Saturday, September 30, 2006

Growing up....

What a blur the last couple of days have been! 
It is official:  My baby is not a baby anymore...
Picture from Hometown   Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown 
Friday, after dance class, Gracie and I hit the mall to celebrate her 5th birthday in style... as only mommys and daughters can  :)
We spent over two hours wandering around.  I have not been to the mall, other than going in Lane Bryant for bras and back out again, in at least ten years.  I am not kidding.  And honestly, I still don't like it...
But it wasn't about me at all.  It was about my big 5 year old, so I put my feelings aside ;) 
First stop was Universi-Tees because she wanted the yellow sweatshirt she saw in the window display.  Luckily for her, it was a Purdue one so I went for it.
Picture from Hometown
With my brother~the bigger Purdue fan! (And Alumni)
Then a 30 minute pause for the cause: the mall playground :)
On our way to our first ever Build-a-Bear trip, we went by a store just for girls.  I think it was called Libby Lu?  Anyway, everything in this store is pink and glitterized... perfect way to draw a girl's attention... and grab my girl's it did.  There was a sign by the door and she asked me to tell her what it said.  I did.
The next words out of her mouth were "can I do that?"  I said I'm okay with it, if she really wants it.  After I explained the whole process, she was still game... so, she got her ears pierced!
Picture from Hometown
She was so brave... and being there was only one person qualified to do it, she had to get them done one at a time!  I was so proud of her.  A little reluctant after the first one was done.. she tried to escape, but sat back down and had the other done!
Picture from Hometown
Now she just keeps marveling how she can't believe she got her ears pierced :)
We stopped at the Croc store for new Crocs.  She picked out 'Uncle Charlie's car yellow'.  That's how she asked for them at the store... LOL
See why:
Picture from Hometown
With my brother's baby~his '64 Ford Fairlane covertible he restored :)
We finally made it to Build-a-Bear, where she chose a dog she named Iloveyoudoggie... LOL... who she says is a boy, but came away sporting a pink jeweled t shirt, a pink skirt, pink striped panties, and pink tennis shoes.  ;)   She loved the place, no doubt.  She wanted to go back today.  I told her next year on her birthday.
By then, it was time for lunch.  Where did she choose?  Anyone care to guess?  Ah, I won't make you strain your brains~ Bob Evans, of course.  Her most favorite place to eat.  She even turned down Applebee's, which happened to be right by the mall playground and smelled so friggin good...
After that venture, we headed home where I assembled the first of two cakes for her party today.
Which cake won thebirthday battle?
The cake I made last year, with a slight variation...
I really don't have an official name for this cake yet, so I am going to make you work a little.  It's modeled after an 'inside out cake' I saw, but totally different ingredients from that one, only the shape and the assembly are the same.  This one consists of: pound cake, chocolate mousse, ice cream (we had one vanilla and one chocolate), and chocolate ganache on top of it all.  Here's a picture:
Picture from Hometown
Should it be called 1) Chocolate Mountain or 2) Dirty Igloo?  You choose :)  Majority wins...
The party today was really good.  Gracie was so wound up, she was bouncing off walls.  But, she kept in check for the most part.  Her Grandma Carter came!  The first time my parents met her, too.  She got to meet my whole family... LOL.   Mr. Carter had things to do, so he couldn't come.  Neither could Grace's Dad, which I expected, but he hasn't called her either... so I'm a little disappointed, but there's always tomorrow.
Picture from Hometown
With her grandmas
More pictures from today.  Enjoy :)
Picture from Hometown
Tree hugger... LOL
Picture from Hometown
Reading cards with Poppy (my dad)
Picture from Hometown
Gracie fairy
And just in case you're not entertained enough, here's some from a couple of weeks ago.  She found the phone at a yard sale.....
Picture from Hometown
When I asked who she was calling she told me her boyfriend....
Picture from Hometown
When I asked why, she said she was making.... Picture from Hometown
A booty call!   
Picture from Hometown
Don't ya just love the things your kids pick up from their classmates.  But, I laughed once she wasn't looking  ;)


onecrazymomto5 said...

Looks like a wonderful birthday was had by all.  I haven't been to the mall at all in almost 6 years.  SAD I know.  God do I miss it though!  She is so amazing that she has a reason for everything she does LOL!  She really is growing up and getting so big.  I love the picture of her with both her grandmas, that is very special!

Happy Birthday Gracie!

I vote for Dirty Igloo - more fun LOL!  Then call it the other if you make it for adults!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Look at the beautiful birthday girl!!!  she's growing up kitty!

So glad you two had a girly day, I'm sure that was the best day ever for her..I never thought my mom was cool enough to go shopping with ;)  was always jealous of the friends whose moms took them out for stuff like that.

She picked out some great stuff!  LOVE the crocs, too cute :)  oh yeah, i dig your brothers fairlane too!  Her earrings are cute :)  What a brave birthday girl.  She sure does look proud too.  and man could melt in her eyes, they're like pools of chocolate..gorgeous!

That cake looks to die for!  You're damn good at that cake making!  mine come out of the box, as does the frosting.  It's so sweet that you do that...I still remember the cakes that my dad made for our birthdays, that's one of those memories she'll always have...Mamma's home-made cakes.

I vote for Chocolate Mountain!  lol, so does Pey!  she's standing here licking her lips. so that's 2 votes for chocolate mountain over here.  

Awesome that her grandma came over to celebrate, she looks like good people and I'm sure it tickled Grace to have her there.

You guys enjoy the rest of the birthday weekend and give Gracie a big birthday hug for me :)  Happy Birthday Grace!!


redbaranjj said...

Yay!!!  Happy Birthday Gracie!!!  It looks like the best kind of birthday ever!!!

I am with you...don't do malls unless I have too!  But what a special treat taking Grace there for the day.  I miss doing things like that with my mom.  

And that phone call!!!  Booty call!!!  LMAO!!!  The things kids say...  And when you can't let them see you laugh...that's always the hard part!!  ;)  

Glad you all had such a wonderful day!!


stupidsheetguy said...

That sure was a fun birthday to share in. I love the joys of childhood!

Thanks for a great photoessay!


memes121 said...

Just found your journal. She is beautiful! I will be back! Tammy

naughtynoregon said...

I'm going with Dirty Igloo....

OMG I cannot believe how big she has gotten. My god woman you are going to have your hands full with this one...better start on that locked closet and soon!!!!!!

Booty Call? OMG now that is funny shit even though I bet you just about died!

LOve ya bunches and thanking you AGAIN!

gaboatman said...

What a great birthday you put together for Gracie!  She is growing up so fast, I'm glad you have all these great pictures to look at and remember years from now.  Happy Birthday, Gracie!  I vote for Chocolate Mountain for the name of the cake.  It looks and sounds yummy!  Super job on ALL the pictures!  I like the yellow Crocs in front of the Yellow Fairlane, LOL.  This was a great post and a pleasure to peruse.

emeraldcalf said...

Booty Call!! LMAO!

Looks like a great day! Ummm, what mall is this you speak of? ;)

Happy Belated to Gracie!! She is growing up..

Love the pierced ears!!!! That girl is after my own heart.


P.s I vote for Dirty Igloo on the cake. :)

dying4happiness said...

Pfft, getting dusty in here!