Friday, August 19, 2005

A Fair Friday...

I didn't run into Heather (you know~that ruby slippered chickie from Emerald City) at the fair today :(   Like I would be able to spot her in the crowd they had today....   

As per my luck, today was the hottest day we've had since that last run of 90 degree (F) weather.  I got a nice little burn :)  I like being burned, it turns into a nice tan.  And I look great in red ;)    So, we got there about 11 am.  An hour later than planned.  An hour hotter than I desired... 

At least my cold is gone thanks to 'Cold Eeze'!  I love that stuff, colds are gone in 3 days :)  I give Grace 'Airborne' before she goes to school or dance class ;)  Though she eats a good diet, I still think it helps.  Along with her daily vitamin, of course...   

We walked around and saw all the animals, crafts, and exhibits.  They had a deal on the Midway at noon for unlimited rides for $10, so the little Miss got to go on a lot of rides.  She had a blast!  After her last time on the 'Nascar' car ride, she started saying she was hungry.   

Oh... I have to tell you this.  They had these cars painted like little versions of real race cars.  Grace was going to ride with this little boy she met in line.  So they go to get in a car and she stops and tells him "I can't ride in this one!"  He asked her why not.  She told him "because it says #24 and that is Jeff Gordon and he is a crybaby"!!  LMAO~none of my influence there, I tell ya ;)  So, they rode in the #3 car~that's my girl :)    

Anyway, I ate a fried oreo (YUM!).  I bit into, and spit out, a fried Reese's Cup~really, really dry and nasty, save your $$.  And shared a fried Snicker's between myself, my brother, Grace, Dad and Mom :)  I had a corndog that was awesome.  A buttered, salted ear of grill-roasted sweet corn (it is Indiana, after all ;)  found its way into my already full belly. I so wanted to try a chicken gyro!  Maybe next year....  

And guess what I found??  Starbucks!!  I was so in need of a cup o'joe, too (with caffeine).  Yeah, yeah.. it is the fair and I should get something I'll never get anywhere else but the fair... but it's STARBUCKS!  And I did get a lemon shake-up..... so there ;)  That was the best coffee I ever had....  I was perked up again :)  

I was wanting some dipping dots also.... but by then, the sun played havoc on me and I felt that familiar throb beginning in my temples.  So what does my mother decide to do?  Let's sit and watch the Circus Hall of Fame.  Okay.  Let's sit right in front of the very loud speakers.  Okay.  "Mom, do you have any Advil?" mentioned 5 minutes before we took our seats by the loud circus jams.  Clueless. 

I could've moved, I suppose, but this was at 2:30 and Grace was 1.5-2 hours past naptime.  Not to mention she was up several times last night and woke up at 6:30am.  So, I felt the need to stay close, despite what my head was saying.  

We stayed for half of the show before the girl got bored with sitting in one spot.  The music had thankfully stopped once the show began :)  the Advil began to do its thing shortly thereafter... again, thankfully.  

So, that about wraps up my day at the fair.  As of now, my face, more explicitly my eyebrows are stinging.  My face is bright red with the houlders to match ;)  Time for a cool shower and maybe I'llhit the sheets early tonight.... maybe.  

Have a nice evening, everyone :)  



st0rmwhispers said...

But there is more than corn in Indiana....ROFLMAO....

I love fairs and it sounds like you had a great time of it!

redbaranjj said...

Sounds like a great day at the fair...would have been perfect if your weather would have been cooler tho I am sure.  You forgot FUNNEL CAKE!!!!  :D  
Glad you had a good day and you are feeling better!!  :)


sieblonde said...

Sounds like the Fair was yummie!  

randlprysock said...

Cold Eeze, gotta try that stuff!!  3 days, really?!  WOW!  I love the fair!  Hubby and I had our first official date at the fair!  And way to go about the Jeff Gordon.  Being from Florida, an hour from Daytona, I am too proud of your little one for knowing her race stuff.  I've never had a fried oreo but it sounds really good!  Love corndogs from the fair... gyros are so yummy!!  Cup o Joe my fav!!  Starbucks is usually to strong for me though.  I know I'm weird... luv coffee but just the Folgers Columbian lately.  Thank God it's Friday.  Hugs,

gaboatman said...

Next time the fair comes to town, give me a call.  We can both eat our way down the midway, LOL!  I've never had a fried Oreo, but I am sure going to be on the lookout for one now.  It sounds like a great day was had.  Glad the headache went away.

perkysgrl said...

OMG Cat... A Fried Snickers???

Wow, that is different.  And truthfully,
I would have never thought of seeing
a Starbucks at a Fair.  I'm sure it wasn't
unwelcomed though :)

Glad you had a great time!!

onecrazymomto5 said...

EWWW fried chocolate???  Can't say I've ever heard of that!!  Doesn't sound very good!!  I love Dippin Dots!!  That is something totally midwest.  They don't have it anywhere else!!  The mall in Springfield, IL was where i first tried it.  They have it at the service plaza on the Kansas turnpike and one other service plaza somewhere out there.  That is good stuff!!!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Fried Snickers....usually I freeze them....sounds good, like it was all gooey and melty :)  yummmmmmmmm.
LMAO @ Gracie and the 24 car!  hahahaha, my kinda girl :)


alilcountrycharm said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! All the food sounds really yummy...I'm a sucker for all that you mentioned here too...hehe. Gracie is too funny with that lil jeff gordon fact ;o)
I can't stand him either.....Hubby's a jr.  HUGE fan ;o)

missboogerhead said...

Gotta' love Gracie!  :-)  About the cars... too funny!

Okay, even "I" wouldn't try fried candy... and I will eat "anything" that's chocolate!  :-O  Yuck!

Cool about the Starbuck's tho -- and the corn here is the best!  :-)

Glad you had fun even if you look like a lobster... LOL!
~Miss O