Monday, September 25, 2006

A rarity anymore...

A rare day off!  Why, you ask? Because my Mommy is off at a Euchre tournament until tomorrow  :)  So, with her being away, I have to stay here for Gracie.  She's just too much for Dad to handle all day, so here I am writing a journal entry, in the morning, through the week!  A rare occurrence anymore...
The girl is in school until 11:30, then she has Speech Therapy at 1:30.  In between that time, we're running to the party supply store to get things for her birthday this Friday (party on Saturday).  She's taking treats to her preschool and dance class friends and she's very excited about it all.
I can say this is the first birthday she's been off the wall about!  She's been bugging me for a week to get her party things and not to forget her presents!  Like I could forget...
She's put in at least five cake requests by this point.  Not sure which I'll be making yet, but she'll be happy no matter which one it is.  She'll be making a trip to Toys R Us on Friday, as well.  Her Grandma Carter (her Daddy's Mom) gave her $50.00 last week, half of which I deposited in her savings account, so she'll have $25 to spend on herself.  More than enough, if you ask me.
I'm still trying to comprehend that she's 5!  It doesn't seem that long ago I was bringing her home from the hospital... and yes, part of me is missing having a baby around.  Not that I'm gonna go and do anything about that... just missing it, that's all...
Picture from Hometown
What else?
I've been playing the Goldrush game here on AOL.  I like those kind of things.  I don't play to win the big prize, just to play...  if I happen to get lucky enough to be a finalist, that'd be a bonus.  Though I doubt my boss would let me off work to go compete for it... but oh well, someone out there needs it more than I do :)
Work is going okay.  We got a new bunch of kids in the class in August and they're still not adapted to the rules of our room.  Makes the day kind of hectic, but it goes by fast.  The troublemakers in the room leave fairly early, so I don't have to deal with them in the afternoon. 
One boy makes me want to beat his bottom on a daily basis.  I'd love to video him so you guys can see, but obviously, I can't do that.  He's okay one on one, but get him in a group and he HAS to have all the attention.  He will not cooperate at circle time, and is constantly having to be redirected or put in timeout.  Drives me and my Lead teacher crazy....  If he doesn't come around, its gonna be a long year.
Everything else around here is pretty much as always.  My brother is buying our friend's house because it went into foreclosure.  He's been living there for a couple of years now, so he won't have to move anything :)  Except for that, everything else is the same.. which I'm happy about...
Have a great week, if I don't get back here before it ends!
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perkysgrl said...

Wow, Grace is getting so big!!  She is one cutie pie... that is for sure!!

5 already!! WOW!!

I didn't realize her and Ro were that close in age (4 months apart).  That means Ro will be turning 5 soon... nooooooo :(

Have a great day off!!

Glad to see you back here!!


memes121 said...

Just found your journal. I'll be back! Thanks friend, Tammy

quartrlyfecrysis said...

aww :)  love Gracie with her breyer pony :)  i just saw a new batch of them at Target the other day...i almost wet myself with excitemet ;)~

Glad to hear all's going well over your way, always good to hear!

Have a good one Kitty~

onecrazymomto5 said...

Woo-Hoo a day off in the middle of the week!  Aren't you lucky!  Happy early Birthday Gracie!!  God she has gotten so big.  And pretty as ever!  Yeah I am playing Gold Rush too just to play!  I haven't played since mid week last week though - I am in a major funk all the way around!

redbaranjj said...

I can't believe how big Gracie is getting!!  Wow...5 years old!!  Huge milestone!!  And one she won't let you forget.  ;)  

Glad to hear things are going good for you!!  

Hope you enjoyed your day off to the fullest, and have a good rest of the week!


sarajanesmiles said...

Awww, lovely that Gracie is getting so excited for her Birthday this year, bless her heart :o)  Hope she has a wonderful day, can't believe she will be five!!  But then I can't believe my J will be seven next month, aaargh, having that same 'miss having a baby around' feeling that you are!
Sara   x