Thursday, August 4, 2005

The Players.....

1.  'Tiny' was 17 and a local street dealer.  Also known by the police for his drug involvement.  He had been known to hang out with a girl, 'Tammy', who lived approximately 4 blocks north of Mr. Johnson's house. 

*He kept a gun at Tammy's house.

*He is currently incarcerated on felony drug charges, having accepted a plea bargin to testify that 'G-man' was the shooter. 

*He was, first, also charged with Mr. Smith's murder.  

2.  'G-man' was not well known in the area, but did have a sexual relationship with a girl on Mr. Johnson's street, 3 or 4 houses North of where the gun was found in the alley. 

*He is currently on trial for murder of Mr. Smith, attempted robbery, and illegal possession of a handgun. 

*He has no drug charges against him.

*He turned himself in.  

3. This girl and her cousin lived in the house.  The girl is not part of this.  

4.  Her cousin, 'Sally', was involved with (and pregnant by) another well known dealer of the neighborhood, 'Tommy'.  Sally did not have the child.   

5.  Tommy's street name is also 'G-man' (not the same person as above and I will not call him that so not to confuse you~like we were! ;).  Tommy is real tough guy.  But he looks similar to the 'G-man' on trial.

*Tommy is currently in 'the system', but no one knows where....  

6.  Mr. Johnson is an old man who enjoyed getting high.   

7.  Kim and Joe had been living with Mr. Johnson for a few months before the shooting. 

*Kim has been arrested for prostitution before.    

8.  We do not know much more about Joe, other than his appearance.

*Joe did not testify here, as no one said he was at the scene when or after the shooting took place.  

9.  The second officer on scene, who has been a patrolman for 21 years in that area. 

*It should be of note that one of our juror questions was what this officer's rank was.  The reasoning behind it is we thought it odd he had not moved up in rank in 21 years.

*We do not know if this was his choice.  

10.  Another officer who had seen 'G-man' that morning, in the area where 'Tiny' kept his gun.  

11.  The crime lab officer who recovered the gun.  

12.  The forensics officer who photographed the scene and charted the locations of items used in the investigation.  

13.  The forensic scientist who analyzed the items from the scene.   

14.  Mr. Jones, who saw the gun on his property behind his trash bin.  He called 911 to turn it in.  He said he did not touch it.  

15.  Detective Mike Kent, who conducted the follow up investigation. He interviewed everyone whose name came up.  They include all the parties listed here (including Joe, Sally's cousin, and Tommy). He first interviewed witnesses on April 16th.  Then again on April 24th, with a new set of photo arrays including pictures of Tommy, 'Tiny', and 'G-man' in those.  

16. Mrs. Smith had just married her husband the previous December, but they had dated for 4 years prior.  She and her husband had a habit of smoking crack, but she says they would stop, then relapse, then stop again, etc.   


**Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Smith, Kim and Joe all gave statements that day.  

**They were shown photo arrays of possible suspects that day.  

**No one was identified from those.

**They were shown different photo arrays a few days later containing pictures of 'Tiny',  Tommy, and 'G-man'

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