whooping cough on the rise again, and Kelly's concerns..I am wondering how many parents choose not to vaccinate their kids?  I'm proud to say that my baby has had all hers and I have kept her current and will continue to do so.   What about you?  What are your thoughts on vaccines?


Vioxx Recalled

Well, I guess it finally happened.....Merck must have gotten proof that its miracle anti-inflammatory drug, Vioxx, does indeed increase the chance heart attacks and strokes (by 50%!!).  There have been indications of this since the drug's release, but they did not know of the correlations.    This is from WebMd

The move comes after a recent clinical trial linked the arthritis drug to these potentially fatal conditions. The company says trial data show an increased risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems began 18 months after patients started taking Vioxx. The study did not show any increased risk of confirmed problems in the first 18 months.

The three-year study of 2,600 people was initially targeted to show that Vioxx at a 25-milligram dose prevents recurrence of polyps in the colon and rectum. But it was stopped early after Merck discovered a higher risk of heart attack and stroke associated with the medication.

"We are taking this action because we believe it best serves the interests of patients," says Raymond V. Gilmartin, Merck's chairman, president, and chief executive officer.

This is not the first time there has been evidence linking Vioxx to heart attack. A study earlier this year showed that patients taking more than 25 milligrams a day had triple the risk for heart problems. Another study showed that Vioxx doubled the risk of heart attack in patients taking blood pressure medication.

Vioxx has been one of Merck's blockbuster drugs in a class of Cox-2 inhibitors, which are used to relieve arthritis and joint pain.

Merck says patients who are currently taking Vioxx should contact their health care provider to discuss discontinuing Vioxx and possible alternative treatments. Patients and health care providers can obtain more information by calling (888) 36-VIOXX (1-888-368-4699).

"Merck did the right thing by promptly reporting these findings to FDA and voluntarily withdrawing the product from the market," says acting FDA Commissioner Lester M. Crawford, MD, in a news release.

"Although the risk that an individual patient would have a heart attack or stroke related to Vioxx is very small, the study that was halted suggests that, overall,patients taking the drug chronically face twice the risk of a heart attack compared to patients receiving a placebo."

The FDA says it will closely monitor other drugs in this class for similar side effects. "All of the NSAID [non-steroidal anti-inflammatory] drugs have risks when taken chronically, especially of gastrointestinal bleeding, but also liver and kidney toxicity. They should only be used continuously under the supervision of a physician," says Crawford.

SOURCES: Wire reports. WebMD Medical News: "More Evidence Vioxx Increases Heart Risks." News release, Merck. FDA.

My now 30-year-old, ex-boyfriend, Mohammed, was on this drug (he may still be) for a side effect of ulcerative colitis (that was a dreadful ordeal in itself).  Because of his age, I don't suspect he'd be at risk for these things yet...but one never knows.  

I have a real problem with running to medications that are relatively new to the market.  I understand drugs go through much research and clinical studies, but my problem is with the long-term effects.  The turnover rate for new drugs on the market from competitors will not allow for ten, or even five year test trials.  So, even the drug-makers do not know the long term effects.

In Mohammed's case, if he didn't take the drug daily, his knee would swell up so bad, it would seep.  I wonder if he still had that problem, and if so, hat's he going to do?  He tried Celebrex to no avail.  He was on Prednisone, but that really shouldn't be taken for prolonged periods, either.  So what are the people who rely on drug going to do now?  I wonder if people taking Vioxx that did have a heart attack or stroke are going to sue Merck now?  Just like what happened with Phen-Fen.....

Are we a nation too consumed by miracle drugs and pharmaceutical companies?  My mom has been a nurse for over 40 years.  Now she works for a For-Profit Surgery Center, which means they get many, many visits from drug reps peddling their pills.  They also get free lunches for the entire staff from these reps. Not to mention all the little doo-dads that they just hand out...pads of paper, pens, mugs, magnets, etc.  I wonder why we pay more for drugs than other countries?!?!   I feel for those who use this drug and now have nothing to turn to......


Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I hate it when mommy's sick

Whewww, what a day!  Half of the cleaning done (including 2nd story windows~YEA).  Grace finally got to go to bed, but still woke up pretty grumpy :sigh:  My aunt came by and brought 2 new books... and one is a read it yourself book (Oh, thank God....Short is really into the big books with bunches of stories in it).  So that book has become our favorite...for now.  When Nana (my mom) got home, Grace got to open her presents, and eat her cake (small store bought ice-cream cake...mommy didn't feel like creating today)..then off to bed with her.       As for me, well, I've had it for the day.  My nose is starting to stop up *joy* and I have this dry cough that keeps tickling my throat **joy, joy**.  We have restocked the Nyquil supply and I'm about to tap into it.   I'm eating Cold-Eeze like candy, but you are supposed to have 6 of them in a day.  So, hopefully this will go away soon, I have way too much to do......get balloons (can't have them here b4 her party~they won't, make her cake (she gets one all to herself), and the adult cake (this year's experiment was 'Inside-out cake' and it went over very well), then finish cleaning and spot cleaning, go thru her toys to make room for the new ones (can anyone say Goodwill?), take said toys away or put them up for later, and whatever else I'm forgetting....its all a huge blank.   I'm starting to remember why I didn't want Grace to be around a bunch of kids often, especially during this time of year.  Oh well, I can't keep her under lock and key ( and I guess she does need to build immunities, but I don't.... so next time she gets sick, I'm going to have to double up on preventatives :::gulping Nyquil:::   Night all, tomorrow's a better day...

Today is going okay so far.  I had to go to Grace's dad's to get a check this morning.  Its an hour car ride and I think it wore Grace out because she refused to dance in class.  When her teacher, Miss Ashley, asked her to do something..she flat out said no.  Then proceeded to yell at the class to be quiet so she could take her nap (right there in the middle of the dance floor).  All the moms laughed, except for this one older lady (she's a classmates grandma) who seems to have a problem with me (or my kid).  I always get nasty looks from her!!  Well, she can bite me.  This is for Grace.  Let me say this though:  this place is a new studio, but the owner has another one where most these girls came from, and they are all blue-eyed blondes.  Hmmm.... wonder if I messed up their recital picture dreams by bringing my brown-haired, brown eyed, brown-skinned beauty to the class??  Tough, too bad.  My baby will always stand out, and not just because she's the cutest one there either!!!  :::Big Mommy Smiles:::   Ok, enough about that.     The rest of the day, I'll be tackling windows and floors, and the store at some point.  I had little sleep last night because I was coughing every 5 minutes, then Grace woke up at 5:00 am.... ugh... but went back to sleep until 7:45, so I must get sleep tonight....getting Nyquil at the store :)   Birthday Girl says thanks for all the warm wishes and her Momma's got the bestest friends in the whole wide world!   Til next time...   Cat

My Medieval Name

This one is from Tammie's blog.  My name is:


Your medieval name is: Gweneveire. You are innocent, quiet, beautiful and angelic. You harbor an inner beauty and you usually keep to yourself, following the lines of conformity. You're totally innocent and loyal.

Actually, I'm pretty sure my name would've been the same it is today (Catherine was around then too).  But, it was fun.   Cat

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

What type of soul are you?

And yet another.....from Something to talk about   What type of soul are you?     You have a free soul! As all the souls go, yours is the most free-spirited and adventurous. You like camping, hiking, or interaction with other people(love all that). You're a social butterfly, but not because of your style, but because of your willingness to communicate with everyone. You probably have close friends who can rely on you because you always seem to know whats going on in the world (I keep myself informed). You love music (all kinds, too) and are free-spirited and someone fun to be around. A born leader and great explorer-dont ever change-the world needs more people like you.    Amen :)   There's another one, but I'll do it tomorrow.  Btw~my buddy, Stacy, could use some readers (and comments).  She's explicit (and I happen to love that about her), but get past that.  Maybe someone might have some suggestions on making her blended family (and her) happier or more peaceful.  Thanks all for helping.    Cat      

Which Pinup model are you?

There's another quiz making its way around...from Chelle's Which pinup model are you?   You're a Betty Grable!    

Birthday Blues

Normally, I'd be revved up about Gracie's birthday tomorrow and running around trying to get things done for her party on Sunday.  Maybe I'd feel that way if I wasn't sick with whatever she had last week.  But sometime today it hit me that she's, most likely, the only baby I will have and I got sad.  She's not A baby anymore **boohoo**.  She told me tonight before I put her in bed "Mommy, I want to be a baby again!"  Secretly agreeing with her, I said "You'll always be my baby girl, no matter how old you get."  This seemed to content her.  But I really miss having a baby around!!      I said I'd write about "Grace's" party earlier, so here goes that story:     My brother and I are the only kids on my dad's side of the family (mom is from Baltimore and her mom, and a sister live there, her other 2 sisters live in Pennsylvania).  So, I was the last baby born in the "Hildebrand" side, until my baby was born on 9/29/01.  Since there are no kids in the family or in the neighborhood (and all my friends' kids are 10 and older), Grace's birthday party is for the adults in our lives.  Oh, and don't feel bad for her...she gets all the attention and all the presents, although she has to fight Poppy (my dad) and her uncles to play with her toys first, she has a great time (the little ham).  She doesn't know the difference about real birthday parties yet (lol...maybe she never will **fingers crossed**). Besides, this year she has her dance class and preschool to celebrate with and take treats to.    If I had a job or a steady income, I might've taken her to Chuckie Cheese's or something...but momma's poor, so we'll make do with what we have.  Sometimes in reading through other's journals about their celebrations, I feel guilty that I can't do those things for her.  Then I snap back to reality and remember the girl is only 3, she will not remember if she went to a fancy party or out to play games when she is older.  She'll just remember that all her favorite people in the world (with the exception of the PBS Kids line-up and some Nick characters) came to celebrate her.  Happy Birthday, baby!!!

Here's a Poll for you


Ok, folks, this is beyond my normal repertoire..but I like this one.  The site is an investigation by a company who is participating in a grand experiment utilizing the Internet for gathering information. They think that they will be able to predict the election better than conventional polls, most of which have been wrong two elections in a row. 

***************** The Polling Station *********************  
Sept. 28, 2004                         219,164 Subscribers  

         Results You Will Not See Anywhere Else...  

Greetings Citizen:  

This weekly publication is something completely that  
mixes polling with unusual political insights. The commentary  
is subjective...the numbers presented are not. An open  
blend of subjective analysis and raw numbers.  

We stated last week that those that viewed MAINSTREAM PRESS,  
including CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN were MORE LIKELY to vote for  
Bush than Kerry. We received a flood of email like the one from  
Merlin below:  

"How could you possibly think that by watching CBS would make  
someone vote for President Bush?"  

First, our statement was not quite as strong as watching CBS  
or mainstream media would "make" someone vote for Bush, but  
our statement stands. Here is why.  

We have been saying that Bush's numbers go down ONLY WHEN IRAQ  
IS IN THE HEADLINES. Last week, Kerry and the mainstream press  
decided to put Iraq back in the headlines. Bush dropped a  
significant amount (see results below).  

We believe the mainstream press has NOT covered Iraq very  
well. They have allowed disinformation on Iraq to be accepted  
by 50%. Half of the people reading this right now believe  
Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9-11.  

The mainstream press, to their discredit has COLLECTIVELY done  
a poor job and the only benefactor of this miserable job has  
been Bush. If you listen to the BBC, or consume online media  
like, stop in to, read  
Asia Times online,, Viewpoint and many more  
alternative online publications, 50% would not believe this  
factual error. This factual error is key and designed for a  

I realize that we will anger 50% of our readers. Those that  
continue to believe in the fiction of a Saddam/9-11 connection.  
But that is what makes our publication unique!  

Now, the mainstream media STILL WILL DECIDE this election. They  
collectively put Clinton in the White House when Bush I had an  
approval rating of 91% after the first Gulf War. If they decide  
to dump Bush II, they will by changing the nightly news agenda.  

Pay attention to the lead stories...the images. This analysis  
is NOT pro-Kerry....nor is it anti-Bush. It is an analysis of  
MAINSTREAM MEDIA...for which we hold in complete contempt across  
the board.  

Our preference for Kerry, Bush or Nader for that matter is not  
even close to the issue. The way the media presents polls, the  
way they cover the news, etc. is all designed to manipulate us.  
THIS is our bias...not for one candidate over another.  

That is why we ask an interesting question this week. Are these  
candidates the best we can muster? Please participate!  

Henry, Jane and the Polling Station team  

PS. To reach us, please do not reply to this message.  
Give us feedback or your comments by visiting:  


Tell your friend(s) to take the National Presidential  
Preference Poll by visiting:  


                 Last Week's Question  

Do you believe gays and lesbians should have the right to  
marry with full partner benefits?  

         N = 17,793  error +/- .5%  

....... Yes  ......  No   ....  Undec ....  
Bush  ... 9.3%  .... 86.3% ....   4.4% ....  
Kerry ...69.6%  .... 22.4% ....   8.0% ....  
Nader ...56.3%  .... 39.8% ....   4.0% ....  
Undec ...50.7%  .... 43.7% ....   5.6% ....  

Over all nationwide results:  

38.4% believe in gay marriage with full benefits  
55.6% believe we should not have gay marriage with full benefits  
6.0% are undecided  

We found a question that almost all people have an opinion.  
This is the lowest "undecided" percentage tabulated since  
we started doing this poll.  

      To View Past Questions & Results Visit:  


    ~~~~~~~  NEW National Question-Of-The-Week  ~~~~~~~  

     If you had the power to make any living US citizen  
     President, would Bush, Kerry or Nader be your choice?  

To retake the Presidential poll and chime in on the question  
of the week, make your voice heard, visit:  
Question of the Week

Total number of polls filled out for dates 9/17-9/24:  

     N = 17,993 Margin of error, +/- .5%  

........ Dem ........Ind ........  Rep .... Total  
Bush .... 862 ...... 2365 ........ 5546 .... 8773  
Kerry ...5501 ...... 1857 ........  199 .... 7557  
Nader ...  65 ......  240 ........   22 ....  327  
Undec. .. 333 ......  699 ........  104 .... 1136  
Below we have the trends again covering the last three weeks.  

         2 Weeks ago...Last Week...This week... Change  

Bush  ..... 53.4% ...... 50.1% ..... 49.3% .... -  .8%  
Kerry ..... 43.0% ...... 42.9% ..... 42.5% .... -  .4%  
Nader .....  1.2% ......  2.1% .....  1.8% .... -  .3%  
Undecided .  2.9% ......  2.4% .....  6.4% .... + 4.0%  

This is really fascinating. BOTH Kerry and Bush declined  
significantly. They are increasing each other's negatives.  

Which is actually easy to do because they both lend them-  
selves to negatives easily. The war in Iraq will cripple  
cannot capitalize on this very well because his policy du  
jour on Iraq is at best confusing (Today is Tuesday, we  
think he is against the war on Tuesdays...)   (they crack me up)

But the reality on-the-ground in Iraq is overwhelmingly  
terrible and IF the news gets onto the television screens,  
Bush will lose this election, completely by default.  

That is a bold prediction...with weeks to go.  


       Nationwide Independent Break Down  

A total of 5,161 voters identified themselves as  
"Independent" last week.   (I'm one)

........ Last Week .... This Week  

Bush  ....  49.1%  .....  45.8%  
Kerry ....  35.7%  .....  36.0%  
Nader ....   5.3%  .....   4.7%  
Undec ....   9.9%  .....  13.5%  

These numbers are really getting to be something else!  
How does one interpret these numbers? For the second  
straight week, Independents have fled Bush, but did not  
flock to Kerry.  

Instead, they went into the "undecided" column. Independents  
represent approximately 30% of the electorate. Kerry  
supporters hope they break for him...this is obvious. But  
there is a chance they will not vote at all...a very good  

Judging from our email, this seems highly likely.   


             Bonus - How do Women Vote  

                  N = 8,885  error +/- .5%  

Bush ..... 47.0%  
Kerry .... 43.3%  
Nader ....  1.9%  
Undec.....  7.8%  

Women are less enthusiastic for Bush than their male counter-  
parts. But they do not necessarily care much more for Kerry.  
Instead, they are more undecided...which is actually not good  
news for Bush.  

Kerry is banking on undecided voters to break his way. In order  
to make it easier for women to vote for him, Kerry has now become  
more anti-war. Women are against the war in Iraq more than men.  

Kerry does not necessarily believe in what he is saying now, he  
is now becoming convinced that he cannot win this race by being  



There are 17 states that represent the "battleground" for the  
election. We will stick with PA this week to examine.  

Pennsylvania  N = 871        error +/- 4.5%  

......... Dem ..... Ind .... Rep ... Total  

Bush .....  70 .....  27 .... 355 ... 452  
Kerry .... 321 .....  25 ....  19 ... 365  
Nader ....   3 .....   3 ....   1 ...   7  
Undec. ...  23 .....   9 ....  15 ...  47  


......... Last Week .......This Week ....Change  

Bush  .... 50.1% ..........  51.9%  .... + 1.8%  
Kerry .... 44.9% ..........  41.9%  .... - 3.0%  
Nader ....  1.1% ..........    .8%  .... -  .3%  
Undec. ...  3.9% ..........   5.4%  .... + 1.5%  

Last week, Republicans started leaving Bush. This week,  
Kerry is in deep disarray with Democrats, only getting  
77% of the Democratic vote. More people are undecided,  
but whatever Bush is doing in PA, he will keep doing  




                  N = 607 Error +/- 2.5%  

Kerry .... 46.2%  
Bush  .... 45.7%  
Nader ....  2.1%  
Undecided.  5.9%  

Wow...this is interesting. We were not even thinking this  
was a battleground state. No other poll has the race this  
close. With Barrack Obama being the new golden boy of the  
Democratic party, most people put Illinois into the "win"  
column for Kerry.  

But Bush is showing very strong and Kerry will have to  
divert money from other states now to Illinois. Unless  
Mayor Daley can get the dead people to vote in the  
same numbers as his father did in 1960, Kerry has a  
tough race in Illinois.  



                     Reader Comments  

I did not like your question.  I believe gays should get  
same benefits, but MARRIAGE is defined as man and woman.  
Same sex Union with same benefits is what I vote for.-Jason  

[We received hundreds of comments with the same sentiment.]  


Why are you soliciting voters on a sleazy joke email list?  
Are you that desperate for pollsters?  

[Why are you reading sleazy joke lists?]  


I wonder how many Bush lovers are aware of the fact that  
Bush is planning a draft in 2005 of young men and women  
ages 18 thru 25, including college students. How will the  
parents react to that news?- Ann  


I am a political poll caller for different candidates in my  
county. I call all party affiliations. It is interesting to  
me that during my calling I have more people telling me " I  
am not voting this year!" They fear the out come, no matter  
who they choose, it's going to be disastrous! - PattyAnn  


The more I receive your emails the more convinced I become  
that you are nothing more than a Kerry stooge.  PLEASE CUT  
survey work for over 40 years and you are becoming more and  
more off base from what real surveys convey. - My deer  

[Get the abacus- a dinosaur weighs in.]  


Don't people realize that a vote for Nader is a vote for  
Bush? - Mardy  


I just wanted to say again how much I am enjoying  
participating in your "experiment". Being a scientist  
myself, it is fun to see REAL STATISTICS being used for the  
prez race, not warmed over cooperate agendas. -Ranch Babe  


Anyone who believes that America is safer, or that Iraq is  
somehow related to 9/11, has most assuredly had a full  
lobotomy!  Frank  

[Over 50% of polled voters believe that Saddam had  
something to do with 9-11. The figure is over 70% of those  
who watch FOX News as their main source of News.]   (that is ridiculous, even Bush said they had nothing to do with it..though after he started he war!)


I feel like I could really support at least 3 of the last 5  
Kerry positions on Iraq. Should it be the other two that  
worry me or the fact that there are five or more? -Patrick  


I don't care if Kerry appears not to have a clear picture  
of the issues, I want Bush out of office. -Lady law  


I listen to the news, go to websites, and many other  
sources.  I've determined that none of the candidates  
running are worthy of my vote.  So guess what?  I'm not  
voting! -No Knock  


We are less safe now then we were before 9/11. George Bush  
has helped the Taliban by removing troops from Afghanistan  
to attack Iraq! -Falcon  

[Obviously you did not hear about our nabbing Yusef Islam -  
AKA Cat Stevens. THAT was a close call!]  


Stop sending me this crap.  I did not subscribe and should  
not have to Unsubscribe. -MDE kidd  

[Friends, you can only get this polling newsletter by first  
voting in the poll. We cannot manually unsubscribe thousands  
of people, so if you do not wish to receive this,  
unsubscribe. You will not be added to any list!]  


No offense, but I think you are smoking something! I hope  
you aren't part of the Old Media mindset. I don't believe  
your results. -Julie  


Who ARE you?  And what are your preferences?-LS Coin  

[We are an independent company who is participating in a  
grand experiment utilizing the Internet for gathering  
information. We think that we will be able to predict the  
election better than conventional polls, most of which have  
been wrong two elections in a row.]  

              End of Readers Comments  

This was only a representative sampling. Until next week,  
have a great week.  


Comments, Questions? VISIT US AT:  

Copyright 2004. All rights reserved.  
Feel free to forward this, in its entirety, to others.  

21st Century Campaigns  
77 West Wacker Drive #4800  
Chicago, Illinois 60601  

Take this Quiz Tuesday

Today's Tuesday Quiz is "What Season Are You?", brought to you by Heather

You're a Winter (I knew that). You very much enjoy your time alone but do like other people's company sometimes. You just need your space (yes, I do). You have a few priviledged friends who saw past your colder exterior to find the true you. You can have pretty bad mood swings (though you hate to admit it)(No, actually, I do admit it easily) so you could be soft one second then storming around the next! But over all, you're a very pleasant person once people take the time to get to know you. You're a good friend for in-depth talks. You're very talented when it comes to creative things.(I do dabble in a bit of anything creative) 

Ok, so that's that..on to other things... 

Grace's 3rd birthday is tomorrow and she has dance class, too. Her party (I say that in jest really..more later) is on Sunday..we'll do something with just us tomorrow and my aunt is coming by (my uncle's birthday is tomorrow, too) because she has to work Sunday.  My brother is trying to come up, but with getting ready to move back here..I doubt he'll make it.  Its ok..he'll be here all the time then.

So, with the party and all, that means major house cleaning.  We usually do the fall cleaning after the days don't get so warm, but since people will be here might as well get it done.  You may be thinking its no big deal, but when I get it done..I'll post an entry about it including the pictures.  Here's a hint of the job ahead...we have 31 windows in this house!  And not your nice, new, easy to open, easier to clean windows.. no, we've got the old, double paned, 5 feet tall, rope and weight, propped up on a stick kind of windows.  And the pleasure of cleaning 124 (31 x 4) panes of glass, and changing all the screens and storms, well, it is the highlight of the season...NOT!  Especially the second-story ones..ugh..nothing like dangling my fat ass out a window 20 feet up (actually, most of the lower floor windows have overhangs, so I stand on these to do the outside).   So, it will be done by the weekend and so, most likely, will I.  I'll be back later to do a party entry.   Til next time...

Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday Morning Question

(This entry contains some explicitness)


Monday Morning Question:

What protest march might somebody spot you at?

Wow, Krissy is making me get serious on this one.  I'm having a hard time narrowing it to one, so I'm going to list two.

The first would be across the street from Krissy (sorry, honey and I respect everyone's choice on this) at a pro choice rally.  Since everyone has an opinion on this, i'm leaving it at that.

The second would be an impeachment rally for Bush for lying to the country and getting us involved a war of choice. 

Come on, they did it to Clinton for lying about sex, for Pete's sake.  At least when Clinton lied, only sperm died.  Where's the democrats version of Kenneth Starr?


And I'd like to thank everyone who commented on my previous entry..I got some great tips from you experts in J-Land.  

I'm making my Oscar speech now:  Thanks Julie, Vernae, Danielle, and Angel for all the help...I'd be lost here without you.  And thanks to my girl, Stacy, for being my sounding board.  Finally, thanks to MissKitty, and Sieblonde for stopping by and saying hi.   I'll post MissKitty's link when I get it.   Til next time...

PS...Notice the font?!?!!  woooo-hooooo, its on, now!  ;)

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Top 10 things a newbie journaler should know (or ask)!

Ok, I am fairly new to journaling and in reading other people's, I want to know things to make my journal unique as well.  Now, there are very friendly, helpful people here in J~Land who are kind enough to leave how-to's posted, or drop an email to help, or even an IM.  Those people will gladly assist and they know who they are.  Having said (written) that, here's the Top 10 things that should be known:

10.  How in the H-E-double hockey sticks do I change my font options from the boring ones provided by AOL?  I have 100s in write mail, etc?!?

9.  No matter what is written, no matter how hard I try, I cannot get big, borderless pictures unless I copy them from a webpage, other than my own!?! (and yes they are all in Hometown)

8.  While we're on the subject~~why can't I mix my own colors?  Shouldn't that be a pretty basic option?

7.  Copy/Paste doesn't work in here.....mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha.

6.  There is no spellcheck either.....mwa-ha-ha-hack-hack-hack, gotta stop smokin.

5.  For every entry made, there's an opposite and equal re-entry.

4.  You can write about anything, even about nothing.

3.  It IS NOT as easy as it looks.

2.  Once you start, you can't stop.

And the # 1 thing all newbie journalers should know is:

1.  If you alert them, they will come.

Sons of motherless goats, I got how many alerts??????????  Um, gotta go now.


Weekend Assignment #25

Weekend Assignment #25: Share a favorite story that features you and a sibling. For those of you that are an only child, you can substitute a cousin or a best friend.

Extra Credit: Need I say? Pictures, baby! Pictures from the past are good, but recent pictures of you and the siblings are just peachy, too.

Well, the story that my parents and the poor soul (cousin Cathy-my namesake) who was babysitting us like to relive over and over, everytime they see us is this one:

       My brother, Charles, and I (we're only 15 mos apart) were supposed to be napping.   My cousin heard hysterical laughter coming from our room, but we were being "good", so she didn't check on us.  Charlie was around 3 yrs, so he was quite capable of climbing out of his crib at that point.  My then teenage cousin dozed off on the couch.  She awoke to even more hysterical laughter about 15 minutes later, which she says prompted her to look in on us. 

         When she opened our bedroom door, what did she see?  It seems that my lovely brother had climbed out of his bed, gone to the fridge, and gathered all the food he could manage to carry and proceeded to make the world's biggest salad (raw eggs included) on top on my head!!  Which I guess I thought was pretty funny because I was the one who was laughing so hard she woke up.  (Dare him to try that now!! lol).  Anyway, we didnt get any pics of that, I dont think my cousin was in a 'happy, gotta get a picture of that kind' of mood.  She called her sisters (previous babysitters) for help, while she was crying to them..they were laughing..but they did come and help her clean it all up.

Now, my favorite story (that I can actually remember happening) is how I handled my older brother for doing older brother things to me, I was 4 or 5 yrs old:

Charlie liked to play football with my dolls and animals, dolls vs animals, and I didn't like to see my stuff abused like that (mostly because my brother had my toys).   So, I developed a plan.  I gathered my plastic bodied dolls, climbed onto the top of the refridgerator and proceeded to take their arms, legs and heads off of their bodies.  Whenever my brother started to go down the hallway, I would pelt him a body part.  He went screaming, terrified down the hall, yelling for my mom to help.  He got really freaked out at dolls missing parts, and never bothered them again. 

Funny, though, that he started drawing (he is really good, still) bloody, gruesome war pictures after that~~wonder if I helped him with that?

There are many more, but those are my favorites.  I miss ya, big brother!

Extra credit:  In the first, hes 22 mos, I'm 8.  The second was almost 2 years ago, on one of my brothers trips home.  Sad to say, he has to move back due to lack of employment (another entry, another day).  I say sad because he does not want to, but has to.  It will always be great to be around him.  He will now have the chance to know his niece like he wanted to when she was born, even though he has to start over.  He's smart, has a Mechanical Engineering degree, but has been working with a partner for the last six years, installing heating meter readers on flats where the heat is paid, blah, blah.   Bottom line, he's coming back home.

Thanks, John, for the stroll........


Friday, September 24, 2004

Saturday Six, episode 24

1. Who is the last person you took a photograph of?

     My Budding Artist there.

2. What decade do you hold the most dear and why?

    Why this one, of course, because I try to live in the moment!

3. Take the
quiz:  What mystical creature are you?    

You're like a dragon (also pic'd). Dragons were the terrible creatures that lived in large caves and often swooped down out of the sky and stole sheep, cows, and even people from the countryside to eat. They were gigantic with spikes along the back and tail. Some had wings, legs, and the ability to breathe fire. Even in the Bible, the Levithian resembled something like a dragon so they may have actually existed. Dragons were loyal protectors that were more powerful that any other animal that ever lived. Some where peaceful and others just wanted to destroy. The pest control for dragons were Knights who were appointed the task of killing a dragon. Some stories tell us that eating the dragon heart let you claim victory in any battle or eating the tongue would allow you to win any debate.

4. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

     Hmmmm, I don't drink often, but I'd say wine.
5. What do you normally wear to bed?

      Depends on the weather: but shorty pjs when hot, and long ones when cold.

Cherie:  What movie character do you most identify with?

Meryl Streep's from Postcards from the Edge, no doubt.


Picture Caption Winner

Dinner Nap



"I gotta lay off the catnip."  submitted by (Groovy on behalf of )Goth daughter. 

Isn't that so funny!?! (with the exception of the diet pepsi coming out my nose when I read it, which wasn't all that funny at the time).

Anyway, the new pic will be posted at Groovy's Place, but Goth daughter is choosing.  It should be a good round, go play.

Thanks to everyone who played, there were some good ones!



Thursday, September 23, 2004

Picture Caption

OK-Here is my choice for the Picture Caption game ~   ~




Dinner Nap


Have some fun with it!  I'll pick the winner in 24 hours ~

Welcome to Libra Land

It's that time of year again~

              ~Time for the Harmony Sign

All About Libra

You, Libra, are a smiling representative of the planet
Venus -- the planet that represents love, beauty, harmony
and cooperation. As such, you're always ready to do what you
can to smooth things over, make peace and bring warring
factions together. It's not an easy job, but you're good at
it -- really good. When you're with people you love, there's
nothing you wouldn't do to keep them happy. You never barge
through the door first, take the last piece of turkey on the
plate or forget to write thank-you notes promptly.  You're
the person we all think of first when we're planning a party
-- or any social event, for that matter.

Contrary to popular opinion, however, you don't drift
peacefully from one 'balanced' situation to the next. If you
did, you'd never learn your real job: restoring balance. Libras
aren't born with that knack -- they're born being able to
learn how to fix the scales in any situation when they're out
of whack. That makes you an expert at bringing peace and
harmony to even the most unbalanced situations. It's not an
easy job, and you're often more worried about it than you'll
let on. Being born with the ability to see both sides of an
issue isn't always a gift -- especially when someone calls on
you for an opinion.                 (AMEN to that!)

You need to realize (especially when it comes to relationships)
that keeping the peace at all times just isn't always possible,
no matter how hard you try. Still, we can't do any better than
you for a partner. You're devoted -- sometimes even to a fault <~~~true
-- and always willing to change your plans to fit what your
beloved wants to do. Just be sure not to lose yourself (or your
friends, who could get tired of waiting around) in the process.
Since you're so lovely to be around, however, you'll never be
alone if you don't want to be. You're as social as a sign could
possibly be, and adored by one and all.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Quiz Time

I got the quiz from Angel, who got it from Jennifer, who got it from Lisa, who got it from Morgan and I hope it ended there.  Anyway, it's here.

Here's my results and, yes, they are pretty much true, ad-libs and all:

eXpressive: 5/10
Practical: 6/10
Physical: 4/10
Giver: 4/10

You are a RPIT

--Reserved Practical Intellectual Taker. This makes you a Love Geek(I am not! lol)

Heh heh -- you love geek! You are weirdly sexy. It doesn't take people a long time to get to know you, but people *think* it takes a long time, because you are as cool and regulated after a year as you are on a first meeting. You don't tend to date casually -- you just suddenly find yourself in long term relationships. (It speaks the truth)

Your approach to conflict is your greatest asset -- it complements almost every other type. You don't express yourself or your feelings in dramatic terms, but you will speak up to those who do. You are generally calm, but capable of ramping up, and you don't give up until the issue is resolved -- this means even the hottest temper or coolest conflict-avoider can feel comfortable pursuing their satisfaction with you. And you don't hold a grudge -- you get through it, and it's done.
You rock. (Thank you, thank you very much)

Sure, you like the sex. (Damn right, Skippy)  
And you communicate with your partner well, so you're good at it. But it's not something you would make jokes about or bring up in polite company (not that you don't appreciate that kind of humor). You're no prude, but that's just not your style. (It really isn't)

You'd make an excellent parent.

You enjoy food and can be a ravenous eater. A good cook will get your attention quickly. 

Of the 100339 people who have taken this quiz, 5.3 % are this type.

No doubt the man I fall for will have to know how to cook (and do laundry, and clean the house just because he's home).  Yeah, right!!  But he will have to know how to cook. Love to watch a man in the kitchen ~ yummy! 

You're turn!


Til next time....





Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Tell you about me Tuesday

I'm late in the game here, very late as it's my first time playing (and the last one), but better late than never, so here goes: 



46.  What one quality do you seek in a friend?

      A.   Trust



47. Have you ever killed an animal?

     A. Never intentionally, however, I did hit a dog one rainy night.  I took him home, but I don't know if he died or not.  I cried all the way home!


48. When you were twelve years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    A.  A nurse.




49. Do you believe in an afterlife?

    A.  Yes. 




50. What would you like to accomplish with the remaining years of your life?

    A.    1.  Raise a good girl.

            2.  Own a hotel / restaurant.

            3.  Go with a mission to Africa.

            4.  Start a SEED School in every state. 

I have White Wings

I took this quiz via Danielle's blog, try it out!

You have White Wings! Pure and innocent, your kindness attracts other people toward you. You can be shy and quiet, but when others know you better, they realize you are fun and bubbly. You hate it when other around you are sad, and always see the good in everyone and everything. Chances are you either help in the shelter, or are a tutor in school. You are very kind and friendly, but also quite naive. Dont be fooled by looks. Some things do go bump in the night.

It is mostly true with the exceptions that I'm not fooled by looks, I don't always see the good in everything, and I don't consider myself to be naive, although I have my moments.

The quiz is here:

Click on What color are your wings?

Monday, September 20, 2004

Monday Morning Question

Monday Morning Question:

Knowing what you know now, what one thing would you change about your high-school career? 


I would concentrate on my studies and not so much on trying to be grown up before my time (my best friend was 32 yrs old, I was 16).  I know I was intelligent then, but never put in the effort to see where it may have gotten me. 

Now I tell all my friends' kids that high school makes or breaks your future.  Those students focused on academics, grades, and college will always get scholarships and find themselves great opportunities. 

Even the ones who don't plan on going on to college, I tell them to start in Vocational school while in high school--at least it will give them a skill they can use.  My  "nephew", Ricky (his mom & I have been friends since Grade school), is 15 and now a Cadet Firefighter, all because of me (and permission from his mom).  It may not keep him out of the troubles that a teen can fall into, but at least he has a direction and something he loves to keep his head above water.

To date, I don't feel I've lived up to my own expectations in life, but I ain't dead yet :) !!

Til next time.... 

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Get the Picture, correction

I stand corrected, the winner is posting her photo at Life is full of surprises.  Sandi's I just had to laugh journal is about her life in Japan, and makes for great reading, as well.

So, go on, get moving, and go check out the new picture.

Get the Picture Winner

Thanks to all who played the game.  There were some creative thinkers at work!  A BIG shot out to Danielle (Everybody knows...) for "pimping" me out (just knew I'd end up being somebody's biatch sooner or later....lmao).

Anyway, the winner is:

"Hey! Sit comes the game warden..Are we over the limit?"

from Sandi:

Sandi's turn to post the picture next and she'll decide the winner (with AOL's cooperation) in 24 hours, so let's get our butts in gear and play.  I had 10 people play, let's try to get more.

It was a close race between the bbq sauce and the mounting of the nuts for 2nd.  Finally, thanks to mrccgoody for just stopping by.  Be seein' ya'!


PS  Thanks, again, Danielle!

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch 




1.    Regular joe, fancy frothy stuff, or none at all?

      A.  Regular--hand picked by Juan Valdez :)


2.    Decaf or regular?

      A.  Decaf (damn heartburn won't allow me caffeine      anymore)


3.    Do you know how to make a good pot of coffee?  Who taught you?

     A.  Yes, my dad taught me when I was 7 (started on coffee around 5yrs old)



4.    Coffee breath – good or bad thing?


     A.  Ummm--bad, but better than beer or cig breath.


5.    If you were a coffee, what would your name and description be?

     A.  I'd be an instant, International Flavor--Midwest Mocha.


Forced Fatherhood: My thoughts on child support

What I'm about to write is an opinion, my opinion.  I do not expect people to agree, as a matter of fact, I might get some rather nasty comments which I'm trying to avoid with this statement.  I am an open person and will talk about anything and everything, including my mistakes. If I don't know something, I'll find out the answers.   

We all know that making a baby requires (for the most part) two people.  But the decision to have a baby only takes one person.  Now I have always said to anyone I've had the discussion with, that it's all the woman's choice.  If SHE doesn't want a baby (and he does), said baby will not be born.  However, if she does want it (and he does not), well, that baby will be born.  Because women carry children, that's just how it is.  Anyone heard of a court case where a man won and made the pregnant woman have his child (because he wanted it) and then had to pay support?  I haven't.

Of my friends who have had children out of wedlock, some had their children because they believed a baby would help them get the man.  This way of thinking is total nonsense.  I did not want to be a single mother.  I have never thought children would help a struggling relationship (mine was strong, so I thought).  In fact, why would one submit a child to chaos-- yelling, fighting all the time, verbal and physical abuse?  Of note: many of my old friends would hit their boyfriends, when the men would defend themselves-my friends would call the police and HE'D go to jail??!! 

I also know there are too many ways of not getting pregnant to be in the situation, no matter what.  I could not take the pill of any type (seems like I've tried them all) because it caused severe migraines with nausea and numbness (stroke-like symptoms).  I carry condoms, spermicides, and loved sponges (aren't they back on the market now?).  I have used withdrawal, EC (emergency contraception.... damn things break) twice, and before EC came out, I had two abortions.  I will not advocate those as birth control methods.  I consider it a last resort.  I was 22, dating Wayne, the first time, and in college fulltime, working fulltime=no time to be pregnant... let alone raise a child.  The 2nd time, was about a month after I met my ex, Mohammed (a whole other journal entry on him sometime).  We had just started in on the sex thing....using protection, but I guess some got left behind-end of story.  Did I mention I seem to get pregnant by osmosis?  Anyway, point being, there are way too many options (knowledge/common sense being the best) for an unplanned pregnancy.

I used EC, after it broke (again), when I got pregnant with my daughter.  The effectiveness rate is fairly high, but not this time.  I was also 32, unemployed, and living with my parents.  After lengthy discussions about having a baby at the time, expectations, and such with them, I chose to have her.  I knew it might cost me my relationship and I still believe that is the real issue between Wayne and I.  In his eyes, I betrayed him--what he wanted didn't matter.  And he was right, on this one.  I was 32 and pregnant for the third time in my life.  Considering my age, finding new prospects (should he and I break up), and time--I felt I had no option as I have always wanted children.  Almost like my last chance, you know? 

When I chose to have my daughter, I signed a contract (with him) stating I would not seek support.  I would rather him be in her life than have his money.  He does give me money for her when she needs something (he paid for her preschool and dance shoes recently), but I don't ask for it.  It is his decision--I will not force him to pay for fatherhood.  And that is what I feel child support is in this case--Forced Fatherhood. 

In cases when it was an equal choice to bring a child into the world, I agree support is owed.  Even in courts when parents have shared custody, there aren't support payments.   What made me feel this way is my friends who think its funny/wise to use the child(ren) against the father.  Many times I've heard "Well, you can't see so-and-so because you pissed me off last week." or "I need $150.00 for school clothes, that doesn't count as support."  I advocate for kids to know both parents at no cost if it means the "paying" parent will stay involved physically and mentally. 

I chose to have her and I take all responsibility for that.  No court can tell me otherwise.  I will stand behind my word. 

Til next time.....


Saturday, September 18, 2004

Saturday Six

1. If you could give your journal a content rating, which would you select:  G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17?

A.   If I have to pinpoint one...I'd say PG-13, though it could get worse...he he he.

2. Are you left handed or right handed?  Do you wish you were the opposite?

A.  I'm one of the lucky ones (thanks, grandpa) who is ambidextrous-I use my right mostly for writing and left for everything else, but I can do things with both hands equally.  Ummm...there isn't really an opposite, I guess.

3. What is the last play you saw performed live in a theater?

A.  Easy-- I've never missed Dicken's A Christmas Carol on stage, since I was 5 years old.  My other recent favs:  As you like it, and A midsummer's night dream. 

4. Your bank gives you the opportunity to send them a photo which they will make into personal checks for you?  What single photo would you most likely send?

A.  I'd give my angel-baby, Gracie's picture. (it's posted on an earlier entry, my fav!)
5. What character from the original "Star Trek" do you most identify with?

A.  Mr. Spock.  I like logical thinking.  Emotional thinking just leaves me drained.

Heather:  What secret urge do you have, but never act on?

A.  Jumping my friend's (JP) bones!  Oops..there goes my PG-13 rating.  Anyway, got a major crush, but don't want to lose another great friend.

Til next time......

Weekend Assignment #24

Weekend Assignment #24: Tell us what the first song was at your wedding reception and why you chose that song. If you're not already married, tell us the song you would like to have played first at your wedding reception. Also, for the purposes of this assignment, those of you who have had commitment ceremonies can join in the fun (it's that whole "we're going to spend the rest of our lives together, and now we're going to dance" thing).

Extra Credit: What song did you make sure wasn't played at your reception?

I am not married, but when I do take the plunge the song I will dance with my husband to is Songbird or Fields of Gold (written by Sting) by Eva Cassidy.  Followed by her whole Songbird album....I just fell in love with her voice and was saddened by her loss.  If you've never had the honor of hearing her, I suggest trying it once--I'm sure you'll be hooked, too.  I know that there are other versions of the songs out there (Sting also sung Fields and Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac sung--maybe wrote?--Songbird), but when Eva sings Over the Rainbow, you'll swear the song is brand new and was written solely for her to sing.  God bless you, Eva.  I know you're singing to the angels.  For my dance with my dad, it'd be Band on the Run, Paul McCartney and Wings. It takes be back to childhood :).


For you, there'll be no crying

For you, the sun

Will be shining

'Cause I feel that when I'm with you, its alright

I know its right

And the songbirds

Keep singing like they

Know the score

And I love you, I love you, I love you

Like never before


To you, I would give the world

To you, I'd never be cold

'Cause I feel that when I'm with you, its alright

I know its right

And the songbirds keep singing like they know the score

and I love you, I love you, I love you

Like never before, Like never before, Like never before.

Extra Credit:  I would not play Luther Vandross' Here and Now....UGH! it's been done to death. 

Extra, extra credit:  I did attend a friend's wedding who played Tammy Wynette's D-I-V-O-R-C-E!!!  (I am not kidding and no, it was not a joke). She said she liked her and it was a good song.   What was she thinking?  Anyway, it was an omen, she divorced him 3 years later.

Til next time......