Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday's guts...

Well, I just got rid of all my email and it is 11:15.  Guess this may be a short entry :)  

I attended the J~Land Anniversary chat last night (Thanks, Kelly!)  I discovered that I lurked at almost every Journal whose owner was there at that time...  It was a nice.  

I took Gracie to see her other grandparents yesterday.  Wayne went with us, which I always appreciate.  Now, his Mom is slowly recovering the 2nd knee replacement on the same knee, so she isn't that active.  His Dad was out mowing people's yards and didn't come home until we had already been there a few hours.  

But I have a dilemma... or actually a trust issue evolving with him.  See, the first time we went over there he asked Grace if she wanted to go down to the basement (it's a family room).  Wayne's Mom can't really go downstairs, so I asked Wayne if he would go down there to make sure Grace didn't get out of hand.  He went with them, and they all played and had a good time.  

This time, Wayne's Dad told Grace that he would take her to the park the next trip, and that just they would go and then they'd get ice cream.  Maybe I am really that untrusting, but I got a chill when he said that.  I really do not want him alone with my daughter.  I hate being so overprotective... but it seems (to me, at least) that he wants to get Grace alone.  And something about that just doesn't sit right in my gut.  Ya'll know I'm a big believer in trusting guts ;)  

Am I being too paranoid?  I do not know this man.  Hell, Wayne does not even know his father that well.  And his family never (I mean NEVER) talks to each other about anything.  Also, his Mom said to me "Robert (Wayne's Dad) likes kids.  He's good with them, especially girls."   

Wayne's oldest, Kim, is the only grandchild to spend time there and I have no idea if she was ever molested... or Wayne's sister for that matter.  Though I think his sister may have spoken up, she's pretty vocal.   My solution is to ask Wayne to go with them to the park.  If he says no, I'm screwed and I'll go or invite them to come over here and let them go to a park close to home.    I just don't want my little girl (baby) violated... by anyone!  

Anyway~   I walked into my room at work today to 4 toddlers.  We had 9 on the schedule.  We had 8 show up.  You know I got a bunch of kids who didn't leave until 6:00.   

We had 2 that did nothing but cry.... all day.  2 that kept taking toys away from the other tots... all day.  1 that kept pushing kids down all day.  1 that was sick and just laid around the whole day.  2 that I wish I could clone and replace the others with....  

Got talked to like I was 5 by a pissy father of a newbie in our room.  I bit my tongue as long as I could!  I was never out of line, really.  I just kept repeating my answer when he kept asking me the same question (3 times... in a row!!).  

He wanted to know why I couldn't just give his daughter Orajel.  I told him it wasn't written on the medication sheet and to check with the office because I was told if it is not written down, it is not given.  He asked me that again, twice.  Just repeated it again... then again.  I answered him twice, exact phrase.... slower each time ;)   I get that it is Orajel and sold over the counter, but rules are rules. (And I do not make them, just enforce them)  

Told the manager and apologized to her.  She said he didn't mention anything to her, so not to worry.  But I told her I wanted to make sure she knew just in case.  She said I was right not to just give it to her, so that's good....  

It is so cool outside right now, I'm almost scared to say I am cold!  How I have missed being cold :)  The signs of Fall are slowly creeping upon us....  About time, too!!  

K, think I'm hitting the sheets now.....  

I'll leave you with one last question:  Why would someone, after almost 4 years now, lie to an ex about having a date?  Just curious what you guys think....  

See you tomorrow~  



redbaranjj said...

Always trust your gut Cat...always.   If you get a creepy feeling about leaving your child alone with someone, no matter who they are, don't!  You are not being paraniod at all...I am the same very way with therory is trust no one...this is YOUR child.  
Aorry about work being a pisser...but I think you did the right thing...the same rules apply when kids go to school too...if its not written down...there is nothing they can do.
Perosnally about the date thing...if someone was hiding it from you...I would have to guess they didn't say anything cuz they didn't want to hurt you.  
Sleep tight Cat...and better days tomorrow!

courtenaymphelan said...

Some would rather lie than tell the truth...Courtenay ...another lurker just learned that word...cmp

sieblonde said...

I agree.  Trust your instincts and to hell with who might be offended.   Make sure you talk about inappropriate touch from ANYONE, even a friend or family member, with Grace....  

pixiedustnme said...

well, where to start.  i wouldn't let grace be alone with him either, but i'm the same way and i figure being too over protective can't always be a bad thing. lying about a date? i'd say that the lying is just part of their wiring and they lie about anything without considering telling the truth.  oh and of course you're totally welcome for the link to the chat room - i was shocked that you were online without your away message on (you know you can make your alerts just go to email so they don't pop up!)  Enjoy the rest of your chilly week!  I slept with the windows open last night and now it (you're right I don't dare say it)

quartrlyfecrysis said...

On Wayne's dad...I'd go with your gut.  The worst case there is that you're mistrusting, Gracie is safe and someone has to get over being offended.  I don't really feel comfortable leaving Pey with a guy...even if I know and trust them on a personal level, my child is another story.

On the dad at daycare...what a fool!  We have to send in forms to the school if our kid takes meds, any kind of meds we have to okay...the school even has to call and get consent to put neosporin on a cut.  You can't send in cough drops or tylenol or allergy meds without notes and forms.

on lying about the date....I think it's because they don't want you to be disapointed in them.  Buttduck told me about a girl he was dating, but was scared to tell me the truth..that she was married...because he knew it was 'wrong' and didn't want me to think less of him.  I don't know the specifics, but it's probably some kind of backwards the man respects you kind of thing ;)

Stay cool doll!  I'm loving the drop in temperature...bring on the fall!

missboogerhead said...

Honey, you trust your gut all the way.  And don't let them bully you, not that I think they could, but you know what I mean.  Grace is your only priority, not their feelings, or their pride.  
About lying?  Who knows?  He probably has pangs on guilt from being a jerk.  Everyone has whisps of a conscience sometimes, right?
~Miss O

gaboatman said...

Trust your gut feelings on this one.  Don't let that man start going places alone with your daughter.  This situation just has a kind of creepy feel to it, I agree!  As for the ex lying to you, I just don't know.  It could be any of the suggestions from the other comments or not.  Who can ever tell with ex's, LOL!

mum24boyz said...

I do not think you are being too overprotective, you are a mom and it's your job. I would feel the same way.

Robyn :)

djzgirl71 said...

Be as over protective as you damn well please...and if his Dad doesn't like it tough shit.  It is always better to be on the safe side than not.  She is your everything and it is your God given right to protect her any way you feel fit.  Go with your gut cuz sweety it seems kinda eerie to me...My gut is saying the same things.
As far as the ex lying? Who are retarded.  Why do they do half the shit they do.....we'll never know.

Love you,

billandnae said...

I'm not sure, they say if you have them kinds of thughts or feelings, then it's not for nothing.  Just keep your guard up.  I used to do the same thing when Ciara was litel and would go to my in laws without me.  MY SIL said she didn't trust them and that when her son , my nephew was there, they never changed his diaper and woul always act weird when he got home, so I'ms ure she put those thoughts in my head.

Why can't people just accept the fact that THEY made the decision to put their kid in child care, and stop being so mean to us!?!?!?!

I'm guessing Wayne lied to you about going on a date...hmmm, guess it could just be that he's not the type to rub it in your face, or involve you in his life.


articwulf58368 said...

This is the first time I have headed over this way. I personally don't think you are being over protective with your daughter. I would be feeling the same way if I was you. Could be innocent, but taking the chance with something so wonderful isn't worth it. Hope all works out good. Brandie

jen73169 said...

TRUST YOUR GUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!