Friday, August 5, 2005

2nd round answers...

The testimony

Comment from: quartrlyfecrysis
"k, I don't see Tammy's testimony....did both Sally and Tammy say that G-man came to their house to wash his hands?

Tammy did not testify.  The state decided not to subpeona her during the Discovery phase.    The names of Joe, Tammy, and Tommy were mentioned by the Defense Attorney in opening arguments.  He states they are part of this, but we won't get to hear their side... and we did not.

also, it says Kim was on the porch...was the porch on the front or back?  and if it was on the front, how did she hear the altercation and 'are you trying to rob me?'
Kim says she heard Mr. Smith say that to 'G-man' because 'G-man' raised the price. 

Kim was on the front porch.  She heard the shots and ran.  She ran North, then East towards the alley.  She stopped and thought about Mr. Johnson still being in the house and started back towards the house.   

She saw no one else in the alley, but when she goes back towards the front of the house, she ran into Joe.  Joe tells her not to go into the house.  The paramedics arrive.  Then the first officer arrived some minutes later.  We do not hear from any of these people.

The 2 men ran out the front?   Yes.

 but he ran to the back door of Sally's?  Yes, so she says.

but they ran north towards Tammy's.  Kim states one man ran North towards Tammy's, she could not say who it was.  She did not see which way the other man went, as she was already running herself.  

Hey Bernie~you're a lot like I was on this jury.  The more questions the lawyers asked, the more questions I had.... and asked ;)    But juror questions do not always get answered in the real situation.  

I knew I left out information, so I am happy to answer anything.  Especially the opening and closing arguments.  I only remember certain phrases each attorney used and not very much else about that.  I had to focus on the details of the case.  And I hope I did that.  



randlprysock said...

Cool journal.  I always wondered what it would be like to have jury duty.  My company would fall apart if I had it.  It would suck.  I do all the office work, billing, scheduling, everything... solve all the problems.  Keep all the clients happy.  Hmmm.  Great trial.  Now where do we go to find out what happens next.  I can't wait for the verdict.  I'm on the edge of my seat here!!  Hurry back or send me a link to the verdict will you??? Hugs,

redbaranjj said...

So far I am being one of those really quiet jurors...I am just waiting to see what everyone else says.  :)  But I am still playing around.  Most everyone is answering my questions too.  :)