Saturday, August 6, 2005

3rd Round answers...

Are you still looking for 13 jurors?  I'm not sure what verdict to make.  I have questions.  I'm wanting to talk to the other jurors

Actually, I have no limit on juror numbers... I was just saying what a real trial would have, but anyone can play along...  Even those who would normally be dismissed for Cause.  

You can ask your questions here, and I'll will post the answers.  I will post questions for other jurors as well.  I don't think anyone would mind emailing other jurors... but I cannot speak for them.   

You guys let me know if you want juror questions to other jurors posted here.  

Hurry back or send me a link to the verdict will you???

It is the readers who decide the verdict here... I will update the real case when the readers have had their vote  :)

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