Friday, September 10, 2004

Bad Drivers

This entry's topic courtesy of Scott (Stories from my Ambulance).

I'm sure we all have tales to tell of close calls and ones where we've walked away,  and hopefully we admit when we were at fault....hopefully.

And we have all been next to the car whose speakers in the trunk are vibrating the inner ears of the drivers in the opposite intersection, which wouldn't allow a siren to be heard anyway.

Well, my experiences were different.  They were just, for lack of better terms, stupid choices.  Drivers in such a hurry that, to them, being ahead of me will get them to their destination just in the nick of time.

The first incident was at a red light.  The girl driving the car behind me (who had been on my rear bumper for 15 minutes) pulled into the right turn only lane.  When the light turned green, she went straight instead of turning and pulled her car right in front of mine.  At the next light, I stopped right behind her.  I wanted to get out and tell her off......Was passing me worth it, you are now .05 seconds ahead of where you were......numbnuts (thanks, dad, lol).   I also told myself never to just let it go if it happened again, which somehow I knew it would.  I am a magnet for situations sometimes.

The second time was even better.  The road I live on is a very busy 2 lane street (one eastbound, one west) and the speed limit is 25, just through the residential part...maybe 1/2 a mile.   Nobody but me and the police drive the posted limit.  I pulled out of my driveway onto the street.  The closest car, a minivan, was coming through the stoplight, so I had plenty of time to get on the road.  So, I am driving along and the minivan is getting bigger in my rearview.  I think to myself....better slow down, buddy 'cause I ain't goin faster.  Yeah, right.  It proceeds to try to mount my '74 Lincoln Towncar (heeheehee).  I tapped the brakes, no response.  I just keep driving 25.  Next thing I see is the minivan on my left passing me.  My blood pressure skyrocketed!  This idiot just crossed double yellows to pass me.  When it got stopped at the light, I put my car in park, got out, and went to have a talk with this dolt.  I knocked onher window, she was eating a cheeseburger.  I said "Do you have any idea how dumb that was?  Do you know the speed limit is 25?  Do you know that my baby is in the car and you could've just gotten her killed?  People who do not know how to think and look out for others should not be allowed to drive.  So, I got your plate number and vehicle description and this video tape of your brilliancy (I had a camera in the car, but didnt really get it on film...damn) and I'm sending it to the Police Department here." 

Well, she didn't have anything to say, just stared at me like I was crazy.  But I can't stand to see people of goodwill not stand up and speak out when things like that happen.  My friends say someday I'm going to get hurt because I do speak up, but until that happens.....don't drive like an ass around me. 

I would like to hear from anyone else who has stood up to rotten drivers.  I wish Scott had the chance to confront the driver of the green car and tell him off.  Sometimes tickets are just not enough for people to get it. 

Thanks again for the blog idea Scott, though I'm sorry for the incident you had to go through to get it.  Til next time.........



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