Tuesday, August 2, 2005


Just answering questions from my comment section, previous entry  :)  I have obviously edited the comments....    

Whew, nothing like being left hanging, right?


PS  LOL over the "noise" comment regarding Law And Order.
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stupidsheetguy - 8/2/05 7:17 PM  

Sorry, man, it's the law ;)    But, good news is~we finished today!  Bad news is, I'll write it up tomorrow night.  I need to get some background info first and I am too beat tonight.    


Falifil...never had it, heard of it, what is it?!?!  It's not cat, is it?
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billandnae - 8/2/05 2:05 PM  

Here's what falafel consists of (yes, I spelled it wrong last night): Ingredients 

*Sprouted garbanzo beans,*lime,*cilantro,*cumin,*curry, extra virgin olive oil,*garlic, & *onion.  Then they are fried :)

and here are pictures: 

  Picture from Hometown              Picture from Hometown              Picture from Hometown     I love them!!! 

And you are thinking of Koreans, Love.  Koreans eat cat.... lmao.  Just kidding.....    


Now, do I need to come over and pin your folding money to the inside of your pants?  I'm hoping you get to have one of those meals at Ameer today.  
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gaboatman - 8/2/05 5:04 AM  

Okay, Sam, shall I bring the pin(s)?  ;)  I did eat at Ameer today!  I got gyros (with a hard 'G' sound).  Any other way is just wrong.  It was good, but not falafel....    


Okay, so I am not sure again... are we happy or sad you got jury duty? ;-)
$ -- like anybody's gonna' turn it in, right?

~Miss O
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missboogerhead - 8/1/05 11:45 PM  

Well, Miss O, I actually love serving on a jury.  It is the disruption of my daily routines that I do not like.  Majority of the time, one waits most of the day only to be sent home, not being picked.  So I was a little of both.  Especially after how yesterday turned out.  Today, though, was a good day.   Yeah, I laughed when I asked the baliff if any had been turned in... he laughed, too.  


Can't you smoke at the court house???  Outside I mean?   Just wondering.  

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redbaranjj - 8/1/05 11:42 PM  

Yes, we can smoke outside the court house.  We were only allowed 2 breaks yesterday, and an hour for lunch.  So I smoked like 3 the whole day. 

Once we were done, and I was waiting to be picked up, a freshly- released-from-the-joint chick befriended me, my smokes, and my cell phone.   I was handing her cigs from my pocket without taking the pack out, so she wouldn't keep asking for more.  And I let her make one local call to someone to come get her and her bag full of prescription drugs. 

She left about 10 minutes before my Mom arrived, so I did not smoke more than 2 cigs while waiting.    I forgot to talk about her, didn't I?  Oh well, not much to tell other than tales of woe-is-me....  


So, there you have it.....  

As I replied to Jimmy, I will write up the end of the trial tomorrow.  Sorry for the suspense, but I want to see what you guys would've done had you been sitting on the jury.....  So, you won't get our verdict until I get yours  ;)  

Hush!  It is my journal <raspberries>  

Have a good one, Lovies......  



redbaranjj said...

Thanks for answering my comment!  :)  I was just wondering cuz soooo many states now are soooo smoke free it's not funny.  I can't even tell you how many places we can NOT smoke outside at!  But still can at the court house here...at least ya could the last time I had jury duty.  LOL.  
Have a good nite Cat...and can't wait to hear all about you day!!  :)


gaboatman said...

This was GREAT, Cat!  I loved seeing answers to all the comments.  I'm glad this was not a long drawn out trial for you and can't wait to vicariously sit in on the jury in your next post.  Oh, and yes, bring the pins with you, LOL!

missboogerhead said...

Gotta' LOVE gyros!!!!!!!! ummmmmmmmmmm, now I NEEEEEED one!  Thanks a lot! ;-)  Glad you had a good lunch!  And glad it is over and done with... uho!  You'll still have to work Wednesday... bummer.  Oh, well.  Can't wait to hear all the dish!
~Miss O

quartrlyfecrysis said...

what would i have done if I was sitting on the jury?!  LMAO, I would've been awfully busy keeping up with 12 laps ;)~


I'm dying to know what happened in the trial now?!  I bet it was just like law and order huh?!  yes!!!  I knew it!  ;) case solved~

billandnae said...

Um, YUM!  I'll take about 20!

Everything is good deep fried...even twinkies!

stupidsheetguy said...

What a fun entry this was...very congenial of you to answer those questions like that!

I'll play along too.