Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So much more...

Alright, it is almost 10:30 and I just NOW finished going through all my entry alerts.  Man, you people have a lot on your minds....  

With the damage and chaos Katrina has caused, I can certainly understand why.  There are so many journals with links to help, I won't re do them all here.  I sure you guys know :)  Julie even has links to help the animals~she is so sweet.  

Wayne's parents are from Louisiana.  They have family in Boggsville and Shreveport.  Obviously, the Shreveport folks are okay, but the relatives in Boggsville lost everything.  They made their way up to Chicago to other family members on Sunday.  But they have nothing except what they brought with them.  No insurance (of course).  They are hoping for Federal assistance, as well as going to the Red Cross.    Thanks to everyone who has made any type of donation. 

I have gone through Grace's clothes, including all the shoes we've gotten from yardsales and friends.  I have gone through my clothes, my parents have given some.  Today at work, we went through all our 'extra' clothes at the center.  We gathered 3 bags from infant to size 6, boys and girls.  Not much, but I think anything will help.   

We have begun a toiletries drive for toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, q- tips, antibacterial hand cleanser, soap, shampoos, conditioners (because many residents are black), etc...  We are also collecting canned foods, as well as bleach (they have no way to boil water to sanitize) and Tylenol, cough medicines, stuff like that.  

Grace and I are going to take this weekend to take her wagon through the neighborhood and collect things, if I get any money (some people around here insist on giving money), I will go buy (depending on the amount) blankets, socks, baby bottles and whatever else I can think of to send there.  

At this point, I believe I may go down there next week, after Wednesday night at work.  Johnny (my buddy) is already in TN on vacation, so I'll hook up with him and go from there.  My work with the Salvation Army over the years has given me access to help them out when the need arises.  I say that need has arisen with a vengence.  

Grace starts school next Wednesday and has school on Friday, so I will be leaving her here.  Just as well with all the disease that is going to spring up from the standing water and the humid heat.  They really need to get everyone out of there until they figure out a way to rebuild the levvies and pump all that water out.  Since New Orleans is below sea level, that water is not going to leave on its own.  

Anyway, work today was not as bad as I thought.  Apparently, 'that' day happened yesterday when I was not there ;)  Mrs. Lead had a conversation with Asst #2 about her attitude.  It is a good move on Mrs. Lead's part, but it is #1 that is the problem.  #2 is a follower.  She jumps on anyone's bandwagon.  

So today, I just told #1 how it happened.  I told her #4 had talked to me about it and I said I would help.  She got permission from the people who needed to give it.  And it was done.  End of story.  I told her I understand being left out or not talked to, but the feeling was that you two would not want to help and only complain about what we suggested.   

She told me that was not how she heard it.  I told her that is how it is, though, no matter what she heard.  I also told her to ask #4 tomorrow because she is honest about it (and not afraid of her either ;)  This woman is a bully... to weaker women.  She is one who knows it all, or knows someone who does... lmao!   

But, this morning when I went in, another coworker from another room came and put her arm around me and said she was happy to know #4 and me :)  We have had nothing but kind remarks from staff and parents about how much brighter and bigger the room looks!  #1 can kiss my (censored).  

I work Friday this week 8-5 (woo-hoo! extra money!).  I told #4, I'd stay and help clean more.  We went to the Open house for Gracie's dance school on Sunday to get new shoes.   

I swear, the only thing growing on my child are her feet!  She has gone up one whole shoe size since January!  I'm beginning to worry because she is not getting any taller, or gaining weight.  Unless all her food is going to her feet....  She is not even 4 yet and wearing a 10.5-11....  

The poor girl.  

We had her school Open House tonight.  She is in the same room as last year, so that will be good.  Her teacher seems nice. I told her I'd be there for field trips and someone would be there for parties.  I also told her fo Grace's speech impediments and her 'colorful' word choices sometimes when she is mad.  I like to be upfront, so there are no surprises.  Hopefully, she won't say anything as she has not for a very long time now.  <knocking on wood>  

I had to catch a bat in here the other day.  They venture down from the attic every summer.   I usually have to capture two a year.  So far, there has only been one.  Now I am on bat patrol~ watching every shadow in the light, checking into every little noise.  I don't mind.  Bats are cool little creatures.  I don't necessarily like them in my house or flying a foot over my head... but I'm becoming quite the bat catching pro  :)  

Well, think that about wraps things up from Kitty's side of the world.  Hope you all have a good evening....  



djzgirl71 said...

Holy shit Batman..I mean Batgirl..Yikeeeees me no likey bats in my house!!!  I think it is wonderful what you are doing Cat.  When I called my local Red Cross they told me the only thing I could do was to send money.  I don't want to just send money.  I have loads of blankets and clothes, pillows and hygiene stuff they could use.  Kinda irked me off.  God bless you sweety.

Love YOU more than chocolate!

redbaranjj said...

I wish we lived closer Cat...I have bags and bags of old clothes and toys, and stuffed animals, and things that I would really like to send down to help...I am watching our local news all the time, they usually rent trucks in situations like this and you can go and drop off items and then they take them down to the people in need...I sure hope it's hard to feel so helpless.
Thanks also for the mention of my j and the links for pets...Everyone, inculding animals all need our help.  
Keep in touch when you leave...and they are lucky to have you go help.  


billandnae said...

Bats?  coolness!  Never had one in the house though, I'd pboably pitch a girly fit.

That's so nice of you to help out.  I have alot I could donate too, but I'll just give money instead, like the money it would cost me to ship it could just go to a charity of some sort right?

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Eeek!  Bats!  We have tons of them outside, it's cool to watch them flying around as the sun sets but I sure wouldn't want one in the house!  I'd be locked in the bathroom with a can of raid and a fly swatter ;)~  
That's awesome what you're gonna do to help out :)  I'm sure there will be years of work ahead.  Way to go Kitty :)


alilcountrycharm said...

What a wonderful thing to do cat! I have tons of clothes and such that I was saving for a yard sale, but I think I'll donate it them to the victims instead. Do you happen to know where I could send this stuff? I won't matter to me how much it'll cost to ship .....I just want to make sure iit will actually get to the people who need it ;o) Email me, k?

I think bats are cool too! We have alot of them here in the country, but I've never had one get in my house.

randlprysock said...

Hi Cat!  Always a pleasure to stop at your journal and I know what you mean about the need to do something for these people hit by Katrina.  It is on my heart heavy and we have to sit down together soon and decide what our family is going to do and how.  Hugs,

missboogerhead said...

Cat that is so awesome that you will be able to go down and help out in person!  I wish you luck and be safe!  <<HUGS>>

Gracie will do fine I'm sure!  She is a very bright girl and she knows it!  :-)  Eventually she'll get a better handle on it!

~Miss O