Friday, August 5, 2005

First round of answers...


The Scene....

"OKay, I'm a little confused about how many times he was shot.  I made a mistake.  He was shot 8 times total.

All rounds were fired?  so 9 in all right?  A full magazine (or clip) on this weapon holds 10 rounds, with 1 in the chamber~it can hold 11 shots total.  This gun was, apparently, not fully loaded.

hit 2 times in the front and 6 in the back, but there were 3 spent bullets that hadn't lodged in him in the kitchen and 9 casings found, all of which belonged to the same gun?  Yes, he was shot twice in the front and six times and the back, including the one that grazed him.  And nine casings were found that all belonged to the same gun.  

Of the three spent rounds found, two either went through the victim or were deflected from his person by clothing or another object on his person (in this case, he was wearing a leather jacket).  One round did not hit the victim at all and landed on the stovetop burner.  

A .22 caliber is not a very powerful bullet.  It may not pass through a phone book from a distance beyond 10ft.

Also, I thought hand guns only had six rounds, but then again I never owned one so who the heck knows."   Six shooters hold six rounds.  There are revolvers and automatic/semi automatic pistols.  This gun was an automatic.  The number of bullets a gun can hold depends on the size of the magazine.    


The testimony

"At this point did the prosecutor rest his case?   Yes, after the State's last witness was called and crossed, he rested the State's case.

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