Sunday, September 19, 2004

Get the Picture Winner

Thanks to all who played the game.  There were some creative thinkers at work!  A BIG shot out to Danielle (Everybody knows...) for "pimping" me out (just knew I'd end up being somebody's biatch sooner or later....lmao).

Anyway, the winner is:

"Hey! Sit comes the game warden..Are we over the limit?"

from Sandi:

Sandi's turn to post the picture next and she'll decide the winner (with AOL's cooperation) in 24 hours, so let's get our butts in gear and play.  I had 10 people play, let's try to get more.

It was a close race between the bbq sauce and the mounting of the nuts for 2nd.  Finally, thanks to mrccgoody for just stopping by.  Be seein' ya'!


PS  Thanks, again, Danielle!

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fisherkristina said...

Good choice for a caption! -Krissy