Friday, September 24, 2004

Saturday Six, episode 24

1. Who is the last person you took a photograph of?

     My Budding Artist there.

2. What decade do you hold the most dear and why?

    Why this one, of course, because I try to live in the moment!

3. Take the
quiz:  What mystical creature are you?    

You're like a dragon (also pic'd). Dragons were the terrible creatures that lived in large caves and often swooped down out of the sky and stole sheep, cows, and even people from the countryside to eat. They were gigantic with spikes along the back and tail. Some had wings, legs, and the ability to breathe fire. Even in the Bible, the Levithian resembled something like a dragon so they may have actually existed. Dragons were loyal protectors that were more powerful that any other animal that ever lived. Some where peaceful and others just wanted to destroy. The pest control for dragons were Knights who were appointed the task of killing a dragon. Some stories tell us that eating the dragon heart let you claim victory in any battle or eating the tongue would allow you to win any debate.

4. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

     Hmmmm, I don't drink often, but I'd say wine.
5. What do you normally wear to bed?

      Depends on the weather: but shorty pjs when hot, and long ones when cold.

Cherie:  What movie character do you most identify with?

Meryl Streep's from Postcards from the Edge, no doubt.



redbaranjj said...

Great Answers!!  And she is so adorable!!!!!

vernae69 said...

I found you through Groovy, and was shocked to see you have me on your list of other journals!!!  Oh my, I am so ecstatic!  I will put a link to yours on mine!  Stop by and check out my budding artist also!

cneinhorn said...

very cute budding artist!