Sunday, September 5, 2004

Living vicariously......journaling paramedics

I've taken to reading Mike and Scott's journals.  They are both paramedics, though in different parts of the country.  Now, my whole life was in the medical field.  I was actually going to be a nurse, but the hospital where I worked for 12 years, proved to me that i wasnt the nurse type.  I loved the patients and making them feel better, but there are alot of politics in medicine I don't agree with.   I was (am) not disciplined enough to venture medical school.  I was planning on EMT school until I hurt my back I had surgery and that ended any notion of working from an ambulance.  I stayed in the field, but behind the scenes in medical transcription.  Its ok for a job, but I still crave the adrenaline of a code, the rush of people passing by.........I miss the E.R.  I still think about returning to school to finish my RN (which makes my Accounting Degree just worthless). 

But thanks to the discovery of Mike's (rescue squad 93) and Scott's (stories from my ambulance) journals, I find my craving being fulfilled.  I spent most of the day reading their entries (loved the story they did together...awesome idea). 

So, thanks guys for letting us all in on your lives.  You have no idea how much we do all care about what you do.   And appreciate it, too.   Be safe always........I'm truly a fan!


sekirley said...

Thank you so much for the kind words.  --Scott

rescuesquad93 said...

Awww....this is where I am blushing.

I, I mean we (Sorry, Goose), thank you for coming by and hope to see you in the future.