Sunday, December 24, 2006

I'll be home for Christmas...

Just poppin by to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!
Bernie, Chris, & Pey~ I hope Baby makes his appearance soon!  We cannot wait to see him :)
Julie, Jim, & Josh~ I hope you get to enjoy some time together this holiday....  And maybe are still thinking about that new puppy ;)
Sam & Paulette~ I hope Sam's guitar has an extended term this Christmas, making more holiday memories!
Stacy, Darrell, & kids~ I hope things get better for you guys this year, starting with this latest situation going away!  I love you guys and only want the best for you  :)
Vernae, Bill, & kids~I miss you around here, Vernae.  This place is lacking some serious humor...  Anyway, I hope you are happy and this Christmas, you get lots of wanted presents....
Sara and Jelly and Spud Bud~I hope this year brings plenty of happy days, and fun times together :)
Krissy & John~I hope this year finds you spending less time at Hershey and more time enjoying being together  :)
Val~ I hope this year brings you lots of visits from that beautiful baby boy!
To all my JLand family and friends,
       ~Merry Christmas~
Love and warm wishes!

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Still alive and kicking....

Nae was right.  It is rather dusty in here :)
Not my intentions to leave for this long... just busy doing other things.
Everything is fine and dandy in Kitty's world.  Hard to believe Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away... time is still flying by.
If I don't have your address, email it to me.  Almost time to start doing the Christmas cards and goodies.  Sorry, I know some of you don't want to be reminded....
Just stopping in to say hi.  I'll leave you with some of the famoous signs from Casa D'Ice in Pittsburgh....  gotta love freedom of speech  ;)
      Foley's Gone   Now Hastert & the Rest of the GOP Cover Up Artists Must Resign or be Voted Out   I'm Bill Balsamico and I Approve This Message 
Want to read more?  Go here:
Don't forget to vote on Tuesday!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Growing up....

What a blur the last couple of days have been! 
It is official:  My baby is not a baby anymore...
Picture from Hometown   Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown 
Friday, after dance class, Gracie and I hit the mall to celebrate her 5th birthday in style... as only mommys and daughters can  :)
We spent over two hours wandering around.  I have not been to the mall, other than going in Lane Bryant for bras and back out again, in at least ten years.  I am not kidding.  And honestly, I still don't like it...
But it wasn't about me at all.  It was about my big 5 year old, so I put my feelings aside ;) 
First stop was Universi-Tees because she wanted the yellow sweatshirt she saw in the window display.  Luckily for her, it was a Purdue one so I went for it.
Picture from Hometown
With my brother~the bigger Purdue fan! (And Alumni)
Then a 30 minute pause for the cause: the mall playground :)
On our way to our first ever Build-a-Bear trip, we went by a store just for girls.  I think it was called Libby Lu?  Anyway, everything in this store is pink and glitterized... perfect way to draw a girl's attention... and grab my girl's it did.  There was a sign by the door and she asked me to tell her what it said.  I did.
The next words out of her mouth were "can I do that?"  I said I'm okay with it, if she really wants it.  After I explained the whole process, she was still game... so, she got her ears pierced!
Picture from Hometown
She was so brave... and being there was only one person qualified to do it, she had to get them done one at a time!  I was so proud of her.  A little reluctant after the first one was done.. she tried to escape, but sat back down and had the other done!
Picture from Hometown
Now she just keeps marveling how she can't believe she got her ears pierced :)
We stopped at the Croc store for new Crocs.  She picked out 'Uncle Charlie's car yellow'.  That's how she asked for them at the store... LOL
See why:
Picture from Hometown
With my brother's baby~his '64 Ford Fairlane covertible he restored :)
We finally made it to Build-a-Bear, where she chose a dog she named Iloveyoudoggie... LOL... who she says is a boy, but came away sporting a pink jeweled t shirt, a pink skirt, pink striped panties, and pink tennis shoes.  ;)   She loved the place, no doubt.  She wanted to go back today.  I told her next year on her birthday.
By then, it was time for lunch.  Where did she choose?  Anyone care to guess?  Ah, I won't make you strain your brains~ Bob Evans, of course.  Her most favorite place to eat.  She even turned down Applebee's, which happened to be right by the mall playground and smelled so friggin good...
After that venture, we headed home where I assembled the first of two cakes for her party today.
Which cake won thebirthday battle?
The cake I made last year, with a slight variation...
I really don't have an official name for this cake yet, so I am going to make you work a little.  It's modeled after an 'inside out cake' I saw, but totally different ingredients from that one, only the shape and the assembly are the same.  This one consists of: pound cake, chocolate mousse, ice cream (we had one vanilla and one chocolate), and chocolate ganache on top of it all.  Here's a picture:
Picture from Hometown
Should it be called 1) Chocolate Mountain or 2) Dirty Igloo?  You choose :)  Majority wins...
The party today was really good.  Gracie was so wound up, she was bouncing off walls.  But, she kept in check for the most part.  Her Grandma Carter came!  The first time my parents met her, too.  She got to meet my whole family... LOL.   Mr. Carter had things to do, so he couldn't come.  Neither could Grace's Dad, which I expected, but he hasn't called her either... so I'm a little disappointed, but there's always tomorrow.
Picture from Hometown
With her grandmas
More pictures from today.  Enjoy :)
Picture from Hometown
Tree hugger... LOL
Picture from Hometown
Reading cards with Poppy (my dad)
Picture from Hometown
Gracie fairy
And just in case you're not entertained enough, here's some from a couple of weeks ago.  She found the phone at a yard sale.....
Picture from Hometown
When I asked who she was calling she told me her boyfriend....
Picture from Hometown
When I asked why, she said she was making.... Picture from Hometown
A booty call!   
Picture from Hometown
Don't ya just love the things your kids pick up from their classmates.  But, I laughed once she wasn't looking  ;)

Monday, September 25, 2006

A rarity anymore...

A rare day off!  Why, you ask? Because my Mommy is off at a Euchre tournament until tomorrow  :)  So, with her being away, I have to stay here for Gracie.  She's just too much for Dad to handle all day, so here I am writing a journal entry, in the morning, through the week!  A rare occurrence anymore...
The girl is in school until 11:30, then she has Speech Therapy at 1:30.  In between that time, we're running to the party supply store to get things for her birthday this Friday (party on Saturday).  She's taking treats to her preschool and dance class friends and she's very excited about it all.
I can say this is the first birthday she's been off the wall about!  She's been bugging me for a week to get her party things and not to forget her presents!  Like I could forget...
She's put in at least five cake requests by this point.  Not sure which I'll be making yet, but she'll be happy no matter which one it is.  She'll be making a trip to Toys R Us on Friday, as well.  Her Grandma Carter (her Daddy's Mom) gave her $50.00 last week, half of which I deposited in her savings account, so she'll have $25 to spend on herself.  More than enough, if you ask me.
I'm still trying to comprehend that she's 5!  It doesn't seem that long ago I was bringing her home from the hospital... and yes, part of me is missing having a baby around.  Not that I'm gonna go and do anything about that... just missing it, that's all...
Picture from Hometown
What else?
I've been playing the Goldrush game here on AOL.  I like those kind of things.  I don't play to win the big prize, just to play...  if I happen to get lucky enough to be a finalist, that'd be a bonus.  Though I doubt my boss would let me off work to go compete for it... but oh well, someone out there needs it more than I do :)
Work is going okay.  We got a new bunch of kids in the class in August and they're still not adapted to the rules of our room.  Makes the day kind of hectic, but it goes by fast.  The troublemakers in the room leave fairly early, so I don't have to deal with them in the afternoon. 
One boy makes me want to beat his bottom on a daily basis.  I'd love to video him so you guys can see, but obviously, I can't do that.  He's okay one on one, but get him in a group and he HAS to have all the attention.  He will not cooperate at circle time, and is constantly having to be redirected or put in timeout.  Drives me and my Lead teacher crazy....  If he doesn't come around, its gonna be a long year.
Everything else around here is pretty much as always.  My brother is buying our friend's house because it went into foreclosure.  He's been living there for a couple of years now, so he won't have to move anything :)  Except for that, everything else is the same.. which I'm happy about...
Have a great week, if I don't get back here before it ends!
   ^  ^
 (       )~~~

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Curiosity. It kills me...

I'm being nosy...
Tell me what grocery stores you have in your area and which ones you like most :)
We have:
Lo Bills (formerly Marsh)
Aldi's (forgot them!  Very low end, but great for snacky type items :)
My favorite is Meijer.  The original 'one-stop' shop in these parts.  Until WalMart started breaking out the Supercenters....
Price wise, WalMart may be (a little) cheaper than Meijer... but its a bitch to park, so I avoid that place like the plague.
Just a curious Kitty today  :)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Remembering differently...

Well, its upon us once again.  The 5th year since the World Trade center was demolished.  While skeptics still argue over the facts, and ABC is still airing the movie based on the 9/11 Commission Report starting tonight (which was still being edited as of last night to please the powers that be), most of those who lost loved ones, are still mourning.  I think our nation is still mourning. 
Still trying to place blame and maintain that they made no mistakes.  Still trying to convince us that Iraq was to blame, despite the facts that have been aired again and again, stating otherwise.
Why haven't we found and captured Osama bin Laden yet?  If you've been reading me awhile, then you know why I believe Osama roams free today.  Here's a refresher:  I KNOW that our intelligence agencies know where he is.  If our beloved dumbass of a President wasn't sucking Osama's Daddy's ass, I think Osama would have been killed 4 1/2 years ago. 
Remember that Daddy bin Laden is a billionaire, and being that they live in (and own most of) Saudi Arabia, one of the places we get large quantities of oil from, well Bushy-boy isn't gonna shoot that relationship down any time soon.... not by killing the man that did this to us
But that isn't where my heart and head lie today.  Me~I'm mourning for different reasons....
It was four years ago today, that my Grams died.  Here, in my house.  It seems like yesterday she fell off the commode, after having a fatal stroke.  On the bright side, she died where she spent most of her last months-in the bathroom.  She was obsessed with the bathroom, going in there at least 25 times a day, "just to make sure."  Being wheelchair bound didn't slow her down.
She died in the house she was born in, where her mother had passed so many years before, while Grams was a teenager.  She died with her family present, in a loving environment where she was still allowed to smoke her cigarettes at will.  She died after she got almost a whole year with her first and only great granddaughter, who seemed the only bright spot in my Grams' demented mind.  The only time she smiled is when Gracie was around, chasing her wheelchair  :)
I loved that lady.  Though, the last few years were hard to love her because she had become so hateful and bitter.  I think this was because her life had not turned out the way she thought it would. 
The daughter of a well-off Accountant turned very successful candy maker (wonder where I get it from.. LOL), Grams married my Grandfather, a college grad ,turned professional ball player.  I think Grams thought she married a rich man.  Such was not the case.  Grandpa came with his own issues, including drug addiction and alcoholism.
He played college basketball for Butler University and led them to a Championship (or two), before giving up basketball for baseball.  He played in Cincinnati for a while, which led him to be traded to the Yankees, back in the glory days of The Babe, Lou Gherig, Joe Dimaggio, etc etc.  Grandpa played beside the best.  But, if you've ever seen the movies about ball players in the 30's, then you know where he ended ~morphined up or on some other type of injectable drugs... and boozing.
Yes, I believe my Grams was unhappy for most of her life.  She and Grandpa got divorced in the late 70's.  He died seven years later, and my Grams moved back into their home. (She left and lived with the gay couple she worked for at the time) 
She had a great time then, socializing with her friends.  Tossing back her Southern Comfort Manhattans or Bloody Marys, with her freshly painted red nails gleaming.  My friends thought I had the coolest Grandmother ever!  And I would have to agree.  She was the life of the party.  The Belle of the ball!  Always had her nails and hair done, always speaking what she thought... and telling people off when they deserved it.
This is the woman I remember.  This is the way she should be remembered.  Regardless of how her last years with us on Earth were, our perceptions of her then... I'll always remember that I had the best Grandmother ever!
Rest in peace and love, Grams....
I love you~

Monday, September 4, 2006

Knock three times...

Hello!  And Happy Labor Day to you all :)
Not much going on around here, as usual.  I'm not complaining by any means... I've come to learn that hum-drum can be good....
I have some new videos of the girl, but my camera batteries died, so those will have to wait until I recharge them.  The song she sang in the last vid, she learned from 'Danger Rangers'... and she 'memorized' that last one after only watching it twice.
If you have On Demand, look under Kids, then Tot Spot and you'll find them there. 
The next vids are all about Safety Rules.  That seems to be where her interests lie these days  :)  Okay by me...  Hopefully, I'll get them posted soon.
She starts Pre-K tomorrow :)  Then Dance and Speech Class start Friday!  So, we'll be back to a routine... finally!  I love Fall  ;)
On another note, she turns 5 at the end of the month!  Wow.  My baby is already half a decade old.  I might cry.
Yes, folks, that's right.  Birthday and holiday season are upon me. 
For those who don't know, Grace's b-day is 9/29, followed by mine on 10/6, Mom's on 10/8, Aunt L's on 10/16, Dad's is 10/23, my bmf is on 10/30, then Halloween... and onto Mom and Dad's Anniversary (43 years! on 11/9), Thanksgiving, then Christmas.
I save 1/3 of my paychecks just for this time of year.  Believe me, its very busy... and expensive :)
Well, I'm off to discuss birthday cakes with the girl.  She's already asked me to make her a black and white cake... which I'm okay with, except we have different ideas on what that may be... LOL
See, I just made a chocolate bundt cake with choc. icing between the layers, and vanilla icing on the outside.  Usually for her birthday, I do a more elaborate type thing, using ganache instead of regular icing... I get pretty creative with them.  I was thinking of an inside-out cake this year... but we'll see.
Okay, now that I have most of you craving cake, my job here is done ;)
Hoping it won't take me another two weeks (or longer) to get back here!
Have a great day....

Friday, August 18, 2006

Fixed it?

I reloaded the video in the previous entry... hopefully it'll work for you now :) 
Yesterday's recap later on....

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sign of things to come... 2nd time around.

Good Lord~look at the size of the cobwebs in here!
Not much has been going on.  Nothing new, which isn't necessarily bad...
Going to the State Fair today.  It's the 150th Birthday :)  Just found out not all states still have State Fairs...  It seems it is unusual they keep going that long. 
I thought everybody had one.  But after thinking about it, I guess it would be impossible for some States to have one, due to the sizes and populations... duh.
So, here's something to keep you guys entertained  :)  Lemme know if it still doesn't play!

Have a great day!



Saturday, July 22, 2006

Killing time and the occasional dog...

In case you are bored.  Like me...
This one is for dog lovers. 
Bored ones. 
Nae will find it dear to her, sort of  ;)

Bewitched, Bothered, and Belated...

I forgot again....
Happy Birthday, dear journal!
2 years old, July 11th....  You'd think I'd remember 7-11  ;P

Monday, July 17, 2006


In an effort to cut down the amount of JLand entry alerts I receive, I think I messed up.
I went through and deleted all the alerts I don't really read... but in doing so, I also deleted the duplicate alerts (these were alerts with the AIM symbol by them)
So, what I need is for you guys to email me (or leave them here if you wish) your journal links, so I won't miss anything.
I am getting alerted for Julie's journals, and Danielle's... but have not received an alert from my other buddies~you know who you are ;)
So, if you have posted an entry over the weekend, and did not get a comment from me~I have probably deleted you (sorry!)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

You can't handle the truth...

Green.  The color of Islam.
If you believe what the media here tells us, then I have the place for you...
Go read River's blog.  Her 'Atrocities' entry.
It is the truth that we do not want to believe.  She isn't the only one who writes and the rest read the same way.  I love her writing.  I have come to admire her courage and her love of country. 
I feel the same about my own country... just not liking the choices being made... and those that have been made.
We are being lied to.
And yet we still believe we are right...
Hate to see the consequences of our actions in years to come.
PS~Do not take this as not supporting our troops.  I do!  I know most sign up for money to go to college, or the chance at faster citizenship, or just because they believe it is the right thing to do.  Most are only following orders... doing their jobs.  I get that.
I do not, however, support this administration and the poor choices they have made.  Not to mention the lies that have fueled this fire. 

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Paying up....

About a month ago, I commented at Nettie's place about her choice of new color for her house.  That prompted a mini conversation about houses, colors, especially old house colors...
I told her I'd get some shots of my home, which I did.  I said I'd put them up when I got my camera back from my brother, which I did yesterday.
So, Nettie here ya go, Honey...
Picture from Hometown
 From our driveway.  You can see the original square design typical of the mid-1800's (built in 1848)  The part on the back was added on after my great grandfather sold it. 
This is the West side.  Not really enough room on the East side due to the apartment building next door, but I'll try and get some...  
Picture from Hometown
Detail of the top level scroll work.  The gutters, eaves, and all that stuff were all re-done two years ago.  They're copper, as is the rest of it
Detail of scroll work on first level.  This is the front foyer window.
Picture from Hometown
Detail of front porch gingerbread and posts.  All these were hand painted
Also, while I was out one morning, I had my camera handy (a rarity for me), so on our way back home, I snapped some of our street....
Over the railroad tracks.  The brick building with the green awning is a Gerdt Furniture Store.  This is a new location, a new building as they used to be down the street and across it too... LOL
The red brick with white shutters on the other side of the tracks is a ballroom dance lessons place.  Where the white door is on the 2nd level, there's a wrought iron spiral staircase.
This one is for that Ruby Red shoe woman~she loves Long's as much as I do  ;P
This building is empty.  When I was a kid, these were apartments.  But the place needs so much work...  I love it, though  :)
Up the hill...
The Historical Graveyard, part of the old Baptist Church and the only reason the State cannot touch our private property on our side of the street  ;)  Yes, there is so much traffic, our city council would love to expand it to two lanes on each side.  If the mole problem in there wasn't horrendus, I'd take some pictures of all the old gravestones...
The old Baptist church.  Its now Bethel Memorial Church... okay....
To home  :)
Oh, and since it is not uncommon for there to be strong winds here in the Midwest, here's some shots of the 30ft Maple we lost.... 
It was the girl's favorite climbing tree while standing.  The same can be said while it was laying half on the ground....
She got very upset when the tree removal guy was there pronto the next morning to cut the rest down  :(  She had a whole day on it, she'd have preferred it lay there permanently.... 
Takes care of that....  Have a good night!

Saturday, July 8, 2006

Needed: Ear Plugs...

I know I wanted him to win. 
I voted for him. 
He wasn't the best looking or have the most character.
There was just something I loved about him....
Maybe it was his voice?  Yeah, yeah... that's what it was!
But now?
I swear if that Ford commercial with Taylor Hicks stays on the air much longer, I'm gonna hurt my tv. 
Seriously.  I cannot stand it.
It is annoying....
Share my thought?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh whatever....

Today was the day from hell! 
It started out rough as all get out, with Grace throwing a fit about going to swim lessons.  She was yelling, my Dad was yelling at her, and my Mom was yelling at them both.  I was getting out of the shower for work when I heard all the commotion.  It made me crazy.
I am pissed that Grace doesn't want to go back.  Nothing happened to her in the water to make her fearful.  Her swim instructor told them they were going into the deep pool, and my girl freaked on them.  Now she doesn't want to go at all.
She is not afraid of water.  She played at a park pool for 2 hours on Monday and was all set to go to swim class that night at bedtime, but this morning came... and the hysterics started.  So, I'm done.  She will not go anymore (this is the last of the two week program), and we'll try again next year.  There went $40 down the drain, literally.
I went back to work today.  As soon as I walked in, we were out the door to the bus... heading for the zoo.  It was 9 am.  I'm PMSing, its my first day back from vacation, and with all the craziness that went down at home this morning, I wasn't in the mood at all.  I was bringing some seriously downward vibes on our field trip.
The morning at the zoo went well though.  The weather was cooperating nicely... until after we had lunch.  It got hot.  I got really whiny and bitchy.  I out did the kids.
My afternoon Assistant came in early to go with us, and she and I kept our groups together the whole day.  I love that girl.  We had five kids between us, so we managed to see alot.  We had 17 kids total, 4 teachers, 2 parents, and 1 grandparent all split into groups.  Organized chaos :)
We all had to meet for the dolphin show at 10:25, until then we all wandered off in different directions.  Our group checked out the tigers (sleeping/hiding), the hippos (laying in the mud, keeping themselves cool), the lemurs, monkeys, and babboons (sleeping, sleeping, sleeping), and then the ponies and petting zoo (sleeping in stalls, sleeping in pens).
The only active animals were the Kodiak bears.  Brothers, who, when one go into their huge, made of stone, pool made the other come up for air... LOL... were grooming each other, sweetly, in the water.  The kids loved it!
The dolphin show was good.  I love dolphins... and I know their handlers and trainers love their animals... but I really hate animals in captivity.  Put on display in a fenced area, recreated habitat or ocean for our entertainment... I get that for some, their life is maybe better because of it.  Its just not natural... to me. 
I take Grace because she wants to go.  Today was all about the J-O-B.  But, it's not a place I have frequented on my own. 
After the dolphin show, it was lunch time.  Once that was over, we all went our separate ways again for the next 90 minutes.  Our group went to see the plains animals... elephants, giraffe, elks and the like.  They were more active than the previous animals, so the kids had a good time.   They were go-go-go and tonight my knee is aching from all that walking without a break longer than two minutes.
The teacher who drives the daycare bus has my back in spasms from all the jerking.  Damn near causes whiplash with her stopping and starting techniques.  She slams on the breaks and leadfoots the acceleration.  At all railroad crossings, stop signs, and red lights.
The morning sucked.  But at lunch time, I came home, took 3 advil and an ativan.  The afternoon was much better :)  Despite a call from my doc's office, where I have an appt on Friday, informing me that my 'consultation' is actually a procedure.  A colonoscopy to be exact.  Yea for me....
Ativan  :)
Not much more to tell you. 
Have a good night and take care guys....

Monday, June 26, 2006

Back in black....

Damn, where does the time go?
Sorry I never made it back to give the rundown on the recital.  It went pretty smoothly, so there wasn't much to tell other than the humdrum of the routine...
I've been on vacation since last Tuesday.  I took the time off to head to the East coast, but the money wasn't there, so I spent the last five days cleaning my room.
Yes, it took all five days, too :)  I had accumulated so much crap that I just kept piling on top of piles. 
Three huge boxes of shoes that no longer fit my feet, two 30 gallon garbage bags full of clothes that don't fit, and two bags of trash later, it is cleaner than it has been in five years.  I cannot believe I have been back here five years....
I have five costumes of Grace's that I'm not sure what to do with.  She'll most likely never wear them again.  Three I'm sure would not even fit her as they are from last year...  Thinking of selling them on Ebay, but thought maybe someone here with a little girl (wearing under a size 6) might want them ... so, if anyone is interested in seeing them, email me and I'll send pictures.
Actually, they've all been in here at some point. 
Her Halloween costume from two years ago~the real renaissance dress, that cost me $90.  Her two recital costumes from last year~the crocodile, and the Hawaiian 'pearly shells' costume.  Then the two from this year~the cotton candy one, and the curious oysters costume.  Those all cost around $50.  But I'm not asking for what I paid, just to recoup some of it.... I'm fair :)
In other news....
Since I'm now covered by real insurance, I went to see my old family doctor.  Being on Medicaid for the last four years, I have had nothing in the way of tests that should've been done, other than for my thyroid.  No CBC, lipid panel, mammogram, etc....  See, the state doesn't like to go looking for problems ... and not so interested in preventative care, other than for babies.
I've had paps, and manual breast exams, but not in the last two years.  Yeah, my lazy ass fault, too. 
So, while I'm getting my pap and breast exam done, the nurse practitioner feels what she refers to as a cystic mass in my right breast.  It moves, so she's not too worried about cancer, but she did order me for a baseline mammogram, which will happen on July 14th. 
My Mom has cystic breasts, so I'm sure it's nothing to worry about... and I'm not... until something different is confirmed.
I also have to go see a doc about the other end.  My back end, which I believe are hemorrhoids (yeah, too much info, I know), but to be thorough, I'm going to get them checked out this Friday.  How much fun will that be?!
Tomorrow, when I return to work, we head to the zoo with the 4-year-olds.  What a nice way to welcome me back.  The weather hasn't been too humid, or hot (thank God!) and I'm hoping that it stays cool, at least through tomorrow.  Kitty still doesn't like it hot ;)
I'm still sorry I didn't make the trip with the rest of my JLand crew :(  I knew they'd all have a great time together... and I really wanted to be a part of the action.  It will happen, though.  I'll meet my friends here in JLand someday....
Ya'll have a great week....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Prayers for a little one...

Hi guys..
A quickie here, for a friend.
If you've been around JLand awhile, then you may know Groovy. 
If you've followed her to her new blog, then you know of her niece's medical issues.
Well, that poor little three month old baby needs our help.  Our prayers.
Please do whatever is you do to wish someone to get better.  This little babe cannot have too many people in her corner...
Go here.
Go now.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

One little, two little, three little...

Today's recital went well :)  Grace had so much fun (isn't that the real point?) and we actually made it until the Grand Finale! 
Picture from Hometown
The Program
After the finale, all the kids got medallions with dance shoes and a hat on the front, and Alice in Wonderland 2006 engraved on the back from the school...  Very nice :)
Picture from Hometown
Grace~ 'Cotton Candy' costume
I loved all the other mothers in our group and all the girls got awesome gift bags for all their hard work.  We contributed cotton candy, of course!
Picture from Hometown
Grace~Cotton Candy  
I'm beat, so this is gonna be short... Hopefully I'll get back to write about the day soon. 
But, in the meantime, here are some pictures... including the ones we got professionally done. 
The one I don't like is here, too, but doesn't look that bad to me now... the one up there, before this, where she's laying down, cotton candy on the floor next to her... I think her head looks huge!  Can we say photoshop?!
Picture from Hometown
The Curious Oysters and Alice
The next ones are just a few of the other costumes before Grace's cotton candy dance.  I never got a chance to go back for pictures of any of the ones from Alice... but there were so many more.  All beautiful and unique!
Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown
To 'Ribbons in the Sky' by Stevie Wonder
Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown
To 'Isn't she lovely' also SW
Picture from Hometown
At the end, their Dads came out and danced with them~Awww!
They had tuxedos on at the recital :)
Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown
You'd think because its blurry, that they were really fast, but no.  Rather slow, in fact... I just liked their costumes ;)
Picture from Hometown
These kids kicked it!
Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown
This one had all 4 of the 10-year dancers in it.  They each had a solo part and did okay...
Picture from Hometown
As you can see, I had some performers in front of me, too.. LOL
This group was very good though
Picture from Hometown
These girls had it goin on :)
Picture from Hometown
Hey, hey... we're the monkeys.  Literally...
The Mom on the end there had to go on stage because her kid wouldn't let her go... Don't know how she did today.  The DVD will tell ;)
Have a good evening...