Thursday, September 23, 2004

Welcome to Libra Land

It's that time of year again~

              ~Time for the Harmony Sign

All About Libra

You, Libra, are a smiling representative of the planet
Venus -- the planet that represents love, beauty, harmony
and cooperation. As such, you're always ready to do what you
can to smooth things over, make peace and bring warring
factions together. It's not an easy job, but you're good at
it -- really good. When you're with people you love, there's
nothing you wouldn't do to keep them happy. You never barge
through the door first, take the last piece of turkey on the
plate or forget to write thank-you notes promptly.  You're
the person we all think of first when we're planning a party
-- or any social event, for that matter.

Contrary to popular opinion, however, you don't drift
peacefully from one 'balanced' situation to the next. If you
did, you'd never learn your real job: restoring balance. Libras
aren't born with that knack -- they're born being able to
learn how to fix the scales in any situation when they're out
of whack. That makes you an expert at bringing peace and
harmony to even the most unbalanced situations. It's not an
easy job, and you're often more worried about it than you'll
let on. Being born with the ability to see both sides of an
issue isn't always a gift -- especially when someone calls on
you for an opinion.                 (AMEN to that!)

You need to realize (especially when it comes to relationships)
that keeping the peace at all times just isn't always possible,
no matter how hard you try. Still, we can't do any better than
you for a partner. You're devoted -- sometimes even to a fault <~~~true
-- and always willing to change your plans to fit what your
beloved wants to do. Just be sure not to lose yourself (or your
friends, who could get tired of waiting around) in the process.
Since you're so lovely to be around, however, you'll never be
alone if you don't want to be. You're as social as a sign could
possibly be, and adored by one and all.

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