Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So much more...

Alright, it is almost 10:30 and I just NOW finished going through all my entry alerts.  Man, you people have a lot on your minds....  

With the damage and chaos Katrina has caused, I can certainly understand why.  There are so many journals with links to help, I won't re do them all here.  I sure you guys know :)  Julie even has links to help the animals~she is so sweet.  

Wayne's parents are from Louisiana.  They have family in Boggsville and Shreveport.  Obviously, the Shreveport folks are okay, but the relatives in Boggsville lost everything.  They made their way up to Chicago to other family members on Sunday.  But they have nothing except what they brought with them.  No insurance (of course).  They are hoping for Federal assistance, as well as going to the Red Cross.    Thanks to everyone who has made any type of donation. 

I have gone through Grace's clothes, including all the shoes we've gotten from yardsales and friends.  I have gone through my clothes, my parents have given some.  Today at work, we went through all our 'extra' clothes at the center.  We gathered 3 bags from infant to size 6, boys and girls.  Not much, but I think anything will help.   

We have begun a toiletries drive for toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, q- tips, antibacterial hand cleanser, soap, shampoos, conditioners (because many residents are black), etc...  We are also collecting canned foods, as well as bleach (they have no way to boil water to sanitize) and Tylenol, cough medicines, stuff like that.  

Grace and I are going to take this weekend to take her wagon through the neighborhood and collect things, if I get any money (some people around here insist on giving money), I will go buy (depending on the amount) blankets, socks, baby bottles and whatever else I can think of to send there.  

At this point, I believe I may go down there next week, after Wednesday night at work.  Johnny (my buddy) is already in TN on vacation, so I'll hook up with him and go from there.  My work with the Salvation Army over the years has given me access to help them out when the need arises.  I say that need has arisen with a vengence.  

Grace starts school next Wednesday and has school on Friday, so I will be leaving her here.  Just as well with all the disease that is going to spring up from the standing water and the humid heat.  They really need to get everyone out of there until they figure out a way to rebuild the levvies and pump all that water out.  Since New Orleans is below sea level, that water is not going to leave on its own.  

Anyway, work today was not as bad as I thought.  Apparently, 'that' day happened yesterday when I was not there ;)  Mrs. Lead had a conversation with Asst #2 about her attitude.  It is a good move on Mrs. Lead's part, but it is #1 that is the problem.  #2 is a follower.  She jumps on anyone's bandwagon.  

So today, I just told #1 how it happened.  I told her #4 had talked to me about it and I said I would help.  She got permission from the people who needed to give it.  And it was done.  End of story.  I told her I understand being left out or not talked to, but the feeling was that you two would not want to help and only complain about what we suggested.   

She told me that was not how she heard it.  I told her that is how it is, though, no matter what she heard.  I also told her to ask #4 tomorrow because she is honest about it (and not afraid of her either ;)  This woman is a bully... to weaker women.  She is one who knows it all, or knows someone who does... lmao!   

But, this morning when I went in, another coworker from another room came and put her arm around me and said she was happy to know #4 and me :)  We have had nothing but kind remarks from staff and parents about how much brighter and bigger the room looks!  #1 can kiss my (censored).  

I work Friday this week 8-5 (woo-hoo! extra money!).  I told #4, I'd stay and help clean more.  We went to the Open house for Gracie's dance school on Sunday to get new shoes.   

I swear, the only thing growing on my child are her feet!  She has gone up one whole shoe size since January!  I'm beginning to worry because she is not getting any taller, or gaining weight.  Unless all her food is going to her feet....  She is not even 4 yet and wearing a 10.5-11....  

The poor girl.  

We had her school Open House tonight.  She is in the same room as last year, so that will be good.  Her teacher seems nice. I told her I'd be there for field trips and someone would be there for parties.  I also told her fo Grace's speech impediments and her 'colorful' word choices sometimes when she is mad.  I like to be upfront, so there are no surprises.  Hopefully, she won't say anything as she has not for a very long time now.  <knocking on wood>  

I had to catch a bat in here the other day.  They venture down from the attic every summer.   I usually have to capture two a year.  So far, there has only been one.  Now I am on bat patrol~ watching every shadow in the light, checking into every little noise.  I don't mind.  Bats are cool little creatures.  I don't necessarily like them in my house or flying a foot over my head... but I'm becoming quite the bat catching pro  :)  

Well, think that about wraps things up from Kitty's side of the world.  Hope you all have a good evening....  


Monday, August 29, 2005

The beat goes on....

Petty drama follows me.   

Remember how I told you guys that there is tension (tons of it) between my Lead teacher and two of the other assistants?  Let me paint you a picture of my work day.....  

I walk in at 9:00 am, smiling and saying hi to all my babies.  Yeah, I know I complain about them, but in the morning they have not gotten on my nerves yet ;)  

Anyway, I say hi to Mrs. Lead, hi to Assts 1 & 2.  All say hi back.  I noticed things have been kind of rearranged (decorations on the wall, clutter on the fridge door, etc).  I said "Hey, someone's been cleaning!" (Thinking~ it is about time! Clutter, clutter, everywhere)  

Asst #1 begins to rant about how 'EVERYTHING' has been moved around.  Asst #2 starts opening drawers and cabinets telling me how the pictures are even put in a drawer, etc.  Mrs. Lead didn't say a word, she just smiled at me.  

You see, we get a lot of college students that return to work in the summer here.  Most have worked there since high school.  Well, I love one of the girls, we get along great, and she has taken the place of Asst #4 in our room (she works daily 2-6 pm). 

So, she, Mrs. Lead, and myself have taken to straightening and organizing things in our room over the last week.  Without telling #s 1 & 2 (because they do not want to help, only complain)  

I knew Asst #4 was going to do this.  She had Mrs. Lead's permission, as well as our Director's.  We were in the clear.  Until this morning, when the wrathful rants and stares of Assts 1 & 2 rained down on us.   

Asst #1 left within an hour of my arrival.  Asst #2 moped around, acting all down.  #2 told Mrs. Lead that she was so upset that things had been moved around.   

Now, I can fully understand feeling left out.  I can appreciate being upset that the room was not the same as it had been when you left on Friday.  I can even get why one would be hurt that pictures (of kids not even in our room anymore) were put in a drawer.  

But what I do not get is why one is so ticked off because the room is clean?!  And UN-Cluttered!  Clutter-free!!  Did I mention NO CLUTTER?!  

No more toys shoved into already overflowing cabinets.  No more multiple cabinets for art supplies to be tossed into.  We do not have anything ~ nothing ~ nada ~ zilch on the ledge by the window now (which we always get written up for by the Board of Health because it is in violation!)   But they are mad! 

They have each worked here for at least 5 years.  They had the chance to change it.  They never did.  Sure they would re- arrange artwork, but that was the extent of it....  

Wonder what they'll think when they walk in tomorrow?   ;)  

I love my job....  


Because I am in the mood....










Sunday, August 28, 2005

How you like them apples?

Well, I have yet to receive anything other that automated responses, still, from AOL.  I will get answers somehow, some way!   

However, I have learned that private journals are also restricted by AOL's TOS!  Ain't that a load of turkey poo?  Here, most of us who own private blogs, do so because we think it may exempt us... but we are sooo wrong!  

If you have a PJ, best make sure it has no more than a PG~13 rating ;)  

I find this a total crock....   What is the point of a private journal then?  Just to choose readers I guess. 

But instead of bombarding Joe and John with my questions, I am waiting patiently for AOL to explain that to me.  

Thanks to my informant for the help and the answers~ YOU so rock!  

Til next time~  


Saturday, August 27, 2005

Automated mail....

I am still awaiting word from AOL as to how a private journal can be removed for TOS violations in the first place.  I thought the whole reasoning behind being private was so no one would be able to complain.  They were very quick to give it back to me, though  :)  

The person I think reported me has never read Cat House.  They are not an added reader.  Not even a friend of mine.  Someone either told this person or copied/pasted an entry of mine to them.   

Of course, I'm told I cannot get names from AOL (lmao!)... but I'll just wait until Monday when my best friend goes back to work to scan the weekend logs for me....  I hope the person responsible is ready to play a game with me.  We'll call it 'Where can you run and hide in J~Land?'  ;)  

So, if any of you with private Js who publish what I did in mine~be aware!!  Be very aware that you are not safe there, either.  

The person who (I believe) did it has a TOS-happy-trigger finger anyway.  This person was willing to TOS anyone over comments made in even another person's journal.  In fact, this person rallied the troops to TOS the commentor.   

It is all about jealousy and insecurity.  I guess some people can not stand the fact that they can't control other people.  I will not name names.  The people who know of this past situation, know who I am talking about.  That is enough.  

But, you know what?  I am a much bigger person (literally and figuratively) and I do love a good challenge.  This wasjust the inspiration I needed to write newer, hotter stories for you all  :)  

Though, it does change my mind on playing 'You show me your's and I'll show you mine' over at Ms. Kitty's Place  ;)  Damn, that would have been fun, too....   

So, thank you to this person.  You did me a huge favor and gave me even greater motivation.....  

Even when others think I lose, I always prevail  :)  


What a fool believes....

I have not had a good morning, other than being able to sleep in peacefully.  

I wasn't going to make this public knowledge, because I'm sure the party (parties) involved still read here.  And they'll probably go whining and crying, like my babies I work with, over to the powers that be now.  

But, oh well, they can kiss my huge white butt.  Go ahead, fools, TOS me again~I love the fact that I get under your skin.  

What you do not know is, I know folks at AOL~who have kindly reinstated my journal for me (being as it was private).   

So, hahahahaha to the blokes that tried~the joke is on you.....  

Those of you who are Cat House readers, try your links and if they do not work, write me and I'll add you back in.  

Nice try, idiots....   

Now grow the 'F' up  :)  


Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday's guts...

Well, I just got rid of all my email and it is 11:15.  Guess this may be a short entry :)  

I attended the J~Land Anniversary chat last night (Thanks, Kelly!)  I discovered that I lurked at almost every Journal whose owner was there at that time...  It was a nice.  

I took Gracie to see her other grandparents yesterday.  Wayne went with us, which I always appreciate.  Now, his Mom is slowly recovering the 2nd knee replacement on the same knee, so she isn't that active.  His Dad was out mowing people's yards and didn't come home until we had already been there a few hours.  

But I have a dilemma... or actually a trust issue evolving with him.  See, the first time we went over there he asked Grace if she wanted to go down to the basement (it's a family room).  Wayne's Mom can't really go downstairs, so I asked Wayne if he would go down there to make sure Grace didn't get out of hand.  He went with them, and they all played and had a good time.  

This time, Wayne's Dad told Grace that he would take her to the park the next trip, and that just they would go and then they'd get ice cream.  Maybe I am really that untrusting, but I got a chill when he said that.  I really do not want him alone with my daughter.  I hate being so overprotective... but it seems (to me, at least) that he wants to get Grace alone.  And something about that just doesn't sit right in my gut.  Ya'll know I'm a big believer in trusting guts ;)  

Am I being too paranoid?  I do not know this man.  Hell, Wayne does not even know his father that well.  And his family never (I mean NEVER) talks to each other about anything.  Also, his Mom said to me "Robert (Wayne's Dad) likes kids.  He's good with them, especially girls."   

Wayne's oldest, Kim, is the only grandchild to spend time there and I have no idea if she was ever molested... or Wayne's sister for that matter.  Though I think his sister may have spoken up, she's pretty vocal.   My solution is to ask Wayne to go with them to the park.  If he says no, I'm screwed and I'll go or invite them to come over here and let them go to a park close to home.    I just don't want my little girl (baby) violated... by anyone!  

Anyway~   I walked into my room at work today to 4 toddlers.  We had 9 on the schedule.  We had 8 show up.  You know I got a bunch of kids who didn't leave until 6:00.   

We had 2 that did nothing but cry.... all day.  2 that kept taking toys away from the other tots... all day.  1 that kept pushing kids down all day.  1 that was sick and just laid around the whole day.  2 that I wish I could clone and replace the others with....  

Got talked to like I was 5 by a pissy father of a newbie in our room.  I bit my tongue as long as I could!  I was never out of line, really.  I just kept repeating my answer when he kept asking me the same question (3 times... in a row!!).  

He wanted to know why I couldn't just give his daughter Orajel.  I told him it wasn't written on the medication sheet and to check with the office because I was told if it is not written down, it is not given.  He asked me that again, twice.  Just repeated it again... then again.  I answered him twice, exact phrase.... slower each time ;)   I get that it is Orajel and sold over the counter, but rules are rules. (And I do not make them, just enforce them)  

Told the manager and apologized to her.  She said he didn't mention anything to her, so not to worry.  But I told her I wanted to make sure she knew just in case.  She said I was right not to just give it to her, so that's good....  

It is so cool outside right now, I'm almost scared to say I am cold!  How I have missed being cold :)  The signs of Fall are slowly creeping upon us....  About time, too!!  

K, think I'm hitting the sheets now.....  

I'll leave you with one last question:  Why would someone, after almost 4 years now, lie to an ex about having a date?  Just curious what you guys think....  

See you tomorrow~  


Friday, August 19, 2005

A Fair Friday...

I didn't run into Heather (you know~that ruby slippered chickie from Emerald City) at the fair today :(   Like I would be able to spot her in the crowd they had today....   

As per my luck, today was the hottest day we've had since that last run of 90 degree (F) weather.  I got a nice little burn :)  I like being burned, it turns into a nice tan.  And I look great in red ;)    So, we got there about 11 am.  An hour later than planned.  An hour hotter than I desired... 

At least my cold is gone thanks to 'Cold Eeze'!  I love that stuff, colds are gone in 3 days :)  I give Grace 'Airborne' before she goes to school or dance class ;)  Though she eats a good diet, I still think it helps.  Along with her daily vitamin, of course...   

We walked around and saw all the animals, crafts, and exhibits.  They had a deal on the Midway at noon for unlimited rides for $10, so the little Miss got to go on a lot of rides.  She had a blast!  After her last time on the 'Nascar' car ride, she started saying she was hungry.   

Oh... I have to tell you this.  They had these cars painted like little versions of real race cars.  Grace was going to ride with this little boy she met in line.  So they go to get in a car and she stops and tells him "I can't ride in this one!"  He asked her why not.  She told him "because it says #24 and that is Jeff Gordon and he is a crybaby"!!  LMAO~none of my influence there, I tell ya ;)  So, they rode in the #3 car~that's my girl :)    

Anyway, I ate a fried oreo (YUM!).  I bit into, and spit out, a fried Reese's Cup~really, really dry and nasty, save your $$.  And shared a fried Snicker's between myself, my brother, Grace, Dad and Mom :)  I had a corndog that was awesome.  A buttered, salted ear of grill-roasted sweet corn (it is Indiana, after all ;)  found its way into my already full belly. I so wanted to try a chicken gyro!  Maybe next year....  

And guess what I found??  Starbucks!!  I was so in need of a cup o'joe, too (with caffeine).  Yeah, yeah.. it is the fair and I should get something I'll never get anywhere else but the fair... but it's STARBUCKS!  And I did get a lemon shake-up..... so there ;)  That was the best coffee I ever had....  I was perked up again :)  

I was wanting some dipping dots also.... but by then, the sun played havoc on me and I felt that familiar throb beginning in my temples.  So what does my mother decide to do?  Let's sit and watch the Circus Hall of Fame.  Okay.  Let's sit right in front of the very loud speakers.  Okay.  "Mom, do you have any Advil?" mentioned 5 minutes before we took our seats by the loud circus jams.  Clueless. 

I could've moved, I suppose, but this was at 2:30 and Grace was 1.5-2 hours past naptime.  Not to mention she was up several times last night and woke up at 6:30am.  So, I felt the need to stay close, despite what my head was saying.  

We stayed for half of the show before the girl got bored with sitting in one spot.  The music had thankfully stopped once the show began :)  the Advil began to do its thing shortly thereafter... again, thankfully.  

So, that about wraps up my day at the fair.  As of now, my face, more explicitly my eyebrows are stinging.  My face is bright red with the houlders to match ;)  Time for a cool shower and maybe I'llhit the sheets early tonight.... maybe.  

Have a nice evening, everyone :)  


Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I have a cold.  Stayed up half the night coughing my head off because I was out of Nyquil.  Not anymore ;)  

My kid was a total bear today.  She has a horrible case of selective hearing it seems.  She sure doesn't respond to no or stop at all.  I threatened her not attending the State Fair on Friday if she didn't cut it out.  She's been like this for 2 days and it best stop there!  

I only work a half day tomorrow because my parents are going to see Garrison Keillor (of Prairie Home Companion fame) tomorrow evening.  So that's good for them... and for me.  I'm enough of a 'B' as it is being sick, without having to torment the kids at work all day.  

I'm watching Mister Mom and it's not too bad for a reality show.  But, so far, all the families have had 5 kids (last week's too, I believe).  Hey Stacy, you should apply.  You too, Nae!  Hell, even if you don't win in the end, they ship the moms off to a spa for a week... lol.  I'd call that sah-weet! (If you do win, you get a $25,000 check for the kids college fund)  

So, Big Brother comes on soon... yeah I watch it, too.  I think I'm just a sucker for reality TV.  But there are few I am loyal too.  BB, Survivor, Amazing Race, and Apprentice.  I don't count the nanny shows as reality, but I only watch one of those :)  

I'm curious about 'Tommy Lee goes to college'.  If anyone watches this, let me know if it's any good.  All I can think about is if I were the parent of a girl going to his college, I'd make her leave immediately!!  I wouldn't want some 40 or 50 year old man, with his reputation, being that close....  

Besides, they are far removed from my reality, so it's like fantasy TV to me ;)  

Best wishes to Jimmy, while he's in hospital!  I'm thinking of you :)  

Glad to see Nae~Nae up and running again.  

And hoping Stacy comes around this weekend... or sometime soon!  I miss you, Love :)  

For the rest of my loyal friends, thanks for always stopping by and leaving your nice words.  You make a girl feel good!  

Take care now....  


Monday, August 15, 2005

I came, I saw, they kicked my ass....

Most of our Township schools started back today.  Our Public Schools start next week, I believe.  We are almost at full count of toddlers now, with a new group of barely-over-one year kiddies. 

We are supposed to be the 'older toddler' room.... guess that's not the case this year.   Of the pictures I have shown here before, we have 4 of those kids remaining.  The rest.... well, the rest I need to get used to.  They are going to be with us a very long time, at least a year.....  

I don't have a lot of positive things to say about this group yet.  They cry all the time.  If they're not crying, they're whining about not being held all the time (which is what happens in the 'young toddlers' room).   

We can't hold them all day.  For one thing, our room ratio is 4:1, theirs is 3:1.  They do not do art projects, or read books, or feed themselves.  Some don't even walk yet in the other room.  There is a lot that changes from their room to ours.  And we still have 4 (almost) two year olds.  That is a huge difference in ages and milestones....  

Anyway, it also seems that these newbies don't get picked up early either as we still had 8 kids at 5:30.  We have one boy that arrives before our room opener every morning and she comes in at 6:30am.    He may get picked up before 5:30, but those days are few and far between. 

Today, he came in at 8:45.  His mom then informs us that Dad is home in bed and she is going to go home and take a nap before they paint a room today! WTF?  Why is he even here (on a day that he is not supposed to be, mind you)?  He got picked up at 5:45.  It just pisses me off.  

I know plenty of parents who can manage to paint a room or two WHILE their child is home.  Am I supposed to believe that these people cannot multitask?  I feel for them when they're kids get older then.   

See, I told you I needed more time ;)  If I don't have anything nice to say, I'll just shut my cake-hole ;)  

I'm mostly ticked about them being so young and in daycare full time, that's all.  I blame a lot of my issues growing up from daycare.  I was full time, as was my brother.  We started at 2 & 3 years old, though, so that's a little better than starting at 6 weeks, like most of these kids do.  Dad took care of us before then...   

But don't you think it's sad that their parents don't get to see their first  steps?  Or hear their first word?  I mean what is really more important:  Having all the unnecessary expensive items to show other people you have things or raising your child?   

I'm afraid I don't buy into needing two incomes, unless both people are very uneducated.  And then, work opposite shifts so a parent is home with the kids all the time. 

Our lives have turned into a bunch of wants.  We do not need these things that cost too much, we want them.   If we didn't have to have credit histories (and good ones) it would be easier and a lot more people could make it, also. 

We pay all these interest charges, and hardly ever touch a principal payment...  It takes years paying a minimum payment, and that is what people do not get.  Just pay $15-20 more on a credit card bill (which goes towards the principal) and you will pay it off in half the time (or thereabout).   

It is so simple~but it seems to be a secret.  Unless you know some Accounting.  Nobody does this... mostly because they can't afford it.  It's a whole Catch 22....  

Shit, I should stop now before I just piss everyone off or send you all running and ducking for cover ;)  

I'm going to take the quiz from Patrick's Place now.  

I'm outtie~  


PS... Did I mention these new kids brought the nasty green goo and the new girl (that just came today the first time) may have Hand, Foot, Mouth?  It just keeps getting better sometimes. 

Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Real Deal

Wow.  Had you guys been on this jury for real, there would be a different outcome.   

We found 'G-man'.... Not Guilty on all counts!  

Of all the evidence, the only person who could place him in the kitchen at the time of the shooting was Mrs. Smith.  And she was high on the stand, so much so that she almost fell asleep in mid sentence, twice.  She also was the only person to say that 'Tiny' went through her husbands pockets.  'Tiny', not 'G-man'....  

Mrs. Smith changed her story on the stand, little details... but that is enough for doubt of character... combined with the drug habit~she was not a credible witness.  She was also arrested on another warrant as soon as she left the witness stand....  

'Tiny' said 'G-man' was there, but said he only saw Mrs. Smith struggling with the shooter.  He conflicted his story and said 'G-man' did shoot Mr. Smith and he saw him,  but could not say what 'G-man' was wearing the second time we asked.  That made us all doubt him.  

And we figured he would say anything to get the plea bargain.  They were both involved.  That is not in question or what the trial was about.  That was fact.  We needed proof beyond a reasonable doubt the 'G-man' committed the acts he was being prosecuted for.  

Mr. Johnson never made it into the kitchen to see anything, he just verified 'G-man' was in the house, and in the kitchen.  

Tammy was covering her own butt.  She was the girlfriend of thelocal dealer 'Tommy'.  We believe 'Tommy' to be higher up the drug selling chain as it seemed that everyone was covering for him.  Stating quickly and matter-of-factly he had no involvement whenever his name was mentioned.  We thought they were scared of him.  That is how they acted.  Nobody wanted to incriminate 'Tommy'.   (Here's your sign :)  

The Prosecutor did state that everyone heard "What are you trying to do, rob me?"  However, two of the State's witnesses said that it was an argument over the price of the drugs, not robbery.  Yet, we also cannot confirm or deny that an attempt to rob was made.....  we just had no evidence other than that statement.  

The bottom line was that we could not find him guilty on Count IV: Illegal possession of a firearm.  So if we couldn't prove that, how could we find him guilty of murder, felony murder and attempted robbery?  

We had more than a reasonable doubt.  

We were 14 strangers, that joined in our civic duty.  We served with pride and unbiased, as we were supposed to do.  We all took this case to heart, abided by the Court's rules.  And we all came to the exact same conclusion.   

There were no long deliberations.  No arguments.  No wavering thoughts.  We all thought the same thing:  Can we put 'G-man' in the kitchen?  With a gun?  Pulling the trigger?  

We had our verdict decided and ate pizza, compliments of the State, and buzzed the bailiff to recall the Court session.   

Not Guilty on all four counts....  

After the case was dismissed, the Judge came back to talk with us and thanked us for serving.  Some jurists asked her opinion of this case and she said she had questions from the beginning.  And that, in her opinion, we did the 'right' thing.  There was only circumstantial evidence and that is not enough to convict.  

She also told us she'd never seen a jury ask so many questions.  My fellow jurors all patted me on the back and said I was their 'detective'.  I asked the questions they all wanted to know, even the lawyers jumped on my bandwagon.  I asked them of every witness, except Mr. Johnson who was in the hospital.  

After one of my questions was asked of a witness, the prosecutor started a line of his own questions and the judge told him he should've asked these questions when he had the chance and not because a juror reminded him to do so!"  I about died right there!!   But I had questions, and each answer brought more questions into my head.  And ya'll know me~I am a curious Kitty ;)  

Needless to say, I loved this experience.  It made me feel good that our system works with the right people (meaning honest, unbiased, impartial people).  

This case was not pretty by any means.  It was wrong from the start.  We had to choose the lesser of several evils.  A man is dead and that is never good.  His killer may be loose still.  It may also be 'Tiny', who is incarcerated.  As are Tommy and Mrs. Smith.  We will never know.   

We talked to the Defense attorney, who also tried cases against the Judge when she was a prosecutor.  We told him we hoped his client will learn from this experience.  He told us he has been friends with 'G-man's' family for a long time.  And he hopes this man will wake up and start new.  

I do have to say that after the trial, on our way out of the building, we were detained by deputies due to an incident in front of the building with the families ('G-man's' and Mr. Smith's).   

We were escorted to our cars.  I did not drive again, so I caught a ride with a juror who lives relatively close to me.  Which was great because I did not want to be waiting alone for my ride.   That was scary. 

I hope it does not sway the other jurors not to serve again.  It didn't change my mind.  

Thanks for playing along with me.  This week of waiting and not being able to really write has not been easy.  But I didn't want any of the entries for the trial to go off my last 10 entry list over there....  

I'm back now  :)  


Sunday, August 7, 2005

Long time ABC news anchor, Peter Jennings, died tonight from lung cancer.  He was 67 years old.   Goodbye Peter, I will miss your broadcasts.  I have been watching you all my life.  I thought you to be one of the most intelligent men in journalism, despite the fact you did not graduate high school.    My sympathies to his family....   Cat

Saturday, August 6, 2005

The Verdict Page....

This is the verdict page.  Post your final verdicts here (you cannot change your mind once it is posted, so think carefully before you do)  

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3rd Round answers...

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Friday, August 5, 2005

2nd round answers...

The testimony

Comment from: quartrlyfecrysis
"k, I don't see Tammy's testimony....did both Sally and Tammy say that G-man came to their house to wash his hands?

Tammy did not testify.  The state decided not to subpeona her during the Discovery phase.    The names of Joe, Tammy, and Tommy were mentioned by the Defense Attorney in opening arguments.  He states they are part of this, but we won't get to hear their side... and we did not.

also, it says Kim was on the porch...was the porch on the front or back?  and if it was on the front, how did she hear the altercation and 'are you trying to rob me?'
Kim says she heard Mr. Smith say that to 'G-man' because 'G-man' raised the price. 

Kim was on the front porch.  She heard the shots and ran.  She ran North, then East towards the alley.  She stopped and thought about Mr. Johnson still being in the house and started back towards the house.   

She saw no one else in the alley, but when she goes back towards the front of the house, she ran into Joe.  Joe tells her not to go into the house.  The paramedics arrive.  Then the first officer arrived some minutes later.  We do not hear from any of these people.

The 2 men ran out the front?   Yes.

 but he ran to the back door of Sally's?  Yes, so she says.

but they ran north towards Tammy's.  Kim states one man ran North towards Tammy's, she could not say who it was.  She did not see which way the other man went, as she was already running herself.  

Hey Bernie~you're a lot like I was on this jury.  The more questions the lawyers asked, the more questions I had.... and asked ;)    But juror questions do not always get answered in the real situation.  

I knew I left out information, so I am happy to answer anything.  Especially the opening and closing arguments.  I only remember certain phrases each attorney used and not very much else about that.  I had to focus on the details of the case.  And I hope I did that.  


First round of answers...


The Scene....

"OKay, I'm a little confused about how many times he was shot.  I made a mistake.  He was shot 8 times total.

All rounds were fired?  so 9 in all right?  A full magazine (or clip) on this weapon holds 10 rounds, with 1 in the chamber~it can hold 11 shots total.  This gun was, apparently, not fully loaded.

hit 2 times in the front and 6 in the back, but there were 3 spent bullets that hadn't lodged in him in the kitchen and 9 casings found, all of which belonged to the same gun?  Yes, he was shot twice in the front and six times and the back, including the one that grazed him.  And nine casings were found that all belonged to the same gun.  

Of the three spent rounds found, two either went through the victim or were deflected from his person by clothing or another object on his person (in this case, he was wearing a leather jacket).  One round did not hit the victim at all and landed on the stovetop burner.  

A .22 caliber is not a very powerful bullet.  It may not pass through a phone book from a distance beyond 10ft.

Also, I thought hand guns only had six rounds, but then again I never owned one so who the heck knows."   Six shooters hold six rounds.  There are revolvers and automatic/semi automatic pistols.  This gun was an automatic.  The number of bullets a gun can hold depends on the size of the magazine.    


The testimony

"At this point did the prosecutor rest his case?   Yes, after the State's last witness was called and crossed, he rested the State's case.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

The testimony

State's Witnesses:  

1.  Officer on patrol at 6:13 am the morning of the shooting.  He is calm and collected on the stand:  

States 'G-man' was found standing on the street, talking to a known prostitute in the area. 

States he questioned 'G-man', padded him down, and released him.  The officer continued his patrol.

This officer states 'G-man' was wearing a long black shirt and jeans. He found no weapons on him.  


2. The second officer arrived on scene around 7:20 am.  He has a cast on his left forearm and has been off duty for a month.  He seems rather arrogant  and matter-of-factly on the stand: 

He states he took statements from Mrs. Smith, Mr. Johnson, Kim, and Joe. 

He states Mrs. Smith said the shooter wore a black leather jacket and jeans.

He states Mr. Johnson could not recall what the shooter was wearing.

He states Kim said the shooter was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans.  Joe was not interviewed.  

3.  The forensics officer.  He appears solid: 

States he found three spent rounds. Two in the kitchen with one of those inside the burner pan of the stove.  The other was in the living room.  

He found 9 spent casings (The part of a bullet that holds the rounds.  They are ejected from the gun when it fires). 

All casings were in the kitchen.  

No weapons were found.

No fingerprints were found at the scene.  


4. 'Tiny' comes into the court wearing his prison garb, hand and leg cuffs.  He looks everywhere but the defendant's table, until asked to identify the man who shot Mr. Smith.  He pointed at 'G-man' and described what he was wearing in court.

He states he never owned a gun. 

States he did not know 'G-man' or Mr. and Mrs. Smith. 

He testifies he did know Mr. Johnson, Sally, Kim, and Joe very well. 

'Tiny' was arrested in June of 2004, at his brother's house in the same complex where Tammy lives, for the crime in this case. 

He states 'G-man' was the shooter and was wearing a black leather coat and jeans.

He states they were all smoking crack before he left.

He states he sold Mr. and Mrs. Smith $50 worth, and was setting a deal up to get more for them.

He testifies that he left the house after the shooting and did not return.  


5.  Sally comes to the witness stand looking pretty hostile.  Mr. Smith's family is present in the court room and are glaring at Sally.  She uses phrases like "To the best of my recollection" and "If I'mnot mistaken" frequently.

She testifies that 'G-man' ran to her house after the shooting, banging on the back door.

She states she opened the door and 'G-man' ran in telling her he had just shot someone.

She states he ran upstairs and washed his hands, and then left.

She testifies that he was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans when he came in.

She could not recall the answers to any of the defense attorney's cross exam questions.  


6.  Kim enters appearing very nervous.  She took her time, but seems to be honest in her statements and memories. 

She states it was she, Mr. Johnson, and Joe in the house when 'Tiny' came over.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith soon followed him inside.

She could not state who the shooter was because she was on the porch when the event occured and said that 2 people left the house running north, toward's Tammy's house.

She identifies 'Tiny' as being one of them.

She could not identify "G-man' as the shooter in photo arrays, or in court.

She states the shooter was wearing white shirt and jeans.

She admits to them all smoking crack and that there was a deal being set up to buy more.  


7.  Mr Johnson had undergone a heart procedure earlier on the date of the hearing.  His testimony was video taped from his hospital bed (while we, the jury, went shopping at Borders! ;) The video quality is good, but the audio isn't.  He keeps his hand over his mouth the entire time he is talking.

He states "Tiny' came in with Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

He states he did not know "Tiny'.

He confirms the presence of Kim and Joe also.

He states 'Tiny' made some calls and left, came back and left again.

He states when 'Tiny' arrived the 3rd time, 'G-man' was with him.

He did not see what happened in the kitchen. 

He attempted to go down the hallway, but more shots were fired, so he did not enter. He says 'Tiny' and 'G-man' ran past him in the hallway before exiting the front door.

He states 'G-man' was wearing a black shirt and jeans.

He testifies the gun had a light or white handle.

He states they were all smoking the $50 worth of crack and there was a deal for more being made.

He states he did see Mrs. Smith behind her husband in the kitchen, trying to hold him up.  


8.  The forensic scientist appeared calm, but his hands were shaking badly.  He was demonstrating how a bullet comes apart after the firing pin hits the rim of the bullet on an oversized plastic replica.

He analyzed the gun, a .22 caliber Ruger, that is all black.

There were no fingerprints found on the gun or the casings and rounds recovered.

All the bullets were fired from this gun.

He could not state how the spent round landed in the living room. (We believed it was caught in the victim's clothing and fell out when the paramedics were working on him.  They had moved him into the living room for more space.)  


9.  Mr. Jones enters the witness stand very calm and matter of factly stated what he knew.

He states he took his trash out Thursday morning to be picked up.  He keeps it wired to his fence normally so it does not get knocked over or ran over in the alley.  He also has to roll the bin to the other side of the alley to be picked up by the city.  He re-wired it to his fence that evening.

He states he went to clean his garage the following morning because it was the first warm day of the season.  He went to untie his trash bin, and saw the gun behind it, under some old leaves and such. He called 911 and reported it.

He states he did not touch the weapon at all.  


10.  The crime lab officer was confident on the stand.

He states he went to Mr. Jones' house and retrieved the weapon.

He states the serial number was intact.

He states the gun was empty.  


11. Detective Mike Kent has been in the courtroom during this entire trial, sitting with the Prosecuter, of course.  He is calm, gets a little arrogant sometimes on cross examination.  But also contradicts himself on the stand once when recalling information from a witness on a previous statement.

He states he first heard 'G-man's' name from the officer who testified previously, who had found him talking to the prostitute. (a juror question)

He states he did not know that name was involved with this crime, until 'Sally' contacted him and mentioned it, some days later. 

He has been a detective for 14 years.  


Mrs. Smith comes onto the witness stand looking confused.  She glares over to the defense table, scowling at 'G-man' often.  She appears to be high or strung out to the jury.  She stops mid sentence and looks like she is falling asleep. 

She states she is not uner the influence at the moment, and that she does not do that anymore.

She states she and her husband went to Mr. Johnson's house to buy crack.

She states her husband asked her to go to the kitchen with him when the transaction occured. 

She states her husband and 'G-man' were haggling over the price.

She states her husband said "What are you trying to do, rob me?"

She states she never saw the gun before the shooting.

She states once she saw the gun, she grabbed 'G-man's' arm while he was shooting.

She states her hands were on the shooter's arm the entire time it was being fired.

She states she struggled with 'G-man' and he pushed her where she fell on the table in the kitchen.

She states 'G-man' and 'Tiny' ran out of the house after the shooting.

She states 'Tiny' came back into the kitchen as went through her husband's pockets.

She states her husband's money was still on his body after the shooting.  


The Defense only recalls one witness, Tammy. 

She was becoming upset with the defense attorney asking her the same questions.  She repeatedly said "I told you that already".  And would exhale loudly and roll her eyes. 

She did not say this time, that 'G-man' came into her house to wash his hands.

The Scene....

In early 2004, at approximately 7:00 am, John and Mary Smith left their residence on W. Washington Street to by a large quantity of Cocaine. 

They traveled to E. Washington Street, some 15 miles, despite Mr. Smith being on 'House Arrest'.  They had been doing coke all night and wanted more.  

Mr. Smith had just received a substantial amount of money, being on SS Disability for renal failure.  He had, according to his wife, $1000.00 in his pocket.  

They found a dealer, 'Tiny' on the street, who told them to go to Mr. Dick Johnson's house just down the street.  They all went to Mr Johnson's, where 'Tiny' used the phone to locate a larger quantity.  

Mr. Johnson occupies half of a double (a house divided into 2 sides to clarify).  You walk into the living room area, which is approximately 15' x 15'.  Continuing through this room is connected to another room about 12' x 12', which contained a bed, dresser, a bookshelf, a pile of magazines on the floor, and scattered piles of clothing on the floor.   Picture from Hometown  

There is a very narrow hallway, approximately 2-2.5' wide that connects to the kitchen, which is around 8' x 10'.  There are clothes baskets filled with clothes in the hallway, along with some other miscellaneous items.  

In the kitchen, there is a small round table in the corner, opposite side on the wall of the hallway.  Walking into the kitchen, straight ahead is the sink and a counter.  The stove is to the right of the sink.  There is a back door next to the stove, it has a mop in front of it.  There is a small rectangular table, similar to a tv stand or microwave cart.  It has a toaster oven and some pots on it.  

The couple purchased $50.00 worth of cocaine from 'Tiny', which they smoked with Mr. Johnson, and two other people in the house, a dating couple, Kim and Joe, while waiting for 'Tiny' to get more.  'Tiny' left the house, came back and made more calls, left again, and came back with 'G-man'.   

'G-man', 'Tiny', Mr. and Mrs. Smith went to the small kitchen, in the back of the house.  Mr. Johnson was sitting on the couch in the living room.  Kim is on the porch.  Joe had left.  

'Tiny' was upset that Mr. and Mrs. Smith were talking to 'G-man' because he had already set up the deal with someone else.  But 'G-man' was selling too.   Mr. Smith and 'G-man' haggled over the price, according to Kim.  Mr. Smith was heard to say "What are you trying to do, rob me?"   

Shots were fired in the kitchen, all rounds were fired from the gun.  Mr. Smith was hit 8 times, twice in the front.  One to the left side of his left nipple, one to his pelvic region, around his colon area. 

He was hit 6 times in the back:  3 to his lower back around the kidney on the left side, 2 to the upper chest area, and 1 grazed his back, traveling horizontally across it.  

911 was called by Mr.Johnson from his residence.  No time was given, but police arrived on scene at 7:21.  Paramedics had already transported Mr. Smith to the hospital, where he soon died.  

Police made no arrests that day.  They did find the gun behind a trash bin a few houses south of Mr. Johnson's, in the alley that runs behind the houses. 

They took information from all people named above on that day.   Picture from Hometown    

The Players.....

1.  'Tiny' was 17 and a local street dealer.  Also known by the police for his drug involvement.  He had been known to hang out with a girl, 'Tammy', who lived approximately 4 blocks north of Mr. Johnson's house. 

*He kept a gun at Tammy's house.

*He is currently incarcerated on felony drug charges, having accepted a plea bargin to testify that 'G-man' was the shooter. 

*He was, first, also charged with Mr. Smith's murder.  

2.  'G-man' was not well known in the area, but did have a sexual relationship with a girl on Mr. Johnson's street, 3 or 4 houses North of where the gun was found in the alley. 

*He is currently on trial for murder of Mr. Smith, attempted robbery, and illegal possession of a handgun. 

*He has no drug charges against him.

*He turned himself in.  

3. This girl and her cousin lived in the house.  The girl is not part of this.  

4.  Her cousin, 'Sally', was involved with (and pregnant by) another well known dealer of the neighborhood, 'Tommy'.  Sally did not have the child.   

5.  Tommy's street name is also 'G-man' (not the same person as above and I will not call him that so not to confuse you~like we were! ;).  Tommy is real tough guy.  But he looks similar to the 'G-man' on trial.

*Tommy is currently in 'the system', but no one knows where....  

6.  Mr. Johnson is an old man who enjoyed getting high.   

7.  Kim and Joe had been living with Mr. Johnson for a few months before the shooting. 

*Kim has been arrested for prostitution before.    

8.  We do not know much more about Joe, other than his appearance.

*Joe did not testify here, as no one said he was at the scene when or after the shooting took place.  

9.  The second officer on scene, who has been a patrolman for 21 years in that area. 

*It should be of note that one of our juror questions was what this officer's rank was.  The reasoning behind it is we thought it odd he had not moved up in rank in 21 years.

*We do not know if this was his choice.  

10.  Another officer who had seen 'G-man' that morning, in the area where 'Tiny' kept his gun.  

11.  The crime lab officer who recovered the gun.  

12.  The forensics officer who photographed the scene and charted the locations of items used in the investigation.  

13.  The forensic scientist who analyzed the items from the scene.   

14.  Mr. Jones, who saw the gun on his property behind his trash bin.  He called 911 to turn it in.  He said he did not touch it.  

15.  Detective Mike Kent, who conducted the follow up investigation. He interviewed everyone whose name came up.  They include all the parties listed here (including Joe, Sally's cousin, and Tommy). He first interviewed witnesses on April 16th.  Then again on April 24th, with a new set of photo arrays including pictures of Tommy, 'Tiny', and 'G-man' in those.  

16. Mrs. Smith had just married her husband the previous December, but they had dated for 4 years prior.  She and her husband had a habit of smoking crack, but she says they would stop, then relapse, then stop again, etc.   


**Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Smith, Kim and Joe all gave statements that day.  

**They were shown photo arrays of possible suspects that day.  

**No one was identified from those.

**They were shown different photo arrays a few days later containing pictures of 'Tiny',  Tommy, and 'G-man'

Jury Instructions & Charges....

I have lost this twice now.  It will not happen a third time.  I will save it before I post it. 

Eventually, I'll come up with a way for readers to play the roles and we can act it out... but I'll need more time for that :)  

I know I left out things that I cannot remember while writing it all out.  If you have further questions, feel free to ask me.  Leave a comment or email me, and I'll answer here.  

Also, Jurors talk to each other.  So if you want or need to, I'll gladly offer up my comment section for your bantering pleasure :)  Or, obviously, you can talk to each other privately... or not at all ;)  

This is for entertainment purposes only.  All names have been changed to protect the identities of the parties involved.  Any name, place, or event bearing any similarity is merely coincidental.  

With that, I will swear you in.  Please raise your right hand.  

**Any juror who has been victim of, or knows someone close to them who has been victim of a crime will be immediately dismissed for Cause.  

**Any juror who cannot be fair and impartial will automatically be dismissed for Cause.    


Juror Instructions  

Jurors are not to consider information or evidence not pertaining to the charges against the Defendant.  

Jurors cannot consider the Defendant not testifying.  It is his right not to.  It is not an admission of guilt.  

It is the State's burden to prove the Defendant is guilty.  

Jurors talk to each other, though not unless all jurors are present and discussing the case.  Now, I do not expect you all to want or need to talk to each other.  Obviously you cannot all get together at the same time.    


 The Charges  

COUNT I   Felony Murder  

Defined:  A murder that occurs while another felony is occuring.  


COUNT II   Murder  

Defined:  A person knowingly takes the life of another.  


COUNT III    Attempted Robbery  

Defined:  The attempt to take personal property, in this case US Currency, against the will of the rightful owner.  


COUNT IV   Illegal Possession of a Firearm  

Defined:  Having a firearm on the person or property without a license or permit to carry.