Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Take this Quiz Tuesday

Today's Tuesday Quiz is "What Season Are You?", brought to you by Heather

You're a Winter (I knew that). You very much enjoy your time alone but do like other people's company sometimes. You just need your space (yes, I do). You have a few priviledged friends who saw past your colder exterior to find the true you. You can have pretty bad mood swings (though you hate to admit it)(No, actually, I do admit it easily) so you could be soft one second then storming around the next! But over all, you're a very pleasant person once people take the time to get to know you. You're a good friend for in-depth talks. You're very talented when it comes to creative things.(I do dabble in a bit of anything creative) 

Ok, so that's that..on to other things... 

Grace's 3rd birthday is tomorrow and she has dance class, too. Her party (I say that in jest really..more later) is on Sunday..we'll do something with just us tomorrow and my aunt is coming by (my uncle's birthday is tomorrow, too) because she has to work Sunday.  My brother is trying to come up, but with getting ready to move back here..I doubt he'll make it.  Its ok..he'll be here all the time then.

So, with the party and all, that means major house cleaning.  We usually do the fall cleaning after the days don't get so warm, but since people will be here might as well get it done.  You may be thinking its no big deal, but when I get it done..I'll post an entry about it including the pictures.  Here's a hint of the job ahead...we have 31 windows in this house!  And not your nice, new, easy to open, easier to clean windows.. no, we've got the old, double paned, 5 feet tall, rope and weight, propped up on a stick kind of windows.  And the pleasure of cleaning 124 (31 x 4) panes of glass, and changing all the screens and storms, well, it is the highlight of the season...NOT!  Especially the second-story ones..ugh..nothing like dangling my fat ass out a window 20 feet up (actually, most of the lower floor windows have overhangs, so I stand on these to do the outside).   So, it will be done by the weekend and so, most likely, will I.  I'll be back later to do a party entry.   Til next time...


angeleyez1970 said...

I hate windows! I feel so sorry for you, having so MANY to do! Good luck with that.
Really Cool Quiz! I like your graphic ;)
I'm off to take it myself :-)

vernae69 said...

Be careful!!!!  I'm headed over now to see what season I am

redbaranjj said...

I hate cleaning windows too!!  Sure wish there was an easier way to do them!!
:o)  Julie