Saturday, September 25, 2004

Top 10 things a newbie journaler should know (or ask)!

Ok, I am fairly new to journaling and in reading other people's, I want to know things to make my journal unique as well.  Now, there are very friendly, helpful people here in J~Land who are kind enough to leave how-to's posted, or drop an email to help, or even an IM.  Those people will gladly assist and they know who they are.  Having said (written) that, here's the Top 10 things that should be known:

10.  How in the H-E-double hockey sticks do I change my font options from the boring ones provided by AOL?  I have 100s in write mail, etc?!?

9.  No matter what is written, no matter how hard I try, I cannot get big, borderless pictures unless I copy them from a webpage, other than my own!?! (and yes they are all in Hometown)

8.  While we're on the subject~~why can't I mix my own colors?  Shouldn't that be a pretty basic option?

7.  Copy/Paste doesn't work in here.....mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha.

6.  There is no spellcheck either.....mwa-ha-ha-hack-hack-hack, gotta stop smokin.

5.  For every entry made, there's an opposite and equal re-entry.

4.  You can write about anything, even about nothing.

3.  It IS NOT as easy as it looks.

2.  Once you start, you can't stop.

And the # 1 thing all newbie journalers should know is:

1.  If you alert them, they will come.

Sons of motherless goats, I got how many alerts??????????  Um, gotta go now.



redbaranjj said...


10...I don't know personally...but you have to know html tags and codes to change your fonts...
9....FTP space.  That's what I use...and if you need help with that just email me.  :o)
8.... Got me? have to use the keyboard to copy and paste. Control+c is copy and cotrol +v is paste.
6....I use the dictionary.  It's on the aol toolbar under edit...if there is an easier way let me know!!
5.... :o)
4....Very true...and you will get comments either way!!  :o)
3...Once you get the hang of's second nature.
2...True...very true.
1....Waking up to 50+ alerts in the morning...yeah it's rough...LOL.

Hang in there!!!   Julie

sieblonde said...

Welcome to Newbie Land.  I thought I was getting the hang of this when I finally figured out the 'text link' thingey, then I saw a journal that had pictures playing as a slide show of sorts and that sent me waaay back to newbie status.   I wonder if there's a "Journalling for Dummies" I can use?  

Your journal is great, I see another alert in my future!


djzgirl71 said...

as usual you crack me up!!!!!!


angeleyez1970 said...

lol, i love your sense of humor in this entry. i also remember the days of "newbieville"... very aggrevating. here's a little trick... most times if i want to use a different font, i open my aol mail and write want it there, then i copy and paste it into a new entry. If you ever have any questions, just ask :) I can help with most things, if i can't, i'll help ya find someone who can.
Blessing to you :)


danielled1 said...

Very cute....and if anyone has any other questions or needs the answer to these, my email is always open :)


misskitty0123456 said...

LMAO good one I just found your journal and I alreaddy love it! As for spell check I use the IM on AOL because it has a spell check then I just copie and paste it into place! As for the reast of it I don't have a clue!!


vernae69 said...

LMAO at you!!!!  That was too funny, cuz it was all true!  I'm sure u already know how to change your font, but in case you don't, all you do is compose entry in mail, then copy and paste it into your entry.  And as far as the pics, you have to have all of them in your ftp space.  Yes, quit smoking, and maybe I will to, ha! NOT!