Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Today is going okay so far.  I had to go to Grace's dad's to get a check this morning.  Its an hour car ride and I think it wore Grace out because she refused to dance in class.  When her teacher, Miss Ashley, asked her to do something..she flat out said no.  Then proceeded to yell at the class to be quiet so she could take her nap (right there in the middle of the dance floor).  All the moms laughed, except for this one older lady (she's a classmates grandma) who seems to have a problem with me (or my kid).  I always get nasty looks from her!!  Well, she can bite me.  This is for Grace.  Let me say this though:  this place is a new studio, but the owner has another one where most these girls came from, and they are all blue-eyed blondes.  Hmmm.... wonder if I messed up their recital picture dreams by bringing my brown-haired, brown eyed, brown-skinned beauty to the class??  Tough, too bad.  My baby will always stand out, and not just because she's the cutest one there either!!!  :::Big Mommy Smiles:::   Ok, enough about that.     The rest of the day, I'll be tackling windows and floors, and the store at some point.  I had little sleep last night because I was coughing every 5 minutes, then Grace woke up at 5:00 am.... ugh... but went back to sleep until 7:45, so I must get sleep tonight....getting Nyquil at the store :)   Birthday Girl says thanks for all the warm wishes and her Momma's got the bestest friends in the whole wide world!   Til next time...   Cat


kdwsunshine said...

Poor Grace, she must have been tired!

redbaranjj said...

Awww.  The poor thing musta been sooo tired!!  :o)  And I would tell the old bitty to mind her own business!!

vernae69 said...

People can be so judgemental, unfortunately that's what seperates us from animals.  My daughter too, had to deal with people gauking at her, wondering her ethnicity, I don't feel the need to explain to people what her race is.  Just because she isn't blue-eyed blond haired, people assume she is not what she is.  Curly hair runs in my family, I got a proof in my journal.  As far as i know, shes just an italian american that was blessed by the gods of beauty, and so is your daughter! sorry, too lazy to use caps lol

angeleyez1970 said...

awwww  she was tired momma! LOL. Too cute ;)  
Don't worry about what other people think, Grace is a beautiful little girl and someday she will show all those snobs!!
Hope you feel better soon.