Saturday, November 4, 2006

Still alive and kicking....

Nae was right.  It is rather dusty in here :)
Not my intentions to leave for this long... just busy doing other things.
Everything is fine and dandy in Kitty's world.  Hard to believe Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away... time is still flying by.
If I don't have your address, email it to me.  Almost time to start doing the Christmas cards and goodies.  Sorry, I know some of you don't want to be reminded....
Just stopping in to say hi.  I'll leave you with some of the famoous signs from Casa D'Ice in Pittsburgh....  gotta love freedom of speech  ;)
      Foley's Gone   Now Hastert & the Rest of the GOP Cover Up Artists Must Resign or be Voted Out   I'm Bill Balsamico and I Approve This Message 
Want to read more?  Go here:
Don't forget to vote on Tuesday!


emeraldcalf said...

I love those signs. He says it like it is..:)

Your journal isn't anymore dusty than mine is.



stupidsheetguy said...

Ok well you blew the dust away in a big way with that link! I gotta go have a drink there at Casa D'Ice!!!

Good to see you. Great as always.


perkysgrl said...

I was beginning to wonder about you...

Glad all is well...

Loved all those signs too :)


dying4happiness said...

2013 White History Month, OMFG ain't that the truth.  Better yet, it will be American History Month.  

"White History" is too racist, even for me.  I have nothing against other races, unless they aren't born here and get more rights/aid than those who were.

Funny you put an entry in today, I just dusted my house!

onecrazymomto5 said...

Glad to see you are well and just busy!  Love the signs!  They are sooooo true unfortunately.

randlprysock said...

Glad to hear from you!!  Love these signs!! They say it all!!!  Hugs,

redbaranjj said...

Glad you are still with us!  :)  I know how hard it is to keep up with J Land sometimes, especially when life gets busy! And I am glad to hear everything is just fine in your neck of the woods.  :)  

Loved the signs!!  


sarajanesmiles said...

Glad things are good in Kitty's world :o)
Sara   x

delela1 said...

Blessings to you and your loved ones.  Be safe.  Be happy.