Monday, August 29, 2005

The beat goes on....

Petty drama follows me.   

Remember how I told you guys that there is tension (tons of it) between my Lead teacher and two of the other assistants?  Let me paint you a picture of my work day.....  

I walk in at 9:00 am, smiling and saying hi to all my babies.  Yeah, I know I complain about them, but in the morning they have not gotten on my nerves yet ;)  

Anyway, I say hi to Mrs. Lead, hi to Assts 1 & 2.  All say hi back.  I noticed things have been kind of rearranged (decorations on the wall, clutter on the fridge door, etc).  I said "Hey, someone's been cleaning!" (Thinking~ it is about time! Clutter, clutter, everywhere)  

Asst #1 begins to rant about how 'EVERYTHING' has been moved around.  Asst #2 starts opening drawers and cabinets telling me how the pictures are even put in a drawer, etc.  Mrs. Lead didn't say a word, she just smiled at me.  

You see, we get a lot of college students that return to work in the summer here.  Most have worked there since high school.  Well, I love one of the girls, we get along great, and she has taken the place of Asst #4 in our room (she works daily 2-6 pm). 

So, she, Mrs. Lead, and myself have taken to straightening and organizing things in our room over the last week.  Without telling #s 1 & 2 (because they do not want to help, only complain)  

I knew Asst #4 was going to do this.  She had Mrs. Lead's permission, as well as our Director's.  We were in the clear.  Until this morning, when the wrathful rants and stares of Assts 1 & 2 rained down on us.   

Asst #1 left within an hour of my arrival.  Asst #2 moped around, acting all down.  #2 told Mrs. Lead that she was so upset that things had been moved around.   

Now, I can fully understand feeling left out.  I can appreciate being upset that the room was not the same as it had been when you left on Friday.  I can even get why one would be hurt that pictures (of kids not even in our room anymore) were put in a drawer.  

But what I do not get is why one is so ticked off because the room is clean?!  And UN-Cluttered!  Clutter-free!!  Did I mention NO CLUTTER?!  

No more toys shoved into already overflowing cabinets.  No more multiple cabinets for art supplies to be tossed into.  We do not have anything ~ nothing ~ nada ~ zilch on the ledge by the window now (which we always get written up for by the Board of Health because it is in violation!)   But they are mad! 

They have each worked here for at least 5 years.  They had the chance to change it.  They never did.  Sure they would re- arrange artwork, but that was the extent of it....  

Wonder what they'll think when they walk in tomorrow?   ;)  

I love my job....  



djzgirl71 said...

Oh you bitch you!!!!!!!


quartrlyfecrysis said...

You're just too good at this :)  Who ever complains about things being neat, especially if you didn't have to do any of the work.  Geez!


sarajanesmiles said...

What an awful thing, to come into work and find everything... tidy!
Imagine the shock, the distress ;o)
Sara   x

redbaranjj said...

Upset??  To come to work and everything is clean and the clutter is gone??  And they didn't have to help??  And they are upset???  Oh, I would hate to think what their houses look like!!!  
Hang in there Cat!!

billandnae said...

Ah, the joys of being self-employed, I ain't got nobody to answer to and can move whatever I want!  I'm the clutter cleaner around here.  Maryann will pop videos in all week long and wait until she has about 20 then she rewinds them and puts them back in the cases.  Drives me nuts!  She sticks stuff anywhere and everywhere.  When you have that many kids you gotta be organized or you'll go insane.  My Mom thinks I'm anal, and I'm like, "Hey Mom, how many times in the past 20 years have people commented to you saying they can't believe a daycare is run here, it's always so organized?"  NEVER  I hear it all the time :)~

missboogerhead said...

Too funny!  It takes all kinds doesn't it?  :-)  LOL  They will get over it... the lazy always do!
~Miss O