Monday, August 1, 2005

Dog tired Kitty....

This is why I do not get optimistic.  

I psyched myself up last night, planning what I'd do today once I returned from the dreaded jury pool room.  I had tons of paperwork to be taken to various facilities around my side of town.  I even had a list.  

I stayed up until 1 am playing poker online with my buddy, thinking I could squeeze in a nap today.  I got up this morning at 6:15 to be downtown by 8:00.  No time for coffee, either.....  

I gathered my crossword/variety puzzle book, a couple pens, a pack of gum, and a notebook for jotting down random thoughts I may need to convey to my loyal readers.  

I wedged my XXXL ass into one of the narrow theater type seats, before opting for sitting at the table to fill out my prospective juror questionaire.  No sooner had I completed it and turned it in, was my name called.  


Well, this is only part one.  Maybe they'll get all the jurors from the first group of 14.  Yeah... they got 4.   


I hear my name yet again.  Up to the jury box I went.  The State asked me one direct question:  Do I watch any of the tv shows like CSI or Law & Order?  I was honest.  I said I don't watch CSI and the only thing I know about Law & Order is that annoying sound!   



One word of advice if you are ever trying to avoid jury duty~do not make them laugh.  

I was the first one picked out of our group.  They choose 7 of our 14.  They had 11 and needed 2 more.  Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a jury.  

Of course I cannot spill details until its over.... but I will say there were only criminal cases being heard today.  

And I'm the lucky duck who got the murder trial.....  

That is not even the end of my day.  

Our City-County Building is right across the street from our City Market.  The City Market happens to have one of my favorite Middle Eastern Food places, 'Ameer'.  'Ameer' happens to serve my favorite falafil on Mondays.  I skipped (yes, skipped~I was a happy Cat) over to Ameer and ordered!  But apparently, lost my money out of my pocket in the damn City-County Bldg!  I was (am) pissed!  

I shrug it off and scurry to find a place in there that actually knows what a credit card is~it is really ancient in there.  I found one and ate a tuna freakin sandwich.  No comparison :(  

That's enough, right?!  

Oh no, boys and girls, let me tell you the end of my day.  We escape the courtroom this evening right before 6pm.  I call my Dad to come fetch my starving, nicotine craving butt.  Dad's en route.  

At 6:45, my Mom calls my cell.  Something happened to the car, but she didn't know what.  She heard my father tell the tow truck driver(!) to be careful there is glass there!  My over active imaginaion immediately thinks someone has hit my ...uh... I mean... his Lincoln with my baby and my daddy inside.  

Mom is coming to get me.  Dad and Gracie are with the 'wrecked' car.  I have no idea how Gracie is.  I called my brother and told him I knew nothing that was going on, but could he go home and wait for the phone to ring or someone to show up.  He did (he's the greatest!).  

So, at 7:45 my Mom shows up with Grace.  Whewww!  The Lincoln stalled and wouldn't restart.  So it got towed.  Mom saw Dad and stopped to get Grace.  Dad went with the car.   

I am home.  Nicotine replenished.  Faculties intact.   

Tomorrow awaits......



redbaranjj said...

OMG what a day you had!  
Thank God Gracie and your Dad were sound like me...think the worst until you know it's all okay.  
I sure hope tomorrow is better for you.  
Can't you smoke at the court house???  Outside I mean?   Just wondering.  


missboogerhead said...

Okay, so I am not sure again... are we happy or sad you got jury duty? ;-)
Sorry about the lunch thing!  I absolutley HATE it when you have your day all planned and then, whack!  Just kiddin'  and $ -- like anybody's gonna' turn it in, right?
Well, I say I hope it goes better tomorrow!  And, the morbid curiosity in me kinda' wants to hear about your trial... so let us know!
~Miss O

missboogerhead said...

BTW, Duh!!!  I forgot the most important part!  Glad Gracie and your Dad are okay!
~Miss O

gaboatman said...

After a day like that, you just have to figure that things have got to get better.  I hope you have not just been empanelled on one of those jurys that end up sequestered in a motel for 4 months during the trial, LOL!  Now, do I need to come over and pin your folding money to the inside of your pants?  I'm hoping you get to have one of those meals at Ameer today.  Good luck and keep that chin up, Girl.

sarajanesmiles said...

So glad that Gracie and your Dad are OK, and that you managed to replenish your nicotine eventually.  What a day!  Jury duty, and on a murder trial, I can't imagine what that must be like, far from pleasant I'm thinking.
Sara   x

perkysgrl said...

What a day Kitty...

Geeze, sorry to hear
you were picked :(

I am so glad I get off
automatically if I were
to be called to jury duty!

Have a great week...
Hugs, Jenn

pixiedustnme said...

Geesh, can't wait for an update from day #2!

billandnae said...

Oh I'm so jealous!  Damn, I watch both shows on ocassion and understand most of whats going on, so I guess I'd be a bad juror...or a real good one.

Falifil...never had it, heard of it, what is it?!?!  It's not cat, is it?

stupidsheetguy said...

Whew, nothing like being left hanging, right?

Ok, I'll try and do something tedious tomorrow to commiserate with your jury duty session. Chin up, Lady, it'll be over soon.


PS  LOL over the "noise" comment regarding Law And Order.

quartrlyfecrysis said...

i'm taking notes!  I'll say I watch CSI and Law & Order religiously...if you see it on TV it's true, right?!  ;)~
sorry about your falafel :(  I hope your baby is okay!