Thursday, August 4, 2005

The Scene....

In early 2004, at approximately 7:00 am, John and Mary Smith left their residence on W. Washington Street to by a large quantity of Cocaine. 

They traveled to E. Washington Street, some 15 miles, despite Mr. Smith being on 'House Arrest'.  They had been doing coke all night and wanted more.  

Mr. Smith had just received a substantial amount of money, being on SS Disability for renal failure.  He had, according to his wife, $1000.00 in his pocket.  

They found a dealer, 'Tiny' on the street, who told them to go to Mr. Dick Johnson's house just down the street.  They all went to Mr Johnson's, where 'Tiny' used the phone to locate a larger quantity.  

Mr. Johnson occupies half of a double (a house divided into 2 sides to clarify).  You walk into the living room area, which is approximately 15' x 15'.  Continuing through this room is connected to another room about 12' x 12', which contained a bed, dresser, a bookshelf, a pile of magazines on the floor, and scattered piles of clothing on the floor.   Picture from Hometown  

There is a very narrow hallway, approximately 2-2.5' wide that connects to the kitchen, which is around 8' x 10'.  There are clothes baskets filled with clothes in the hallway, along with some other miscellaneous items.  

In the kitchen, there is a small round table in the corner, opposite side on the wall of the hallway.  Walking into the kitchen, straight ahead is the sink and a counter.  The stove is to the right of the sink.  There is a back door next to the stove, it has a mop in front of it.  There is a small rectangular table, similar to a tv stand or microwave cart.  It has a toaster oven and some pots on it.  

The couple purchased $50.00 worth of cocaine from 'Tiny', which they smoked with Mr. Johnson, and two other people in the house, a dating couple, Kim and Joe, while waiting for 'Tiny' to get more.  'Tiny' left the house, came back and made more calls, left again, and came back with 'G-man'.   

'G-man', 'Tiny', Mr. and Mrs. Smith went to the small kitchen, in the back of the house.  Mr. Johnson was sitting on the couch in the living room.  Kim is on the porch.  Joe had left.  

'Tiny' was upset that Mr. and Mrs. Smith were talking to 'G-man' because he had already set up the deal with someone else.  But 'G-man' was selling too.   Mr. Smith and 'G-man' haggled over the price, according to Kim.  Mr. Smith was heard to say "What are you trying to do, rob me?"   

Shots were fired in the kitchen, all rounds were fired from the gun.  Mr. Smith was hit 8 times, twice in the front.  One to the left side of his left nipple, one to his pelvic region, around his colon area. 

He was hit 6 times in the back:  3 to his lower back around the kidney on the left side, 2 to the upper chest area, and 1 grazed his back, traveling horizontally across it.  

911 was called by Mr.Johnson from his residence.  No time was given, but police arrived on scene at 7:21.  Paramedics had already transported Mr. Smith to the hospital, where he soon died.  

Police made no arrests that day.  They did find the gun behind a trash bin a few houses south of Mr. Johnson's, in the alley that runs behind the houses. 

They took information from all people named above on that day.   Picture from Hometown    


quartrlyfecrysis said...

OKay, I'm a little confused about how many times he was shot.  

All rounds were fired?  so 9 in all right?

hit 2 times in the front and 6 in the back, but there were 3 spent bullets that hadn't lodged in him in the kitchen and 9 casings found, all of which belonged to the same gun?  

So of the 9 shots fired, how many hit him?  6 hit him and 1 grazed him, or 2?  
how many shots missed him completly, was it just the one and 2 grazed him?

billandnae said...

I'm with Bernie on this.  

Also, I thought hand guns only had six rounds, but then again I never owned one so who the heck knows.