Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I have a cold.  Stayed up half the night coughing my head off because I was out of Nyquil.  Not anymore ;)  

My kid was a total bear today.  She has a horrible case of selective hearing it seems.  She sure doesn't respond to no or stop at all.  I threatened her not attending the State Fair on Friday if she didn't cut it out.  She's been like this for 2 days and it best stop there!  

I only work a half day tomorrow because my parents are going to see Garrison Keillor (of Prairie Home Companion fame) tomorrow evening.  So that's good for them... and for me.  I'm enough of a 'B' as it is being sick, without having to torment the kids at work all day.  

I'm watching Mister Mom and it's not too bad for a reality show.  But, so far, all the families have had 5 kids (last week's too, I believe).  Hey Stacy, you should apply.  You too, Nae!  Hell, even if you don't win in the end, they ship the moms off to a spa for a week... lol.  I'd call that sah-weet! (If you do win, you get a $25,000 check for the kids college fund)  

So, Big Brother comes on soon... yeah I watch it, too.  I think I'm just a sucker for reality TV.  But there are few I am loyal too.  BB, Survivor, Amazing Race, and Apprentice.  I don't count the nanny shows as reality, but I only watch one of those :)  

I'm curious about 'Tommy Lee goes to college'.  If anyone watches this, let me know if it's any good.  All I can think about is if I were the parent of a girl going to his college, I'd make her leave immediately!!  I wouldn't want some 40 or 50 year old man, with his reputation, being that close....  

Besides, they are far removed from my reality, so it's like fantasy TV to me ;)  

Best wishes to Jimmy, while he's in hospital!  I'm thinking of you :)  

Glad to see Nae~Nae up and running again.  

And hoping Stacy comes around this weekend... or sometime soon!  I miss you, Love :)  

For the rest of my loyal friends, thanks for always stopping by and leaving your nice words.  You make a girl feel good!  

Take care now....  



redbaranjj said...

I am a huge reality watcher too!  BB6 is something else this year!  Do you read the daily happenings you can find on the web?  Last night was a wicked nite with them all fighting!!  Rumors are going around that this will be the last season because of all the fighting, and having to seperate them all like children.  I wonder what they will even show on Saturday...with the language they are using they couldn't make a show even!  
I hope you feel better soon!!!
Oh...and the not listening bug has bitten Josh too!  

randlprysock said...

Hi Kitty,
Nice stopping by your journal again!  I am so way addicted to Nyquil.  It always does the trick to help me sleep and resolves most of my coughing and sinus problems.  Then hubby tries to wake me out of my stupor from being so doped up.  It seems to work well for me on anxiety too - Lol!  Hugs,

billandnae said...

I LOVE BB6!  I hope this weeks secret is that whoever gets voted off, gets to choose someone to come with them, and I hope they don't find it out til after the person is eliminated, but it can't happen like that, because say Kaysar gets booted, he would most likely pick Jen (I hope) but her bags wouldn't be packed...hey, it's a cool idea though.

I miss Stacy too!

Hope ya feel better soon, I'm not looking forward to cold season here.  Luckily nobody has been sick sick, since April.

onecrazymomto5 said...

5 kids and a spa without them - where do I sign!!!  In blood? Not a problem!!  i haven't caught the Mr. Mom, tried to last night but I got called away to something and when I got back Tommy Lee goes to college.  I watched, had to laugh and wondered more than anything!!  He is taking some major courses and is acting really stupid, but he had to have had some other courses or something to be able to take those.  He pimped out the college dorm room.  I wonder how much of it is put on and if he really has a suite at the Ramada in town!!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Yup, thanks to Nae always talking about Big Brother in her J I turned it on...and dammit now I'm hooked. ;)
I'm scared to watch the Tommy Lee show...like you said all I can think of is Pey going to college, scary enough without thinking about guys like that.  

sieblonde said...

I haven't gotten into any of those shows, thank goodness!  lol.  

missboogerhead said...

No isht!  Tommy and my kid at the same place... NO THANK YOU!

Hope you are feeling better soon!
~Miss O