Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch 




1.    Regular joe, fancy frothy stuff, or none at all?

      A.  Regular--hand picked by Juan Valdez :)


2.    Decaf or regular?

      A.  Decaf (damn heartburn won't allow me caffeine      anymore)


3.    Do you know how to make a good pot of coffee?  Who taught you?

     A.  Yes, my dad taught me when I was 7 (started on coffee around 5yrs old)



4.    Coffee breath – good or bad thing?


     A.  Ummm--bad, but better than beer or cig breath.


5.    If you were a coffee, what would your name and description be?

     A.  I'd be an instant, International Flavor--Midwest Mocha.


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danielled1 said...

Awesome that you played!