Thursday, September 30, 2004

Short and Sweet

On the Presidential Debate  

Point one:  Mr. Bush remarked that the terrorists know a free Iraq and a free Afghanistan will mean the terrorists will lose their fight.  Is his plan to exterminate all the extremists who refuse to follow the democratic system?  How is that democracy?  Isn't the point of democracy to be able to agree to disagree and live together anyway? Then what, again, is his plan for those in this country who chose to go against our democratic system?  We only went after the militia, the KKK, the Mafia, and the Cults when they got too much control.  There are people who do not pay taxes because they say it is unconstitutional.  Are they being hunted down?  No.  We don't act on those factions until they are out of hand.  So, why Saddam Hussein?  Why Iraq when there were other obvious threats simultaneously?  The world is safer without Hussein, no doubt.  But what about all the genocides in Africa?  Where is our army fighting those terrorists?   What about North Korea and their boldness with test firing nukes?  What about Iran gaining more nuclear capability?  Who is to say that changing them will be better?  And better for who?  The Iraqi's do not want the same freedoms we have, especially the sex part.  Why can't we respect a culture that follows religious rule?  Is that wrong?  Seems like when families were more whole than blended, more church-going on Sunday than sport-watching, sat at the dinner table without the tv on (not to mention home-cooked meals) our country was stronger.  Maybe it's just me.

For those who haven't read me before, again I will say that I am an Independent.  I will vote for the person I feel will lead my country in a positive direction with the world.  I have voted both Republican and Democrat.  I also voted for Bush in 2000.  I was wrong. 


vernae69 said...

Atleast u vote, I am 28 and haven't voted once, I've said it before, my vote would be wrong either way, because I am not that informed, and I feel my vote would do more harm than good.

childebrand1968 said...

The goal here is simple....if you like the way the country is being handled today, vote for Bush.   If you dislike what's going for Kerry.  Not voting is a vote to keep things as they are.  The women suffragists are rolling over in their graves, as are those other minorities who had to fight, or die trying to get the right to vote.  It saddens me so.  I wonder had they known people would just throw the right to vote away, would they have even tried?


justcherie said...

First time reader here... You've asked some good questions here!

redbaranjj said...

Another great entry!!!  And a lot of great questions....who knows if we will ever get the answers tho.