Thursday, August 4, 2005

Jury Instructions & Charges....

I have lost this twice now.  It will not happen a third time.  I will save it before I post it. 

Eventually, I'll come up with a way for readers to play the roles and we can act it out... but I'll need more time for that :)  

I know I left out things that I cannot remember while writing it all out.  If you have further questions, feel free to ask me.  Leave a comment or email me, and I'll answer here.  

Also, Jurors talk to each other.  So if you want or need to, I'll gladly offer up my comment section for your bantering pleasure :)  Or, obviously, you can talk to each other privately... or not at all ;)  

This is for entertainment purposes only.  All names have been changed to protect the identities of the parties involved.  Any name, place, or event bearing any similarity is merely coincidental.  

With that, I will swear you in.  Please raise your right hand.  

**Any juror who has been victim of, or knows someone close to them who has been victim of a crime will be immediately dismissed for Cause.  

**Any juror who cannot be fair and impartial will automatically be dismissed for Cause.    


Juror Instructions  

Jurors are not to consider information or evidence not pertaining to the charges against the Defendant.  

Jurors cannot consider the Defendant not testifying.  It is his right not to.  It is not an admission of guilt.  

It is the State's burden to prove the Defendant is guilty.  

Jurors talk to each other, though not unless all jurors are present and discussing the case.  Now, I do not expect you all to want or need to talk to each other.  Obviously you cannot all get together at the same time.    


 The Charges  

COUNT I   Felony Murder  

Defined:  A murder that occurs while another felony is occuring.  


COUNT II   Murder  

Defined:  A person knowingly takes the life of another.  


COUNT III    Attempted Robbery  

Defined:  The attempt to take personal property, in this case US Currency, against the will of the rightful owner.  


COUNT IV   Illegal Possession of a Firearm  

Defined:  Having a firearm on the person or property without a license or permit to carry.


gaboatman said...

I have been a victim of a crime, so I would be dismissed from this case.  I want to play anyway!  :)~
The crime was armed robbery.  When I was a retail store manager we were robbed at closing by two armed men.  One put a gun to the back of my neck and forced me to lie face down on the floor.  No injuries occured, thank God.

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Okay, I've been the victim of a crime,(evidently not murder!) but I'll be impartial!  Please, please can I still play?!  :)  purrty please with cherries and whipped cream?!  I don't mind doing some 'favors' for the judge!  hehehe


billandnae said...

Nope.  Never had a crime commited against me (depends on what freak you ask), and never got caught commiting one, so sign me up!

Plus...I love saying's such a funny word.

Okay did I just disqualify myself???


sarajanesmiles said...

Ooh, I wanna play too!!
Sara   x