Saturday, September 23, 2006

Curiosity. It kills me...

I'm being nosy...
Tell me what grocery stores you have in your area and which ones you like most :)
We have:
Lo Bills (formerly Marsh)
Aldi's (forgot them!  Very low end, but great for snacky type items :)
My favorite is Meijer.  The original 'one-stop' shop in these parts.  Until WalMart started breaking out the Supercenters....
Price wise, WalMart may be (a little) cheaper than Meijer... but its a bitch to park, so I avoid that place like the plague.
Just a curious Kitty today  :)


dying4happiness said...


and a couple others I can't even remember the names, ask Theresa.

I love Giant but Shoprite's parking lot isn't as packed so Shoprite it is!

Come to think of it, I hate food shopping, I make my bitch do that.

naughtynoregon said...

Thats weird that you have Safeway's we have them here too....that and Albertsons.


stupidsheetguy said...

I shop in two towns, and each one has a good place to shop. In my town it's a supermarket called Pathmark, on the highway opposite a Stop and Shop. Pathmark there is spectacular, the Stop and Shop not so much.

In my kids town, it's the complete opposite, the Stop and Shop is like a showpiece, and the Pathmark not so good.

Hmm, Walmart? I can honestly say I have never gone to Walmart and been able to complete my shopping list. Plus, shopping the store is like navigating an obstacle course. I use Target at every opportunity.

How's that?

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Save A Lot

My fav. being Kroger...they seem to have the best buys..and sometimes Walmart if i dare to fight the

I want a Meijers....My uncle in Lexington, Ky has one and he freakin loves it's sorta like a Walmart but better..??


emeraldcalf said...

Here is what we have:

Food Lion
Piggly Wiggy
and some nasty ones I won't bother to list....

My fave?

Wal-Mart and Aldi's ;)


pixiedustnme said...

Ah Meijer!  You wanna here the bad news?  They are going to start remodeling all of them (you guessed it - to compete with stinky WalMart) and you know what that means?  They're going to try to start herding you in through 2 sets of doors. YUCK!  I love my old meijer (as in one of the originals thank you very much!)  Corporate headquarters is 2 miles down the road from me and Fred & Lena Meijer just stuck their name on a Heart Center and a Theater in these here parts.  They've already revamped 2 of them here in town and I hate them....hate them hate them hate them.  But, they are still better than WalMart so I guess I just better pipe down :-)

quartrlyfecrysis said...

hmmm...we've got
Walmart supercenters
Food Lion
..i think that's it, can't think of any more.

We go to Ukrops (my favorite)'s local and has great stuff, especially meat and produce..but it's expensive, like wicked expensive so we usually don't buy 'box' stuff there.  They have a cafe and deli section like none you've ever seen!  their deli food kicks ass!

Sometimes we hit up Kroger for produce if it's Sunday, Ukrops is closed, and they don't sell any alcohol or mixers but Kroger has the best wine and beer selections around.  wahhhhh, wine!!!  wahhh ;)~

Walmart is my one stop shop, only things I won't buy there are meat and produce because that whole section of the store smells like fish and I can't stand it!  I have to run through it to get bread!  literally, run!  well waddle ;)

dammit, i have to go to the store today!

hope you're having a good weekend Kitty~

cneinhorn said...

hmmm the only one we have on your list is aldi and i've yet to stop in there....our walmart and target don't have grocery stores..although target does carry alot of stuff, no fresh produce or meats though.  other stores we have is pathmark, foodtown, shoprite, stop and shop.  i ususally go to shoprite :)  

sarajanesmiles said...

We have Safeway here too, and Aldi's :o)
The main ones though are Tesco and Sainsburys.
I shop at Tesco, they have pretty much everything under the sun there, from groceries to clothes or TV's or books... everything!

Sara   x

redbaranjj said...

We have the expensive stores, and the cheap stores.  No food in walmart or target except the quick pick me up kinds of things...but we shop the cheap stores, and have just started to shop at Aldi's.  


hadonfield78 said...

Whew.......... you scarred me..........
I thought you were curious about whether or not I wear socks to bed....
We have:
Aldi's, Hilander, Logli's (Snucks), and IGA Food Country

onecrazymomto5 said...

LOL!!  We have 2 Food Lion's and a Wal-Mart Supercenter.  YEP that's it.  I don't really care for either to be honest.  Food Lion is too expensive for stuff other than groceries and like you said Wal-Mart is a pain in the butt to get in and out of.  Not to mention it is always full of the rudest people, employees included!

angelamhaye said...

Here in England the main one's I go to are Tescos and Aldi - for cheaper stuff

We also have Farm Foods - great for frozen foods,