Tuesday, September 28, 2004

What type of soul are you?

And yet another.....from Something to talk about   What type of soul are you?     You have a free soul! As all the souls go, yours is the most free-spirited and adventurous. You like camping, hiking, or interaction with other people(love all that). You're a social butterfly, but not because of your style, but because of your willingness to communicate with everyone. You probably have close friends who can rely on you because you always seem to know whats going on in the world (I keep myself informed). You love music (all kinds, too) and are free-spirited and someone fun to be around. A born leader and great explorer-dont ever change-the world needs more people like you.    Amen :)   There's another one, but I'll do it tomorrow.  Btw~my buddy, Stacy, could use some readers (and comments).  She's explicit (and I happen to love that about her), but get past that.  Maybe someone might have some suggestions on making her blended family (and her) happier or more peaceful.  Thanks all for helping.    Cat      

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djzgirl71 said...

Thank you sweety I appreciate it!!!!  I need to do some pimping myself!!!!  for you!!!